Happy Earth Day! Go green with this cost effective, earth friendly, DIY all purpose cleaner. 

Lavender All-Purpose Cleaner:

-In a spray bottle, mix equal parts of vinegar and water. 

-Add 70-80 drops of lavender essential oil and shake well to combine.

-Add 2 small drops of purple food coloring if desired 

-Spray on to surface and wipe with a soft cloth. Polish with a dry cloth if necessary.

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feeling some stuff sooo yea

idkk how to title stuff foreal lol but i am worried u know if i would of lsiten to my hubby about my from maybe i woundt be hurting but the docs clearned me for workingout  so idkk fuck this . ahother note i have a promble with change and i feel like my body is just werid like when i wear big shirts i feel so small sometimes now when i were fitted shirts nope i feel so small like back when i was starveing my self i ant now noo but i found out my belly carries most o my fat so my bbobs feel werid like my bra was killen me then i fix it feels too big  my body is just going thow something and i feel so diffent and i cant get confable ughh i am just dressped stress and want to workout so bad i just want to ride bikes but the nuses said notin so y did my doc lie and idkk if there ever find anyone to see me my hubby said when he get the jobs in he will pay for it if he has too cuz he wants me better idkk wat to do we got to get laughery done today i need some chotles lol but yea had 2 bbq sandwhiches and ice cream for breafast so put it that kind of day 

Ever time my mom mentions cleaning, there is a new rule/thing.

Clean your room
Clearn your room by school
Clean your room by next month
No i said by last month
Vaccum it
Move everything and vaccum under it
Start from the top, dust everything first.

For some reason, cleaning my area on someone elses time/instruction is very stressful to me….

And all these new things is causing me to want to throw away things (anything i find that is not mine, shit that i should keep) because im tirrd of being yelled at for not being clean enough. Im tired of being yelled at for going somewhere, if i dont hang out with people, worse things then me not cleaning my room will happen…
Everything is always my faut….
I just want to do good and it is never enough..
I have too much stuff, not enough room, family is toying about the idea of moving, but its never looked into….
Im going to be so stressed when i do move out….

I want oganization, i really do…. its just so hard… especially in my own room. Its so big yet so small.


Get me a portal to throw it all in so i can vaccum then pull things out one by one.


Abd there is so much stress at work….

And so much stress in making this a healthy relationship

And so much stress coming with school.

Im going to break or flip soon…