Adventures Heartfest fullset. sick set.

Adventures --"Clear My Head With You"


The band Adventures released their second EP this summer entitled Clear My Head with You.  This group is composed of three members from the hardcore/ punk band “Code Orange Kids.” If you’re looking for something heavy and hardcore-esque, this side group is not for you. Much different from their hardcore counterpart, Adventures is a lo-fi indie group that writes mystical music. Their newest EP only contains four tracks, but it grabs a listener’s attention and never lets go for those blissful ten minutes and fifty-three seconds. Although this is only their second release, this young Pittsburgh group knows a thing or two about writing emotional music

 The first track on this EP,”I Can’t Stay”, is very driving and moving. It is reminiscent of 90’s drum heavy indie music. I felt that the emotion on this song defines the songs that follow. The instruments hum along to a laid back but moving feeling. The vocalist, Reba Meyer, is hidden in the sound of the first track. Her vocals shape this group drastically and are on display in the second track, “Promise.” This song pops out as the most gripping song on the album. There is a sense of longing in the slow-moving and emotional that is amplified by the desperate screaming of Reba. This emotion is shown in the sonic and hollow strumming of the next song, “Clear My Head With You.” This song makes you feel like you’re spinning. It’s the type of music you want to listen to on long car rides as you stare up to the clouds with only your thoughts. This track blends the EP together so well and the grand climax of the album is developed in the middle two songs. As the album falls to a close, the final song “ The Light Brings Without” is a haunting melody. All the motion and drive from the previous songs falls away as the mix of male and female vocals come to the foreground while reflective and melancholy instrumentals play in the back. This group draws inspiration from all the difficult decisions everyone faces. This album illustrates the anxieties and struggles that shape many people. The strongest line in their final song rings clear as the hollow voice sings “It’s not easy for me to live in the moment.”

This group defiantly writes music that reflects the hardships that many people face, no matter their situation. Being a young group with a firm direction on where they are headed sonically and emotionally makes for many great songs. Adventures takes an amazing spin on modern indie groups with a strong 90’s vibe given off of this EP. Their vocalist/guitarist Reba Meyer has a great sense of emotion and struggles in her singing which pours over into the entire collective. I look forward to hearing what Adventures has in store next.

 Favorite Track: Promise