Can I just have a lot of Levi and Eren absentmindedly touching each other? Eren scratching lightly at the base of Levi’s skull, Levi palming the soft fabric of Eren’s shirt, them leaning against each other whenever they’re close enough. I want them so comfortable with each other that they’d just lean, and meet the other person - there’s no bubble of awareness to separate them, just skin on skin, dry palms against a forearm, the surety of a grip on a shoulder, and the knowledge that neither is alone while the other is there.


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French Toasted Thoughts

Sometimes when I am sitting in my booth at Denny’s, I start to wonder how I got here. Like, where do we come from? And why are we the only species that is aware of our own mortality? Is our life some pre-determined track and we’re completely helpless to change or stop it, or are we free spirits and our destination is our own choosing? Is time reallllly a flat circle?! Are flying squirrels reallyyy necessary? Do regular squirrels really need that extra skin? I mean, they’re already agile. Isn’t that a bit much? And why were sad clowns ever popular? And why should I care about someone’s feelings when they clearly made a poor career choice? Who elects to be horrifically sad? But then my French Toast is delivered and all of that goes away. Because priorities. 

You are unhappy. That thought was there, between a ‘busy’ schedule created by me and my unconscious ways to supply my heart with temporary hobbies. Friendships, travels, books, movies. How can I be unhappy? I have everything I need, wonderful parents, a comfort house, friends, college, I like my job, I make sports on weekends, nevertheless I slept and woke up with that uncomfortable thought. You are unhappy.

It was You the whole time, I’m seeing it clearly now. It is that thought that make us realize that no matter what you experience in this lifetime, nothing will ever make any sense if God is not on your side. Yes, you will have happy moments, some of them even are gift from God, you will reach some life goals, you will find a person who will make your heart double in size, know new places, new people.

But everything is transient, temporary. Eternity is what God works with. Live your life, love, laugh, hope, cry of happiness, but always remember, before or after putting your head on the pillow, the true and full happiness is in the one who created you. Everything else is incomplete, everything else will just wake in you to where will find your so very wanted happiness - God Himself.

—  5:15 PM | March 14, 2015
I was just thinking about that time in 2.10 when Lexa tells Clarke to leave her during the gorilla attack and well these are just some ramblings...

Lexa clearly places very little value on her own life. I remember back when episode 2.12 aired there were people saying that Lexa was being selfish, that she was only trying to save her own skin (because she would let the generals and the people in the village die but would run off to save herself). But all you need to do is look at this scene to know that’s the farthest thing from the truth. Lexa runs away not out of a want to save herself but to save her people. She knows that her survival, as well as Clarke’s, is necessary for the sake of the alliance and to get her people out of Mount Weather (as Clarke pointed out in 2.10 by saying that she needed her when Lexa disapproved of her insistence to save her). Lexa would lay her life down without thought or regret for the sake of not just her people but for those who aren’t as well (she wants Clarke to leave her during the gorilla attack in order to save herself). However Lexa is a commander, not simply a warrior or a soldier.  This means that what the situation usually calls for is the sacrifice of others and not herself. It is more important that she survives, and so she does this even if the easier choice for her would have been to die. If she could have died to save her people in Tondc (and not have it ruin the chances of those in the Mountain) she would have. If her life was the price for freeing her people from Mount Weather she would have given it instead of betraying Clarke. The gorilla attack must have been such a rare chance for her. Here they are just the two of them and she knows (or thinks she knows) that they will both die if Clarke doesn’t leave her. Logical thing then is for Clarke to leave her. And she tells her to do exactly that, no hesitation. And a part of me thinks she might have been relieved in some way, to finally be presented with this option. Where she can lay down her life for another instead of watching everyone around her lay down their lives for her (as she said to Clarke, part of being a leader is looking your people in the eye and saying ‘go die for me’). But Lexa cannot die for others, she cannot make the ‘heroic sacrifice’. She does not have that right because in the end her life is not her own to give away. It does not belong to her but to her people. 


Yowamushi Pedal mpreg version

In which everyone tries to figure out who is the father of Onoda’s baby. #How I Met Your Father #Everybody Loves Onoda


Here’s, I guess, Part Two of My previous post in color. It’s the freakin Columbia River Gorge and it’s totally gorge(ous). Pun very clearly intended, despite how bad it was. Here’s pictures… what do you want… if you’ve been, you know and if you haven’t been, there’s nothing I can type which will convince you to go more than the pictures. No matter what, you need this in your life.

Dear Asthmatic Patient

who refuses flu shots because “like 1 in 5 people get sick when they have a flu shot and I can’t afford to get sick because I have asthma.” 


Little aches after getting the shot is not what I mean by “sick”. When I say you will get sick with the flu, I mean you will get hospital sick. Like ventilator sick. Like maybe die sick. It makes me sick even thinking about the fact that someone would refuse a potentially life-saving vaccination.

Also - if you are going to continually interrupt me with nonsense and refuse to even listen to me explain basic science to you, please don’t ever ask me for medical advice for anything. Because clearly my education means nothing to you. I don’t expect you to agree to the shot, and that’s your choice, but at least respect my education and knowledge base and hear me out when I try to explain something so that you can make a decision with the most information possible.

You know what?

The only way that I can combat all of the horrible, depressing, dark, emotions that have been devouring me ever since this Me Before You disaster is by combating it with my own story. This isn’t just a story that I want to write; this is a story that I need to write. I need a romantic story that features a character in a wheelchair that doesn’t end in death. I need it. I need the disabled character to actually be happy in the end. And I know, I’ve written other stories where the disabled main characters are happy. (If anyone’s interested, you can buy and read them here: x). But I need to write a romance story.

So…who’s up for a really cheesy (and I mean a really cheesy) love story featuring disability representation?

So here’s my idea:

You’ve got a teenager with muscular dystrophy who has spent his entire life trying to wiggle out from his overly protective mother’s grasp. The teenager’s clearly depressed (don’t worry; I know how to write it) and often tries to act out, essentially to feel like other teenagers. (It usually fails as everyone coddles him.)

You’ve got an overly protective mother who has spent fifteenish years trying to keep her son from wiggling out from her overly protective grasp.

You’ve got the boy’s twin sister who has the eqivilent of “survivor’s guilt” because she’s completely abled. And let’s give her the trope of loving her brother and being willing to do anything for him but also being slightly jealous/upset by the fact that their mother pays more attention to him than she does to her and the adorable younger brother.

You’ve got an adorable younger brother because darn it, I love adorable younger brothers.

And you’ve got a man in a wheelchair who was paralyzed from the waist down and has been for a while.

It all starts when the teenager meets the man at a doctor’s appointment. The two hit it off and the teenager opens up (shocking everyone in the office). They continue to run into each other at various doctor’s appointments, striking up a friendship. One thing leads to another and eventually the siblings find themselves frequently visiting the man’s home, much to the horror of the mother who doesn’t want them hanging around a stranger. 

The man (who of course is very rich) tells them all sorts of stories and eventually reveals that he lost contact with the love of his life years ago. The siblings immediately decide that they must spend the man’s fortune and  go on a cross country trip to try to find her.

They trick the man into thinking that their mother gave them permission, when in reality, they just left a note on the kitchen counter. They all pile up in the man’s wheelchair van and head out. They stop to get gas and their mother comes flying up in her car, beyond freaked.  The sister and younger brother immediately say that it was the disabled teenager’s idea, hoping that it’ll calm the explosion. It does, but not by much. 

They’re eventually able to to convince the mother that this has to be done and when she sees how happy the disabled teenager is, she agrees to come along because you know what, it’s just that kind of story. She doesn’t need to pay bills or have a job or question the man that she’s barely known for a few weeks. She goes along. Deal with it.

And a majority of the story is the four travelling around the country, trying to find this guy’s lost love who will literally never appear in this book for reasons that aren’t important, bonding, getting through personal issues and relationship issues, doing really sappy things, more bonding, forming a family, the man and mom confess their love, and they all live happily ever after.

We’re talking about Jodi Picoult meets Lifetime levels of sap.

And they all live happily ever after.

At the end of an extremely sappy story.

Wherein nobody dies.

And they all live happily ever after.

And they all live happily ever after.

Please let me write this extremely sappy summer romance/found-family story that could rival the sap of Jodi Picoult meets Lifetime and ends on a happy sappy note with no deaths because they all live happily ever after.


(I should mention that just writing this summary for this incredibly sappy story has already lifted the huge weight that’s been on my chest all weekend.)


Immediately, the black morphed into a collage of colors, swirling along the lines in warm reds and purples and blues. When he placed her hand over one, the other went bright gold. Oh. They were her hands, on his hearts.

from Wonders by rockstar-twelve; though I futzed with the visual a bit because, well, stars and stuff.

Library Games (Woozi Hogwarts AU Smut)

Summary: He was just a Slytherin and you were just a Ravenclaw. Except, not at all. He was unlike any Slytherin you’d ever seen before - unlike any Hogwarts had seen before. Your ready mind wanted desperately to figure him out, and it turns out that took unraveling him one (clothing) layer at a time. Smut. 

(AN: I had way too much fun writing this. It’s longer than my dick (8500 words long) and you may need to get some snacks or take a bathroom break before you start it. Harry Potter is my life and always will be and that’s clearly reflected here. The smut is kind of at the wayside but I tried really hard, so… please enjoy it? And of course, @livingthroughtheexperience has pointed out to me the real world logistics of having sex on a leather couch…but this is fanfic. -Tanisha<3) (Also smut warning) (also i’m SCREAMING BC that picture is perfect and i’m so glad i found it)

The idea of putting students in houses in the first place seemed strange to most. Other schools didn’t do it, so why did Hogwarts feel the need? Especially after the devastation of the war - the long, painful year it had taken to rebuild the school, the many lives that had been destroyed because of prejudice and the hunger for power - the house system seemed almost ludicrous, null in void. But the new Head Mistress, Minerva McGonagall insisted that the tradition was one of the core values that school was founded on and needed to be carried on if the students were to have a ‘proper learning experience’.

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Is there a word for the thing where someone gets away with terrible behavior by being terrible in such bizarre ways that no one quite believes it or knows how to respond to it?

Like, if someone hits you that’s clearly an assault, but if they pour a jar of strawberry jelly over your head, that’s unwanted and unpleasant and malicious but you just have no playbook for this situation.  If you go to the authorities they’ll either laugh or be at a loss for how to respond, and if you try to deal with the person directly, “don’t pour jelly on my head” just feels too absurd to even say.

I need a word for this, because it keeps happening in my life and a word would make it a lot easier to put these incidents in a shared context instead of just a confused blur of “I think that was a bad thing but what the hell even just happened?”