Immediately, the black morphed into a collage of colors, swirling along the lines in warm reds and purples and blues. When he placed her hand over one, the other went bright gold. Oh. They were her hands, on his hearts.

from Wonders by rockstar-twelve; though I futzed with the visual a bit because, well, stars and stuff.

Knowing you has changed my life. You’ve opened up my heart in a way I didn’t even know was p o s s i b l e

The only way I’m going to get through this is if I know that you’re out there, living your life, h a p p y.

‘The Fallen’, Season 3, Episode 20; Variant 2

(Variant 1)


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Drabble: About Champagne (is it weird verse)

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Mike Chang (@mikechachachang)

Also on the subject of celebrations, happy 3rd anniversary, my beautiful wife, my inspiring soul mate, my almighty anchor, @tinacochang! (and a pair of drunken sleep-deprived lunatics @bee_is_abuzz @KHusedtobemysignature)

(1 hour later: 1909 notes)

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#30 It’s Not What It Looks Like

*Pietro’s P.O.V*

“What the hell do I do about her? Oh god do I love her, I am so happy she is my girlfriend and everything but I just feel like it’s not enough and I don’t know if it’s too early to propose and I have already given her a promise ring a few months back.” I sighed collapsing further into the chair of her sister’s bedroom her looking just as confused as I was.

“Pietro I really, really think that maybe it is times, you love her, and you need her in your life clearly, so, I think you know the next step is to get a ring. You have the measurements of her finger from the promise ring no?” Wanda went to continue but from the looks on my face she knew I had no idea what the measurements were. “Go find a ring of hers and get the measurements genius” she ordered rolling her eyes and signalling for me to go. I sped into y/n’s room as fast as I could not stopping for about four minutes until I found one ring of hers, hidden away in a drawer, it was quite beautiful too, I even stopped to admire it. Big mistake. As I turned around I was faced with a really angry y/n. Oh god how did this look?

“It’s not what it looks like” I blurt out, okay well that makes me look even more guilty. 

“Oh please explain then” y/n spoke harshly. Oh god think. Oh no Pietro not that. 

Before I could control what was happening, I found myself down on one knee with the logic that if I was going to do it, might as well do it now. “Y/n” I spoke, my words wobbling like crazy, I am surprised she could even make out the sounds. “Will you marry me?”

Y/n began to cry and for a moment I thought I had truly upset her until she began to nod her head, whispering out a quiet yes before puling me up and kissing me. “I was looking for your ring size and I could not remember what size you were so I was going to get it from this”I gestured towards my hand as she nodded. “But it doesn’t matter anyone, c’mon lets go get my princess the ring she deserves

There is something raging inside of the deep cages of my heart. It is imprisoned. As time goes on, it only gets worse. I want to let it out. I want to let it out, but as my heart still beats, so does it. It causes this world to pain me. Every little thing impacts my being; it is like suffocating. The oxygen which fills my lungs and gives me life is not my friend. I am taking in air, but it seems as if it is barely reaching me. Let me breathe more clearly. There is poison in the sky and it goes straight to my head. Stop the air around me from making me want to die. I feel caged; as if my soul needs out of this self-destructive body. I think I am sick. Maybe I just need to be cured.

I need to
for a while.

I’ve grown weary
of separating
lies from truths.

Consciously aware
that my mind’s
only tool
is creating more

My heart’s
are useless,
when I can
clearly see
that only you
could ever
offer the shelter
it needs to shine free.

My body, designed
to be a hedonistic tool,
longs for pleasure;
my flesh yearns
for a quick

But my soul
laughs in the face
of my temporary

that crumble
in the eye
of eternity.

I need to
for a while;
I need to be
than just a tool.

How I long
for the simple life,
to be blinded
by the lies;
how I long to be
a fool.

M.A. Tempels © 2015

Come Back to Me

A/N: Ok this is angsty to me and I’m sorry I woke up with this little gem in my head and I needed it out. I blame the 1 minute of angst that I saw - I kind of flipped this and it’s not Killian that’s left. This is an AU - completely unrelated to any of my previous pieces. 

She sat on the tattered brown arm chair in the midst of a raging mid life crisis party. There were men and women clearly drunker than any frat boy that managed to have his first night of underage drinking and pushed himself a little too far. In other words, not a pretty sight especially coming from people who normally set a proper example for the youth in the neighborhood.

It was Killian’s Aunt Terri’s party. She was having a coming out party of sorts after her third divorce. The music was blaring and the party was rowdy when she approached the house. She had no idea that was what she would find when she drove onto his old street. She merely hoped to find some way to reach Killian. She was desperate at this point after having finally freed herself of the slow death that she’d been living the last two years without him.

Technically it had been three if you count the first year, the worst year, when she’d thought he’d abandoned her or worse been dead in a ditch somewhere without so much as a goodbye. She’d cried every day the first four months, desperately knocking on Terri’s door to be dismissed with a huff letting her know he hadn’t returned.

After four months and 6 days when the awful thing that she never told anyone happened, she became numb, lost and empty. She’d sat in her room listening to the same playlist over and over. The one Killian made for her entitled “Undying Love” . She laughed a few times when she read it. He’d either left her which made those words and songs mean nothing or he’d died which meant that eternally he’d loved her and left her, taking her heart and soul with him.

She was a ghost herself most days. Her parents grew worried and pushed her out with friends, trying to bring her back from the awful abyss that she’d been in. She’d resumed her daily activities, finished her final classes, passing enough to get the degree. Her parents got to see her walk at graduation; after all they’d paid for it.

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melante57 asked:

Why do you care if Sam and cait are together or not? Is this a hobby for you? In 5 years will any of this really matter to you? What do you gain by this?

Wow.  I honestly hadn’t thought about it that way.  Why DO I care?  Maybe I DON’T have life.  Maybe I need real hobbies.  Gosh.  Could it be that I have a blog that you are reading that has no purpose?  Could you and I, melante57, be so very wrong for being together on this journey where you are clearly reading my blog in order to know enough about me to ask these questions?  I don’t know.  Five years from now.  That’s like Jetson time, right?  Like I’ll have a robot maid named Rosie and a robot dog named Astro, right? 

Thank you sooo much for asking these questions.  I honestly DON’T know what I will gain by any of this.  Now that you’ve brought it to my attention, I realize my life is meaningless. 

Goodbye, cruel world.  Melante57 is the only person in the world who has ever made sense to me.  I’m done here.  Puffy.  Out.

My life is so dull and repetitive these days, I’m probably tired all the time because I bore myself to sleep. All I do is sleep, work, drink, repeat. Clearly I need a damn hobby but a lack of time is an issue.


well clearly i need this in my life

Giving an Arm

This morning when I got to the bus stop there was a woman sitting in the road, crying. I set down my things, knelt down to her level, and asked if she needed help; she declined. It was clear she’d fallen (minor hand abrasions) and she was on the phone with her mom getting a ride. She was also clearly very distraught, disabled in some way, and sitting in the road.

Under other circumstances I’d have backed up and given her space but stayed within her line of sight so she knew the offer was still on the table, but I was concerned about the whole ‘in the road’ thing. An older man arrived about then, also offered help, and was told 'no’ rather more severely – he backed off and stood standing between the woman and oncoming traffic (which is exactly what you should do in that situation – be big and visible to oncoming traffic while someone else talks to the person).

I told her we were concerned because she was in the road, and if she could just get a few feet over to the sidewalk she could wait on a bench. Then she did try to get up, and couldn’t (because of emotional distress, I’d say, not physical inability – I think she was mortally embarrassed and distraught, and had some sort of disability that limited her ability to cope with those things). I offered her an arm, which she took. The guy helped from the other side, she got up, she told us not to touch her, we went to the bus stop and she walked to the corner to await her ride.

This made me think about two things: the ethics and courtesy of offering help or pushing help and the (rare) times the latter is appropriate, and the best way to help someone up off the ground, which is actually related to the first issue and is something not enough people know how to do.

  1. Grabbing someone and hauling them bodily is never okay unless they are in imminent danger. Really seriously things-are-on-fire or car-is-barreling-down-on-us imminent. Hauling an adult human bodily is also really difficult, so the chances are that you’ll achieve your goal (getting the person away from potential danger) better by taking a little time and treating them like a human and not like a sack of flour, anyway.
  2. If she hadn’t said “I can’t get up” and reached for my arm, I would never have touched her. She wasn’t in the actual lane (though there were driveways and a bus pull-in and things, so it wasn’t risk free). Danger wasn’t that likely; I could’ve kept an eye out for traffic and stood up to be a nice visible warning to anyone thinking of pulling in there.
  3. Everyone should know how to offer an arm! I know many people don’t know how, because I’ve had to teach them when I need it. You should know this because it’s usually the most effective help you can offer someone who needs up off the ground, and because most other ways people try are ineffective, potentially harmful, or seriously deeply distressing. I’m thinking particularly of grabbing someone under the armpits. That is the best way to move a corpse; it’s an awful way to help someone stand up. It’s embarrassing and infuriating as all hell and it’s really hard to get your feet under yourself and find your balance again if someone does this to you! DON’T DO IT (unless specifically requested; it’s safe to assume there’s at least one exception in the world) .

The basic idea of giving someone your arm is that your forearm becomes a human grab-bar. Your muscles have to be tense without applying actual pressure. If you’ve ever danced and know the concepts of frame or giving weight, that should be familiar. The easiest way to accomplish it is to make a gentle fist with your palm turned up; that activates the muscles and should help prepare you for someone putting their weight on your arm. Keep your forearm parallel to the ground. If you’re kneeling or squatting low, you’ll have to move up as the person you’re helping does, but let them guide the motion. You move up (slowly and gently!) as they do, letting them get their feet underneath themselves. If you’re standing and they can reach your arm and haul themselves up (the kind of help I usually need!) you can just stay rock steady. You should not be hauling up with your arm; you are giving them a solid surface upon which to push down. You’re not a crane, you’re a hand-rail!

The same posture (forearm at ninety degrees to upper arm, light fist with palm up) is how you give an arm to someone unstable walking (also the kind of help I need frequently, in rougher terrain). The same principle applies; you’re not hauling them along or pulling them up, you’re providing the same support they’d get from a cane or railing.

All of this lets the person who needs help take what help they need in the moment, rather than thrusting potentially unneeded 'help’ on them and possibly making things worse.

anonymous asked:

you are so full of shit. you want to wage war on monogamy and normalize your whorish behavior so you can feel like you aren't such a slut. don't attack those of us who think you shouldnt be out fucking whoever and whatever you want.

Oh hey, would you look at that. It didn’t take long at all for some asshat to try to make what appears to be some sort of a point using what appear to be words. I’m mainly acknowledging this message so that academyofbrokenhearts can see more clearly what I’m talking about.

(But really. Wage war? On monogamy? Oh, absolutely! In fact, there’s just as much a war on monogamy going on right now as there is a war on Christmas. Saying “I’m not keen on monogamy and simply expect my decisions regarding my personal life to be respected as much as you would want me to respect your own decisions” hardly constitutes shitting all over your own personal beliefs. Whereas, certain ninnyhammers feel the need to do precisely the same thing they’re accusing me of doing.)

In conclusion:

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#11 4/4

Requested by anons and mrsa11american and halseyclouds

Ashton: “Then leave, I need to stay and finish up but you should go home and relax for a little bit” Ashton had insisted on following you to work but when you saw how bored he was you forced him to go home so that he could finally relax after a hectic week of interviews, shows, and parties. He was living the life but he clearly doesn’t have enough sleep as he was yawning all of the time. “but, I want to spend time with you” he mumbled into your shoulder as you hugged. “I’ll see when I get home but right now you need to take a bath and lie down for a bit, bubs.”

Calum: “Then leave, I can’t be with someone who doesn’t love and respect my family.” You yelled to Calum wanting him out of your sight. How could expect you to not invite your brother to your birthday party? He was blood and despite the arguments the two of you got into you would always love him. Calum and your brother had gotten into a few fights after your brother disapproved of yours and Calum’s relationship. You were hoping that as time went on the two would forget about the disagreements and move on. That wasn’t the case as you were watching your boyfriend leave your birthday party and who knows if he was ever coming back. 

Michael: Insult after insult were thrown around as you and Michael viciously argued. It was to the point in the fight where you were exhausted and wanted to stop fighting but you were too stubborn to let him have the satisfaction of winning. The argument started when Michael refused to stop playing video games so the two of you could have a nice dinner together before he left again. He claimed he was “trying to relax” and “you could stop being such a demanding bitch” and you claimed that he “doesn’t care anymore” and that if he didn’t start to appreciate you more you were going to leave. You hadn’t really meant it but when Michael says “Then leave” with a smirk you knew you couldn’t be in this situation right now and you went to pack your bags. 

Luke: Right now you were sat on the couch struggling to stay awake. You wanted to spend time with Luke but you couldn’t bare to be up for any longer. “Babe is it alright if I go, I’ll make it up to you?” you whisper to Luke “I’m just so tired” you look up to Luke waiting for his response.“ If you’re tired then leave. Go to bed after. I’ll be there in a second I promise baby” You lazily stand up and drag your tired body into your shared bedroom and wait for Luke to cuddle you and sing you to sleep.  

@mrtommyblades writes: A great deal of my work ethic, dedication, passion, and drive in life first started with a love for soccer. From the first time that I touched a ball, I relentlessly chased the dream of one day playing professionally. I was never the most naturally gifted player and needed to work, work, and work some more in order to create opportunities for myself. I have learned so much through the triumphs and heartaches of reaching that goal - and it has all come together to help shape me into who I am today. My professional career was anything but glamorous - but when I look back I can clearly see that it was just the beginning of something even more special.

I am infusing the same passion that I did into soccer, into the Tommy Blades (@mrtommyblades) brand and community. Our Kickstarter campaign is live and the Work Hard, Dream Big windbreakers and T-shirts featured here are still available. Head over and click the link in @mrtommyblades profile to learn more!

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It's completely different to shortening words like "ur" because that still means the same thing. They're / their / there do not share the same meaning. And tbh all of Zayn's tweets are pretty stupid. People seem to think his good looks make him some super intelligent being when clearly he doesn't have much going on his that head of his.

ur so intelligent nonnie im blown the fuck away !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fuck zayn man  he SUX. like… he tweets things that aren’t grammatically correct !!?!! god what an idiot. can’t believe i’ve wasted 3 yrs of my life stanning him……….

guess i’ll delete my blog !! i need to start spending my time in a more productive way anyway. maybe i’ll start sending pointless anonymous messages to ppl dissing their favs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! soundz good

Tumblr, Stop Being Offended. Naruto fans, stop trying to kill each other.

Sasuke: I’ve been seeing hate posts all day. They clearly come from someone who gets off on being a jerk on the internet. Guess what? No one cares. We get that you didn’t get enough attention as a child and now you need to harass strangers on the internet to make up for it.

There’s hate posts going around about the SS fandom vs SNS. Jesus tap-dancing christ people. THESE ARE LITERALLY FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. THEY ARE NOT REAL! Naruto, as a series, has been with me for the last ten years of my life. It’s the reason I met my own Naruto and we even started talking. I owe my relationship to it. But seriously, grow the fuck up.

The SS fandom doesn’t need the SNS team going after their posts and ranting about how Sakura and Sasuke don’t have true love and his heart belongs with Naruto. Nor does the pro-ending people need everyone bashing Hinata every 30 seconds with the same. Damn. Argument. Hinata is a fucking badass. So is Sakura. Hell, Sakura literally punched the god of chakra in the face. 

Yes, we love Sasuke and Naruto as a couple. But guess what? PEOPLE HAVE OPINIONS! Everyone needs to stop getting so god damn offended by every word they see on this website. If you don’t like something, scroll down and ignore it. Because guess what? No one gives a flying fuck about an argument where insults are thrown back and forth. Discussion is ok. CIVIL discussion. Comparing points back and forth? Still ok. Insulting each other? Not okay.

Because at the end of the day, we all took the journey of this series together and we’re letting the ending turn us into assholes. This is why people insult our fandom. We’re turning into the insane Homestuck people. We used to be the cool kid in town that everyone wanted to hang with. The leader of the big 3. Now we blow chucks. All over the floor.

And if you need to insult a bunch of strangers on the internet to get through your day, then you’re a dick and no one likes you for it.

/end rant