can’t wait to hear you scream

in which nico and will watch a scary movie. kind of.

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Nico had believed Will when he’d said that he’d hated horror movies.

The thing was, he apparently didn’t grasp how much Nico hated horror movies.

“Do you wanna turn it off?” Nico asks, cautiously, because they’re sitting in his home living room, and while Nico is sitting cross-legged on the floor, elbow deep in a bowl of salted popcorn, Will is currently lying on the sofa.

Not only lying on the sofa, but buried in blankets. Most of them have been removed from his actual body and instead are just covering his face.

“No,” Will says, voice muffled. “I’m good.”

Nico raises his eyebrow. On the screen, some horrible horror slasher move happens. Nico isn’t really paying attention, but he’s pretty sure that there is blood spraying everywhere. Some teenager screams.

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Can I just have a lot of Levi and Eren absentmindedly touching each other? Eren scratching lightly at the base of Levi’s skull, Levi palming the soft fabric of Eren’s shirt, them leaning against each other whenever they’re close enough. I want them so comfortable with each other that they’d just lean, and meet the other person - there’s no bubble of awareness to separate them, just skin on skin, dry palms against a forearm, the surety of a grip on a shoulder, and the knowledge that neither is alone while the other is there.


GUYS!! HI HELLO!!! I have an amazing post for you today! I recently received a copy of A MAP FOR WRECKED GIRLS by Jessica Taylor and absolutely devoured it! I had been looking forward to this book since early this year, after a member of my book club linked me to the summary on goodreads!! It was so magical and lush and full of everything I have ever needed and I am so happy that everyone gets to experience it!

That being said, I knew I had to be part of the blog tour! Immediately after agreeing to do it, I decided that I wanted a playlist from the author! Learning what songs inspire certain books has always been intriguing to me so this is one of my favorite features to have on the blog. Out of the many playlists, I can say with assurance that THIS is my favorite book play list of all time. Not only does it make me love AMFWG even more but it also kind of makes me want to be best friends with the author, Jessica. (JESS IF UR READING THIS, ILY LETS BE FRIENDS, OKAY? I MET JACK ANTONOFF ONCE SO BASICALLY WE ARE ALL THREE BESTIES) 

Anyway, I have added all of the songs from the playlist to a Spotify Playlist, which you can listen to here.

Check out Jessica’s song choices and reasoning below!!!

From the author:

Some writers start with plot. Some start with character. For me, all my stories begin with a few images and songs forming flashes of incomplete stories in my head. As I struggled to fill in those gaps and write what eventually became A Map for Wrecked Girls, it was always music I returned to for inspiration.

1. In Undertow – Alvvays

The whole of Alvvays’ sophomore album is perfect writing music, but I love this song in particular. The opening of the song works for Emma, the protagonist of AMFWG, on more than one level—“You find a wave and try to hold on for as long as you can. You made a mistake you’d like to erase and I understand.” The chorus of the song also makes for an easy tie in—“There’s no turning back after what was said.”

2. Hate That You Know Me – Bleachers

I’ve been a fan of Jack Antonoff for a few years now. I love that the new Bleachers album goes to a slightly darker place than the Fun years. Hate That You Know Me is about a destroyed relationship and hating that the person you’re estranged from knows you so well. That’s the place Emma’s in for much of AMFWG.

3. Hurricane (Johnnie’s Theme) – Lord Heron

Much of Emma’s headspace is dark, but the dynamic between Alex and Emma allows for some bright spots on the island. This song was something I listened to when I wanted to let Alex and Emma explore their feelings for each other and let go of the past.

4. Carry On – Fun.  

Clearly I needed more Jack Antonoff in my life when I was writing this book. This song is a much-needed reminder to keep going no matter the obstacle.

5. The Belle of the Boulevard – Dashboard Confessional

This song always operated for me as kind of my theme song for Henri, Emma’s sister. She’s not an easy character to understand or be around, especially not for Emma, but she’s also one of my favorite kind of characters, the tragic kind. This song helped me get in touch with Henri when she was at her worst.

6. The Funeral – Band of Horses

This song was on my mind when Emma and Henri’s story first started coming together, even before I knew the island would play a part in their story. Later, the first line of this song, “I’m coming up only to hold you under,” took on a new meaning.

7. You Are a Tourist – Death Cab for Cutie

Since Henri had her own song, Emma had to have her own as well. Much of the book deals with Emma’s guilt over a betrayal. The following part always felt in line with Emma’s mistake and the feelings surrounding it:

“'Cause when you find yourself a villain,
In the story you have written
It’s plain to see
That sometimes the best intentions
Are in need of redemption
Would you agree?”

8. Taylor Swift - This Love

While I think Taylor Swift meant the romantic kind of love, I always felt that the love she speaks of—a love that was both good and bad and had to be set free—could apply to Emma and Henri.

9. Bloody Mother F*cking Assh*le – Martha Wainwright

Sometimes Henri is exactly this. When I needed Emma to get angry and stand up to Henri, this song was on repeat. A tip: if you need to relieve a little tension, I highly recommend taking a long drive and screaming these lyrics.

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Klayley & Camlijah Rant

There have been some posts flying around, mostly from Klamille shippers which state that Klayley shippers don’t care about Cami as a character, by shipping her with Elijah. So in order to care about her, I should be shipping her with Klaus? I decided to explain why I ship Klayley and Camlijah and why I do care about Cami as a character.

This rant contains Pro Klayley & Camlijah and Anti Haylijah and Klamille. If you do not wish to read, don’t.  

I love Klayley and Camlijah because in both relationships, the characters are who they are and they don’t tend to change for others. Cami and Elijah had fun at that safe house with Hope until Finn arrived and in a very short time, they have made a real breakthrough. Elijah and Cami both challenge one another. They are each other’s mirrors. Also, Cami stated that she needs some good in her life in 1x02. She is tired of bad boys. Elijah is the noble brother, the good brother is he not? He has his own issues but he is very cooperative to resolve them. I like Cami and that is why I ship Camlijah. I ship her with a man who can grow her as a character, raise her self-esteem just as Klaus raises Hayley’s and vice versa.

Now the deal with Klayley vs haylijah would be longer for me to explain but basically, I see in Klayley the same sort of development in their relationship due to communication. When have Hayley and Elijah just sat down and communicated like Camlijah or Klayley???????? Never. All they did from the very beginning was waste their time staring at one another. The truth is, they don’t have subjects on which they could really communicate. They never talked about one another and their possible future together, nothing.

Klayley and Camlijah both bring out the best of each character. Klaus, as opposed to Elijah, raises Hayley’s self-esteem, making her feel like the Queen she is. All Elijah has done in that relationship was try to make Hayley something she is not and make her believe that she is not good, just the way she is, which is very bad for their relationship. She is not a good girl and Elijah can’t tame her into one. Klaus respects who she is and brings out the best of her as a Queen. Also, Hayley has never had to pretend with Klaus and what is canon is that Hayley always felt more comfortable around Klaus and she jokes and laughs with him because she feels liberated. She doesn’t have to pretend like she does with Elijah.  

The klamille relationship will never work for me because it just doesn’t work for the characters. Aside from the fact that Cami is not pushed away from Klaus, the way he would normally do to a person he could see himself falling in love with, Cami is never using the best approach on Klaus. Klaus is not just like any other of Cami’s patients and she never seems to realize that. More and more I feel like she is trying to change him, therefore making Klaus uncomfortable in their relationship. Another point would be that Klaus brought more danger in Cami’s life than she deserves. This proves that me a KLAYLEY shipper cares about her and don’t want to see her go through anymore pain. Klaus has the impression he can take care of her but he makes it worse for her. Hayley, as a supernatural can handle Klaus’ lifestyle, his ego, his irrational thinking and his temperamental attitude, while Cami can’t. In my opinion, if these two would ever be in a relationship together, Klaus would break Cami. She knows what she needs and she clearly stated,”I need good in my life.” When she talked to Klaus about bad boys in 1x02. Cami won’t be able to take it. As a human, she can’t catch up like Hayley can. And Klaus needs someone who can actually take it. He needs someone who is more his league. Just one day, I can see him become enraged with Cami because she doesn’t understand. So no klamille for me. I don’t see any potential in that kind of relationship.

Now we move on to Camlijah for a quick summary of why they would be good for each other. Sure Elijah is an Original just like Klaus, but he also represents the good Cami needs. He understands her rational views and vice versa. Also, just like Klayley, Camlijah are each other’s mirrors. They both have this obsession with fixing people like Klaus and Hayley, but only through each other can they find the true meaning of being themselves. They shouldn’t spend their lives picking up the scraps of their lovers. They should be building their own lives, taking care of each other for a change. Cami can offer Elijah that while Hayley can’t. Hayley knows she can never live up to Elijah’s expectations and Elijah should stop trying to make her. If he doesn’t find Hayley good enough as she is now, with all her flaws, then he should leave her alone. If he cannot accept her as who she is without trying to change her, that means the relationship can’t work. Cami is not a kind of girl who needs to be fixed and that is why Elijah finds that challenge in her. All the women in his life were ones who needed fixing and he has always acted like a good boy, trying to make them grow as people but he only turned them into people they are not. Camlijah would be perfect because Elijah can find some growth in his character by being with a woman whom he doesn’t need to change or fix. He can learn a lesson from this and Cami can too.

So yes, I care about the future of all four characters: Klaus, Hayley, Elijah and Camille and I want them to find happiness. Through this rant, I have finally explained all there was needed to explain why Klayley and Camlijah are the ships with a better growth of character for all four.

Klayley and Camlijah do it for me!

There’s one part of the industry that’ll probably never get old — silly rumors and tabloid stories. It seems like I’m dating a different person every month, you know? Like wow, I can hardly keep up with myself, TMZ really seems to be on point with their reports. Clearly, I need updates on my own life because I’m usually stuffin’ my face with In N’ Out Burgers or making out with my wife, but who knew that wasn’t news-worthy?