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Could you do a scenario with shiro when his s/o goes into labor and supporting her through the birth of his first son? I really want shiro hold his baby boy and just crying happy tears cause he never thought he'd be happy again and yet here he is with his own beautiful little family. I'm sorry this is really specific... I just really need this in my life. Thinking about how happy he would be just makes me smile inside.

(Happy Shironeki is my favourite Shironeki! Really though, I wrote way too much for this scenario because it’s such a cute one. Thank you ♥)

There was a tormented expression on her face, her cheeks were flushed as sweat dripped down her forehead. Her fingers clutched the pristine sheets of the hospital bed, practically ripping into the fabric as she cried out. She had bitten her lips with such force that an indent could clearly be seen underneath the faint trickle of blood. Her hair was pushed back, mattedwith sweat as she dug her feet into the bottom of the bed.

It was one of those moments that felt so surreal. Almost as if time wasprogressing in slow motion. His body was stiff with trepidation, his blood ran cold and his stomach churned sickeningly with dread. All he could do was watch from the sidelines while his partner breathed heavily, her voice thick with agony. His right arm awkwardly slung around her shoulders while his left hand was clutched tightly in her sweaty palm.

“Alright.” The midwife spoke in a gentle, comforting voice. “You need to take a deep breath and give one big push for me, okay?”

“No.” She whined, through heavy sobs. “I can’t do it anymore. I can’t!”

“You’re so close. Just a little more.” He insisted, voice sounding disjointed from his body. He reached up to tuck a stray hair behind her ear. He feels his heart practically stop still in his chest when he hears the midwife speak again.

“It’s starting to crown. You’re doing well.” She tells her encouragingly.

The words seem to knock some sense into him, as he leans over her legs to chance a look. He sees his baby’s head poking out of the birth canal. He can see the beginnings of a small tuft of black hair, the same shade that his own hair once was. Despite the blood and stickiness that stains the sheets, it’s the most amazing sight he had ever laid eyes on. After eight months, two weeks and three days, it was finally happening. All of a sudden it’s so real to him. That’s his baby.

“Come on.” He’s aware that his voice is heavy with emotion, and he feels his throat start to constrict. “It’s so close.”

A bead of sweat rolled down her neck as she leaned her head back against the pillows, teeth clenched, and eyes squeezed shut in concentration.

“You’re doing so good. Just a little more, I promise.” He tries for soothing, but his shaky voice betrays him. When the grip on his hand tightens, he doesn’t know if it’s in acknowledgement to what he had said, or if it was just her way of coping with the increasing pain.

“One last push!” The midwife demands.

On cue, she braces her feet firmly and uses them as leverage, tucking her chin towards her chest, as she bears down. Her face contorted with anguish, as a scream ripped painfully from her throat.

The deafening yell that tore through the room and the words that the midwife spoke fell silent on Kaneki’s ears. Time stood still for a moment, and he could hear nothing over the sound of his own hammering heartbeat.

Until the silence was shattered by the most amazing sound he had ever heard.

The wailing of a baby. His baby.

Kaneki watched, completely stunned, as the midwife carefully cleaned the infant off with a damp cloth, and wrapped it in a warm, white blanket. The echoing cries of the child bounced off the walls of the delivery room. Meanwhile, the mother of his child was panting and shuddering, tears still clinging to her eyelashes. She gave his hand one last squeeze, gently this time, before she held her arms out to embrace the bundle that was being presented to her.

“Congratulations! It’s a healthy baby boy.” The midwife smiled, before mumbling something about giving them a moment of privacy, but Kaneki barely noticed.

He felt himself shaking, and it felt like he had forgotten how to breathe properly. He knew one thing for certain though, he was definitely crying. Tears were streaming down his face faster than he could wipe them away. He spent a moment just watching the boy. Taking note of his scrunched up little face and his tiny fists that waved around wildly.

Shuffling forward to stand closer to his little family, he took a deep shuddering breath before he dared to speak. “He’s amazing.” He pressed a lingering kiss on his lover’s temple before adding. “You’re amazing.”

He tentatively pressed the tip of his index finger into the palm of his son’s chubby little hand. His heart clenched and his breath caught in his throat when he felt five tiny digits clench around his finger. His loud squalling had died down now, as he peered through squinted eyes, taking in his surroundings for the first time.

“He knows that you’re his daddy.” She smiled serenely, tilting her head a little to wipe the drying tears that painted her cheeks on her fabric clad shoulder. “You want to hold him?”

His spine tensed rigidly and he shook his head resolutely. “No, no. I don’t think I-“

Before he could finish his protests, she was already holding the child in front of him expectantly. He swallowed dryly before hesitantly reaching out to take hold of the life in front of him. His movements were stiff, and he had this niggling fear that he would unintentionally hurt or drop him. To his own surprise, his arms moved on instinct. He made sure to support his head, and cradle him close with more tenderness than he ever remembered possessing. Holding him – holding his own son- just felt so natural.

“He’s…” Kaneki shook his head, at a complete loss for words. “He’s amazing.”

“You said that.”

“I can’t believe it…” Kaneki chuckled nervously, rocking the small body in his arms lightly. “He’s so tiny.”

Her lips pulled into a drowsy smile. Despite the trauma her aching body had just endured, she was still so gorgeous in his eyes. She moved over a little on the bed, and patted the space next to her encouragingly. He took the invitation gratefully, taking extra care when manoeuvring the gurgling baby in his arms. He reclined against the pillows behind him, and felt the press of her chin on his shoulder. Kaneki tilted his head, managing to pull his attention away from his son long enough to press a sweet kiss against her lips. “Love you.” He mumbled, breath fanning her face as he spoke. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” She answered with a genuine smile, pulling back to rest her head on his shoulder tiredly. He watched in fascination as she reached out to softly stroke their son’s cheek. A mothers touch…

An unknown sensation swelled tightly in his chest, and spread throughout his entire body. Every inch of him felt warm and fuzzy. Completely content, and happy in a way he had never thought possible. He tightened his hold protectively around his little boy, and rested his head atop his lovers, pressing gentle kisses against her damp hair. This was his family now. His own perfect family that only he could protect. He knew that they had an entire future ahead of them together, but he would have been perfectly content to spend the rest of time exactly as they were.

The proud new mother didn’t pass comment when she felt the unmistakable wetness of tears against her hair. She simply held him close and let him savour the moment.

(Is the baby human or ghoul? You decide!)
~Mod Kai

Here are some life lessons for everybody:
  • People are gonna talk about you til the day you die so do everybody a favor and get over it and stop complaining about it.
  • If you don’t want people to talk shit about you then stop doing shit that you know is gonna get talked about.
  • Half yall talking about I wish whoever is talking about me will tell me. Why? It ain’t like you gon really do anything about it, THEY STILL GON TALK.
  • Half if not all need to get yall proprieties straight ASAP cause clearly you haven’t life does not revolve around dick….in the words of my cousin Tamar GET YOUR LIFE.

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Ok. I totally need help and idk. Like I told myself I would be a virgin until forever idk and I had sex with my boyfriend, and I felt good but I felt bad cause I didn't keep my promise to myself. We still have sex every now and then and I loveee having sex believe me but I feel like I didn't like give myself my self worth. I don't know. I kinda just feel shitty but I know he will feel horrible if I tell him I feel horrible. Idk. I just needed to vent.

you should live life with no regrets and not dwell over the past because you are clearly have fun. But you can always stop having sex and be a self-proclaimed virgin if it is really bothering you x


An LGBT movie needs your help to bring another LGBT representation to screen and share it with the mainstream world

RETAKE is a drama about two broken souls driving to The Grand Canyon. A young male prostitute (played by Luke Pasqualino;Skins, the Musketeers, Snowpiercer) is hired by Jonathan, a lonely middle-aged man, to be his companion on a road trip from San Francisco to the Grand Canyon.

Jonathan creates a role for the escort to play for the duration of the trip: “Brandon.” Eager to leave his own past behind, the escort accepts the role and they set off on their drive — one trying to remember his past; the other trying to forget.

Set on an exciting new take on the classic road trip, RETAKE is an exploration of love, loss, identity, and the delicate balance of moving toward an uncertain future. [watch the concept footage here]

RETAKE the movie on: kickstarter | twitter | tumblr | facebook


All my life has been a series of doors in my face, and then suddenly I bump into you…


We’ve got 6 members that have talked to me about being interested in joining the Dual<3Sign team for HSWC.

But I’d love to know if there were more people interested in joining us!

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Yowamushi Pedal mpreg version

In which everyone tries to figure out who is the father of Onoda’s baby. #How I Met Your Father #Everybody Loves Onoda


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Why are you so adamant about women using birth control? I've seen the side effects and choose not to take any because of it. While birth control is great for some it's not for everyone. I just don't think my body needs to be "fixed" or altered to live the life I want.

So, this message is clearly written to start an argument, and that’s not something I do here.  However, I think this can be a learning moment, so let me explain a few things.

I am adamant that everyone should be able to chose when and how they have sex, when and how they become pregnant, and when and how they give birth and have children.  

For most people, that means not getting pregnant every time they have penis-in-vagina sex.  Since they do not want to get pregnant, I want to help them avoid pregnancy.  There are many ways to avoid pregnancy, some more effective than others:

  • Hormonal birth control
  • Non-hormonal birth control
  • Barrier methods (condoms, diaphragms)
  • Withdrawal
  • Abstinence

What’s the most effective way to prevent pregnancy when having penis-in-vagina sex?  The IUDs and Nexplanon.  They are far more effective at preventing pregnancy than any of the other methods, especially withdrawal.  

Now, you’ll find that I take into consideration each individual person’s desires and needs when it comes to sexual health.  I agree with you, birth control is great for many people, but it’s not for everyone.  You’ll see that when people ask me questions about how best to avoid pregnancy, I respond to them by telling them about all the options and which ones are most effective.  If they decide to use them, great.  If not, great.  But at least this way they have all the information.

When you say that you’ve seen the side effects of birth control and therefore decide not to use it, do you mean that you’ve never used it yourself?  If you never want to, that’s A-OK and I will support you in that no matter what.  However, I want you to know that everyone’s body is extremely different, and the side effects you’ve seen happen to others are likely to never happen to you.  

I’m glad you don’t think your body needs to be fixed or altered - that’s great for you.  It’s interesting, because I never think of birth control as “fixing” since I believe that all bodies are inherently good and worthwhile exactly as is.  However, you’re right, birth control can change a body because most methods use hormones, and if that’s not something you’re willing to take on because you can do fine without, then I’m thrilled for you.  However, most people are in situations where it is vital for them to be able to protect themselves from pregnancy, so as I said before, I will give them all the information that they need.  

I tell everyone exactly what I think about each method of birth control.  I explain why I like some and dislike others.  I suggest the methods that are both the most effective and that have the fewest side effects.  If that’s not something you want or need, don’t stress about it.


seriously tho i can’t believe the costume dept. how do they art so much????


I STILL DON’T KNOW ANYONE’S NAMES EXCEPT LIKE “ANNE” is A SAFE GUESS FOR EVERYONE EVEN THE MEN COS I DUNNO HISTORY OK. this show is like me cos i’m a canadian/irish co-production and i’m often full of brits. wait… yep. SO I GUESS I SHOULD LIKE IT. needs more naked bits i think. and natalie dormer. just more margaery pls. oh haha nvm i can get that thru GoT. ok i’m all set.



So, heirofharrenhal keeps trying to encourage me to watch The Tudors and I seriously know nothing about history and shit. Or the programme. Thus, I made this to show him what I have figured out and what he needs to work on with me. Cos honestly, he showed me one fanvid and I immediately thought the cute chicks were doing it… and apparently that’s not true??? (HOW NOT?) But also just everyone keeps saying Natalie Dormer in this role is the shit, and I have a terrible growing obsession with her perfection… so I figured I should educate myself a bit. Just being a responsible fan.

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go figure you had sex!!! how many does that make now.. 15?

Aw. I am so sorry that your sex life is so boring that you feel the need to make mine your business! Actually no, I’m not sorry at all….more embarrassed for you if anything. With that being said, I’m gonna continue having as much sex as I want because that’s MY choice making it NONE of your business. Please excuse me while I take no offense from an over used anonymous insult, I’d much rather be a whore than someone who is clearly so bored and insecure that they have to abuse people anonymously in attempt to feel good about themselves. I choose to have sex, however you have a disgusting character flaw that’s much more shameful than fucking someone (which is actually normal, unlike being an anonymous dickhead). So how about we both go do what we supposedly do best, I’m gonna go have dirty raunchy hot steamy sex and have several orgasms with a good looking guy, and you can sit around and hide behind an anonymous button. In the mean time, you can take your slut shaming and shove it up your ass. But I’d assume you’re probably not into anal :)

How are we supposed to go on with our daily lives, now that we know there will be “deep Sterek scenes” to come??

Like, how am I supposed to actually do anything productive, when the only thing my 2 functioning brain cells are screaming is ”DEEP STEREK SCENES!”, like seriously, what is life, I can’t deal..

And also, why would Dylan even say that? Why use “deep”? Why not “Yeah, there are some Sterek moments” or just “There are some Sterek scenes, yes”, no he used DEEP Sterek scenes, and honestly I can’t breathe. send help.

I’ve posted on here a few times before when I was just starting my journey of self acceptance and self love. I can say that these posts and this blog have helped me see that you truly don’t need to be a “regular” size to be beautiful or to feel beautiful. I wish I had people around me (besides my family) that would have helped me see how beautiful I am much earlier than my 18th year of life. But I’m happy that now as that year is coming to a close there are wonderful blogs like this one to help the girls that are going through now what I went through for many years, the girls who can’t see themselves clearly. I have learned to love myself, my beautiful size 24 self. And I hope I can help other girls see in them what I now see in myself. 

Come visit me if you would like :)

okay, i really didn’t want to have to make this post, but.

if you ask me about alex and his girlfriends, you aren’t going to get a serious response. i get way too many asks about the matter and i delete the majority of them.

alex is a person and, at least to me, his personal life isn’t something that should be discussed nonchalantly or speculated over on the internet. because it’s his personal life.

he’s clearly a reserved person. in theory he likely won’t ever know what’s been said about his personal affairs, but if he did, it would probably make him uncomfortable.

obviously, that’s just my opinion, and either way i don’t really think i should even need to justify my actions on my blog, since it’s my blog.

if you don’t like it feel free to unfollow me, i honestly don’t care. i’m always going to answer these asks sarcastically or just delete them because explaining this concept to people over and over gets very old very quickly.

but don’t send me asks about this kind of stuff if you’re expecting a serious answer. ask someone else, or just go google it by yourself. not that you’ll probably find anything. because it’s private information.

Do you ever feel like a failure?

You chose the wrong major. You work at a low paying job. You can’t afford to get your own place. You may barely be able to afford a new car. You have no boyfriend and no prospects of getting married any time soon. You are fat and ugly. You are the disgraced child of your parents.

Bruhhh stop whatever you're doing and read (please?)

Okay so while I was procrastinating from my next story (which is a Sam one, btw), I figured out how to put the interactive code thing up, so now you guys can submit your name and it’ll replace Y/N in the fanfiction (Magic, ikr!) 
Anyways, as of now, it’s up for my latest fic, Sweetheart (I even tested it out) and I’ll start putting it up for the others if I’m not too sleepy by the time I finish the Sam fic. 

Alright, you have my blessing to continue with your work :3

Re-Inventing Myself

I didn’t know that having weight loss surgery meant that, in essence, I chose to completely re-invent myself. I never realize how my personality, interests, friendships, speech, etc. were rooted in the constant awareness that I was the fat friend or the fat co-worker or the fat girlfriend. I never realized how my brain’s obsession with bashing myself for being “disgusting” or “lazy” or “worthless” dictated what I chose for my life.

I feel like I’m thinking of myself clearly for the first time. I know my strengths, talents, and gifts. I know what I need to work on, but I don’t hate myself for it.

Maybe it’s dramatic, but I’ve been fat my entire life and now, I feel like I’m becoming a completely new person.