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Is Youji the designated person for dealing with Masaomi when he harasses the JSDF? (Love your stories so much, I don't know why you worried about people not liking the latest one it was AMAZING!)

“I really do have to go to work,” Youji says, getting up.

“But we’re still talking,” Masaomi says, sounding genuinely perplexed and dismayed.

Youji almost feels bad, because it’s clear Masaomi needs to talk about something, and it’s probably serious. But Masaomi never quite understood that other people couldn’t just drop everything to do something else. “I am currently working,” he says patiently, since it’s not exactly Masaomi fault he doesn’t understand how full-time jobs work. “But after work, I promise, we can go get dinner or something, and we can—”

“No, no good,” Masaomi says. “Who’s your boss?”

“Technically, the Japanese government.”

“Perfect, I own the government—”

“—But my commanding officer is Colonel Kobayashi,” Youji continues, slightly disturbed by Masaomi’s cheerful statement.

“Hm, fine, we’ll go ask him,” Masaomi says, wondering out, causing Youji to follow him in alarm. “Oh, Colonel! Excellent timing, I need to take Youji out for a nooner, is that OK?”

“Oh lord,” Youji says, burying his face in his hands.

Colonel Kobayashi Kyouma is a very straight-laced, unsmiling man, and he is currently glaring at Youji with a recognizable look Youji has received most of his life. It was a distinct look that clearly said, “I blame you for the existence of Akashi Masaomi” and yeah, OK…fair. Masaomi would probably not have gotten involved with the JSDF if it wasn’t for Youji.

But Masaomi is involved with the JSDF. In fact, he regularly makes substantive donations, both monetary and in weapons and technology he designs. That tended to give him a lot of leeway with what he could do on base. More to the point, it was a well-known fact Masaomi had a lot of…connections…to some very high ranking politicians.

“Sergeant Kasamatsu is supposed to be training the new enrollees,” Kobayashi returns, because he’s never been the kind of man who would back down easily, even given the fact that Masaomi could easily destroy his career on a whim.

“But this is important,” Masaomi smiles charmingly.

The colonel sighs, decided that this really isn’t worth pushing back on. “Fine. Take a half day, Kasamatsu.’”

“Yes, sir,” Youji says meekly, feeling a bit bad for the colonel but also like this is almost certainly going to come back to haunt him.

A/N: This is the first random snippet of the MasaYou story I am currently writing!! The answer to your question, anon-friend, is yes, yes Youji is absolutely the designated “Masaomi handler” in the JSDF and it is very tiring for all parties involved =D Except Masaomi. He’s having a great time.

And thank you! I am glad you enjoyed that story! At any given moment, I am convinced people will hate what I am writing (it exists even now for the MasaYou story) so it is always so lovely to hear that people enjoy my stories!! =)