clearly she does

Since we’re all on the topic of mutual caring Ladynoir and Ladybug treating Chat Noir as her friend, let’s all appreciate the fact that every single time Chat Noir falls under an Akuma’s spell, Ladybug is always reluctant to fight him and only does so when it’s clear that he isn’t going to break away from the influence.

In spite of the fact that it happened before and how unlikely it’ll be for him to snap out of it, she still stops and tries to appeal to his better side.

Just in general, even though she knows she has to fight/hurt him, she clearly does not like it.

And she never blames him for it, never looked at it as something that discredited his competency as a hero, or mentions any of it afterwards (she told him at the end of Puppeteer, but only because Chat asked her).

And before anyone gets up in arms about her little rib there because I KNOW someone will, let me remind you that this was the same episode where Chat implied that Ladybug was ugly.

(look at that smug grin, he knows what he’s doing XD)

But we all know that he doesn’t actually mean that and that this and what Ladybug says to him above are all good-natured teasing two people who are friends do, and neither take the comments to heart.

So of course he smiles comforted that his Lady had everything under control and then quickly turns this into an opportunity to flirt with her.

And just. look at how he makes her laugh so happily!!

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Chat Noir may exasperate her a lot when he doesn’t take the situations seriously enough, and there may have been times where Ladybug was too curt with him, but she always apologizes to him for those moments and praises his feats. 

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Regardless of whether or not she reciprocates his romantic feelings for her she deeply trusts him and cares for him as a person and her partner, and that is very evident throughout the show!!

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I normally don’t speak up on this, now I personally don’t reblog candids on my blog, that is my own choice. To others who do, I have no issues with that at all. However, when it is very, VERY apparent that Taylor does not want to be photographed and she is going to extreme lengths, (lengths that no human being should have to go to) then maybe, don’t  post those photos online or reblog them? I don’t know, I mean everyone has their own opinions and everyone is free to make their own choice, but to me it just feels so wrong. Because it just feels like we are contributing to the problem. I have no problems with candids of her walking by and smiling, or even just not directly engaging with the paps but still not showing any obvious signs of discomfort, but when she is clearly trying to hide her face, or her friends are stepping in to shield her, then that bothers me. No one should have to deal with that. No one, especially Taylor Swift should have to worry about situations like, “Okay. We are pulling up to the curb now, so I want you guys to get out first like this, and then I will get out and throw my bag in front of my face and you guys will direct me where to go.” No one should have to be thinking about how to shield themselves that far ahead. The girl gets enough crap from the media, the paps and the haters. I just feel like we shouldn’t contribute to the problem.

it’s not like maggie doesn’t want her!!! by that kiss, you can clearly tell that she does. she wants her and i think that’s fucking terrifying for maggie because like, she could really get invested in this, in alex, and there’s a very real chance it could just…not work out because alex didn’t actually like her for her. maggie isn’t ready to lose herself in someone again, not after she just got so hurt, but alex makes her want to. she lets herself feel that kiss for everything that it’s worth and she pulls away and she has to be honest and she has to hurt them both.

here’s a wild concept: just because sesshomaru doesn’t get along with his mother, doesn’t mean he hates her. it doesn’t mean that she ever neglected to give him anything in life. he at least respects her, because she’s pretty much the only character in the series that chastises him and he fucking LISTENS

i see a lot of people complaining about the fact that she seemed so casual and playful about the danger he was getting into by going into the meido to save Rin and Kohaku but…do people really think that sesshomaru’s mother would be someone who would gush and fawn and fuss over him constantly, when he would clearly be annoyed and reject such actions??? like can we just stop with the Misogyny and acting like sessmom is some evil bitch just because she doesn’t act like how ya’ll think a mother is “supposed to”. i would also like to add that she clearly does care, because she offered him a way out, but whatever.

lets also Not Forget that she revived Rin despite having no obligation to do so whatsoever. she did it purely for sesshomaru’s sake

like people admire sess when hes cruel and cold and distant, yet the same qualities in his mother are suddenly so undesirable???? squints

Lets take a moment to talk about Dr Emily Grey

Did any of you SEE Dr Grey tell Locus to back off in season 12? He didnt have to but he backed the fuck off. Can you imagine him doing that for literally anyone else? 

And she acts like she doesnt care about things but she clearly does. Dr Grey clearly sends Locus off to protect her patient (Wash in this case). And gosh she tells Wash to show up to a medical appointment and I highly suspect he showed up because you do NOT say no to Dr Emily Grey or she will hunt your ass down for your appointment. And Wash has all kinds of trauma with medical types so it speaks volumes that when they find an empty base when they exit the building in season 12 episode 10, he calls out for Dr Grey and clearly trusts her. 

Can we talk about how Dr Grey cares about her patients but expresses it by trying to scare them into listening? To Doyle: “Remember, you’re no use to me dead!”

And in episode 16 she barely cares about able bodied people but instead focuses on her sick and injured patients. Because that’s her priority and by god she is going to get them out.

Im not sure why she is the way she is even if I have suspicions, but damn does it make her effective at making sure certain people who push themselves too hard get their goddamn injuries treated BECAUSE CAROLINA IF YOU OPEN YOUR LEG INJURY ONE MORE TIME SHE IS GOING TO SET YOU UP IN BEDREST FOR A VERY LONG TIME. 

wow look at that wonky arm placement!

i’m not much for shipping, like i just generally don’t have an opinion but damn this game.  damn it for succeeding at making me have opinions even though i also think anyone would look cute with anyone else


no offense but can y'all stop lying and saying rowan enforces feminism like rhysand does because he literally does not and has similar actions to tamlin and lying about it is kinda nauseating. you can stan anyone you want but don’t make stuff up about him to make him look like some progressive sunflower when he’s a traditional fae male with territorial tendencies—exactly what rhysand goes against.

Ok, so aside from the fact that Tony and Ziva having a child is still so completely surreal and bizarre I think the thing that is more unreal and weird is that the child who is playing the child of Tony and Ziva ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE THE CHILD OF TONY AND ZIVA

  • len: i don't have any feelings about mick.

I feel as though Ayano’s feelings for Taro are neither romantic or sexual. The one line ‘I crave the way he makes me feel’ interests me, because her opening line is ‘I can’t feel anything.’

What if Ayano just likes him because she’s able to feel emotions when she’s around him? Although, she does clearly state that she doesn’t care she doesn’t feel emotions. Perhaps, this is more of curiosity than anything. She has never experienced feeling before, so it’s new and exciting to be around Taro.

I feel like it’s less about Taro than it is about being able to feel, and the fact that he is the key person that enables her to feel emotions is the reason why Taro is the center of her desires. She wants to keep this feeling. She wants to be able to have an experience.

However, she is not fully capable of many things, such as compassion or empathy. She feels the bare minimum when she’s around Taro, but that’s enough to keep her hooked.

She wants Taro all to her own.

One thing I’ve noticed that’s strange about Ayano is that she has a fascination with being normal. She constantly pretends to be normal, always trying to hide anything to come off as normal. She says she doesn’t care, but literally, her whole life she’s tried to come off as normal. Of course, Ayano never could be. She lacks very important factors. However, when she’s around Taro, she does feel at least a little bit.

I also feel as though she wouldn’t really care about sex. If Taro wanted to, she’d happily agree, but she’d personally not feel one way or another about it. She literally can’t feel. Perhaps that extends to even things like her preferences. I read on the Wikia that if someone asked her her favorite food, she’d pick Taro’s. She can taste, but I feel like there’s a disconnect somewhere, so Ayano can’t actually appreciate it in any way.

I also feel like, because Ayano literally can’t have any preferences, that she’s the type of person who constantly forgets to feed herself. She probably lives her life on a schedule she has planned, and sometimes, she can overlook eating. She wouldn’t be able to feel hunger properly, either, so she’d have to wait until her body physically shut down before she realized that she needed to feed herself.

These are only some of the thoughts that I’ve had about Ayano. What do you guys think? Anything to add?