clearly she does


favourite steroline moments

ppl rly lost their shit over my andreil hc so here is neil w twitter

  • when allison, dan, and renee first makes neil a twitter he ? doesnt get ? it?
  • “why would i put stuff abt my life on the internet for strangers to read”
  • “ur friends can see it too neil”
  • “im w u guys all the time tho”
  • they ask what he wants his bio to say and he says idk smthg about exy
  • they make his bio “something about exy”
  • neil can’t figure out how to change it for a week and no one will help him
  • but allison follows a bunch of exy players for him and one day he goes on there when he’s bored in class
  • and bc he’s Neil Josten Human Trashcan he starts replying to ppl
  • like this girl might be court but she clearly does not know what she’s talking abt i better tell her
  • he already has a reputation and this just makes it worse
  • kevin puts him on google alert and reads the articles about his twitter fights every day w his daily vodka shot mug
  • “neil u cant just insult pro exy players”
  • so by the time neil makes his “Andrew is my boyfriend.” tweet he has tons of followers
    • a lot of them dont even like exy they are just here for the daily shade
  • the next day, this former Raven who’s now Court tweets about how exy should be a family sport and how the players needs to return to traditional values
  • neil doesnt follow this idiot but so many ppl @ him that he notices anyway
    • (allison has to give him a lesson on what subtweeting is)
  • and man neil josten is not abt to just leave this alone
  • pls
  • “idk i don’t like to take advice from strikers who havent managed to score in their last three games :/”
    • (neil is an emoticon purist he makes own from characters on the keyboard psh who needs emojis)
  • andrew hates it
  • he cant spend five minutes w neil w/out him replying to 40 ppl’s tweets
  • one day they’re on the roof and he. just. takes neil’s phone
  • and throws it off 
  • neil is so Offended
  • “andrew what r my enemies gonna think when i cant reply until i get a new phone tmrw?”
    • “r u trying to make me look weak andrew”
  • he literally leaves the roof
  • andrew takes six deep breaths and downloads twitter so neil can use his phone
  • dan and matt start printing out neil’s most epic clapbacks and taping them around the lounge
  • one of neil’s arguments is trending at least once a week

Can we quickly go back to the exchange between Delphine and the Messenger in 4x10? Because there was a moment in particular that still stands out. 

Messenger: ‘His altruism saved you’. 

Delphine: ‘That wasn’t what it was’. 

Going back to last year, I interpreted this exchange to signify a shift for Delphine, one that ultimately came down to her saying, ‘love saved me’. To be honest, it could still very well be the case, and I mean, I wouldn’t complain because that’s some ‘pit of the soul’ kinda love right there. 

But now after having watched 5x01, I’m feeling differently about that exchange. To me, in 4x10, Delphine was already rather defiant and dismissive of the Messenger but in 5x10, I feel like her animosity towards him was tenfold. And after watching this episode, it’s so apparent that there is something big going on with her there, something that she seems extremely conflicted, concerned and consumed by. 

So now, I’m thinking perhaps something was used on Delphine in her treatment, something that she is perhaps afraid of. She clearly believes in the science happening around her, she says it’s real, but she clearly does not believe in the cause. Think back to that exchange with the little girl seeking ‘The Fountain’ to cure her cancer. The look on Delphine’s face was troubled and we’ve seen that kind of expression before especially in instances where she has been burdened by information she is made to keep secret. Whatever this ‘Fountain’ is, whatever it is set to achieve, (prolongevity, eternal youth, perfect health etc etc), she is clearly not on par with it. 

So, now going allllll the way back to that 4x10 exchange, I feel as though Delphine may have been, against her consent, treated by science that she does not believe in or that she has come to discover can be damaging. 

The line ‘his altruism saved you’, implies Westmoreland saved Delphine to no advantageous gain of his own; that, by definition is what altruism is. How can we believe that though? At first I assumed altruism might have be the case because she is somehow directly linked to him, through lineage or something but it doesn’t add up; when she is summoned to meet him, her demeanour shifts instantly to one of skepticism and perhaps fear. Rather, what Westmoreland probably considers altruism, is in fact his definition of perfecting the human race; a - this isn’t just for me, this is for us all - kinda thought process. It isn’t a matter of saving one individual life but rather, selflessly sharing and applying his science to bettering mankind. Delphine’s interpretation though, is that he has used his science, his methods, his rationale on her, against her wishes, to propel his science further outwards. That in itself, is not an altruistic gesture. That, is robbing her of humanity, autonomy and freedom. 

So, yeah. To me, there is absolutely something off about Delphine already. Something is tearing her apart and I’m wondering if perhaps, she is now a part of this control group and this study that intends to achieve life extension. 

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Okay but do you remember that scene of Brooke and Lucas kissing in his car in the backseat? Like she's leaning in and his hands are like on her neck and its just such a cute moment to me. What's your fav B&L scene?

I have quite a few actually.

“There are 82 letters in here…”

I still know that entire speech. Like I legit thought it was magical when I watched it as a teen. OTH can go overboard with their speeches, which is why I kind of don’t feel the need to watch it as an adult, I actually find it very trite but the Brucas speeches are always concise and simple and beautiful because it gets to the point without all the hyperbole. And this scene is just a great scene between Chad and Sophia and Lucas and Brooke.

“I’m the guy for you, Brooke Davis”

Because duh. I remember squealing like an idiot when this happened because it was so cool and I totally want a boy to do this for me.

The rain kiss

So my best friend and I used to talk in code about the guys we had a crush on by using character names of the boys we liked on TV and we still sort of do that in a different way because we’re dorks and we always talk about the stare and the first stare we ever spoke about was the “Lucas Stare” because OTH was how she and I became friends and then later on was the “Dean Stare” and the “Stefan Stare” but the Lucas Stare originated from the Rain Kiss

“We’re just friends. Nothing more.”

Because it was so angsty and it was driving me crazy because they just wanted to be together so much but bullshit got in the way but seeing Lucas’ face really let me know he was serious about being with Brooke again and that the thought of not being with her hurt him deeply.

“You know you look amazing, right?”

Because that tension.

“Crazy girl”

I usually hate nicknames but I loved Brucas’ “Crazy Girl” “Pretty Girl” and I liked this scene particularly because it was just adorable.

“Have a nice summer, Brooke.”

OK so I didn’t start watching OTH from season 1, in fact I was resolutely against watching OTH because I was already into The OC but I saw this scene when I was flipping through my channels and I was like OH MY GOD WHAT IS HAPPENING, WHY IS SHE CRYING, WHY WON’T SHE SAY SHE WANTS TO BE WITH HIM WHEN SHE SO CLEARLY DOES, WTF?

and then I binge-watched OTH that summer, so it was the introduction to OTH.

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trying to figure out why you keep coming for gigi's wig cap when you stan liam "racially confused" payne who acts like he also goes by dr. dre. you and all your creepy ziam cronies are so transparent, it's pathetic.

trying to figure out why your bitchass is hiding on anon trying to come for liam payne. last time i checked, JT and eminem are one of the most successful artists out there who have shown appreciation for black culture and are regarded as talented icons. you are fucking delusional if you think that well-known black producers like pharell would waste their time on some confused white boy they thought was going to end up making a fool of himself. if they are working with liam payne like they have chosen to work with JT and eminem, it’s because they see his potential and talent and believe in his abilities.

now let’s talk about dumbass racist as fuck queen joobjoob who apparently can do no wrong because you creepy ziglets live so far up her ass you take the time to write essays to defend her inexcusable actions. how fucking moronic can you guys be to drag perrie for using known sacred symbols of native american culture but remain silent every time queen goliath does the same?

and now let’s list one by one all the offensive and dumb shit that your queen has done:

1. she appropriated black culture not once but twice. first with her vogue cover with all those afros she wore. and second, with those dreads she wore during the marc jacobs runway fashion show. and you would think that she would have learned her lesson the first time because she received a shitload of backlash for it but no, her ass had to go and do it again because clearly she does not give a fuck

2. little miss dumb dumb who is supposedly dating zayn but does not know where he is from because her dumbass couldn’t locate pakistan on a fucking map to save her life or even palestine for that matter. clearly zayn is “middle eastern” lmao

3. queen jeejuz who is white passing and lives like a malibu barbie only started acknowledging her palestinian roots when zayn showed so much pride in being half asian. additionally like the opportunistic rat that she is, she conveniently started using it to promote her products in dubai and appeal to her people when she never gave a fuck before and disrespected meaningful palestinian symbols in the past

4. goliath trying to sound woke like all you dumbass creepy ziglets and making a fool of herself once again with her comment about the women’s march. all she wanted to do yet again was draw attention to herself but her dumbass couldn’t even pull it off. the women’s march was about coming together to celebrate diversity in terms of ethnicity, race, gender, religion etc and not despite those things. so how the fuck are women supposed to put these things aside goliath?

5. queen jeejuz sitting on her high throne in hollywood saying how we should give trump a chance and later regretting it lmao

6. joobjoob making fun of asians which her “boyfriend” happens to be but clearly she is too dumb to figure out geography again. and just the pure blatant racism shown by her acting like a dumbass yet again

so next time you want to come in my inbox to act a fool, just don’t or i will block your dumbass


So, I didn’t end up having time to do one of these for the past episode, but I’m doing it for this episode, thank goodness. Anything Betty/Jughead related will go last, in case non-fans of the ship want to read my analysis on everything else.


I’ll be the first to admit - I don’t care about Fred/Hermione’s storyline all that much. Having gone through my parent’s own divorce, I’ve handled the emotions that come with seeing your parent with a new significant other. I understand that their storyline is obviously going to cause some future beef between Hiram / Fred and Veronica / Archie. Because, I don’t know about you, but it seems kind of obvious that the show is setting up Veronica and Archie to be endgame in season one. Anyways. I’m not totally interested in Fred/Hermione’s storyline - don’t care too much about them specifically, but it definitely set up some head-butting between Veronica and Hermione. Veronica is at a prime age for rebellion and add to the fact that she’s just moved, hasn’t seen her father in three months and has just spotted her mother technically having an affair and forging her signature on official papers out of anger? Those two are going to have a major blow up, and I just know some harsh words will probably be said. In the end – I do think Veronica won’t tell her father what’s going on, but I do think her resentment towards Fred might effect whatever uture relationship she has with Archie. Which leads me into…


So, this was interesting. This was really interesting. We have a blossoming relationship between Archie and Valerie. Val’s willing to put up with Archie’s…self-centered thoughts and Jughead and Betty’s thoughts on the murder of him. And in swoops Veronica, sitting directly between the two of them, forcing them apart. If that isn’t imagery at it’s finest….y’all are blind. And then, with Veronica already resentful towards her mother and Fred – Valerie and Archie hook up musically. I don’t feel too bad for Val - she’s clearly stuck in the middle, and she’s not yet dating Archie, hell, neither is Veronica. This entire scene was clearly about their parents, but the underlying tension between Valerie/Archie/Veronica was super interesting. But I’m going to be real interested in who Archie ends up “choosing” at the end of the season (Note - I do not believe it will be Betty at all. Not just because I ship her with Jughead, since I’m a multishipper, but because it’s not apparently written that way. I actually kind of believe Archie might be a little jealous at a future relationship but Betty shuts that down fast). Anyways. I do believe, as mentioned above, that Archie will end up choosing (I hate that word) Veronica.

As for the Pussycat’s - it was super great seeing Josie’s family and some of her backstory (why do the parents suck in this show, though) and I really hope we see some of Val and Mel’s backstory, too. I think Josie is going to be super disappointed and betrayed when she learns that her Mom took dirty money, though. 


So, this was super interesting. While I knew about the pregnancy, not because of spoilers (c’mon now, she’s “sick”? Super obvious, writers), I was absolutely surprised that the show decided to not have her actually know about Jason’s death. And my heart broke for her in this moment because holy shit, she was probably surviving on the idea of meeting up with Jason again.

So, who killed Jason? A lot of people are in with the theory that Jason was killed by accident and the victim should have been Archie because of his affair with Grundy. I, personally, don’t believe this, since the affair started at the beginning of the summer and Jason was planning on running away with Polly. Polly mentioned that someone had told her parents what was going on. And that someone clearly had to know what was going on, and to be honest, the only one who truly fits that is Nana Blossom. I have no idea why, but – she knew about the whole thing (calling Betty, ‘Polly’ and talking about the ring; Cheryl saying the knowledge of who the murderer is can ruin her life).

I also don’t believe it’s the Coopers anymore (though the Mother, I do believe, is very capable of murder). I felt some sympathy towards Hal Cooper, since he looked so betrayed over Betty thinking he was capable of murder (theft, sure,) and Alice…well, she’s definitely an emotional abuser and, in my opinion, actually capable of it, spoilers make me believe it isn’t a Cooper.

And now, some good ol’ Bughead under the ‘read more’.


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quick note…how come u all hear out the oppressed’s side of the story except when it’s an arab 💀💀💀

Final (Tangled Before Ever After)

Originally posted by littlehobbit13

It had very good parts and really eh no parts. A lot of it is funny. Rapunzel’s introspective scenes have heart. Some of it feels like Tangled. A lot doesn’t.

I blogged about the latter half posts ago, but I’ll reiterate:

1) Eugene tells Rapunzel that no one expects her to get into her princess role overnight even though it has been six months. Why does Rapunzel not know basic etiquette after six months? Isn’t being a fast learner one of her strengths in Tangled?

2) The show loses sense of Eugene in crucial areas:

*At the campfire in Tangled, he unveiled a fleeting moment of regret over choosing his thief career. While he makes an excuse for why he chose it, you can hear the shame in his voice, the tone that says, “I realize it’s wrong.” So, after shedding his alias, you would think someone who is returning to their genuine self would have moments of sitting in that regret and taking some responsibility for their own inner peace. Instead, he calls himself “a misunderstood good guy” and proceeds to make excuses for his crimes in a manner “Flynn” would do; unlike the Eugene under those stars, he doesn’t see anything wrong with his old ways.

If not, then what is the point of him adopting new ones?

*Rapunzel is depressed because royal life has been her prison for what has technically been six months. She doesn’t tell Eugene this, who miraculously doesn’t understand why her new life, an existence which compromises her individuality and social freedom, is not everything she dreamed it would be. From his POV, she has a family, him, and luxury, so “what the heck?” While she never verbally says she longs to see the world despite that adventure-hungry expression he saw her wearing in the opening, he clearly knows she does. He tells her in this exact same convo that he’s been all over the world and nothing compares to what she has now, pretty much undermining the importance of her seeing that world with her own two eyes. No matter how tender he sounds, he is essentially saying her desire is unjustified because he’s already had 20+ years to travel and that gaining new experiences beyond her gilded cage isn’t relevant to her life.

This plot device doesn’t sell because:

A) Eugene has been living with her for six flipping months. He just helped her escape a grittier version of a sheltered lifestyle in Tangled. TBEA is telling us Rap had less than 48 hours to be her own individual with no rules for all 18 years and six months of her life, and you’re telling me Eugene is “oblivious” to her needs? And for six months? He claims that his 9-5 job is keeping an eye on Rapunzel, which should mean he has witnessed what she has been going through at some point in all of those six months. He can not be clueless to why she feels trapped (it’s in broad daylight). He would not tell her she doesn’t need to see the world after already being trapped.

B) Eugene understood that Rapunzel needed to get away from her first sheltered home environment, see the world for herself, and exercise her own agency in Tangled’s campfire scene. That’s why he softens up on showing her around Corona in the first place. They also have a clip of him showing her the world map to further drive this point home. He even makes a speech about Flynnigan Rider “going anywhere he wanted to go and doing anything he wanted to do” to tell us why he sought the global tourist life, too. Personal freedom and agency not only defines Eugene’s role, it defines his appeal.

Tangled’s directors basically said they are “well matched” because he’s seen everything and she’s seen nothing, which suggests that Eugene built up an innate drive to show her the world. One of the first things he ever tells her is that “a little freedom/rebellion/adventure” to get some distance between herself and her overprotective parent are all a healthy part of growing up.

TBEA omits this very foundation for no other reason than to feed Rapunzel’s drive to get away from the castle. The omission gives us an Eugene who is not in tune with Rapunzel, which is the same thing as him not being in tune with himself. While it makes sense for him to glorify his end of the new lifestyle, it doesn’t make sense for him to be this disconnected from her or his Tangled characterization.

In my head, I picture him wanting to talk to her father no matter how scary he is, because Rapunzel is suffering from a watered down readaptation of Gothel’s rules. Eugene not only knows what that looks like, he saw what that created: a naive girl who was 18 years behind in life.

Additionally, his ability to read her and other people like an open book was terrifyingly uncanny in Tangled, which also makes oblivious Eugene unconvincing. His reading skills are shown once but not in the department that really matters (Rapunzel’s heart). They pretty much deleted the whole point of their connection in favor of plot drivers. It’s an interesting relationship blockade, but it’s not Eupunzel relationship canon, and in the midst of it, TBEA fails to incorporate the benefits of Eugene’s con artist psychology.

Originally posted by nilladriel

*There’s a touch of flanderization in the comical relief department. Eugene’s immaturity is laid on thicker than I recall. The weird lack of togetherness (I thought he should’ve mentioned how “the story of how he died” was really the beginning of his and Rapunzel’s new lives together instead of bellowing, “heaven,” and the songs don’t give me a sense of taking on the journey together) makes him come off self-centered. To overcompensate for it, the show attempts to drop fluff to please some fans in the ship’s fanbase. The worst part is Cassandra goes out of her way to tell Eugene he’s being self-centered, as if to remind us that Eugene’s current perspective of Rapunzel’s feelings is more of a plot driver than a take on an in-character post-canon portrayal.

*Why is he so comfortable with proposing to Rapunzel if the king and some of the guests are sending “we don’t fully accept you yet, sonny” airs? 🤔 If canon Eugene sensed even the slightest ambivalence from her father, I don’t think he’d be confident about surprising Frederic. Wouldn’t he be respectful by giving Fred a head’s up?

*I also think it’s weird that he’s 26 and so romantically adolescent here. He is pushing an 18 year old girl who hasn’t even lived her life or grown up yet to marry him and settle down with him in a castle forever. I know Tangled implied that he was the jumper in the marriage field, but I don’t think he wouldn’t let her have a chance to live and grow first. If he was a Disney Princess this rushed attitude would get a lot of criticism and less, “aw, that’s cute.” I honestly thought canon Eugene would act like more of an adult about it by recognizing how much maturing Rapunzel needs to do because she’s 8 years younger than him and lived in a tower for 18 years, rational stuff that’s in your face. Rational stuff practical Eugene would say.

Originally posted by n-wordbelike

In conclusion, Eugene can have all of the feelings he has in TBEA while not being oblivious to Rapunzel’s. Like this: “This is what I want, but I totally get what she needs without her saying a word….yet that doesn’t change the fact that I feel this limbo inside because I want something different right now.”

2) Rapunzel’s King Triton daddy doesn’t match the man I saw tiny yet telling glimpses of in the movie or the short film; it’s easier to headcanon her mother as the matriarch. Again, withholding physical affection, pressuring her, suppressing her personality because she’s a princess without even doing it in a loving way (he makes her feel incompetent), letting his guests belittle her for being ignorant, and exuding this outright restrained exterior doesn’t make him seem like that sensitive, teary-eyed, bear-hugging king who had his daughter hidden from him for 18 years. It doesn’t make him seem like ANY father who just had their abducted daughter returned to them, actually. It reads like Rapunzel never went missing at all.

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

He’s somewhat cold towards her and it’s uncomfortable. It’s a little silly that the reason why the king wouldn’t let her interact with villagers was because she was royalty, not because she had been kidnapped. That reason didn’t really become a reason until the end.

The ending of Tangled takes place after Rapunzel was returned as far as I am aware. The king lets her touch and mingle with everyone without chaperones or that strict “you are royalty” rule, so this REALLY doesn’t fit.

I was never keen on Rapunzel getting her hair back, but these eh’s are way too iffy for me to look past, especially because these flaws are what a gooood chunk of the plot revolves around to actually make a storyline. I’d be pretty surprised if a Tangled fan (especially a Eugunzel fan) called this flawless or something Tangled’s team would’ve written line for line. The general plot about Rapunzel wanting more seems like something the Tangled crew would write, but not most of the execution or a lot of the characterizations (or the hair coming back, for that matter). This definitely feels like isolated TV canon to the point where I can kind of see why this series didn’t land an actual movie for the theaters.

The TBEA plot could work just fine with Frederic being a hugger. A dad who is very affectionately attentive towards a daughter he hasn’t seen for 18 years while still being dramatically overprotective (if not for the ending of Tangled showing how free Rapunzel was to interact with everyone, which I’m still led to believe was present tense footage with present-to-future narration from Eugene. Fred could still lock her in after the hair comes back, though). Eugene can still want to get married, romanticize his new security blanket, and feel impatient inside because Rapunzel isn’t on that level with him without being-out-of-touch with her need for agency or surprising Daddy Dearest with a proposal. He can, you know, have some forethought and caution. Thus far, the project’s direction has a “because the plot demands it” syndrome, making me question what the point currently is if it’s going to rewrite some of the characters and themes just to make the plot function.

For @butterflydrming in case she wanted to know what I thought afterwards. 😉 I can understand why you’d leave TV canon alone. 😅

For my delightful and wonderful saltmate @baelerion

Trust and war paint

She stares at Jon, studying him carefully, his words not quite piercing her conscious. Jon fidgets under her gaze and flushes red, embarrassment now colouring his cheeks.

“You want me to do what?” She asks, laughter now bubbling within her voice. His offer seems so ridiculous and silly that she can’t do anything but laugh. Paint is for children and she is no child. She hasn’t been a child for a long time. Jon squirms and scowls at the laughter in her voice, now too embarrassed to even look at her.

“For the festival, I thought. It’s a wildling tradition.” His words fade into silence as he stumbles over what to say, his expression finally settling into that oh so familiar look of gloom. She bites her lip, something deep inside her, suddenly aching at the familiarity. There are many who say that Jon looks like their father and she guesses that they must be true. She cannot remember much of Ned Stark’s face, most of it has all faded into some faded blurry shape or the horror of her father’s head on a pike. She guesses that their bannersmen remember Ned Starks face more clearly than she does because most of the time she only sees Jon. Most times that is enough but sometimes it not and right now, right now she wants more.

She tries to shake her head and free herself of all her memories of her father but they root themselves deeply in her mind, wrapping themselves around each thought as if ivy. It shouldn’t surprise her; the Northern way has always been to remember. Jon is still looking at her, his eyes uncertain and gentle. She does not remember her father’s eyes but she thinks that he must have stared at her with the same gentleness that Jon does now. It is perhaps this, that forces her words out and laughter down.

“You want to draw paint on me?” Jon blushes and she blushes too. There is nothing truly wrong with her words but his reaction to them makes her flush.

“Yes, the wildlings, during the festival decorate themselves with symbols and war paint. I thought that you might like it, to be part of the festival,” he quickly explains and finishes at her raised eyebrow. She does not know where he must have gotten this strange thought. The Sansa of old would have laughed and wrinkled her nose at such a thought. Perhaps, he is mistaking her for Arya again. She knows that he sometimes gets confused.

“I don’t know, where would it even be painted?” She asks, suddenly curious. Jon relaxes slightly at her question, obviously relieved that she didn’t just laugh in his face or get annoyed.

“On your face and neck.” She stiffens immediately at his words and Jon’s eyes fill with panic. “Sansa?” But she shakes her head and he waits, just as he always does, for the fear to drain away. Jon isn’t Littlefinger or Ramsay or Joffrey or even the Hound. He is Jon, she reminds herself but her heart and body still ache. The scars that Ramsay had carved into her body have all healed but there are times like this where they ache. Fear and memories slipping through rough and newly-knit skin and burrowing its ways into her bones. Anger and frustration strikes her suddenly, it is not Jon’s fault but she can’t help but hate him a little for uncovering a new weakness and a new hurt.

I’m a wolf and wolves never bare their neck, she thinks to herself half-maddened by her weakness but mostly aching. She did not feel like a wolf most days, she felt like a sad little girl swept away in the storm. Jon’s gaze was kind and gentle, a rope and lighthouse. Ramsay, Joffrey, the Hound, they had all stared at her as if they were fighting a war and she had always been the victim. Jon though, his stare is kind and patient and good. There is father’s kindness and something more, something that takes her breath away and something that she hopes one day to explore.

“You don’t have to do this,” he tells her gently and her heart does a strange little lurch. She knows that he is waiting, waiting for something. It would be easy to bare her teeth and tell him to stop waiting and to turn away. It would be easy to pretend to be a wolf when she is nothing but a little girl. There is strength and bravery in submitting. Even wolves do it at times, she tells herself, calming the tempest that had slowly risen within her. There is so much that seems like weakness but is truly strength and right now, right now, she wants to be strong and weak all at once.

“I want to do it,” she says the word slowly, tasting each word, allowing herself to feel the weight of them upon her tongue. The words do not taste of weakness, they taste of hope.

Jon smiles a slow and bright thing that makes something warm burst within her chest. He goes to tilt her head as he wets his fingers in paint but she stops him, breathing in the air and breathing in the hope. Let me be brave. Let me be brave, she repeats the word as a mantra. Jon’s eyes do not leave her own and something in her chest loosens a little in the face of his kindness and patience and gentleness. The prayer must be heard by the gods themselves or perhaps it is the sight of Jon, filling her with more warmth and hope than a man has any right to give. She bares her neck before him, his gentle eyes in her mind. Bravery. Is the word that she remembers, long after he has painted her neck and face, long after the paint has dried and the quiet after the festival. Bravery and his eyes.

Lean In: Chapter Six

Thank you all for being so kind and sweet. You guys keep me going. Also, if any of you can guess where I got the title from, I’ll give a sneak peek of the next chapter :) 

ALSO! All my Omelia fics, along with the chronological order of the “Lean In” universe, are here (x). For mobile, here is the master post (x).

AO3    FFN

“Do we have to?” Amelia whines, putting her arm in front of her eyes as Owen flips the light switch.

He chuckles at her childishness. “Yes.”

“Like really, really have to?”

“Yes, like we have to go or we’ll lose our jobs.” He walks over to her side of the bed and bends down, pressing his warm lips to her forehead. “You have to wake up,” he murmurs. “We’ve been gone for three weeks.” He gently pulls her arm from its place shielding her eyes. “They’re going to file missing persons reports if we don’t go.” He tugs her hands to get her to sit up. She complies albeit begrudgingly.

Sighing, Amelia sits up and stretches. She knows they have to return to work-they’ve been gone for longer than they thought possible and the hospital board has been more than accommodating, but it’s time to go back. It’s time to go on with life and leave their bubble of relative solitude. Evelyn will be staying with Megan and the timing is just right to get back in the groove. Still, Amelia isn’t ready to give it up quite yet-her and Owen have just started making great leaps in their intimacy, both feeling so close, like they’re on the same page. She wants to revel in it a little longer before reality gets in the way.

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transgender-primarina  asked:

what was daring don't about? i've never seen past season 4 i'm curious why that ones your least favourite

let me make this a bulleted list because wow every plot point in this episode is bananas. although the cold open where rainbow dash tells fluttershy how excited she is about the next daring do book is very cute. that’s the one good part

  • so rainbow dash finds out that the next daring do book is delayed. her first thought, naturally, is to find out where the author lives and go figure out why she’s taking so long to finish the book
  • even though twilight knows that this is a gross violation of her privacy, they all take a trip to the author’s secluded house in the middle of the woods where she clearly does not want strangers to visit her
  • they find her home in disarray and start snooping around in her house and looking through her shit when she’s not home
  • the author comes home and they quickly realize that she is, in fact, daring do. daring do has been real this whole time, and for some unexplained reason she’s secretly published all of her exploits in young adult novel form, and no one has ever figured it out
  • and yes, daring do is still a rainbow dash recolor outside of rainbow dash’s imagination
  • so daring do was in the middle of an adventure, and rainbow dash just HAS to tag along and be her sidekick. she just fangirls over daring do the whole time and is a nuissance
  • at one point rainbow dash makes the most cursed face of all time after daring do makes a subpar quip to her nemesis
  • eventually she remembers how to be competent and helps daring do recover the artifact she was trying to find, and is rewarded for being a total creep by getting written into the next book as daring do’s sidekick. she’s even on the cover

it’s bad