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Attack On Titan Chapter 82 Thoughts

I wrote a whole lot about Armin’s death in this post, but there are a few more things to add.

For one, in terms of Armin’s (and Erwin’s ideology), there clearly were some negative aspects to it as I’ve gone into in some of my other posts, but apparently this is not happening now, at least probably not with Armin. However, this might become relevant with Armin being gone. Aside from Eren and Mikasa struggling to not become cruel, having a full trio means survival and once one leg is gone, the other two might just follow.

Secondly, to elaborate on Eren’s expression at the end. I know some people see it as underwhelming and taking away the impact, but I think it’s painful in a much more understated way. It’s a similar blank face to when Reiner was defeated. It shows that the impact hasn’t quite reached Eren yet. I expect denial, tears and possibly anger next chapter.

Looks like my prediction also hit with Armin’s death. 

So, I won’t dedicate much more time to discussing his death or whether he’s actually dead or not. There are some really cool other things, though.

I’d actually like to address Reiner and Bertholdt, particularly Bertholdt. He’s anything but emotionless while dealing with Armin. What happened to your resolve?

He’s not being cruel and heartless. He arrogantly gives Armin another chance, but also by the end just wants to kill him to end his suffering. Bert doesn’t take joy in what he’s doing. I think his expression at the end is very relevant in conveying this, too:

He looks sad when looking at his corpse. I really like that the humanity in the antagonists doesn’t suddenly dissappear, as much as many fans like to make them pure villains. (Which is especially understandable after seeing a beloved character die.)

In terms of Reiner, he was confused and exhausted the whole time he was struggling against the 104th. In the end, it’s their endurance that got Reiner and Bertholdt.

I don’t think they’re dead, though. Neither defeat had that kind of sense of finality.

Next, there is Mikasa. Her character development was showcased perfectly here.

1) She attacked completely resolutely, without letting her emotions get better of her.

2) She had full faith in Eren and Armin.

3) She was incredibly badass while doing it. Well, this one isn’t character development. She’s always been badass. Now she’s a badass with a full character arc.

The third notable thing was Eren.

He took down the Colossal Titan. Probably his biggest achievement of the story so far was in his human body  and it was incredibly awesome. Despite anything that has happened in the story, Eren has stayed human.

Despite everything, Eren is still himself.

Finally, there was Hange swooping in to attack Reiner and Jean, Connie and Sasha getting hit. The former was just awesome on the surface level  - it was such a cool moment, but didn’t do much else. In case of the latter, though, I don’t think Sasha is dead; like Reiner’s and bertholdt’s defeat, it didn’t have a sense of finality.

What a great chapter this month.