clearly it wasn't

do you ever want to go give your younger self a hug for internalizing so much bullshit


A sickness lies upon that treasure hoard. A sickness which drove your grandfather mad.


Look, I need your help. If you can hear me, I need you to give me a sign. Blink…raise a finger, anything, just—just something to point me in the right direction, okay? Someone killed Laura. Your niece? Laura? Whoever he is, he’s an Alpha now. But he’s one without a pack which means he’s not as strong. I can take him but I have to find him first. Look, if you know something, just give me a sign. Is it one of us? Did someone else make it out of the fire? Just give me anything—blink, just raise a finger. Anything. Say something!


Regeneration energy to heal rather than fully regenerate.

While Ten plays it cool, he triggered an entire regeneration — using enough energy to heal himself and storing the remainder in his “handy bio-matching receptacle.”  So when Donna interferes, she inadvertently causes the spark that ultimately creates the metacrisis Doctor from the remaining energy in that regeneration cycle.

Healing Ten and creating Tentoo used an entire regeneration giving the Doctor one fewer regeneration in the future. 

Similarly, Eleven and River both use regeneration energy to heal the other.  Here though, they both become upset as one uses the last of their remaining regeneration energy to help the other.

It takes all of River’s regeneration energy to heal the doctor. And considering Eleven is on his last regeneration (counting The War Doctor and healing Ten/creating Tentoo), he won’t have enough left to regenerate again leaving River upset he’s wasting what he has left on her wrist which would heal on it’s own eventually.


"Jodie, I…I know it’s been complicated between us…and I didn’t always do the right thing…but maybe we could start again. Y’know, try and build something together. I mean after all the stuff we’ve been through, maybe we could make it work."

"What about Aiden?"

"I’ll get used to him and I’m sure he’ll end up getting used to me. I mean, we have something in common. We both care about you.”


"Yes." (x)


Jenny: Father… did you always know how to sail a boat?
Edward: The Jackdaw is a ship, Jenny. Not a boat.