clearly i watch for the plot

[CH 237 thoughts/spoilers]

Aside from continuing to scream over Hinata, and Tsukishima’s TOSS – I wanna applaud Furudate’s character arc plotting yet again.

I really liked all the flashbacks/memories from the old Karasuno captains in the past few chapters, watching how much their team has grown and evolved since they left. Felt like it culminated really nicely in this panel:

All the third years want to win, every year, of course. But win or lose, I think there’s also this pressure to feel like they’ve graduated with a strong team to carry on the legacy (because we’re shown very clearly how much they all care about their teams), they’re hyper focused on what their underclassmen are doing, if they’ve… left them with solid groundwork, stable footing to stand on. 

The Karasuno alums are all looking back on this match and realizing how far their kouhais have come, and in turn, Daichi as captain is so visibly proud of how much Hinata “Face Receive” Shouyou has grown, and how hard he’s worked. And, I feel like there’s probably a sense of pride (and maybe a little relief) knowing he’s been the captain for all that.

It’s a really nice bookend to the nightmare he had right before Nationals. By the way, I’m only just now realizing this:

In his dream, he runs into his two former captains at the gym. I just thought they were classmates, because Daichi is so casual about it thanks to dream logic (and my memory’s shit). BUT – the fact that he’s dreaming about the two of them really seems to me to suggest two things: 

1) Daichi is afraid of leaving the same way they did, defeated, demoralized, and deprived of a chance to recover the next year (they’re not even playing volleyball in his dream). 

2) Daichi is afraid of letting down his team, both the other third years, and his underclassmen. These two were probably the most influential upperclassmen he had, given the rest of the volleyball team at the time was super unmotivated. For them to be in their home gym with no memories of the team is exactly Daichi’s worst fears regarding Nationals, and the team’s fate after he graduates.

Running to the gym to find none of the others there suggests he’s afraid of losing his team. If they’re unable to fend for themselves after he and the other third years are gone, I bet that’s actually exactly what it would feel like. But then he wanders around and finds his dumb kouhais, and feels a bit better. He talks to Ikejiri, and is reminded that not only is everyone else rooting for them, but he has never lost his drive to win, right from when he first started.

And now he’s seeing that he really has left behind some mark, sees real evidence of how much he’s helped the rest of these kids thrive. 

Daichi’s specialty is receives. And he just watched the first year that was the most hopeless at them pull off two in a row that Nishinoya Yuu is impressed by. 

What a great and well-deserved feeling. 

Do you ever get the feeling that the criticism of RWBY has lost it’s edge? Because at this point it feels like the people who constantly had valid criticisms to air out and discuss don’t actually care anymore, and they just want attention.

It sounds weird, but I’ve started to feel that at this point, lots of people have come to believe that they would do a better job of writing rwby, and they keep watching and belittling the series and it’s creators so they can reaffirm this belief.

I also get the feeling that many of these people refuse to just stop watching because they’ve grown accustomed to the following/attention they’ve gotten for bashing the show or Miles and Kerry, and they don’t want to lose the massive echo chambers of likes and reblogs they get from doing so.

Seriously, it’s really irritating to see the ‘I’m a fan who likes RWBY and wants the show to get better’ argument from people who clearly DON’T enjoy the show, and who’ve given up on hoping that the writers see their complaints and alleviate their concerns; especially when many of them have said as much. Nobody is forcing them to watch, but they tune in every week for the sole purpose of circle jerking each other over how bad they consider the writing, characters, plot, animation, how rt apparently thinks they’re idiots, how Miles and Kerry are stupid, and all sorts of other shit that’s been repeated time and time again.

You’re not obligated to watch the show if you don’t like it, and it’s clear you’re not a fan no matter how much you try to pretend you are, so why bother hanging around?

Especially when you’re bashing Miles, Kerry, and Roosterteeth every chance you get, but you keep giving them your views.
The Final Plot Hole

I just watched tfp after I saw a post taking about how at 60:20 through 60:25 you can hear Mrs. Hudson’s voice telling Sherlock to be softer. And I went and listened and it is in fact Martha Hudson saying that and not Eurus. And the idea behind this is that Mrs. H is telling Sherlock to say “I love you” softer bcus it clearly isn’t working. And so WHAT IF he’s saying it to John and not Molly and John isn’t “answering his phone” aka not responding.

Now this is where my brain exploded. What if john is dying right in “the dead center of town” or whatever, like in Molly’s voicemail. He’s been shot in the heart and Sherlock has to tell him he loves him to get him to wake up bcus he’s clearly lost consciousnesses. And somehOW Mrs. H is there to tell him to be softer??? WELL GUESS WHO OWNS PROPERTY IN CENTRAL LONDON?! IN THE DEAD CENTER OF TOWN. SOMEONE WHO WOULD BE THERE TO TELL SHERLOCK TO BE SOFTER? You got it super sleuth. MARTHA HUDSON. And why would Sherlock need to be softer???? Well either,
1. He has to keep John awake telling him not to lose consciousness and breaks down telling him he lives him. OR 2. He’s trying to perform CPR because John has been shot and he’s trying to keep his heart beating. Maybe he’s pressing too hard, getting frustrated it’s not working???? Scared he’s going to lose John tells him he loves him and this is why he has to stay alive????? Hold that thought.

We then see Sherlock get off of the phone IN (John’s dream???) and he’s upset that he broke (Molly’s heart yeah okay whatevs) AND puts the lid on the coffin. THEN WE SEE SHERLOCK BEATING THE sh*t OUT OF THE COFFIN WITH “I love you” on it. REMEMBER MY CPR THEORY?! Maybe he was really giving John CPR. Which is why he was beating so hard, trying to get his heart to start again.

Then they go into the nExt room and Sherlock must chose between Mycroft and John. Mycroft tries to make it easy for Sherlock to kill him and save John. He says that he’s promised his brain to the royal society so aim for the HEART. MAYBE john needs a heart transplant (because he’s been shot) and MYCROFT IS TRYING TO SAVE JOHN BY BEING THE DONOR?! And saying let’s try for the heart and how all of this is his fault anyway.

THAT WOULD BE SHERLOCK HAVING TO CHOSE BETWEEN MYCROFT AND JOHN. And then you have John saying he won’t allow it and doesn’t he get any say??? Maybe John hears all of this happening and implements it in his dream. OR Sherlock knows John wouldn’t want this and would just want Sherlock to let him die. BUT THEN SHERLOCK TURNS THE GUN ON HIMSELF. He is maybe going to be a donor?!

NOW I KNOW ALL OF THIS MAY SOUND CRAZY BUT I’M THINKING THIS WAS THE REAL Garridebs case. John is shot like in the stories (though a little more severe because mofftiss love to watch us suffer) and this is how it played out. Maybe this takes place in the scene when Baker Street explodes????? Which doesn’t explain the weird clown, sword fighting, little girl horror scene at Mycroft’s house. Or how John was hit with a tranq gun and we all moved on. But still.

Okay, I know that this is jumbled but I saw this post and this is what I thought. If someone wants to do more research into this or rewrite the mad thesis I just half-brained that would be appreciated. Does this sound even a little true? Anyone? Or have I officially lost it????

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Thanks for your response on reading/writing sex scenes.. I feel exatly the same way, and thought maybe I was the only one! I also find graphic sex scenes embedded in stories with plot strange.. imagine watching a movie, say, Fargo, or Birdman, or Ghost Busters, or anything - and then all of a sudden theres a scene of hardcore porn. Then back to the story. Its a bit weird. Alluding to sex, R-rated sex, both fine.. but once it gets into graphic mechanics, i do the scroll through.

I think you read @aloysiavirgata‘s response, anon!  I too only write sex scenes into longer stories if they make sense with the plot, but I am clearly not averse to writing one-off slices of smut.  You’ve got to build up to those sexy times - the tension is what makes it interesting.  Otherwise, certainly, it can be very mechanical, and I’m not into that.  Sex is only interesting for what it shows about the characters and the way they relate to each other, not for its own sake.  I don’t want to read or write anything where I could swap out the names for any others and the scene would read the same.

That bloody necklace

TVD making the necklace a symbol of Delena is just purely insulting to everyone.

It’s insulting to Stelena shippers because it actually meant something to the couple, it was actually significant. It had meaning and depth. It was an example of just good writing and characterisation.

It’s insulting to Delena shippers as it shows the writers just don’t know how to write them as a couple and therefore need to recycle everything. It doesn’t mean anything to Delena.There’s no meaning and the writers need to stop pretending there is.

It’s insulting to the general viewer who know how bullshit this whole thing is and know that it contradicts everything. Elena did not know that she loved Damon in season 3, that was one of the sub-plots. I think the writers should have re-watched the show before writing because they clearly forgot everything, like Damon thinking Elena was Katherine when they first met.

@soulisthirsty replied to your post: One thing that kinda bothers me is that I feel…

I feel like 2A definitely suffered from all the characters being split up into their designated groups and not getting to be together more, which is fine in small doses and when there’s a reason for it, but a lot of shows seem to fall into this hole where the characters barely interact with each other and they lose sight of any dynamic other than the main (usually romantic) ones.

Oh yes, definitely! I think the “best” example for this would be Simon. I feel like not at one point did they had an idea what to actually do with him. At the beginning of the season he mostly served as some kind of “comic relief” which mostly just felt off and was not funny at all tbh. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I really like Simon, but his scenes in 2x03 f.e. were probably the most unnecessary ones during the whole season 2A and they felt so damn off during the other scenes/main story. Actually, I felt like skipping them when watching it. :/

And even now, when they made Climon happen, I can’t shake off the thought that this only serves for the purpose to involve Simon at least a little bit. It’s not working in my eyes but yeah…. They just need to involve him more with the other characters. And not, as you also mentioned, on the romantic level only.

Then again, talk about the integration of Luke in 2A and all his scenes. Ridiculous.

So yeah, my hopes for 2B would be really…. please for the love of God slow down the plot as you promised you would do and concentrate more on your characters because they are the true heart of this show!!!

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I think I need to watch again the first seasons of Steven Universe because I'm feeling a little lost over the general plot. Would you mind giving me a quick rundown on the show's timeline?

Honestly I think I’m gonna field this to anybody who sees the post and wants to take a stab at this because the way the episodes air and I encounter them, I don’t process anything from season 2 onward as like. sorted into seasons. It’s just hunks of episode floating in the void.

Season 1 is the most clearly boxed and defined for me and tbh I feel like I need to go back and rewatch most of season 3 at this point but all that aside it’s. yeah. Whoever wants to take that.

A closer look at Shuu Tsukiyama’s true nature + why I think his flamboyant persona is a coping mechanism for his loneliness.

I can see how easy it would be for those who have only watched the Tokyo Ghoul anime to mischaracterise Shuu. Besides the gourmet arc, he serves no relevance to the plot other than as pointless comic relief who flamboyantly prances around in over-saturated suits while screaming his ‘El Dorados’ and ‘Spicy Spices’ and basically making a complete mockery of his manga counterpart. But Shuu’s character is a lot more intricate than that. In fact, I whole-heartedly believe that Shuu is actually a very lonely individual whose flamboyant personality is a subconscious facade and coping mechanism that helps him deal with his loneliness. I’m not going to go into extensive depth about his relationship with Kaneki (there are already plenty of lovely and well-written analyses floating around), instead, I want to explore why I think Shuu is actually one of the most complex characters in the entire Tokyo Ghoul series, as well as one of the loneliest.

My reasoning behind this? Well, let’s start with Shuu’s family.

Not much is known about Shuu’s background. All we know is that he’s from a very wealthy household and that we never see his parents. While he’s not the first manga character in history to have an unexplored family background, this is quite strange in the Tokyo Ghoul series, after all, we get to learn about the family backgrounds of characters such as Kaneki, the Kirishima siblings, Hinami, Amon, Nishiki, Yoshimura, Akira, and Yomo. Hell, we’re hardly 20 chapters into TG: re and we know more about the families of Urie, Saiko and Mutsuki than we do Shuu! Why is this? I feel like it’s Ishida’s way of suggesting that Shuu doesn’t have a very deep and important connection to his family like many of the other characters.

This idea is further reinforced by the audio drama, with Shuu himself revealing that as a child he used to calm himself down by screaming and playing Chopin, or calling out to his servant Matsumae. While this does serve as humour in the context of the drama, it also raises a few flags. As a child, wouldn’t your first natural response to trouble be to seek comfort from your parents? This suggests to me that Shuu’s parents were never around, or just didn’t care, as he’d rather seek the security of his maid or his own devices. And then in the flashback to his high school days in Re, we learn that he was a high achiever and at the top of his class. Why would such a wealthy rich kid try so hard (unless he’s naturally gifted)? His family has enough money that he’d probably never have to work a day in his life. I feel like this could possibly be because he was seeking acknowledgement from his parents, or even his peers. He has lived such a lonely childhood that he just wants someone to recognise him.

This also explains why his interactions with Chie are so strange, with him referring to her as his ‘pet’ and even giving her a collar in the Re omake - he doesn’t have many friends (Chie even accuses him of having none), so of course he doesn’t know how to properly interact with them! We even see in a flashback in Re chapter 23 that he used to play music with his servant Kanae, which just shows how little friends he has. It’s quite peculiar to share such a close relationship with a servant (as loyal and endearing as he may be), and I think it’s quite interesting that this relationship would take precedence over any other relationship that Ishida could show between him and his family or (non-existent) friends. In addition, it should be noted that Shuu has been bedridden with depression for three years and it’s his servant who’s caring the most and helping him - we haven’t seen even a glimmer of family concern, and this only reinforces how little presence Shuu’s family has in his life.

While we might not know much about Shuu’s family, we do know that he’s quite fond of reading, even admitting to Kaneki that books have helped him through many hard times. 

While some may argue that this was just his way of tricking Kaneki into empathising with him, I truly believe he was being genuine (after all, he’s had to deal with the difficulty of a lonely childhood). In fact, I even think it’s possible that one of the reasons why Shuu is so passionate about Gourmet food is because of books. Ishida seems to really like the idea of exploring literature and books in his work. Kaneki compares himself to the Goat in Sen Takatsuki’s book, and Ishida strongly insinuates the parallels between Kaneki’s situation and Franz Kafka’s ‘A Crossbreed.’ And then we get the scene where Shuu passionately discusses his adoration for Savarin’s ‘The Physiology of Taste’ with Kaneki. For someone like Ishida, who’s so meticulous about details in his manga, I feel like he would only go to the trouble of including this scene if it actually served some sort of purpose to the plot or characters – in this case, fleshing out Shuu’s character.

It’s quite possible that due to Shuu’s loneliness and subsequent refuge in books, he discovered the wonders of Gourmet food through Savarin’s work (in fact, he probably found most of his interests through books - fashion, foreign languages, martial arts etc), and then felt inspired to join the Ghoul Restaurant so that he could connect to others of similar interests. As such, he goes out into the world hiding behind an extravagant and eccentric personality in hopes of charming others and making new friends - which we see doesn’t work. In fact, it’s very likely that Shuu doesn’t even realise that his eccentric personality is a facade or that he’s actually very lonely. If anything, his flamboyant personality could very well be a subconscious coping/defence mechanism, and his passion for Gourmet food serves as a distraction from his loneliness, but somewhere along the way it became so prevalent in his life that it, combined with his ghoul ethics, completely twisted his sense of morality. This also explains his desire to consume food of the highest quality. As Shuu’s beloved Savarin once said: “tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are.” Since ghouls have such an important connection to food, Shuu probably believes that if he eats only the finest food, it’ll make him more admirable to others. This further justifies why it’s such a huge damage to his ego when Rize makes negative remarks about his picky tastes.

With such a lack of close personal relationships in his life, can you really blame Shuu when he fails to understand or empathise with Nishiki’s devotion to Kimi? It’s not until he joins up with Kaneki’s group that he’s reminded of how lonely his existence really is, witnessing first-hand how dedicated Kaneki is to caring for and protecting his friends and how much they in return care for him. This has quite a noticeable influence on him, and we see an example of this during his encounter with Naki, where he observes Naki’s outburst of not wanting to be left alone with the grief that accompanies loneliness, before throwing himself in front of his friends to protect them from Akira’s attack. While in retreat, Shuu praises Naki for his act of loyalty, before silently hoping for Kaneki’s well-being - this coming from the same ghoul who once ridiculed Nishiki for protecting Kimi!

Shuu doesn’t understand it, but he subconsciously yearns for a relationship similar to the one Kaneki shares with his friends, and through his interactions with Kaneki’s group, he eventually begins to care for others (such as Hinami) and genuinely wishes to be considered one of Kaneki’s friends. 

His inexperience with friendship, however, makes it difficult for him to comprehend his feelings and he confuses this with hunger, convincing himself that he’s using Hinami as a pawn to get to Kaneki, and that his only interested in Kaneki as food. But as we all know, he completely feels otherwise.

While some of this analysis relies on speculation, I strongly believe Ishida is trying to portray Shuu Tsukiyama as a lonely individual whose flamboyant persona is mostly a subconscious coping/defense mechanism, as well as someone who never truly learnt what friendship means until he met Kaneki. Unfortunately, this complex side of his character is often disregarded or ignored, and the horrible characterisation the anime has made of his character isn’t helping anyone.

So, Murphy and Raven

So, got caught up…. CAN YOU SAY HEAT??

Holy shit

Also, Ms. Morgan, is incredible. Her and Richard had such intensity. He has this layered mystery to him, and has the most growth for me in a leading dark hero and the male character I love to watch. The fight sequence, It was choreographed and played so perfectly. The writers have written strong material, but Richard and Lindsay have just slayed it. Their physical and emotional chemistry is special.

The Luna shot, of calming Raven down, was just poetic. Luna is this golden heroine. With this advice and support she’s giving. Clearly she’s being set up as a fallen redemption arc, but issuing her wisdom and comfort is a powerful way to prop all the interweaving plots.

Those sequences of the three, were my favorite.

Slay on slayers.

I just finished watching the entire game play(5+ hours haha) of Arkham Knight and just wow.. now thats a game!

But this is what I don’t understand..
If DC can make such an awesome kick ass video game with strong plot and great story line, why do the movies all lack in those areas?

They clearly have the potential :/

Pathcode Analysis

There are clear differences in the members’ behaviour in the teasers and I think it relates to their roles in the plot of the new MV.

I’ve divided the members into four groups to help you guys understand my theory: Runners, Wanderers and Chasers.

This theory debunks some others (for example, Kyungsoo is NOT the only one that doesn’t run) so only read if you don’t mind that.


- He’s clearly being followed
- He’s watching out for someone; he knows he’s being watched.

- He sees flashbacks to overdose era

- Tao most likely isn’t important now that he’s gone, but it’s interesting that the only other members he sees are DO, Chen and Kris (I think?).
- There may have been something planned for Kris and Xiumin had to take over his role in the story (You’ll see what I mean later on).

- Im not going to try analyse these flashbacks because we’re sure to all come to different conclusions, but Kyungsoo with the black box seems important..

- Kai teleports and you’ll notice as you go through this that all of the members except Kyungsoo use their powers.

- Sees article on comets in the newspaper. The title means “These comets are appearing in ten cities worldwide” These are obviously the 10 cities that the members are in, so I guess they do more then just spell out ‘Call Me Baby’.

- Tao uses his powers to stop time, but it seems accidental.

- Then he runs, hence the name of this group.

- Sehun sees two kids with a plane and levitating toys
- When the teasers first came out, we thought they represented Kris and Luhan and their powers of flight and telekinesis, and I think that’s true.

- It starts getting real windy outside and, like with Tao, it seems like Sehun didn’t do it on purpose. Perhaps they’re struggling to keep control over their powers.

- Then he runs!

- Interference with his earphones (“Someone is looking…”) and phone message.

- The lights start going out and it’s clear that someone’s chasing him, so he starts to run like crazy.

- He uses his powers to make these light particle things. Could be accidental, or could just be so he can see in the dark.

- The lights flicker and his phone and earphones go fuzzy like Baekhyun’s.

- So, you guessed it, he starts to run/bike away.

- He uses his powers to bring the dead flower back to life. Again, it looks like he didn’t mean to.


- I don’t think Xiumin is the same as the other Runners because it looks like he’s running towards something (the place and time on the tv), rather than away from it.
- Firstly, his key ring is the octagonal exo logo shape. This could mean he has something to do with the whole project that the members seem to be part of.

- There are books all over the floor of his apartment. Maybe he’s researching the other members or trying to find them.
- I’m not sure what the spinning top means, but it could have something to do with ‘Love Me Right’ and trying to hold onto reality.

- We see a wolf on the tv screen for a split second. Maybe Xiumin had something to do with wolf era. That might explain the creepy science he was doing in ‘Love Me Right’

- We see the place and time for the next Teaser on the tv screen and this is the only time one of the members is shown a clue like this.

- Xiumin is clearly interested in this piece of information and RUNS out of his apartment, leaving ice on his glass.
- Like the other members, his powers were triggered accidentally, perhaps due to heightened emotion.



- Wakes up

- Walks through a field and a forest and seems lost.

- Walks through abandoned ruins

- Burns the forest down
- He looks calm while he does all this. He doesn’t seem worried about someone chasing him.

- Wakes up

- Walks through field and a forest and seems lost. Exactly like Chanyeol.

- Walks through abandoned warehouse.

- Lets a giant wave of water rush over him
- Just like Chanyeol, he doesn’t seem worried about any of this. He’s not looking over his shoulder or running.

- Suho and Chanyeol’s powers are both used in the extreme and it is unclear whether they use them accidentally or if they did this on purpose.
- What if they were tired of running and were trying to end their lives?


- Like Xiumin, Chen is different from the other members in his category.
- He wanders, but he clearly knows where he is and isn’t lost because all of his books are there.

- Speaking of his books, they’re pretty interesting.
- Firstly, he’s reading a book called ‘Overdose’, which is important for obvious reasons.
- The teasers keep referring back to overdose era, so it’s definitely an important part of this story line.

- Secondly, one of his books is called “The Identification of Unknown”, which suggests he’s researching the other members because ‘the unknown’ is what they’re called in the exo’luxion VCR.

- The book below is called “The Neurophysiological Basis of Mind”, which is a real book by a Nobel Prize winner called J.C.Eccles
- Neurophysiology is the study of the nervous system, usually through recording the bioelectrical activity in the brain.
- These books link him to Xiumin and show that he is aware of the others and could be studying their minds.

- Importantly, Chen doesn’t run. He also doesn’t use his powers until the flash of lightning at the very end of the video, but i’m not sure if it counts because it’s when the EXODUS title is shown

(basically just Kyungsoo though)

Xiumin and Chen could also fit into this category, but their teasers still have similarities to the other members’. Kyungsoo’s is completely different.

- Kyungsoo seems calm and he’s driving somewhere like has a destination.

- Kyungsoo walks down some stairs.

- Xiumin and Chen also have stairs in their teasers, but they walk up them, while Kyungsoo walks down. Symbolism? You decide..
- Also, tumblr user co-kai-ne suggested that the man xiumin bumps into on the stairs could have been coming out of xiumin’s room after searching for information, which is why everything’s all over the floor. Xiumin is also the only member who interacts with another person in the teasers.

- Side note: This camera angle below makes it looks like Kyungsoo is being watched. I think there’s still someone controlling all of them.

- Kyungsoo sees flashes of the other 9 members when he looks through the keyhole, which I’ve included below in case you wanted to see them.

- He definitely has an important role that sets him apart from the other members. This is too big to be a coincidence.

- Now here’s what I find most interesting. Kyungsoo is watching us, the viewer, in the rear-view mirror.

Do we, the exo-ls come into the story somehow?
Are we part of the conspiracy?

I’ve made a follow up post about how these groups fit into the Love Me Right MV here

so going to star trek beyond last night literally exhausted me like I came back at like 10 and was out like a light at 11:30 it was AMAZING let me explain:

  • simon pegg, the slick bastard, actually knows how to utilize an ensemble cast without it getting overly crowded or reducing everyone to cameos
  • like, he knows how to write multiple interwoven storylines that showcase each character’s strengths and weaknesses and it’s great
  • so many references to the original series, but not like the first movie where I got the sense they’d only seen like three, no, this was clearly written by someone who’d watched the whole series
  • zero, I am telling you, ZERO fan service. no naked ladies lounging around for the camera. NONE.
  • there is romance but it’s minimal and with the already-established couple of spock/uhura. NO LOVE INTERESTS FOR ANYONE ELSE.
  • a really tight plot with humor and suspense, with almost no plot holes or hanging threads. like, every chekov’s gun gets fired.
  • there’s a subplot about leonard nimoy spock prime that is so touching and moving and oh my god
  • also I’m just going to put this line in with zero context but spoiler alert anyway: “better to have died saving lives than to live having taken them”

it blows the other two movies out of the water, I’m saying this as a huge fan of the original series who thought the first movie was meh and the second was goddawful, GO SEE STAR TREK: BEYOND!


This is the most sophisticated game ever made, I promise you, I’ve seen A LOT of games, and SOMA is clearly at the top so far. At the beginning, it seems a bit confusing or even boring but that’s normal… the more you play, the more it get exciting and …..kinda surreal.

If you like:

• Science-fiction….like, HEAVY science-fiction, this is some serious science

• The ocean, I mean it

• The concept of mind and conscience

• Robots + humans + animals hybrid


• Spooky/mysterious things

• Space

• Exploring and Reading!!!! (Do not rush!!! You need to understand what the fuck is going on, otherwise you’d be lost!)

• Puzzles/enigmas…..especially with SCIENCE AND Engineering

• Sneaking

Then you’ll probably like this game. Seriously, just go play or watch the game, it will blow your mind. I got an existential crisis at the end haha, I was completely amazed by the whole game.

Random Walking Dead Thoughts

Warnings:spoilers and sensitive material

So watching the new episode and this kinda just came to me, its probably wrong and inacurate but hey plot bunnies.

So Negan clearly has a strong position on rape and the punishment is pretty clear for any of his men who even contemplate the idea. I wondered where his code stems from. He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty but something about that doesn’t sit right with him. At first I thought maybe it was a tactic to get Sasha on his side and keep his men in order. Now I think its more than that. I wonder if maybe the root of it is with his wife, maybe she went through something similar.

Orr maybe he’s just warped, idk

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I love Trini so much. The new power rangers is so wonderful. Trini's plot is clearly going to be carried into the sequels and I adore it and the Billy autistic storyline. Amazing.

Oh man I know. Trini is the cutest. I’m so pumped to see it tonight! I heard that Trini’s sexuality was actually not quite as explicit or detailed as the producers claimed it to be but I’m still pretty excited. I was a huge power rangers kid so it’s gonna be crazy cool to watch it on the big screen.

I don’t often read others’ reviews that are posted on Tumblr, but I was pleasantly surprised that I agree with most of this review here. Except for maybe only their “the third episode……” paragraph - perhaps one day I’d be able to appreciate the episode that way. They do bring up a point which I haven’t thought of before and it sort of answered my inability to buy the speedy resolution of Eurus’s plot.

I really think Eurus should’ve been a cautionary tale about Sherlock continuing to repress his emotions in favor of sheer intellect (paying off his early self-description as a high-functioning sociopath). Don’t try to make us feel bad for her after watching her murder over and over again, make us fear her. If she were that cautionary tale, then the (brilliant) reveal that meeting John saved Sherlock from what Eurus did to him would’ve connected to the rest of the plot more clearly.

I imagine that would have been a rather beautiful ending for an episode and it would befit the whole before-they-are-legends arc, as that would seal the importance of Watson to Holmes - a theme which, I feel, has been diminishing since I-don’t-even-know-when. And to make it better, if they want to give Eurus a forgiveness or redemption arc. they could have chose to bring her back in future series where the Holmeses would have ample of quality character scenes to bring out a more coherent arc. From my perspective, TFP resolution was too quick and the final montage felt, at this point, rather disconnected from the episode itself. I shall see if I change my perspective after re-watching.

(In case any of you like to urge me to see the similarity between the quick forgiveness of Eurus and S3 Christmas scene, you can check out my previous response here - link)