clearly i watch for

“Hey Scott? Can I come hang out with you for awhile? I’m really bored and John’s reading and Gordon’s being cranky.”

“Hahah… Sure, Virg.”



“Whatcha playing?”

(Shading hates me tonight, so coloured group have to finish tomorrow. lol Here’s something else I doodled. :3)

michael would be the type of boyfriend to go shopping with you and not pay attention to any of the extravagant ensembles you tried on. Because you were going to a fancy party with him, you thought that he would be a good person to ask for an opinion. But he would barely register the numerous designer dresses you tried on. And when you walked out of the dressing room wearing your old pair of jeans and a tshirt, ready to find more outfits; Michaels like ‘thats the perfect look right there. Lets buy it’ and you would be like ‘of course you like this one, this is your shirt you donut.’