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So I just finished rewatching season 1 of pretty little liars…here are some questions I still got lol
1. Who actually killed Ian? I don’t think it was ever stated clearly. Later in the show Ali says she was the one that pushed him off the bell tower, but when Ian sees the person in the hoodie all he says is “what are you doing here”. He wasn’t surprised to see her alive so….did he know Ali was alive? Or if this just another plot hole in the never ending plot holes in rosewood lmao
2. Maya’s family moved into Ali’s old house, but when she gets shipped off Jason moves back into that house…where’s Maya’s family lol. #justpllplotholes
3. Mona claims she was A because the girls stole Hanna from her. They weren’t even close again until A started texting them. So what is the real motive Mona? Did she have help in the beginning too?
4. Hannas mom never got in and type of trouble for stealing all that money and no one ever found out, and who the hell was james Leland??
5. This is more of an observation, but Ezra and aria were terrible at hiding their relationship lmao
6. Another observation but what is noel kahns involvement in anything????? Except being friend zoned by aria
7. This isn’t a season 1 thing but I still don’t understand why Ali faked her death?? And did they not make sure the body was actually Alison? Dental records can show who a person is so….unless every professional in rosewood is corrupt lol
These are things from the top of my head I can think of, I’ll add more later maybe. This show is filled with never ending plot holes and I hate it.

Kame Radio Tidbits 2016.12.31

Fanmail: Good morning Kame-chan. I’m a 4th grade boy. During the 10Ks concert, I wore the Sekai Ichi Tame ni Naru Tabi outfit my mom made. Her birthday is in January. Can you say Happy Birthday to my mom, who loves Kame-chan? I’m also eagerly waiting to talk to Kame-chan

Kame: He sent a photo ne, that’s awesome. The name badge says “Kame-chan Fan” [Translator’s Note: It says “Kame-chan tantou” which literally means “in charge of Kame-chan”]
Boy: (Mom handed him the phone) Hello?
Kame: Hello, this is Kamenashi. What were you doing just now?
Boy: Is this Kame-chan?
Kame: Yes it is, thank you for coming to 10Ks. What were you doing?
Boy: I was taking a bath
Kame: (Has conversation about the bath) It’s your mom’s birthday right? Kame-chan is going to congratulate her, so tell me her name?
Boy: (Hands phone to mom without answering)
Mom: Hello?
Kame: Eh? *LOL* (Wishes her Happy Birthday)
Mom: Thank you so much!

- - - - - - 

Fanmail: There is someone I started liking in 2016. Here at the end of 2016, I’d like to convey my feelings to that person!

Kame: Hello Sakura-chan, this is Kamenashi Kazuya no Hang Out
Fan: *flails* Eh?? You’re kidding!
Kame: By the way, what are you doing right now?
Fan: I was taking a bath
Kame: Everyone’s taking a bath ne *LOL*. There seems to be a lot of people taking a bath *LOL*. (Advises her to use a towel and not catch a cold). How old are you?
Fan: 17
Kame: Oh 17?
Fan: No that’s not true, I’m 16
Kame: 16 years old? Why did you tell a small lie like that?
Fan: Because like, I’m going to be 17
Kame: There’s someone you started liking in 2016
Fan: Yes
Kame: Well then please give that person a message
Fan: *shyly* It’s Kamenashi-kun
Kame: Ohh! Me?
Fan: Yeah
Kame: You started liking me in 2016? What was the cause?
Fan: Probably because of Yamaneko
Kame: “Probably”
Fan: Well, my friend likes KAT-TUN. And then a bunch of us who like Johnny’s sang karaoke together. I originally liked Arashi, but then, you know, we sang a bunch of different songs. When I heard KAT-TUN, it was like, aren’t they so kakkoii! Around December I started listening to KAT-TUN’s songs, I felt like I was falling for Kamenashi-kun [Translator’s Note: Not certain about this last phrase, I can’t hear it clearly]
Kame: Oh that makes me happy
Fan: And when I watched Yamaneko, it was like “Oh so cute!” *giggles*
Kame: Cute huh, *LOL*. The 16 year old Sakura-chan thinks I’m cute
Fan: You know how at the end of the last episode, all that happened, and after the fighting was finished and the silliness started. Even though everyone else was like, “Ah Kamenashi-kun! Oh the plot turned out like that??” Meanwhile I was thinking by myself, Kamenashi-kun is super cute right now~
Kame: *LOL*

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Is watching Shadow hunters worth it? I originally liked the books but I stopped reading them after the 3rd or 4th book but I do still really like magnus

Well it’s totally better than the books if that’s what you asking. tbh I stopped mid 4th book too but I still watch every episode as it comes out

Plot and character wise, they pretty much fixed everything that was bad; Magnus and Alec are done really well when it comes to rep and Isabelle is an actual nice person (and my fave), I even love Simon who I wasn’t able to stand at all in the books. The acting in season is a bit… idk it’s clearly aimed at teenagers is all I’m gonna say lol but it improves immensely in S2. They also introduced an asexual character in S2 which it’s always nice to see rep (and they did mention something about a sapphic character but there hasn’t been any yet, maybe in S2B??)

There are a few things they did recently that I’m a bit :/ about (which hopefully they plan on fixing soon) but overall I’d say it’s a decent show. If I was in my teens I would be crazy about it but most older audience seems to have bit harder time getting into it. 

If you don’t have anything else to watch then I totally say give it a shot! it has good rep and it’s pretty fun most of the time (also bc I ship Izzy and Clary and I’m able to ignore most of other things when focusing on my ships lol)

anyway i saw mad max

as a movie it was alright – this isn’t really my chosen genre in the first place, so i enjoyed it probably as much as could be expected, given that. it WAS noticeable how many women were in it, and how the plot revolved largely around women, and what a contrast that is with most movies of this genre. if you like cars blowing up in the desert for 2 hours and also the radical notion that women should have basic rights, you’ll probably find it good enough to eat popcorn to, at least.

also to me the thesis of the film seemed pretty clearly to be that extreme masculinity is The Worst

which brings me to the rage of the MRAs! that is all i knew going into this film, that it had pissed off MRAs on the internet. and that kind of amused me to know, while watching it. as the plot went on especially i found myself thinking “lol imagine being an MRA and being offended by this”

but the flipside of that is that i found myself thinking about how truly pathetic and disheartening it is that we do live in a world where some men watched this film and thought, how dare they! how dare they make this action flick and have women in it say the words “we’re not things”! how dare they have two men who work together with a group of women against a larger group of oppressive men. how dare they write an action flick about women taking back agency and some men helping them to do that at the expense of other, explicitly misogynist, oppressive, violent men. i’ve been so betrayed by a genre that has always catered to me! women being treated as people instead of property offends me.

and what i think is grossest of all is knowing that the majority of men who will watch this film and be offended by its “feminist propaganda” are the same men who will scoff at any feminist criticism of other films, because they’re taking things too seriously, it’s just a dumb movie. you’re overanalyzing. you’re making it up. that’s not what the movie meant. you’re reaching. you’re too sensitive. you just want to be offended.

i mean, what a world.

This couldn’t be happening. Not now – not after everything she’s come to accomplish. Not after building up a good life for Stella, not after spending countless nights at the bar, working until two in the morning, doing anything she could to get the money she needed for her and her daughter. She finally got to a good place in her life, but it had to be ruined. By an electrical malfunction, no less. Mila never had experience with house fires, thus she never learned how to put one out when it started. All she had known was that she had to get Stella, get out of there, and call 911. And in the two minutes it took for the fire department to get there, a fraction of her home was already gone. There was an opening in the roof, flames flying out of it, eating up more and more as time went on. She watched with tired eyes as the fire department tried their best to water the fire down, make it stop, and finally – finally they did. Her house, thankfully, wasn’t unrepairable, but clearly until repairs were finished it would be unliveable. And with her income, she wouldn’t be able to afford the very best of repairmen.

Stunned by what a couple hours could do to her life, Mila watched the chaos around her with a blank stare, and tuned out everything around her.