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Am I Gay?: A Journey of Self Discovery with Shang.

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A Map to Home

Inspired by amazing art by the equally amazing scribblecat27. She can deliver my mail any day.

You can own this image yourself by going HERE and you can see it on her blog HERE (You may find an exciting link if you are a msgenevieve447 fan too)

It was a recurring dream.

They sat together on his ship, huddled together for warmth with their feet dangling over the side. They revelled in the closeness. The chance to spend a quiet moment just sitting and feeling and being and loving.

He showed her the stars…as if he hadn’t given her everything already…shared with her the map of brilliant points that had guided him to her to bring her home.


When she awoke, a contented smile upon her face, she knew one thing. Her pirate needed HIS home…and she would get it back for him.


ouatdrabbles​ is the place for 100 word stories. There are heaps of brilliant ones there so make sure you check it out.