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Can We Still Be Alone? (NSFW 18+)

A/N: This was inspired by two songs Windswept by Crywolf and Daning On My Own By Robyn (the Hunter Plake and Jack Cassidy version). When I heard them the ideas just started flowing. This is very different from anything I have written. I had @minhosmeanhoe on my mind as I wrote this. Not for any particular reason, she’s just my actual soulmate so I’m dedicating this to her. I really hope you guys like this (: Also, I’m pretty sure I proofread this! (Pretty sure)

Paring: StilesxReader

Warnings: Smut 

Word Count: 4988

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so, for your botw zelink fanfic, can you maybe do like a re-imagining of the scene where Link tells Zelda the reason why he doesn't talk ( as stated in the diary )?

Today was the day. After the events of yesterday, Zelda had come to the realization that she needed to talk things out with her appointed knight. With Link. There was miscommunication between them, if that’s what you could call it. He never spoke a word, and that was probably why she misinterpreted him so badly. But she assumed the worst of him and let it show, and now was the time to put things right.

After she got dressed and left her room, she waited for her knight to arrive. Usually she would go on without him, uneager to have him join her, but not today. So when he finally arrived, the surprise in his eyes was unmistakeable.

“Good morning.” She said, and he nodded to her. “Link, could I talk to you privately?” She clasped her hands in front of her, fingers fidgeting together nervously. She had thought over what she was going to say all night, sleeping restlessly over it. Now it was time that she put all that had transpired between them to rest.

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Cosplay Music Videos are Awesome

In case you didn’t know, Cosplay Music Videos or CMVs are a thing, a really awesome thing. I went on a CMV youtube spiral recently and figured I’d share a few that particularly struck me so if it’s your cuppa you too can have all the feelings.

Like Sad Feelings 

[SNK CMV] - Say Something by Lume Cosplay

Attack on Titan to the song ‘Say Something’, you know you’re gonna cry. This is an amazing display of how a CMV can take an idea that just wouldn’t work the same way in a fanvid. The use of stillness is really effective here. Lovely.

[NGE CMV] Beside You by WaffleswithSpain

Neon Genesis Evangelion, another one which I ended watching go ‘wow, ouch’. This vid uses the editing of the video to do some neat story telling and visual metaphor. There’s so much craft out there in CMVs I’m impressed, it’s so cool!

Or Happy Feelings!

[No.6 CMV] Made For You by WaffleswithSpain

A modern soulmate AU for No.6, don’t mind if I do! CMVs can totally fill a storytelling/fic kind of joy too. I’m really excited for CMVs that execute telling a story well. It’s really hard to do! Some CMV creators have clearly figured out what works and it’s a pleasure to watch. I look forward to finding more vids like this as hopefully more CMV creators try outside-of-canon story telling.

Viktor x Yuuri - All I Want for Christmas (Yuri!!! On Ice CMV) by Uptown Cosplay

Yuri!!! on Ice, Victuuri, unsurprisingly this is my favorite of what I’ve been watching (how many times have I watched this CMV, lets just say lots). I can’t help grinning every time. Characters I ship going on adorable dates? Yes A++ The nuance of the acting too! (like all of these videos have lovely acting, possibly I have too many feelings about Victor’s eyebrows and slight smile at the beginning? Also Yuuri’s excitement). 

Something I love about CMVs, which the YOI vid hits for me particularly well, is this telling of queer stories. Fandom talks a lot about representation and fic obviously is pretty great at taking a source and telling non-straight stories with it. But there’s a pretty obvious lack of music video/movie mediums telling queer stories. CMVs are this wonderful treasure trove of happy adorable queer relationships and it’s just so joyful to me. Not every CMV is that, there are also angsty queer ship CMVs and those are great too!, but I’ve found that the happy ones to be surprisingly addressing of a need I hadn’t realized was still unmet (I did do that fairly thorough search for official music videos with LGBT content a while ago, which maybe I’ll post recs from soon if anyone is interested).

Anyways, long post tl;dr cosplay is cool, cosplayers are doing some really impressive things in their videos and as a person who likes fanvids it’s a fascinating growing fannish production area. Also, it gives me all the feelings.

Oh Kitten

gif is not mine

Title: Oh Kitten

Pairing: Crowley x Reader

Word Count: 951

Warnings: Fluff!

A/N: This was requested by an anon! I hope you all enjoy some good ole Crowley fluff! <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!! <3 <3 <3

You finally got a night off from saving people and hunting things!  This night was going to be a night for you to unwind and relax.  When you went to the bar, you didn’t expect to have as many drinks as you did.  You were definitely feeling the effects of the liquor you had ingested.

Sometimes when you got drunk you mirrored your brother Dean.  There were times where you just had a good time and acted as if no one was watching.  The other times you got a little too rowdy.  Tonight, you were thrown out of the bar unexpectedly.

“Do you even know who I am,” you shouted as they threw you out of the bar.  Your words were clearly being slurred, but like Dean, you could still make sense when you talked.  

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The Hurting, The Healing, The Loving: Part II- The Healing

“Hello? Yeah, yeah I know, I know and I’m sorry. I was just out and I was with friends and-“

“He knows. Yeah I made sure because the last time I didn’t he was really mad and yeah-“

“I’ll call you when I get home. Yeah you don’t need to worry, alright sleep tight, love you too Mani.”

Lauren ended the call and tapped her fingers against the marble counter while she looked around her favorite coffee shop in Los Angeles. She looked at her phone’s watch and clearly the day was just about to start while she was about to head home after having a blast night with her friends whom she haven’t met a very long time.

Alright folks I know I am probably late but this is the moment you have all been waiting for. Camila Cabello finally releases her latest single, Crying in the club video which has already 300,000 views! How rad is that?! I just recently listened to the audio and I am so excited for the video so pl-


“Here you go ma’am one-“ The cashier held her breath. “You’re Lauren Jauregui.”

She smiled and didn’t confirm it. “Thanks for the drink.” She then turns around to leave but-

“Wait! I don’t know anything but you should listen to her music. It’s really nice you know.”

She turns around and gave her a small nod and smile before heading towards her car. She places her drink in the cup holder. She sighs out in frustration and in annoyance and ran her hand through her hair. And just as she thought that she could just forget about what happened weeks ago but now she’s having an internal battle if she should listen to it or not. She closed her eyes to calm down for a second but her mind was playing against her.

“I have a song about us and I hope you can listen to it one day.”

“And when you do, I hope it hits you like a fucking train just so you can understand the half of the pain that I was going through.”

“You know what, fuck this shit. I’m just going to get this over with.” She types in the words and pressed the very first video that appeared.

Lauren taps her steering wheel but unlike the tapping she did against the marble counter, this one was more of an anxiety because she was getting impatient with all the waiting she had to suffer because the video was still buffering. She has never felt so impatient in her life. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the sound of the cello echoed through her car and she saw Camila walking in a very beautiful dress and her heart broke when she saw a tear fall on the younger Latina’s face when she started singing.

Why did you leave me here to burn?

I’m way too young to be this hurt

I feel doomed in hotel rooms

Staring straight up at the wall

Counting wounds and I am trying to numb them all

Do you care, do you care?

Why don’t you care?

I gave you all of me

My blood, my sweat, my heart, and my tears

Why don’t you care, why don’t you care?

I was there, I was there, when no one was

Now you’re gone and I’m here


I have questions for you

Number one, tell me who you think you are

You got some nerve trying to tear my faith apart (I have questions for you)

Number two, why would you try to play me for a fool?

I should have never ever ever trusted you (I have questions)

Number three, why weren’t you, who you swore that you would be?

I have questions, I got questions haunting me


I have questions for you, I have questions for you

I have questions, I have questions for you


Lauren didn’t care about the other music as she immediately brings the small circle back from the beginning and listened to the entire things again. She looked at the girl in the screen and she felt her pain. She felt her regret, her anger, her sadness and every bit of negativity. She leans back on the chair and closed her eyes because she knew very well how this song was formed. It was her fault after all.

“Lauren I am asking you a question.”

“And I am politely requesting you not to annoy the shit out of me.” She says coldly. “Can you please get change? Everyone’s waiting for us at the roof top.”

“Not until you tell me why the hell Lucy was here inside the hotel room, looking like you fucked her so well!”

“Because I did okay!?” She snaps. “She came here and apologized, Camz she went out of her way to say sorry to me where in fact she needs to be somewhere else right now. I couldn’t say no to her effort.”

“Lo, she cheated on you with your friend Keana-“

“They were both drunk and regretted what happened okay and I forgive them both for that.”

“C’mon Lo, you know she’s just messing with you. Open your eyes Laur! She doesn’t love you!”

“No Camila if there’s someone who needs to wake the fuck up, it’s you!” She was so angry at Camila right now. “You’re just saying shit because you can never accept the fact that I can’t love you and me never will love you the way I love Lucy and it’s fucking eating you.” She argues. “Wake up Camila,  if the management didn’t request for us to act like as a couple, I wouldn’t notice you. You’re crazy as fuck if you think Lucy who is an amazing person for someone like you because you’re not worth it, you’-“

Lauren was silent when Camila finally slapped her. “Fuck you.” She was also stunned at the amount of venom in those words.

“Thanks but no thanks Camila, I’ve got Lucy for that.” She knew it was so wrong to rub at her the reality but she was just offended. “You should just stay here, I can’t have any fun whenever you’re around.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be in my fucking hotel room so that I couldn’t burst your bubble.”

“Hey honeypie, where’s Camzie? I thought you were coming to get her.” Mike asked her daughter.

“I tried but she wanted to have marathon of FRIENDS. Plus, she easily gets cold.”

“Ugh, seriously that girl needs some social classes.” Dinah groaned.

“Let her be guys, I am pretty sure that she just wants to be alone.” Ally looked at Lauren and the green-eyed beauty looked away as if she knew what was going on. “C’mon let’s just enjoy alright?”

“Happy 4th of July bitches!”


“Stupid, stupid, stupid!” Lauren said as she slams her fist against the wheel. “Stupid Lauren! How could you say something like that!?”

She felt her tears on her cheeks and she immediately wipes them off before leaving the place. She was really driving in a faster speed, gripping on the wheel as hard as she wants to reach the place who can give her solace right now. She bit her nails as Camila’s lyrics struck her so hard and she couldn’t seem to get the memory out of her mind even if she wanted to.

She parked her car just outside before climbing onto the fence. Jumping on the other side, she messed up her hair again and started pacing back and forth like a lunatic before screaming her heart out. She needed something to calm her down and then she remembers her coffee but now she remembers that her coffee was inside of the car which was probably not so hot now and cold coffee can’t help to calm her down. She groaned in frustration and threw the very first thing that was on her hand which unfortunately was, her phone.

“FUCK!” She screams in realization. “ Fuck, fuck, fuck. Oh what the hell it doesn’t matter anymore! Damnit!” She reaches something in her back pocket which was her pack of cigarettes and her lighter. “Fuck this shit.”

Just as she was about to light it up, someone spoke. “I guess old habits die hard huh.”

She was surprised to see Camila on the other side of the fence. “What are you doing here?”

The latter shrugs and started to climb on the fence which Lauren helped her with. “Thanks for that.”

“You’re welcome.”

“See, I told you old habits die hard.” Lauren was confused but then Camila looked at their intertwined hands so she removes them. “I was talking about your nails but it’s not like I was using it as an excuse to hold your hand because-“ Camila stopped when she heard Lauren chuckling.

“I get your point.”

“Biting your nails is a bad habit.” Lauren blushed out of embarrassment. “And by old habits, it’s about us going to this place whenever we feel like we can’t breathe.”

“That’s right.”

“But out of all the old habits you’re doing, this has gotta be the one I hate the most.” She pulls out the stick from Lauren’s mouth and threw it away along with the pack. “I would’ve included the lighter but I know it was a gift from your abuelito.”

“T-thanks for remembering.”

“You don’t need a raspier voice Lauren, it’s already amazing as it is.” That made Lauren blushed. “Although I really feel sorry for your phone.”

“How long have you’ve been there?”

“Enough to hear cursing for the rest of the year.” She chuckles. “No I wasn’t spying on you, you were just distracted because if you weren’t you would probably hear my engine. It’s not that hard.”

“Wow, so now you can drive now?”

“I needed to, I have no one to be on my side when I wanted to escape, I mean there’s Juno but you know she has some other things to do.”

“Look at you doing all the adults do.” Lauren decides to tease which Camila just rolled her eyes. “But it’s nice to know you can do things on your own.”

“It’s kind of weird seeing me be all mature and stuff, I may be 20 but I still feel like my 15-year old self.”

“And that’s good because if there’s one thing I love about you it’s your pure soul. I hope you won’t let them take that away from you.”

“You forgot that I am the biggest goof as well.”

Lauren chuckled. “That too.”

Camila smiled looking at her chuckling. “I remember the first time you took me here, I was scared to death and I remembered peeing in that spot.” Lauren was now laughing her ass off. “That wasn’t funny! You know it wasn’t every day for me to break the rules!”

“I’m sorry I just-“ Lauren wipes the tears in her eyes. “Laur, please let’s get back to the hotel what if someone sees us up here?” She says imitating Camila’s rant. “LAUREN MICHELLE JAUREGUI MORGADO THIS SHIT HAS GOTTA STOP! I WILL NOT CLIMB THIS STUPID FENCE JUST SO I COULD SIT ON THE CLIFF ABOVE THE HOLLYWOOD SIGN!”

“I am a Hispanic and the president might be considerate but if Obama sees us I’m doomed!” Camila adds to the memory.

“Well now Trump’s here, consider us deported.” Both of them laughed. “But you still went in for me, even though you’re about to pee in your pants.”

“I was scared as fuck but I still went for you because I know you needed someone. I was scared of what you might do, but mostly because I’m a sucker for cliché movies and I wanted to be your personal solemn place to be our solemn place, and that we get to call this place ours.” Camila says with a smile on her face. “Besides, I take every opportunity to be with you. And being the only person who knows this place will always probably be my only advantage when it comes to her or to him.”

“You shouldn’t compare yourself to them because neither of them could do the half of the things you did for me. So being the only person who knows about my solemn place isn’t the only advantage you have but for everything that you’ve done for me, for every pain and hurt you concealed just to hear me cry about someone else or how happy I am after every date I went.” She says. “I could mention a lot of things but we’ll probably going to be here for days-“ She chuckles “but out of all the things you did to me, one thing stood out and that was you, loving me so selflessly without expecting the same amount from me in return.”

I just wanted to see the one I love happy. It was all I ever wanted for you to be because you deserve it.”

“And I should’ve known, I should’ve known that you were hurting that night and you were continuously hurting until you couldn’t take it anymore and then you left. You left them because I was hurting you and I wish I noticed it earlier so that I could make you stay, so that I could make you be- I just want you to be happy too.” Lauren was having another panic attack. “You had anxiety, depression and all the negativity and I was too blind to see that your were drowning-“

“Shhhhh, Lauren you need to calm down.” Immediately, Camila grabbed both of Lauren’s hand and kiss the back of it.”You were never the main reason why I left, I left because I wasn’t happy anymore, I was done being the management’s puppet and even though I need to hurt your feelings as well as the girls, I needed to because if I didn’t, I would lose myself and you didn’t want that, I didn’t want that to happen so I left. And for the words you said that night, I forgive you for it because I know you were only saying those things because you were hurt.”

“I didn’t say those things because I was hurt; I said those things because you were right. We were just using one another but still I didn’t let Lucy go, I said those things because I was scared, I felt like I was cheating on her whenever I am with you because she never pops out in my mind when you’re here with me, it felt so wrong but goddamnit Camila being with you feels so right, like I was meant to be with you and you were meant to be with me. I said those words to push you away because honestly, deep inside I was feeling things that I should never feel for you, but mostly because you deserve someone else.”

“Everybody kept on insisting that I didn’t deserve you but Lauren Michelle Jauregui, the heart wants what it wants and I want you, I’ve always wanted you.

Both of them looked at one another, thick tension filled the air within the surrounding until Lauren was the only finally surrendering. She brings the other one closer, gripping on her waist as she closes the distance between them. Feeling those plump lips against her own felt so familiar. Camila’s lips tasted happiness, sadness, pain, love, want, the yearning but most of all, her lips felt like home.

Camila’s hands were rested on Lauren’s neck as they kissed at a slow phase like slowly remembering the feeling of each others’ movement for they haven’t done this in a very long time. The older Latina felt the younger one licking her lower lip which slowly she opened to as they continue to explore each others’ mouth. When air was needed, both of them pulled away but kept their foreheads pressed together.

It was Lauren’s eyes who opened first and saw the tears streaming down on Camila’s face so she used her thumbs to wipe them off as she traces the lips that were on her own just a while ago. When Camila opened her eyes and met Lauren’s green ones, she finally got the courage to say the only thing she wanted to say.

I love you Camila, I love you and I probably always will.” Camila instantly hugs her tightly as she begins to sob. “Did you hear that? I finally said I love you.

“Say it again.”

“I love you, and I’m sorry it took so long for me to say it.”


Lauren makes Camila face her and they looked at one another. “I love you Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao-Jauregui.” Camila jumped and wrapped her legs around Lauren’s waist which made her laugh. “I love you, I’ve always had.”

Camils drops herself and she trails Lauren’s facial features. “I like the sound of that.”

“I like the sound of that too.”

“I love the fact that you finally admitted it… However, I fucking hate your timing for saying it.” Her jaws clenched. “We both the idea of me taking your surname but I know it’s not the time for that yet. We can’t make it now because there are other people involved now.”

“But there were other people involved too in the past but that never stopped us right?”

“Because in the past that was the 16-year old me and the 17 year old you who never cared about anything but our own happiness.” She says. “Now we have to be the better version of ourselves.”

“I don’t want to do it, I want to be with you.” Lauren’s tears were threatening to fall. “I love you so much to lose you again. Camz please…”

Camila’s heart broke Lauren’s sad voice. “Those people involved now Lauren doesn’t deserve to be in pain because of us. Even though you won’t accept the fact, I know that you love him and you care for him because he was there for the times that I wasn’t. He’s a good guy and I care about her happiness too because I love her. I’m starting to trust in love again so I need to give myself a shot at finding happiness in someone else’s hands. She’s an amazing person Laur, they both deserve the love that we can offer to them. It may not be as equal as to how we love another, but that’s how we learn to love again.”

Lauren pressed their foreheads together as tears fell from her face. “Why do I feel like you’re slipping away from me again? Like you’re going to be out of my life for the second time around?”

“Because I am… I need to be out of yours and you need to be out of mine for the time being because the right type of love is never forced. If we’re meant to be together just like how we believe, then we’ll find our way back. We can’t continue to be together because we’ll be each others’ worst nightmares.” She tries to explain. “You wanna know why I named my album the hurting, the healing and the loving? It’s because it’s my stages of moving on. And this stage that we’re currently in Laur, is the healing stage. I need to temporarily close my chapter with you but at least I end it with me knowing that you love me… We’ve healed each other by saying how we really feel.”

“You said you had questions right? I know you have a lot of questions but I have the answers now. I can answer anything you want. I-“

“I think you answered all of them when you told me you love me.” She smiled. “Please stop being stubborn you’re being a pain in the ass now.” Lauren knew that Camila was only being playful to lighten up the mood. “Seriously though, I’ve got all the answers that I’ve been wanting to hear from you.”

Eventually Lauren nods her head in agreement. “If this is the price I have to pay for not being brave, then I’ll accept it. But I’ll wait for us, I’ll wait for our time, I’ll wait for us to re-open our story again.” She looks at the love of her life. “I hope it’s you and me in the Loving stage.”

Camila smiled warmly. “I don’t know but I am hoping it’s you that I’ll be seeing in my finish line of the healing stage. I want you to know that if we never find ourselves back to one another, it’s still okay. We’re allowed to fall for someone else, we’re allowed to end up with someone else.”

“That goes the same for you too. You deserve to end up with someone who appreciates you endlessly.”

“We both do…” They smiled.

“Good luck with the promotions, I know your album with be so dope because you’re a lyric genius. I can’t wait to hear the entire song on Sunday.”

“Promise me you’ll give your thoughts about it when we meet again?” Lauren nods, even though she’s unsure of the next time that they’ll meet again. “We should head back now, unless you plan on staying here?”

She thought about it for a moment before nodding her head. “I’m gonna stay for a little while but you should go, today’s a very busy schedule for you.”

Lauren helped Camila onto the fence as the younger one successfully made it on the other side. “You girls go rock on your next album. I’ll probably like some of the tweets about you girls and Roger will probably unlike them.” She rolls her eyes. “Typical, I should’ve known.”

“It’s okay, I know you’ll support us in your own ways.” She says. “Just be yourself alright?”

“I’ll probably kill all thinking that this album is going to be about boys because damn, I don’t remembering swinging that way.” Lauren laughs. “I mean it! Seriously, I feel like they’re shoving dicks on my throat-“

“Stop…” She laughed like there’s no tomorrow. “You go and do your thing butterfly queen 1.”

“Oh, the entire Camren world has probably recognized that song was for you, and I’ll probably acknowledge that Camren is real at one point-“

“And even though I’ll fucking deny it in the public, I want you to know that Camren is always real for me.” She smiled.

She smiled. “I’ll see you around.” And then she started walking towards her car.

“I love you Camz.”

Without looking back, Camila responds. “I love you Lo.”

Lauren watched as she enters her car and drove away from the place. She looked back at the view and saw the sun started shining at the entire state and she smiled. Sure, it probably felt like hell because she just lost the one person that her heart beats for but there’s this one thing that she’s hopeful to happen.

That after the healing stage, no matter how long the two of them might take, they’ll both see each other at their own finish lines. And when they do, Lauren promises that she’ll love Camila right this time.

Alright! That’s a wrap everybody, I hope you guys like this one shot though, I’ve been meaning to write about Camren but my hands are tied to other commitments but I just wanted to share this short story with you guys, thank you for the support and let me know if you want the part 3 for this one and we’ll make it happen. :) See you around soon! Ciao!

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Lol you probably don't care but in the new Martinez twins video, Ivan says that he really loves Emilio and then tells Emilio to kiss him and then Emi starts to kiss him on the cheek and then he said "no, I can't there are too many people here" and I was like ??? I don't think they have anything going on, but I do think they are extra close bc they're in a country that primarily speaks English, so they are each other's best friend you know? They need each other

Yo I’ve seen it and I also thought it was weird cause he clearly doesn’t mind kissing him (like he did in the recent Team 10 video). I think it’s because Chad, Alex and Jake were watching so it made him uncomfortable. Jake has made comments about them kissing each other a couple of times so maybe he didn’t want him to see that or something. 

Here is the video (11:03) 

I was talking with a friend today and remembered something from my childhood. Here we go.

During the summer after I finished 1st grade my friend told me that he and other classmates  were  organizing our class meeting because we obviously missed each other dearly (when you are a kid summer seems reaaaaaaally long). However, my school was in another part of town so I’m not even sure how we would have gotten there? But the point is that my anxious ass decided not to go.

So, the next day my friend comes to visit me and confesses that it was just a ploy to organize a meeting/date between our classmate and me. Since I didn’t go my friend brought me a necklace from that kid who fancied me. It was a gift he bought in another country where he travelled with his parents that summer.

These kids CLEARLY watched way too many rom-coms.

Tho the worst part is the fact that the kid who fancied me is now in prison for murder ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Protection (Avengers x reader)

So nightmares are a common theme.  Are you guys ok??

Requests:  Hey I was wondering if I could request a Bruce oneshot where reader has a nightmare and decides to go down to the lab knowing he would be up late still working so, when she tells him what happened she begs him to cuddle with her because she’s scared to go back to her room alone and fluff ensues? lol c: 

Can I request a Steve/reader where she has nightmares a lot so once again she goes to Steve’s room in the middle of the night to wake him up for cuddles and fluff ensues? :D 

Natasha oneshot She comforts you when you have nightmares after AOU and can’t sleep 

Here’s your fluffy nightmare cuddles!  From all three perspectives!  Sleep well, my loves!

As you stepped from the shower, you were disappointed that the massage of the hot water didn’t relax you as you had hoped.  Looking at your reflection in the mirror, you cringed at the sight of the dark circles under your eyes and your pale complexion.  You looked older than you were, so much older than you looked just a week ago; before the party, before Sokovia, and before the team lost one of their own.  Nightmares plagued your attempts at sleep, and your mind was downright cruel in its replay of traumas you had both witnessed and experienced at the hands of Ultron. You had given up on traditional remedies, declined Wanda’s offer of a sleep trance, and refused medications that could interfere with your powers.  You were on your own, and began to feel hopeless.  The clock read 12am when you finally closed your eyes and turned off the small lamp on your bedside table, sighing in defeat as you anticipated another night of horrors.  When you woke with a shock, yelling to no one and covered in a cold sweat, the clock read only 12:30am.  


“Bruce, can I come in? I don’t want to bother you if you’re working on something.”  You poked your head thru the lab door, seeing the doctor surrounded by screens and images of calculations and formulas that you couldn’t begin to comprehend, though he navigated them with ease.  

“Come on in, (Y/N). I’m almost done.”

Even though you didn’t understand what he was working on, it was impressive.  The man was a genius, but you would never know by looking at him, or even interacting with him.  He was very humble in his intellect, never using it to gain stature or position, only for the greater good.  He was a very noble man, and you could understand why he feared losing control of that as the other guy.

After several minutes he removed his glasses to rub the fatigue from his eyes, setting them gently on the table, followed by his stark white lab coat.  He looked at you, no, examined you as you stood before him, waiting for him to say anything about the exhausted appearance that was now yours.

“How much sleep have you gotten this past week?”

“About three hours.”

“Each day?”

You paused, taking a slow breath, “All week.”

He rushed around the table, holding your arms as he looked at you closer now, his eyes wide as they assessed you in a way that definitely felt diagnostic.  “Oh, no, (Y/N).  This has to stop.  You can’t survive on that.  You can’t function on the team with that.  Hell, you just can’t function period.”  He released you, holding up a finger to you to pause the moment as he left the room.

It wasn’t anything you didn’t already know.  You could feel your power weakening with each lost hour of sleep.  Your reflexes were dull and your mind was slipping, forgetful and jumbled.  When he returned seconds later, he was holding a bottle out for you to take, along with a large glass of water.

“No, Bruce, I can’t take medications.  I never know how I’ll react.”  You held your hands up in front of you, beginning to back away from him.  “The last time I took anything, I kind of…sent a tornado into…Brooklyn.  I don’t think Steve has forgiven me yet.”  You rubbed your hands against your face, tears about to build in your tired eyes, “these nightmares have to stop eventually, right?”

His expression was soft and sad as he regarded you, searching his brilliant mind for a solution, but resulting in nothing.  “What can I do to help you, (Y/N)?”

“I can’t stand being in my room alone right now.  It never ends well.”  Before the question was even asked, you prepared yourself for him to decline. “Would you come with me?  Just for a while?”

With a small smile and a hand placed on the small of your back, he led you from the lab.  “Lead the way.”

Once there, you could sense that he was uncomfortable being in your room, but he promised to help you and was not one to back out.  He stood at the door, waiting, his hands folded in front of him.  “Where do you want me?”  His words brought a small smirk to his lips, with a quiet chuckle, “I mean, where should I sit?”  You directed him to the large recliner in the corner of your room, and he quickly obliged. As he settled himself, he lifted his arm to invite you next to him.  “Come on, honey, let’s get you to sleep.  I’ll protect you.”


You knew the Captain had dealt with nightmares; you remembered hearing his stories of the war and how the sight of Bucky falling from the train, just out of his reach, would replay in his mind until it nearly drove him mad.  With all of the violence and heartbreak that he had seen in his years, he must have figured out a way to keep those thoughts from his mind so he could sleep.  

It was so late, though. He said he would try to help, but that probably meant during normal hours, right?  He would probably be upset if you woke him now…right?  There was no way that you were going to find sleep again tonight, and the thought of seeing him felt more and more necessary.  You pulled your robe over your shoulders and quietly opened your door, peeking down the corridor to be sure you weren’t seen.

As you approached Steve’s door, you hesitated, chewing on your thumbnail anxiously.  You paced back and forth trying to make the final decision to knock or retreat back to your own room.  


No, wait.

Yes, knock.

“Miss, do you require assistance?”

You cringed at the sound of FRIDAY, resonating thru the hallway.  “Shut up, FRIDAY!  No, I don’t need-“

“If FRIDAY can’t help you, might I be able to?”

Slowly turning to face him, opening one eye, then the other, your body relaxed when you saw him and you exhaled a breath that you didn’t realize you were holding.  He looked so…comfortable.  If you could just rest your head on his chest and hear his heartbeat as he slept, you would certainly get the sleep you so desperately needed. How could you possibly be any safer than with Steve?

“Um, well…maybe?”  You hung your head and began to wring your hands together, trying to control the shake coming from deep within you as you spoke. “I had another nightmare, and I was wondering if I could take you up on that offer of help?”  You paused to look up at him, your eyes almost pleading now, “I think I’m in trouble, here, Steve.”

“Come on,” he took your hand and led you into his room, pausing at the door as he closed it behind him, watching you as you sat on the edge of the bed.

His room was always well organized and just decorated enough to know it was his.  He tried to not have too many pieces of memorabilia around, focusing more on the here and now that on his past.  It was clearly a man’s room, but you found comfort there during the few times you had visited.

Steve moved to sit next to you, his shoulder touching yours.  He leaned towards you slightly, nudging you a bit with a small laugh escaping his lips.  “You look like hell, (Y/N).  When was the last time you actually slept more than an hour?”

“The night before the party.”

“Damn.”  He reached for your hand, pushing himself up to stand in front of you.  “Alright, let’s remedy that.”  He directed you to the side of his bed and stood silently, waiting for you to make a move. When you didn’t, he slipped the robe off of you and gestured for you to get in.  Now that the thing you wanted was happening, you were more nervous than ever.

You silently crawled in, shifting until you were under the covers, laying your head on the pillow next to his.  You knew that you were staring at him, likely with a look of utter confusion, but you couldn’t force your eyes away.  You were definitely certain that your eyes were bulging out of your head when he climbed in next to you and you felt his body touching yours.

“Come here.”  He lifted his arm, inviting you to lie against his chest. As you shifted your position towards him and rested your cheek on his warm skin, you felt a kiss on the top of your head.  “I’ll protect you.”  


Maybe a movie would help to clear your mind; a nice romantic comedy, something light and fluffy.  It was late enough for the rest of the team to be in their rooms, likely enjoying the sound sleep that you so desperately desired.  You grabbed your slippers and headed towards the common room to distract yourself from the terrors that come every time you fall into that damn bed.

If you were going to be sneaky, then you might as well just do it right.  With a quick pass thru the kitchen, you loaded a plate full of cookies and grabbed a glass of milk before making your way to the couch.  Steve wasn’t here to give you the disapproving look that he used far too often, and no one was around to tattle.  

“FRIDAY,” you whispered into the darkness, “you never saw me.”

“I saw nothing, miss.” She whispered back, and you stifled a small laugh, impressed with the personality that Tony had designed for this A.I.

“Wait, before you ignore me completely, can you run a movie for me?  Something funny.  No blood, no fights, no…death.”

As you set your snack on the table and grabbed a soft, warm blanket, you dropped back onto the couch and sighed, hoping that this would get the sounds of battle out of your head. The screen lit up with FRIDAY’s selection; as the opening credits began you laughed, pleased with her choice for you.

What’s Your Number?  Nice, FRIDAY. Very nice.”  You tucked your feet up into the blanket, grabbing the plate of cookies, balancing it carefully on your lap.  “I see you appreciate gorgeous leading men like I do.”

“Mind if I join you? I can appreciate a naked Chris Evans as much as the next girl.”

Her voice startled you, jumping enough to drop the plate on the floor and cracking it in half. “Dammit, Nat!  Not cool!”  You bent down to clean up the mess with a huff, pissed that your attempt to cheat on your training diet was ruined.  “Why the hell are you awake?”

“I heard you.”  She jumped over the back of the couch, quickly wrapping herself in your blanket, leaving almost none for you.  “We’re gonna have to work on your stealth skills, (Y/N).”  

“Excuse me?  Manners?”

“What?”  She spoke with a mouth full of cookie, reaching for your glass of milk, “Since when don’t we share?”  Your stern look did nothing to stop her as she finished the entire drink quickly.  “Calm down, I’ll get more, you big baby.”

You laughed and grabbed her arm when she tried to stand, “No, no, it’s fine.  Stay.”  With a jolting tug, you pulled the blanket back so that you could both be covered and leaned against her, relaxing with the contact.  You both sat in silence as the movie continued, occasionally laughing quietly so as to not wake any of the others to interrupt this impromptu girls night.

“I still can’t sleep, Nat. Not since before the party.”  You wrapped your arm around hers, pulling yourself closer to her warmth.  “The nightmares just won’t stop.”

“Are you serious?! (Y/N), you need to find a way to rest. This isn’t healthy.”  

“Obvious statement of the day, thanks.”  

Natasha rested her head on yours with her arm around you, stroking your hair.  “I’ll stay here with you, okay?  You sleep, I’ll protect you.”  You hummed quietly in agreement, your eyes beginning to get heavy as you felt your muscles finally beginning to relax.

“Hey, wait,” she whispered, her tone suspicious, “that Evans kid looks an awful lot like Cap, don’t you think?”  

A Warrior’s Life

TITLE: A Warrior’s Life

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Sixteen

AUTHOR: wolfpawn


Imagine Viking Loki coming to your village, raiding and pillaging, before deciding there is something about you that intrigues him and deciding to take you back to Asgard with him. There, you are forced to learn a new life and language, and though you hate what has happened to you, you learn that Loki is not as bad as you think.

RATING: Mature.

Loki watched as Maebh jumped down from the horse before it even had a chance to stop and ran over to an eagerly awaiting Nafi, who immediately wrapped his arms around her waist. Loki watched them as he dismounted his horse and collected Maebh’s one before handing over both sets of reins to the farmhand, before walking over to his son with a content smile on his face. “Wait, why did Maebh get attention before me?” he feigned hurt.

“Well, why did you take longer to get off your horse to get over to him?” Maebh countered sticking her tongue out at him in jest. Nafi let go of her and ran to his father who knelt to embrace his son. “How about I finish making that dinner?” Maebh headed straight to the house, leaving father and son alone outside.

“Father?” Loki looked at his son. “Will you do some training with me like Maebh does?”

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HI I WAS TAGGED FOUR (4) PEOPLE @destination-unicornland @kpopworldofzodiacs @k-popping @blueberrytier

Rule: answer the 30 questions and tag 30 followers that you would like to know better

  1. Nickname: Emi, Ems, or Em
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  7. Favorite bands: I tried tbh to many
  8. Favorite solo artist(s): Again… too many
  9. Song stuck in my head: Sleepyhead, Passion Pit
  10. Last movie you watched?: El Dorado
  11. Last show you watched?: Criminal Minds
  12. When did you create my blog?: In 2016
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  14. Last thing you googled?: Q and A with FBI agents
  15. Do you have other blogs?: Yes, @clearly-kpop-trash @fykpopships @girls-like-girlgroups!!
  16. Do you get asks: Every once and awhile (and I love it, please give me more)
  17. Why did you choose this blog name?: IDK
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  20. Favorite colors: Blue, green, and black
  21. Average hours of sleep: 7
  22. Lucky number: 7
  23. Instruments: Piano, and ukulele 
  24. What am i wearing: A tee-shirt
  25. How many blankets i sleep with: 3
  26. Dream job: FBI agent
  27. Dream trip: Petra, Jordan
  28. Favorite food: PASTA
  29. Nationality: American
  30. Favorite song now: Screen, Twenty-One Pilots

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elenuvien  asked:

whenever there's a discourse about fans i realise that western fans seem to think almost everyone in japan watches anime and reads manga. that most queer people follow animanga hence majority of them have opinions about representation in this media. meanwhile, from what i know, while omnipresent it's something not enjoyed by many and even frowned upon as "immature". the idea that 99% of fans tweeting kubo is part of lgbtq and thus tells us how community feels about it is ridiculous.

Hope you don’t mind I answer this publicly but I just really wanted to address this because I feel like this is a common misunderstanding - Anime is not that mainstream in Japan, especially not how people imagine it to be.

The only anime that can be called “mainstream” are Studio Ghibli Movies (and now Kimi no Na wa) and animes for kids or for all ages, such as One Piece, Detective Conan, Doraemon, Pokemon, Sazae-san, Chibi Maruko-chan, etc. These are the animes that everyone knows, that are regularly used in advertisements, and referred to in Pop Culture.

Other animes do not share this wide audience. They show late at night and are targeted to those, mostly teenagers and young adults, who regularly watch anime and buy their merchandise. That’s why the anime industry is structured the way it is. That’s why every season there’s always a couple animes with cute girls for the otaku dudes who like that stuff, and a couple animes with pretty boys for the fujoshis who like that stuff. That’s why the majority of anime is based off of a manga or light novel or video game. It’s all about drawing from audiences that are already there.

YOI has managed to draw some more viewers- namely skating fans, due to its exposure from Evgenia and Johnny Weir, but for the most part its Japanese fandom is still majorly straight women who enjoy anime focused on relationships between two pretty men. And everyone knows that.

Japanese LGBT communities have been silent about YOI, and the Japanese LGBT people I asked this about theorized that it was because it wasn’t really a big deal. They’ve seen homoerotic relationships between men before in BL-ish anime targeted to women. That’s not what they’re interested in. Hourou Musuko - an anime not targeted to fujoshis, otakus, focusing on transgender characters and the difficulties they face - that’s something. A mainstream anime having a clear, confirmed lgbt character who was depicted positively - that’d be amazing. A character saying clearly “I am gay” on a mainstream anime- that’d be ground breaking. (Think how many times have you heard an anime character say that??)

But all in all, characters who are implied to be lgbt aren’t all that uncommon in anime. But either they’re targeted to otakus or fujoshis, they’re too ambiguous, or most people don’t watch it or take it seriously (usually a combo of all three) which is why Japanese LGBT websites and magazines focus on dramas and live-action movies.

(On a sidenote: Are people really saying that Kubo is in the LGBT community? Seriously??? This is the woman who said “I don’t draw yuri because I really like men” like what is this bs)

edit: Elenuvian later commented that they meant “western fans thinking that 99% of the Japanese fans who tweet Kubo are lgbt, which is ridiculous” not “western fans think that Kubo is lgbt”. But yeah both are ridiculous.

10-Richardson's Graveyard AKA Witch's Hollow

jeffkillszombies submitted:

I saw that you followed me and I was intrigued. After reading a few of the stories on here, I decided I’d share my own. I used to live in a small town call Douglas in Massachusetts. Nearby in Rhode Island, at a location I don’t care to mention as I have far too much respect for this place, is a graveyard in the woods. It’s hard to research online for some reason, even though it’s registered and everything.
My father took us there once as small children to scare us (and it worked) and he used to tell us stories about the place. Supposedly one of the women buried there, a Judah Daley, was murdered for being a witch (not sure how. Burned maybe?) It’s odd that she’s buried there as she has no relation to the Richardson family, who make up the rest of the graveyard (as well as a series of small, uncut stone markers people have told me would be the graves of their slaves. Nice, I know.

Anyways, her grave looks practically untouched by time, even though it’s the oldest grave there. All the other graves are crumbling or have been destroyed by local kids, but hers remains untouched. Except for the large hole in front of it that’s filled in with stones. But when my father was young, it didn’t used to be. According to him, any dog that goes anywhere near that graveyard goes crazy and tries to dig up her grave for no apparent reason, which explains why it would be filled with stones. He brought his own dog there once and said it had similar results of the dog starting to act insane even before they stepped foot in the place, so he fled quickly.

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Lachlan Murdoch Appreciation Post

This is probably way long overdue but this guitar video just made me wanna write this so let’s begin because I don’t have much else to do and way too much free time on my hands.

Clearly he is a guy of MANY talents. He can act, play instruments and he’s probably a very good comedian considering I’m usually in fits of laughter after watching some scene or other in Murdoch Mysteries.

It’s very clear he absolutely loves music. He said in an interview if he’s at home, he loves to play music or read. And from what I can see, he’s a bit of an all rounder with the string family. First the ukulele, and now the guitar. Play at my birthday please Lachlan? I don’t know of any guy these days that reads for fun. Mainly because I live in England and not a really great part so all the boys do around here is go out and try to act cool when all they’re doing is booking themselves a one way trip to prison. Moving on….

I also don’t know of many guys who would RECORD THEMSELVES PLAYING THE GUITAR JUST TO PROMOTE THEIR GIRLFRIENDS ONE NIGHT SHOW. If that doesn’t spell romantic I don’t know what does because this guy is amazing and Julie Nesrallah probably squealed when she watched this. I know I did. But that’s because I’m a nerd and this guy’s one of my favourite humans on planet earth.

Charity seems to be really important to Lachlan as well. This was taken at the Starlight Canada Charity Gala this year. Lady on the right is Jacqueline Mein from Toys R Us in case anybody is wondering. He also made it to Restaurants for Change with Julie back in 2016, and I don’t know about you guys, but a guy who does stuff for charity is a guy I wanna meet. Not that I didn’t wanna meet him already, I did.

COMEDY IS HIS STRONGPOINT I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH! His line delivery is on point when it comes to the comedy scenes in Murdoch Mysteries. You need an example? I could give you several but I’ll give you just one.

Probably Lachlan’s best known seen ever in Murdoch Mysteries, he absolutely nailed this scene from start to finish. For someone who is British, the fake British accent was on point. It definitely sounds like the pompous gits who live in Kensington and drink tea on their golden threaded pillows. I’m genuinely hoping when Murdoch Mysteries ends, Lachlan goes on to do his own comedy show or something. Or maybe some spin off series with Higgins, that’d be awesome. People always say Lachlan’s still finding his way as an actor, but have you seen this? And all of his other scenes from recent seasons? It’s been almost 10 years of Murdoch Mysteries, I think we can safely say he’s found his way. And his way as an actor, absolutely rocks.

And Lachlan is grateful for all the work he’s been given. In the same interview he gave to The Hook, he said he’s proud to be a part of Murdoch Mysteries and the CBC.

So, after this incredibly long post, and if you’ve read it all then congratulations to you! Have a cookie on me! But if you have made it this far, what can we take away from this?

That Lachlan Murdoch needs more appreciation for his incredible acting skills, and that those of us who love him will probably continue to love him for his work for as long as we all live.

anonymous asked:

Does second hand pleasure mean like....he got off to the book? Because good on our bb for being so open about that 😉

yes i am…….,,, assuming he means that kdskdkg he’s talked about watching n downloading porn and having boners on stage plus talked openly about these things many other times so he’s not too squeamish about it clearly

Here it goes again. The trouble of “Trouble” READ IT!

The story starts in 2013 a little after BTS debut. At the time nobody knows about the “Trouble” song. At least I didn’t. Accidentally I found that video ( where in description it clearly says “I guess that’s Jin’s voice? right?”  

But God little I know that my mistake would lead to this….So I post this vid here without SUCH REMARK without all these “maybes” and “guesses”. 

The problem at the time was that we didn’t have much songs of RM and we DIDN’T HEAR HIM SINGING. So I too as well as many of people though that maybe it’s Jin’s voice there cuz c’mon RM doesn’t sing (remind you. 2013. a little after debut). 

The problem of all of there that it WAS ALL SPREAD OUT without these “guesses” and “maybes” so people just saw it and began thinking that IT’S OFFICIALLY JIN. But there’s nothing official. NOTHING! 

At least THIS should be a warning for you claiming “Trouble” as a duo song. 

Later on, we were lucky to have other RM’s songs such as “Too much” and “Something”. AND! We heard him singing! And if you listen and compare YOU WILL REALIZE THAT IT’S RAP MONSTER WHO SINGS IN “TROUBLE” and NOT JIN! 

It’s 2016 now and if you’re with the boys since the debut I guess you can easily differ their voices from each other. So if you still don’t believe me then play the “Trouble” and turn up the volume to the max. For better effect out earphones and LISTEN CAREFULLY! Without the addiction to namjin. Be adequate, pls. And if you know RM’s voice by heart and heard him singing you’ll UNDERSTAND THAT IT IS HIM! AND NOT ANYONE ELSE! “TROUBLE” is RM’S SOLO! JFC! 

I was really glad to find some people in the comments under the video I put above saying the same thing. That there’s no Jin. True ARMYs and especially RM’s fans know better. 

All I want to say that I’m so tired of proving this. Yes, there was my mistake cuz I didn’t put this “guess” and people believed me. BUT NOW THEY DENY TO BELIEVE ME WHEN I WANT TO DAMN FIX IT! 

So if you still stand for the opinion of “Trouble” as a duo song, I strongly advice you at least to find the roots of it. Because it’s all started because of that video. And it didn’t confirm Jin’s voice. NOTHING DID OMG! 

“Any plans?”Fitzsimmons 3x20

It’s a tiny moment in 3x20, just one sentence and a touch of hands but it made me so happy because it just shows that in the middle of tragedy and drama Fitzsimmons find balance in their relationship

They have lots of work to do. Daisy is breaking into base’s security, Mack’s still recovering so it’s up to Fitz only to “Daisyproof” the base, spending “all his time" doing so, while he admits he needs extra seven hands. Imagine how busy he must be, how tired, after constantly fighting Daisy off, and like he said - she leaves one spot just to come back in the other. Jemma understands this. It’s work time, it’s time to focus and do the job at hand. So she’s there with him, helping as much as she can even if it’s just handing him tools or keeping him company. 

I find this short scene much more comforting then if it would be them sneaking around the base to steal heated kisses, like so many couples in the first stage. Fitz doesn’t try to rush his work to spend time with Jemma. He doesn’t try to blew May off. He knows his job is important and he has to focus on this. Jemma understands it too, she knows that even though she clearly has more free time than he has (I mean her work was basically watching Lincoln at this scene?) it doesn’t mean he will do things faster to join her, she just patiently waits. It’s healthy. They both have their lives and being together doesn’t mean they stopped being individuals. And when Fitz is done, and he’s not sure if he has a minute of spare time or an hour, he turns to her and says “I have time for you now. It’s not much, but that’s all I have in this hectic moment and until something happens I have this time for YOU. What do you want to do?” And Jemma happily goes to him. Sure, it turns out that they have like 20 seconds before May barges in, but they are not angry at her and not trying to run away from another task they were given. They used their tiny moment it was their own even if it was brief. They listen and they go back to heir tasks, because as soon as they do them they will have another spare minute for themselves.

The reason why it’s calling to me so much is because I’ve seen so many fresh couples falling for the “we have to spend every second together doing couple things” trap. Women and men going all mad at the other because while one of them has free time the other is busy and saying “don’t you love me? Why you don’t have time for me?”. It’s a trap because hey, it’s great you two love each other but life happens, sometimes people have so much responsibilities and work to do that at the end of the day they barely have the energy to move, let alone make great romantic gestures. Because sometimes love is in a smile and a brush of hands during 20 seconds you have for each other that couldn’t be planned because you don’t know when it would occur, how long it would last and when it would end. Because sometimes love is just sitting in the same room, making sure to handle the other tools they need, or smiling at them to show them support. 

Because Fitzsimmons doesn’t have to make out in the corner to prove to us that they love each other, they do this with every heartbeat.

anonymous asked:

Ok so I have this prompt that just won't leave me be lol. It's Demon Tom x Angel Marco and it's like forbidden love meets teenage angst and I was wondering if you could please write this for me

Of course I would write it for yu! I had fun with this one! It’s suprizingly not angsty! Enjoy!


Marco looked around the field on earth. It was the only place he was allowed to see his lover without fear of being caught. He was late for their meeting, which wasn’t like him. But Marco’s nerves were settled when he felt a pair of warm hands wrap around him from behind. Marco smiled and turned around to see the demon he had come here to meet.

“Tom!” He exclaimed. Marco kissed the demon. Tom smiled at him.

“Sorry I’m so late, I had to slip behind Mephistophiles so he wouldn’t see me leave.” Tom explained. Marco nodded.

“How long can we keep this up?” Marco asked.

“We’re immortal. I was thinking forever.” Tom suggested. Marco laughed.

“Seriously. We can’t keep running around pretending we aren’t going anywhere. Other angels are starting to get suspicious.” Marco warned.

“Every demon has been on my case about it too.” Tom admitted. He looked over his shoulder, actually worried he might have been followed. Marco sighed and shook his head.

“This is too much.” marco admitted. Tom got a sad look on his face.

“Do you… want to end it?” Tom asked, he blinked back tears. Marco shook his head and kissed him deeply.

“No, no, no! Tom of course not!” He assured. “I just don’t want us both to get into trouble we can’t get out of.” Marco said. Tom nodded and kissed him again. The couple smiled at each other, their romantic moment was cut off when they heard a shout behind them.

“Tom?” The two whirled around to see a demon approach. Tom froze.

“Ch-Chet! What are you doing here?” He asked the demon.

“Looking for you moron! You ran out! And what the hell is an angel doing here!?” Chet demanded. He raised a fiery fist ready to harm the angel.

“No stop!” Tom cried. Chet stopped, confused.

“Why?” Chet asked. Tom looked nervous and shared glances with Marco.

“B-because… I am going to fight him!” Tom declared. “I um… Mephistophiles sent me to fight this angel!” Tom explained. Marco nodded.

“Yes! And Providence sent me to fight you! F-foul…demon.” Marco tried. Tom pretended to punch Marco in the face. Marco pretended that it hurt and he fell to the ground. He then got up and pretended to yank Tom’s hair, causing him to fall to the floor.

“You okay babe?” Marco whispered. Tom nodded.

“Yeah I’m good.” Tom assured. Chet watched the two pretend to fight for a little while. “Chet! Save yourself!” Tom cried.

“I’ll kill you!” Marco cried, unenthusiastically. Tom (fake) punched him in the heart and Marco pretended to fall down into his arms, fake dead.

“It’s over. I won. I slayed the angel!” Tom announced. Chet wiped away some tears.

“You were amazing, and I love you and I’m proud. You served your kingdom well.” Chet told him. He looked down at Marco, who was clearly not dead. “This war has taken too many lives.” Chet clenched his fists. “I have to go. I can’t watch anymore.” A tear streaked down his face and Tom nodded.

“Take as much time as you need, dude.” he assured. Chet nodded, and vanished. Marco sat up in Tom’s arms.

“Wow… he is really… um… what’s a not rude way to call somebody an idiot?” Marco asked. Tom started laughing.

“For Chet? There’s no not rude way to say it.” Tom admitted. Marco looked at where the demon had disappeared.

“Okay well… if he’s our biggest threat as of now… maybe we can keep this up for a while.” Marco suggested. He kissed the demon on the cheek. Tom blushed and started to burn up the grass around his feet.

“I’d like that.”

re: varys’ sexuality

an argument can be made that there could have been a better candidate for ace representation, but the show makes it pretty clear that he wasn’t interested in anyone’s genitals before he was castrated and nothing has changed (and what is or is not between your legs does not dictate who you are or are not attracted to)

and while castration usually happened to pre-pubescents (and we get into murky waters as far as normal development is concerned) in varys’ case it was part of a blood magic ritual that could have happened much later on (if anyone can tell me his actual age at the time that would be swell)

so as far as that matter is concerned if it did happen at an earlier age, varys could have said ‘i was merely a boy’ or something instead of very clearly stating that he did not partake 

which is why i interpreted the whole scene as varys being asexual 

anonymous asked:

could you please tell me the story of zalfie? i love the couple but i havent been here since the beggining so...

you want me to tell a story worth of 3 and a half years hahaha??!?!??!?? ok, lets see:

basically back in july 2012, a 22 year old zoe likes a 18 year old alfie’s video, and they start to talk. she actually saw him in a youtube event where he was sitting with another girl on his lap. she was thinking she’s a beauty girl none other youtubers know of. he was part of a popular among fangirls british youtube boys crew. so they didn’t meet there. she was also just coming out of a breakup and having a rough time. but she decided to like one of his videos, they started to talk on twitter, she asked for his phone, he asked for her skype. zoe queued to meet alfie (and marcus) with joe and louise at SITC (a youtube event) in 2012. they instantly become friends. (read this part from my post:

they become inseparable, made live shows together, videos together and their chemistry was so obvious they were shipped almost since day 1. alfie was so love eyes, so obviously into her. he only had a girlfriend when he was 15, so at 18 he was pretty inexperienced. she was much older and had several long term relationships which were all pretty bad as she mentioned. she was clearly into him too since they never left each others side, but alfie’s crush must be the cutest thing to watch on youtube back in late 2012 and early 2013. there are several younows and vlogs and main channel videos you need to watch in a chronological order to understand the magic. 

they made videos in both their channels in 2013 february, valentines day videos. basically friendzoned each other and said they would be disgusting. and all you could see in the video is how they were crushing SO HARD. it is adorable. probably they started to date sometime after that video, maybe even the same day. but another zalfie special: they never said when they started dating.

then the shipping became so overwhelming to the point that each and every video/vlog of their friend group (marcus, joe, louise, jim, tanya, louis) were being watched to find a zalfie clue. even zalfie were in the same room, the videos were flooded with “zalfie” comments. it was a crazy time apparently. there were several slip ups and people were going crazy with zalfie shipping but they never made it public until august 2013 jim accidentally outed them. the day they announced they were together “zalfie” “alfie and zoe” were trending for hours worldwide. 

they both vlogged rarely back then, and there were rare zalfie in main channel videos. pure zalfie drought. people were dying to see what their interaction is like. then the best period for zalfie shippers started with the famous 2013 vlogmas where people see their daily interactions in vlogs for the first time. they were adorable beyond expectations. you just need to go back and watch vlogmas 2013 on both their vlogging channels and watch that famous zalfie younow in december 2013.

after vlogmas then again there was zalfie drought and people were craving for zalfie after seeing how cute they are in real life during vlogmas. in the first half of 2014 zoe vlogged a lot and it was a glorious time filled with zalfie. then the best thing happened and alfie started daily vlogging in june 2014! to this day he still is vlogging. and there are so many cute vlogs so many cute memories. even after 3 years, zalfie moments still get you, seeing a genuine zalfie moment and their real chemistry in a vlog is still the CUTEST thing you can watch on youtube. maybe after cute babies if you like them.

you can see all zalfie moments in my blog’s achieves starting from may 2014 (wish i was here earlier). so the best way to catch up with zalfie is watch their videos/vlogs/younows in chronological order to see how a love story came to life in front of your eyes.

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Antis think WE are being mocked but uhhh have they watched the same vid we are?? Antis believe it's his baby so this video is then disrespecting louis and his baby it's calling him fake and comparing his photo to a photo of a dog😩😩 seriously can they think more clearly and this vid is being posted multiple times with the message to search larry from an antis viewpoint they should see this as mocking louis & his baby not us & if it is mocking us like they believe I rlly don't give a fuck😊

Far too many antis have “THEY R MAKING FUN OF U DUM LARRIEZ” on a loop in their head that there’s not much room for anything else… like considering why TMZ would post it 14 fucking times if it was just to make fun of us, or why it’s the only video in their About tab on their facebook page, or why they REALLY want the general public to investigate babygate and Larry?