clearly i have a huge problem


1- Randy Orton commits arson.
2- Bray Wyatt baptizes himself with the ashes of his dead sister.
3- Xavier Woods says “I’m the only one that blows my girl”.
4- Brock Lesnar: “I don’t give a shit about your kids”.
5- John Cena calls The Miz a “puss”.
6- The name of a segment was actually “Total Bellas Bulls***”
7- Seth Rollins commits arson and probably killed a security guard (trailer of WWE 2k18)
8- Casshole
9- “Big E, let’s just keep it PG, you know what’s good. Just don’t get all rated-R, like your boy Xavier Woods”.
10- Big Cass to Seth Rollins: “No matter what you have been telling yourself the past few years… Size does matter”.
11- AJ Styles to The Miz (and Maryse): “After the beating I gave you, I’m surprised you don’t perform with a limp. Or does he, Maryse?”
12- Enzo Amore “naked”.
14- Rusev to Big Cass: “Your boy has a huge problem.”
Enzo Amore (who is “naked”): “I woulnd’t call it a problem.”
15- Randy  Orton: “Clearly, Miz, you are an expert with playing with yourself.”
16- Lana “cheats” on her husband seducing Enzo Amore in a hotel room.
17- Roman Reigns almost kills Braun Strowman when crashed an ambulance where Braun was in.
18- Eva Marie has a “wardrobe malfunction”.
19- Sasha to Charlotte: “If it wasn’t for a one night stand you probably wouldn’t be standing here”.
20- The Rock, Lana and Rusev segment on The Rock’s return to Raw (“she’s flexible as hell”).‘
21- Dean Ambrose drops Jericho on a pile of thumbtacks (and then they post a video of the thumbtacks being removed from Chris’ body).
22- Paige to Charlotte referring to Charlotte’s brother who tragically died of a heroin overdose at the age of 25: “Your little baby brother didn’t have much fight in him, did he?”
23- Nikki Bella to Brie Bella: “I wish you died in the womb”.
24- CM Punk bathes himself and The Undertaker in the supposed ashes of Paul Bearer.
25- Kevin Owens says that Tom Phillips’s iPad password is “6969” and that he was “disgusting”.
26- Enzo running into Ric Flair on the way to the hotel room (where he has the intention of sleeping with a married woman) and assuring him he “won’t be SAWFT".
27- The Miz to Renee Young: “My obsession with Dean Ambrose? You’re the one sleeping with him!”
28- Paige licking Natalya’s face in a very sexual way.
29- Big Cass threatens to break Enzo’s neck.
30- Vince McMahon says to Shane McMahon he will have one more chance to give him a fucking beating.
31- CM Punk refuses to shake Stephanie McMahon’s hand because “he knows where that hand has been”. 32- AJ Lee says in her Pipe Bombshell: “I didn’t get here… because I SUCKED up to the right people.
33- Ric Flair tells Natalya to kill herself
34- Brie Bella to Stephanie McMahon “You’re so pathetic, you’re such a bitch”.
35- AJ Lee says to Nikki and Brie: “Talent is not sexually transmitted”.
36- Maryse to John Cena: “You know what they say, the bigger the ego the smaller the package.”
37- Paige: “Then you got Lana and Summer too busy trying to figure out who they want to climb onto next rather than the Divas division”.
38- CM Punk to Christian: “Unlike you I don’t waste all these people’s time by bitching and moaning… and bitching, and bitching, and bitching, and bitching, and bitching, and bitching, and bitching, and bitching, and bitching, and bitching, and bitching".
39- Paul Heyman: “Do you and your wife roleplay? Because I’m all about the roleplay”.
41- Bray Wyatt pours a bucket full of blood on Finn Bálor.
42- AJ Styles to Kevin Owens: “You know what I don’t like? A whiny ass lil’ bitch like you!”
43- Roman Reigns to John Cena: “On top of that he’s a part time fake ass bitch”.
44- “John: You come out here with your zipper open.
Roman: I busted it actually, Big Dog.
John: Oh sorry I was just looking for you balls but you don’t got none.
Roman: You would be looking for those.”
45- Roman calling Cena “bitch” multiple times during his promos.
46- Kevin Owens beating a poor old man… aka Vince McMahon.
47- Roman Reigns about Cena: “Sometimes he says stupid shit”.
48- Kevin Owens saying to Shane McMahon that his family would have been better if he hadn’t survived the helicopter accident.
49- Kevin Owens clearly saying “Come on, motherfucker” to Shane McMahon.
50-Kevin Owens to Shane: “I will take your face and grind it against the cage until your flesh comes off”. And, well, his entire promo.

Malec Fic Rec

*** So we’re around a month into the break from Shadowhunters and I’m already not surviving very well, so what better way to make up for that then reading fanfics? I’ve been hoarding fics on my phone for a while now and here’s the first lot that I thought i’d share ***

Strange Love by arandomfan91 46.6k

Alec is in love with Magnus. Magnus needs Alec to be his fake boyfriend. What could possibly go wrong?

Pillow Talk by lacheses 26.5k

Alec Lightwood falls in love, one nap at a time.

Invictus by Lecrit 30.2k

“You should get a tattoo.”

Alec firmly believed in coincidences, in the serendipity that could bring the hazards of life, but even he could admit that sometimes, things seemed to happen for a reason. He was too much of a pragmatic person to truly believe in fate and destiny.

So even when Jace blurted those words at him as he stumbled into his shop, they remained abstract concepts to him, no matter how it nudged at the back of his mind.

Hath no Fury by SilverMirror12 4.8k

“Magnus—” Clary looked back up, and immediately wished she hadn’t. The cold, ancient fury that was rapidly settling into his skin made her flinch instinctively. She waited for a light bulb to break, or the floor to start trembling, but nothing happened. Magnus had a tight rein on his magic, and that frightened Clary more than any outburst. She was abruptly reminded of how warlocks were born.

To Endure by thisissirius 7.3k

“I can’t watch you die again,” Alec blurts out. He rubs his hands against his knees, looks up at Magnus through his lashes. “I don’t want to do this anymore.”

A time loop threatens to confine alec to a lifetime of losing magnus.

After Dark by theprophetlemonade 14.5k

Ten incidents of Alexander Lightwood sharing a bed with someone else. (Mainly Magnus.)

Alec Lightwood’s Drunken Adventures by Lecrit 21k

A series of works based upon drunk!alec.

Coffee Shop Dalliance by AlxSteele 4.9k

Everyone who worked at and frequented J&L Coffee knew two things for sure. The first was that Simon under no circumstances should be allowed anywhere near the expensive coffee machines unless they wanted to destroy the coffee shop. The second was that the beautiful glittery man that sat in the front corner of the shop every day sketching and the dark-haired boy who sat in the back corner reading (and happened to be Isabelle the barista’s brother) were made for each other.

Also known as: the one where Magnus and Alec have been pining over each other across a crowded coffee shop for eight months and Isabelle is tired of it.

This could be the start by beautifulbane 41k

Alec Lightwood’s senior year had been going perfectly. He’d just finished a successful season as his school’s quarterback, was still going strong with his longtime girlfriend, head-cheerleader Lydia Branwell, and his grades remained straight A’s — that was until he realized he needed a theatre credit to graduate.

Forced to join his school’s drama club and audition for a part in their upcoming play, Alec meets Magnus Bane. Free-spirited, openly bisexual, and extreme theatre geek Magnus Bane.

Even though the two immediately clash, Magnus helps Alec realize things about himself that he’d been keeping long hidden: from both himself and the people around him.

Hold on to me by softlightwood 3.9k

 "What happened?“ Alec asks, and he very suddenly notices the three huge tears in the fabric over Magnus’ torso. The shirt isn’t being held together by much and this at least allows him to tear it off swiftly, finding gauges made clearly by claws. "Is this the worst of it? Are you hurt anywhere else?”

“I think I may have sprained my ankle” Magnus answers thoughtfully. “And my pride. But that’s the main source of the problem, I imagine”

Sleeping Beauty by vulturemonem 2.2k

Magnus’ bed looked so nice and warm and comforting, and Raziel, it smelt like Magnus, all over, and Alec wanted to bury himself in it and never leave. Even his pillow smelt of Magnus’ shampoo.


When Alec gets home from a mission absolutely exhausted, all he wants to do is get home and cuddle with his boyfriend.

I don’t think we’ve been formally introduced by Amifall, Rahar_Moonfire 70k

Magnus felt exhausted. He was panting, trying hard to catch his breath. Turning his head to look at the man next to him and was met with glowing hazels. If he hadn’t been here himself he’d not believe what had happened. He’d learned that Alexander wasn’t keen on talking about his thoughts and feelings, that Alexander showed his feelings through actions. And Magnus had to admit, Alexander had some serious action going on.

Never Better by satonawall 3.6k

Three times Alec offers to give Magnus a backrub + one time Magnus asks for one.

So Bright by lemonoclefox 17.5k

Alec has come out, but that doesn’t stop his parents from their continuous attempts to set him up with a nice shadowhunter girl. So, what better way to finally get them off his back, than to say he has a boyfriend? Problem solved. Except they now apparently want to meet this guy, who doesn’t exist. Thankfully, Magnus Bane – who encouraged Alec to come out in the first place, and whose silent crush on Alec is just as bad as Alec’s crush on him – is more than happy to help. Even if the night doesn’t end up going entirely as planned.

anonymous asked:

your tags about clary is on point. i thought i was the only one who's getting tired of her seeking for help and then completely ignoring what they say. tired of them writing her as wanting to prove herself and then completely proving the point that she's not yet ready. (funny how they killed jocelyn off bec they want her to grow but that's still not happening)

yeah like in season 1 i was (mostly) fine with it (aside from the “we’re all downworlders” bullshit) because she was so new and scared for her mother, and everything was happening so fast. and actually, in 1x13 you could see some development when she sat down with simon and told him that even though the deal with camille was important to wake her mother, she wanted simon’s explicit approval to go ahead because of what camille had done to him. i really liked that scene; i thought it showed a bit of growth because for once, she wasn’t putting her own needs ahead of someone else’s.

but in s2, it’s like she hasn’t…learned anything? and the biggest problem in season 2 isn’t even her behavior but that no one is calling her out on it. luke didn’t call her out on not trusting him re: cleophas even though he’s literally helped raise her and has never once shown himself to be dishonest or incompetent. in fact, she was even framed as being “smart” bc she recognized that cleophas called her clarissa like – no, you were still dumb as hell. no one’s said a word about her (and jace) leaving dot and gretel behind. magnus still doesn’t know that dot was alive the last time clary saw her. 

when iris returns in 1x09, i’m guessing they won’t let magnus say anything about how clary didn’t fucking listen to him despite how he tried to warn her, and that whatever’s happening to her is, you know, her fault. or if he does say something, it’ll be passed over and she won’t ever learn or apologize.

i don’t really have an issue with flawed characters – i love all my messy children who fuck up – but it’s a huge problem when they aren’t being called out on it or framed as if they’re in the wrong. the other characters are clearly being written around her selfishness as if she isn’t behaving that way and it shows.

Warmth x If Looks Could Kill

This is a little different to what I usually write, but I’ve spent the last few days on it and I hope you all enjoy it. Some people have mentioned that they’d like if my imagines had more of a story to them so I hope this, somehow, takes that on board. Enjoy.💗

It wasn’t that [Y/N] didn’t like Justin. She tried to get along with him, but with his smart comments and rudeness towards her, it was difficult for her to carry on her easy attitude when she was around him.

She found it hard to bare when she had to sit next to him on the couch when the rest of the group had taken every other space, so when she was forced to sit next to him in the car, on a two hour journey, she could’ve cried.

“Why didn’t we set off this morning? It’s gonna be late by the time we get there,” Justin said to no one in particular.

“That’s a good point, guys,” [Y/N] said. “Justin has to be in bed by seven o'clock.”

“Woah, that’s clever,” he replied with a sarcastic tone. “You’re a year older than me. It just means you’ll most likely die first.” Turning to look at him, he had a smirk on his face.

“If it means I’ll get away from you sooner, bring it on.” She sent him a fake smile.

“C'mon, you two. The whole point of this trip is to get away from everything. It’s a little hard when you two are bickering constantly.” Kendall said from the front seat while Justin glared at [Y/N].

“Yeah, I know,” Justin said. “We’ve all been stressed with work. Me with my tour, Kendall with her shows, Khalil in the studio, Kylie with her promo. Tell me, [Y/N], when was the last time you hit the studio?” He turned to look at her and her mouth fell open.

“You wouldn’t know because you don’t bother to ask,” she said.

“I was in the studio with her last week,” Kylie said from beside [Y/N], finally making a contribution to the conversation.

“Can you guys just shut up? If you’re not gonna be civil with each other, don’t speak to each other,” Khalil shouted from the driver’s seat.

“I’m just wondering why the fuck you made us sit next each other when you know I can’t stand her,” Justin muttered childishly and [Y/N] couldn’t help but roll her eyes.

“Think of this as a sort of retreat. You might actually get along once this weekend is over,” Khalil replied, still keeping his eyes on the road.

[Y/N] sighed before pulling her earphones out of the back pocket of her jeans. Plugging them into her phone, she could feel Justin’s gaze on her.

“Say something and I won’t be held responsible for any of your injuries,” she said, not looking at him for even a split second.

“I’m not even gonna waste my breath on you,” he said. “Wait, is that my album?” he asked, and she felt his arm pushing into her own as he leaned over her.

Sighing, she turned to look at him. “Yes, Justin, that is your album,” she said monotonous. “Because unlike your attitude and your face, your music is actually pleasant.”

He stayed silent after that and she took each earphone and placed them in her ear. She was able to sit in silent without the sound of Justin’s voice every so often. For that, she was thankful.

Since she wasn’t near the window, she wasn’t able to look out at the scenery. Instead, she let her eyes rest ahead of her at the open road. It helped to make it seem as though time was passing rather quickly.

It wasn’t long before they turned into a gas station on the highway. She took her earphones out and wrapped them around her phone before sliding it into her back pocket.

“I need to fill up the car and we should be able to make it in the next hour. Kendall, grab me anything,” Khalil said as he climbed out of the car and proceeded to fill the car with petrol.

Whilst he did so, the rest of them walked up towards the twenty-four hour store. [Y/N] could see a few people taking out their phones and snapping photos of them.

“Why do they take photos? Why not come over and speak to us?” Justin said as he walked behind [Y/N] through the door.

“You’re hardly a pleasant person to have a conversation with,” she muttered quietly, unsure if he’d heard.

“I’m a fucking delight to talk to,” he spat, probably frowning at her as he spoke. “If you weren’t so annoying, you’d know.”

“That’s funny, I don’t see people queuing to talk to you,” she hit back and he glared at her.

It was as though they couldn’t refrain from taking hits at each other. As much as [Y/N] tried to bite back her words, she couldn’t help but say what was on her mind whenever he spoke. She knew the feelings were mutual.

“Just shut the fuck up and get what you want so we can go,” he said, wandering around the store.

“You better buy something,” she said quickly. “You’ve done this before, you don’t buy anything and then you regret it like, half an hour into the trip and you steal my food.”

She could see the top of Kendall’s and Kylie’s head over the shelves.

“Maybe if you didn’t buy so much I wouldn’t steal it. I’m really thinking of you,” he smirked, although it shifted when he could see people outside pointing their phones through the window.

She just shook her head at him before making her way around the store. She took advantage of grabbing bags of candy and bottles of water, and pretty much anything she could get her hands on. Justin may have been right, but it didn’t stop her.

She found Kendall and Kylie, each with their own food and drinks and with them, she walked up to the counter where a short man with a thick moustache stood waiting. They each dropped their items onto the counter and they crinkled and clattered.

He smiled at them before beginning to scan them one by one. Beside her, [Y/N] could feel Justin’s body heat and saw his arm reach out to drop a packet of gum onto the pile. As she looked up at him, he grinned sarcastically at her as though to say ‘there you go’, indicating to their previous conversation, before dropping it off of his face.

Splitting the money three ways, they each handed the man a certain amount. It seemed to be a chore for him to take three piles and count them but he didn’t complain.

It wasn’t long before they were walking out into the warm air, a bag now swinging from [Y/N]’s hand.

“Excuse me,” [Y/N] heard a voice say from behind her. She turned to see two women. “Would we be able to have a photo of you two? Our daughters are huge fans,” the tallest of the two said.

Kendall and Kylie were already stood next to Khalil by the car, chatting away. Justin was clearly having the intention to do the same because he started to walk passed.

“Of course, no problem,” [Y/N] smiled at them politely. “Justin!” She shouted in a way that - she hoped - didn’t sound too rude. He heard him sigh before turning on his feet. A smile lit up his face.

“Hi, ladies,” he said, “I don’t actually do photos, I prefer to talk and connect with people-”

“But he’s willing to turn a new leaf,” [Y/N] interrupted him.

“No, [Y/N], I’m not. You have your way of doing it, I have mine. Don’t tell me what to do.”

“Justin, these ladies want a photo of the two of us for their daughters. I respect the fact that you want it to be more than just a photo, but they’re not here for you to speak to them so would you just do this one little thing?” She ranted quietly so that it minimised the chance of the women hearing, although she knew they had. She also tried to keep her friendly tone towards Justin but knew she’d most likely failed.

“Fine,” he spat but with his lips tugged up into a smile. He looked behind her and at the two women who looked extremely uncomfortable. “Sorry about that, [Y/N] can be a little bit demanding sometimes,” he said and [Y/N]’s mouth dropped open.

[Y/N] turned to look at Justin and all he did was grin. She could feel genuine anger towards him then.

“Smile, [Y/N].” Justin said, wrapping his arm around her shoulder and pulling her into his body. She felt his warmth and it annoyed her how soothing it was.

She turned properly so that she was facing the phone that was now pointed at her and Justin. She smiled, even as his hand was burning into the skin of her shoulder.

Once he’d removed it, then she could breathe. The two women thanked them continuously and [Y/N] had to assure them it was their pleasure. Justin did too, once she’d elbowed him in the ribs.

“That wasn’t so hard, was it?” she said as they walked back towards the car where Khalil, Kendall and Kylie were all sat inside, waiting.

“I’ll admit you had a point,” he said. “But still, fuck you,” he quickly added.

She didn’t reply as she climbed back into the car with Justin not far behind her.

The sky was getting dark, and she didn’t have to guess that it’d be pitch black by the time they arrived. She could already see the moon beginning to make an appearance in the sky.

Before she knew it, they were on the road again and Justin was fidgeting beside her. She bit her tongue so hard she thought it might start bleeding.

He started to bounce his leg up and down and it rubbed against her own. She turned to glare at him and he must have noticed, or felt, his gaze because he turned to watch her. He showed no emotion.

“Problem?” he asked.

“Stop it,” she said simply.

“I’m not doing anything,” he replied, his face still showing no expression and his lips weren’t curling up into a smirk for once.

Gritting her teeth, she slapped her hand against his thigh, pressing down against it. That was when the grin set on his face and it sent annoyance rushing through her body.

“Go ahead. Slide your hand up if you want,” he rasped before letting a deep chuckle erupt through his throat. “Seriously though, don’t touch me,” he frowned, throwing her hand away, causing it to land in her lap.

“Stop shaking your leg.”

“Thankfully, you don’t have the right to tell me what to do. So no, I don’t think I will, thanks,” he said before turning his head to look out of the window at the darkening skies.

It took another painful hour or so before they arrived. It was an hour that included Justin scoffing down on half of anything she took out of the bag that was sat in front of her feet, and more of him doing absolutely anything to bug her.

But once they arrived, it was, in fact, very late, but from what [Y/N] managed to see, it was beautiful. The yellow painted door illuminated under the moon while the thick bricks making up the small cottage seemed to disguise itself in the darkness.

Khalil was first to walk up to the door while the four of them began to heave their bags out of the car.

“I’m pretty sure Justin’s brought more stuff than us combined,” Kylie said, staring down at the three bags he was somehow carrying.

“Well,” he started. “You never know when you’re gonna meet an interested female. Gotta make myself look good,” he grinned with a smug expression.

“And that takes you what, seven or eight days, right?” [Y/N] couldn’t help but say, causing Justin to glare - again.

“At least I get girls, [Y/N],” he muttered.

“Please,” she scoffed as she walked inside. “I’ve probably had more girlfriends than you,” she said, dropping her bags down and looking around.

There was a slight breeze as she stood in the main room, but not so bad that she couldn’t ignore it. The bricks stuck out of the wall in a pleasing way while the carpet felt soft beneath her shoes.

Khalil popped his head out of one of the rooms before showing the rest of his body.

“There’s a room with a double bed, one with two single beds, and a pull out bed over there,” he pointed towards the sofa in the middle of the room.

“We call the single beds,” Kendall shouted. “Kylie kicks,” she added quickly.

“I’ll take the pullout bed,” Khalil smirked mischievously and sent it in Justin’s direction.

Justin didn’t speak, and neither did [Y/N]. He stood near the door with his bags still in his hand while she stood, free of any of hers. The room seemed hotter all of a sudden.

“I can’t share a bed with that,” Justin said, walking more into the room. “I can’t even manage two hours in a car with it,” he added, having dropped his bags, he was able to throw his arms in the air in disbelief. [Y/N] sent him daggers but said nothing.

“We should get some rest now and be ready for tomorrow. Who’s down for some hiking?” Khalil asked and they all agreed with enthusiasm.

The idea of going out and seeing the nature around appealed to her, the idea of sharing a bed with Justin didn’t, however.

She sighed when she located and entered the room, seeing how much smaller the bed was to how she’d have liked it; if it were to have been bigger, she could’ve kept as far away as possible.

“You better not snore, drool, laugh, talk, walk or move in your sleep,” he said once he’d said goodnight to the rest of them and entered their room.

“Why not just tie me up and leave me in the corner of the room?” she said, dropping her bags near the table against the wall.

“How did you know that was a kink of mine?” he said with, what she was sure, was a deep and shining smirk on his lips. She couldn’t see as she faced away from him.

“You disgust me,” she muttered.

Unzipping one of her bags, she grabbed a T-shirt and shorts that she’d packed specifically.

“The feeling is very much mutual,” he said. [Y/N] heard shuffling on his part and turned to see him pulling his jeans down his legs. He looked as though he had no intention in replacing them.

“Woah, woah, woah, what do you think you’re doing?” she asked, frowning at him.

“Getting dressed for bed?” he replied in an undermining tone.

“I pray to the lord you’re putting something on those legs of yours.”

“Hey, I’m not changing my sleep habits just because I’m sharing with you,” he said, climbing into bed in only his boxers.

She walked out of the room with her pyjamas, toothbrush and toothpaste in search for the bathroom. She noticed Khalil pulling out the bed from the sofa and stopped in her path.

“Any chance you wanna trade places?” she asked.

He looked up and an instant grin, almost identical to the one Justin wears when he thinks he’s said something funny, spread across his face.

“No, thanks,” he chuckled. “This might be a way for you guys to bond.”

“By sharing a bed? I don’t think so,” she muttered and opened the door next to Kendall’s and Kylie’s to find it was what she was looking for.

Walking in, she got changed into her pyjamas and brushed her teeth before sighing; knowing she had to face Justin. She walked out feeling tired and ready for fall asleep.

“Night,” she said as she passed through the main room. She hadn’t even had time to look around the place and decided she’d do it tomorrow.

“Yeah, night,” Khalil replied. “See you in the morning, and don’t be getting too cozy with Justin,” he chuckled and [Y/N] simply rolled her eyes before walking back into the room.

Justin was typing on his phone when she closed the door. She watched him look up to glance at her before returning his gaze back to his phone.

She sighed, folding and dropping her clothes on top of her bag, deciding to sort them out tomorrow. Moving over to the bed, she pulled the covers back. The silence was unbearable but she’d rather not speak to him, and she knew he felt the same.

The only sound was the rustling of the sheets as she got comfortable. She reached over and switched the light off that rested on the wall next to her, although it did little to nothing as light was still glaring out of the lightbulb on Justin’s side. She didn’t say anything but hoped he’d turn it off soon.

She waited another ten minutes or so, and she could still hear the clicking of Justin’s keyboard and the light seemed to be getting brighter. She huffed and pulled the sheets further up to her chin.

“Justin,” she said.

“[Y/N],” he replied almost instantly.

“You gonna turn that light off?” she asked him.

“Is it bothering you?”


“Then no,” he said and she glared at him over her shoulder.

And he didn’t for a while longer. To [Y/N] it felt like hours she’d kept her eyes shut in hopes of blocking the light out so when she finally heard him lock his phone and sigh, she shuffled in anticipation.

She listened to his phone being placed onto the wooden beside table before he leaned over to turn the light off. She rolled onto her back once she could see nothing but darkness.

He was shuffling beside her, just as she had done. She waited for him to settle before relaxing properly.

“Keep to your side,” she heard him mutter through the quiet.

“What do you think I’m gonna do, try and snuggle up to you during the night?” she scoffed.

“If you do, you’re not sleeping in here tomorrow night,” he replied and [Y/N] felt the covers being pulled from her body. She tried to regain them back instantly. “For fuck sake, you’re a sheet hogger,” he grunted, clearly holding onto the covers as she tried to pull them.

“I’ve literally got none on my side,” she exclaimed through the darkness.

“That’s funny because neither have I,” he quickly replied. She felt her annoyance levels rising once again, it didn’t surprise her anymore.

“How about we just compromise and I have the covers,” she suggested, yanking them over her body.

“You’re so fucking annoying,” he spat and she rolled her eyes in the darkness.

She didn’t say anything in hopes nothing else would be said and she wouldn’t have to deal with his words, at least not until the morning.

She could feel his body heat and she appreciated how much it kept her warm. Hearing his soft breathing, [Y/N] quickly decided she liked him better when he was sleeping.

It wasn’t long before she was feeling drowsiness wash over her due to the dark and the quiet mixing together to create a potion of calm in the room. Her body relaxed against the soft sheets.

* * * *

Her eyes fluttered open, they fell shut a few times before reopening to see nothing but the square of faint light across the unfamiliar room.

She felt warmth against the palms of her hand and against her thigh and it caused a frown to appear on her scrunched up face.

Because she’d only been awake for a few seconds, her eyes couldn’t stay open for long periods of time, but looking next to her, she saw a sleeping Justin and her mind was instantly caught up with where she was.

Her hand was resting on his chest while his hand was against her thigh, burning his touch into her. It somehow seemed to keep her warm.

He manoeuvred and seemed to only get closer. He sighed as though he was partly awake and she froze while she watched him the best she could. His hand slid further down her thigh before running back, caressing it.

“Hm,” he mumbled in his sleep - if he was asleep, that is. [Y/N] felt his breath against her face.

She felt her heart pounding in her chest at his actions towards her. She couldn’t comprehend what was happening and wondered if Justin was in the right mind in that moment. She felt as though she should speak but she found herself not knowing what to say.

But she was tired. Her eyeslid felt heavy and threatened to shut out her vision and she wasn’t going to deny herself the sensation that took over her body when she relaxed. And she didn’t mind the feeling of his warm hand on her, either.

Maybe it was because it was dark and the middle of the night changed her mindset, but she let herself fall into him. His heat surrounded her and she sighed.

Usually, everything he did sent her into a fit of frustration, even looking at the smug look on his face was enough for her to clench her jaw involuntarily. But while her hand was close to his chest and his hand firmly gripping her leg, she didn’t mind him so much. Of course, she’d never tell him that.

She couldn’t help but wonder if he knew how he was touching her, or how close they were, it played on her mind as she drifted off to sleep once more.

Justin’s P.O.V

He gained consciousness and faced the dark that surrounded him. He could feel intense warmth against his front and it soothed him.

He sighed and looked down. He saw the top of a head of hair and instantly recognised whose it was. What he couldn’t understand was why she was so close to him and not trying to move away.

It was a first, having her body against his own, and truthfully, he didn’t mind it. She smelled sweet, he’d caught her scent as she passed every now and then but as she was pressed against him, it invaded his nose.

He wasn’t sure if she was aware, but he decided not to do anything to risk her waking up and moving away from him. It was pleasant to not have to throw sarcastic comments her way and instead, embrace her.

It wasn’t long before he felt himself drifting off once more, thankful for the feeling of comfort and her small hand pressed against his chest. It caused a flush to run through his body, even as he lost consciousness.

* * * *

Waking up the next morning, he felt the familiar body heat he’d fallen back to sleep with last night. The sun was glaring angrily through the window and he flinched when it caused his eyes to sting.

Looking down, [Y/N] was still pressed against him. Although this time, her back was facing him and it was hot against his chest.

He shuffled and instantly regretted it when she stirred. His heart was beating in his chest as she hummed and rolled onto her back. Watching her, her eyes parted ever so slightly and she looked around the room before glancing at him. Their eyes caught each other’s for a second too long.

“Morning,” he muttered. She simply nodded. “Did you realise we were-”

“Nope,” she said. “Let’s not speak a word of it. It didn’t happen,” she sat up and stretched.


In silence, they climbed out of bed. [Y/N] walked in front of him and he tried not to let his eyes wander down as she strutted sleepily towards the door in her shorts. He convinced himself that nothing had changed and he still very much disliked her.

Once they were in the main room, Justin couldn’t help but feel the draft that sent him into a fit of tiny shivers.

The rest of the group were already lounging on the sofas in their pyjamas, their eyes landing on the two of them as they shuffled out.

“Morning, you two,” Kylie said, a small toothy grin edging onto her lips.

“Morning,” they said in unison. Justin couldn’t see but he was sure [Y/N] had a confused look on her face, just as he did. None of them said anything else as they kept their eyes on them.

Justin was aware how close he and [Y/N] had gotten last night, and he knew [Y/N] was aware. He prayed, however, that nobody else did. It was hard not to think it possible as they smirked.

[Y/N] sat next to Khalil while Justin dropped down next to Kendall on the other couch. The TV was playing rather quietly, but none of them - except Justin and [Y/N] - were watching it.

“[Y/N], you smell like Justin,” Khalil stated, leaning closer and taking a short whiff of her shoulder to which she frowned and cowered away from him.

“Well obviously since you stuck us in a bed together,” she scoffed.

“And you’re smelling very sweet today, Justin,” Kendall grinned happily at him and he glared.

The two of them had touched one another that night and been, somewhat, intimate during the dark and cold time, using each other to warm themselves up.

But Justin told himself it suggested nothing, and he would make sure that the following night, he’d kept this side of the bed and refuse her access.

“You guys are so annoying,” [Y/N] muttered. “I’m gonna get some breakfast,” she said before standing up and that was when Justin felt his stomach rumbling with emptiness.

“Me, too,” he said and stood up, following her.

He had enjoyed her being so close to him; it was relaxing and in all honesty, helped him to sleep. But as he walked into the kitchen only slightly behind her and stuck his leg out so she tripped and stumbled over it, having to grab the wall so she didn’t fall to the floor, he enjoyed that just as much. He hunched over and laughed as she glared at him. If looks could kill..

No Regrets

Picture request @agmsye

“Tyler, we’ve got a problem,” Cameron spoke into the phone with a worried tone. He was normally so calm and in control. Last time they talked he was ecstatic for what Tyler had promised him and Conner.

“What happened…”

“So like we’ve got the pills and Conner is holding onto them. He doesn’t want me to have the bottle. See… Like he says he thinks I’ll lose them. Like I’m some kind of idiot or something.” Cameron paused, waiting for Tyler to contradict him. “Soooo… He takes the pill. And it’s like amazing. I’m totally like impressed by what you did. Cause like Conner’s body totally explodes with muscle. Real quick. It was awesome. His arms just like grew huge in like a few seconds. I could have sworn his shirt was going to rip clean off his body. Cause like his chest is huge! It barreled out in front of him. And like he’s not so short anymore. He’s like really tall.  And then he took off his shoes cause he was complaining they were too cramped and I still have to look up at him. And then he complained about how tight his shorts were but…”

“So what’s the problem…” Tyler was clearly annoyed.

“And then…” Cameron paused for a second. He really didn’t want to say it. “And then Conner decided he wanted to take both pills and he wouldn’t let me have one…”

“You’ve got to be shitting me. Really..?” Tyler’s voice went harsh. He trailed off. Cameron could still hear his friend cursing over the phone. Tyler was obviously trying to be discrete but it wasn’t working very well. “So you’ve got to make him run the energy off. Get him to run around the building or something.”

“He already has. He’s like so big and muscular that he’s just not stopping,” Cameron watched as his friend just completed another lap. “I think this was the fourth time. It’s like he’s got unlimited amount of energy.”

“WAASSUP!” Conner screamed into Cameron’s phone. “Dude this shit is awesome! Seriously why the fuck have you been hiding this from us?”

“Because you aren’t very trustworthy.”

“Moi,” he said in a terrible French accent. “I take offense to that.” He was trying to sound serious but couldn’t hide his laughter. “GOTCHA!” He shouted proud of his ‘prank.’ “Nah, man. Like this shit is awesome. I didn’t think I was supposed to take both but Cameron here insisted. Like this shit is SWEEET!”

“Cameron told you to take both?”

“YEAH Man! Said it was a double dose. Cause like you wanted a test subject or something. The first pill felt amazing. Like my whole body completely changed or whatever. I could tell I wasn’t as smart but I didn’t care. I looked awesome. Then Cam here’s all like i think you’re supposed to take both. And I’m all like I don’t know man. And then he like totally tells me that it was what you wanted or whatever so I was all like sure. If Tyler the smart guy wants me to do it why the fuck not? So I end up taking that second pill and it’s like even more different. Cause my muscles they just kept growin. They’re freakin huge. Like fuckin feel ‘em.” He bent over to let his friend feel the tight bicep.

“And I got this huge amount of energy that I just can’t sit still. So I’m thinkin what should I do. So I start running. Everything just moves so naturally. And as I’m runnin all I can think about is how hot I am. Like I don’t know bout this college shit no more but I sure as hell don’t mind these results. BOOM BOOM.” Tyler could only assume he flexed each arm as he said it. “Fuck yeah!” He must have flexed the rest of his body.

Tyler could hear Cameron say, ‘Oh God,’ behind Conner’s shouts. He wasn’t going to let Conner know how pissed he was though. “Can you give Cameron the phone back? And just go do pushups until we’re done talking.”

“Sure thing bro! Pushups are fucking sweet!”

Cameron paused holding the phone. He purposely kept it about 6 inches from his ear. “H-h-hello?” he finally said.

“YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE! You beg me for weeks to give you a test sample and then fuck it up this badly! Conner was supposed to do something with physics!” Tyler groaned loudly over the phone but continued his rant. Cameron knew he was in trouble. But part of him didn’t care. After Conner ripped off his sleeves clean off, he already knew he’d made the right choice. His friend, Conner, had always been a bit of a stick in the mud. Always so uptight and right about everything. Now he seemed so happy. Sure he had way more energy than any single individual could ever need but Cameron didn’t regret it. His friend was now a total jock. “So do you have anything to say for yourself?”

“Uhhh… No?” Cameron knew that was not the right thing to say. Tyler wouldn’t trust him with anything after that. But it was too late for apologies now. He was already in trouble and Tyler was going to have to make an antidote. At least for a little while he could enjoy watching Conner workout.

“Fine. Whatever. Just keep him occupied until I get there.” Tyler hung up the phone before Cameron could say bye.

“213” Conner said smiling. It didn’t even make him break a sweat. He looked over to see Cameron off the phone. “All done? That guy on the phone seemed kind of like a dick. But I don’t mind. We’re supposed to be friends right?” Cameron nodded as the now jock friend swaggered over to him. “So… I couldn’t help but notice you were more interested in me doing pushups than that phone call just now. Not that I blame you. It’s a pretty hot bod. Right?” Cameron nodded blankly at the question. “You’d like to see more of it right?” Conner squatted down and put his hands against the wall over Cameron’s shoulders. Cameron gulped loudly still nodding. “I was thinking if you have to keep me entertained… Maybe you’d like to see what else this pill has made bigger.”

“Would I?!?” Cameron’s voice cracked. It didn’t matter that he was 21. His body went right back to puberty whenever he saw an attractive guy. And this one was right on top of him.

“Would you?” he had a seductive almost mocking tone as he stood back up. Conner’s hand lowered to help Cameron up. He could already see the bulge through the mesh shorts.

Cameron nodded his head as he took the other man’s hand. This was worth it. This was totally worth it.

Too many SMHC writers don’t know how schools in New York City work, so allow me to provide some info as someone who has done this crash course before.

First off, there are a million schools in NYC. And it gets confusing. If you’re not used to the system, it gets very confusing. I remember when it was explained to me the first time. I remember doubly vividly watching it get explained to the newbies a year later.

In NYC, if you’re in public school, you basically apply to high school. Even if it’s not a magnet school (although Magnet schools take an extra level of application like it’s a real application with tests). It’s basically a lottery-based system.

In NYC, schools are not at all sorted by distance. When I worked there, I’d be teaching on twenty-third street one day and have kids commuting from Harlem, the Bronx, Queens, whatever. That happens.

One reason is that there’s a wide disparity in high school quality. Also, a lot of high schools are theoretically specialized, even if they aren’t magnet schools. Not that that always means much–just because it’s a Health Science school does not mean any student is at all interested in such (as I found out). Sometimes the specializations do matter, though–I went to this campus once that had a strict uniform school on one side and a basically hippy school–where grades were entirely effort-based and kids sat in beanbag chairs–on the other side. The hippy school was meant to serve a population of students who had trouble managing typical classroom settings.

That’s the other thing. In New York (and many cities), schools are retrofitted into weird old buildings because space is a premium. A lot of times there is more than one school in a campus (which is really weird, when you get to a campus like the one I described above, and you cross a set of double doors and then everything changes).

So. What does this have to do with Spider Man?

First off, I’d hazard a guess that Midtown Science and Engineering is a Magnet school, because it’s portrayed as so academically competitive, and full of kids who are actually interested in such topics. Also, it’s presumably based off of Bronx Science, a real highly competitive magnet school where they actually sent Tom Holland to do research for Peter. Which means Peter (and Ned and Liz and MJ and Flash and everyone) worked their ass off to get there, applied and had the test scores.

Second, since the name is /Midtown/, it’s in Midtown. As in, Midtown Manhattan. I mean, I suppose it could not be, but it’s super likely it is. I see so many fics using the correct name of the school but putting it in Queens, but that just doesn’t make sense to me. So Peter commutes every day. I don’t have an exact distance but it’s probably substantial. Urban schools have a notorious problem of kids missing first period because of these substantial commutes.

Third, Midtown High Campus looks so incredibly suburban it bugs the fuck out of me. There’s a football field. It’s a huge, clearly-always-a-school building. There’s a /student parking lot./ I suppose in certain parts of Queens this might be a thing, but if we are meant to believe this school is in Queens, then I don’t know where the name came from.

Anyways. Peter probably worked really hard to get into a magnet school, almost certainly goes to school outside of Queens and in Manhattan, schooling in NYC is complicated, and the school campus looks bizarre. That’s the TL;DR version.

If anyone lives in New York/has more experience and has points to correct (or has seen Spider man more recently than me and can correct canon details), please let me know so I can edit/add.

Biggest Fan

genre: fluff

summary: you and Jaebum are just trying to enjoy a night out, until some fans spot you two. But what happens when they’re actually asking for your autograph and not his?

a/n: for the request I changed the reader to just like a professional volleyball player not really focusing on a specific country to single anyone out :)

Originally posted by magiccastles

Dating an idol wasn’t the easiest thing in the world. But it was a bit easier for you. Since you were a bit of a celebrity yourself, nothing compared to your boyfriend Jaebum. Being a professional volleyball player however did bring you a bit of fame. And so you understood the whole, strict schedules and traveling deal. You had it pretty similar. Making the relationship a bit less stressful on you and Jaebum. The two of you having a mutual understanding of each others schedules and what not.

“So, are you happy to have a few days off? I know you guys have been working really hard lately.”

Jaebum sighed, smiling wide as he took in the beautiful night view of the city. “Yes, I’m very thankful. We have been working really hard, and I think we are almost ready. But, these few days should help us all reset, come back ready to work and have over comeback.”

Your season had just ended, but for Jaebum, things were just starting to get busy. He and his group were preparing for their latest comeback. But he was given a few days off after a hard work week, which the two of you took advantage of. Wanting to spend as much of that time together now that you both were free.

As you smiled at Jaebum, you could see how tired he was. You always admired how hard working he was. Never wanting to disappoint his fans, sometimes pushing himself a little too hard. But overall, he was pretty amazing. But that was also what he loved about you.

He knew how hard you worked to get to play on your countries national team for volleyball. You had to sacrifice a lot in life to get to where you were. And despite the ups and downs you have faced, Jaebum has always been there for you. And you for him. Though the relationship was tough sometimes, your schedules often being so hectic you couldn’t even call one another. You two knew it was worth it, and you were both willing to work for it.

Continuing down the path, at one point stopping and getting some coffee, you two just caught up. Jaebum telling of how this choreography was some of the strongest the group had been given, and they were hopeful it could score big with the fans. Just listening as you people watched, you noticed a group of two or three girls eyeing you two from afar. They were approaching slowly, as if nervous. The were fans, you could tell by their body language.

Jaebum now catching on, he turned to face you, stealing your view away form the girls. “I’m gonna apologize now. I know we wanted this to be an uneventful walk, no pictures, autographs or anything. I’m sorry.” You just laughed, looking behind him as the girls were awkwardly standing there. Jaebum gave you one last reassuring smile before moving to the side, awaiting the fans screams or quick ramble of incoherent words.

“Hi, we’re sorry to bother you. But we are huge fans!”

Jaebum smiled to them, as did you. Although you laughed a bit as you’d noticed something Jaebum clearly hadn’t. “It’s no problem at all girls, really. We always have time for fans.” The girls smiled wide, then turning their attention to you.

“Well, in that case. Y/n, could we please get your autograph?” “And maybe a picture?” “If it’s not too much to ask?” The girls all chiming in as they were practically shaking in front of you. Jaebum looking on confused as he was sure the girls were fans of his.

“Of course girls! It’s not too much to ask at all!” You sighed the notebooks they each had, then posed for a picture that Jaebum kindly took. The girls telling you how they were volleyball players as well, currently playing in middle school. But they were working hard to make the best high school teams possible in order to be as successful as you one day. Blushing a bit at their kind words, you gave them some words of encouragement and advice. Telling them that if they have the want and desire, and are willing to work hard, they can make it.

The girls thanked you, and Jaebum. Asking for hugs before leaving you two to finish your walk. Jaebum awkwardly blushing at your side as he rubbed his neck.

“So, um. What were you apologizing for back there babe?”

Jaebum glared at you once hearing the sarcasm in your voice. “I was wrong~ I get it! Don’t rub it in.”

“Did you not notice their volleyball jackets they had on? That is what gave it away for me.” Jaebum looked down at you confused.

“You looked at their jackets? That’s how you knew?”

You laughed, stopping to look up at him, wondering how clueless he really could be sometimes. “Um, yeah? What made you think they were your fans?”

“They were girls?”

You playfully smacked his arm, “Jaebum~ Not every girl in the world is automatically your fan! Yah, don’t be so cocky,” continuing down the sidewalk as he just laughed.

“Well you’re a girl and your my fan. I just assumed all girls who were a fan of yours would be as smart as you to like me.”

You glared at him, not accepting his attempt at saving himself.

“Nice try babe. And hey! I’m not just any fan, I’m your biggest fan.”

So I’ve never had a request like this before, with the reader being like a professional athlete or something. But I think it turned out okay? Sorry if it’s on the shorter side. I didn’t feel like it needed to be too long cause I was afraid of it ending up becoming filled with like pointless dialogue and what not :) 

Fancy 1/?

Felicity Smoak’s life changes when her aunt dies and leaves her a horse ranch to run.

This is the first chapter in my next multi-chapter AU. I hope you enjoy. Thanks so much to @mel-loves-all for the AMAZING artwork!

I know nothing about horse ranching so I’ll be learning along with the way with Felicity.

It’s not betaed so all mistakes are mine. Also available on AO3.

1. Life is Too Short

Felicity was desperately trying to stay awake in her staff meeting. It’s not that her colleague Brad’s presentation wasn’t interesting - it’s just she could have summed it up in a more concise way. She was starting to think this man, just liked the sound of his own voice. She never understood why he’d been promoted over her. Brad was a big talker but he didn’t do much, he left the doing to her and then took the credit. Every day she had to remind herself, let it go, he’s not worth it.

Suddenly her phone vibrated in her hand and she saw her mother’s face appear on the screen. It was unusual for her mother to call during work hours, so she ducked out of the meeting.

“Hi Mom, everything okay?”

“Not really. I have some bad news. Your Aunt Mel she died. Mel is dead.” Her mother began to sob on the phone.

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Just a PSA to all the antis…

WE didn’t come up with sebaciel. It’s already so heavily implied in the content of the story, I don’t understand why people are calling US pedophiles and acting like there’s something wrong with us for seeing what’s already there. I’d say ignorance is bliss, usually, but clearly all y'all saying you have a problem with sebaciel are just being opportunists. The entire series is so fucked up as a whole, why are you coming after shippers? How about you focus on the fact that pedophilia and abuse and a myriad of other really really fucked up themes are already consistent and very well present within kuroshitsuji? Not a single one of us condones or accepts pedophilia irl. I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m petty sure the ship isn’t being romanticized. We know it’s fucked up. We know the implications etc. Now would y'all stop making a huge mess over some fanficiton and get a hobby, thanks?

If you’ve ever watched a problematic show like dexter or game of thrones, must mean you condone murder and rape, right? No! Same thing. Get off your high horses.



Please I need some help with some no good ART THIEVES!

So there is this company called “Cupcake Cult"  This company is STEALING fan art from many different artist myself included. They don’t just take the fan art they edit and botch the art. 

This is a design I drew back in 2013 of "Toothless” the Dragon from DreamWorks “How to Train your Dragon”

And the one that’s on the hoodie is the one they are using to make money off of.

You can clearly see they stole my artwork!

The problem is that Cupcake Cult has no way I can contact them.  They have made it impossible to contact them. What’s worse is they are Distributing the stolen designs to different online stores.

All of these stores seem to be located in the UK and Australia and they are making a huge profit off of my design. 

I also found out that Cupcake Cult is sell my design through Amazon.  These are what I found so far. I am so frustrated and disgusted!!! This has cause me so much stress it has literally made me sick!

Please I am asking if any of you has an account with Amazon please leave a “1 star review” at one of these links. 
So far this is the only way I can hurt them.  Give them a bad enough review so no one will buy them.π=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&dpPl=1&dpID=41fkHYtQDtL&ref=plSrchπ=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65π=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&dpPl=1&dpID=41BYuQvVeVL&ref=plSrchπ=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&dpPl=1&dpID=41QGXcH5x7L&ref=plSrchπ=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&dpPl=1&dpID=41RoejEl9eL&ref=plSrchπ=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&dpPl=1&dpID=41RoejEl9eL&ref=plSrchπ=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65π=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65π=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&dpPl=1&dpID=51wllPEsDyL&ref=plSrchπ=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&dpPl=1&dpID=41UIo1%2BaR9L&ref=plSrchπ=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&dpPl=1&dpID=41PQV7t-C-L&ref=plSrch

And if you want to see what other art is being stolen click this link. ->

Please help in any way you can! 

We artist must stick together!  

I Thought You Were Different: Book 5 (Part 18/?) (Avengers/Guardians x reader)

Part 17

When word spread throughout the rest of the team that the group called the Guardians of the Galaxy had arrived, everyone wanted to rush out to the lawn and see them for themselves, but Steve put a quick stop to the show before it could start.  Pleasantries would have to wait until the business was discussed, given the rapid passing of every minute closer to their unknown fate. He left Stephen, Bruce, and reluctantly left Loki with the kids, meeting you in the hallway just outside of the infirmary to take you and Tony with Thor to meet this mysterious group of allies. He was trying to keep an open mind to who and what he was about to see, but since those first moments when he was brought back to life so many years ago, one thing he had learned was that he could never again be fully prepared for anything.

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I keep thinking about whether or not I think Bellarke will be canon this season and I’m so incredibly conflicted about the answer. The short answer is, I think they should be. I’m a fan of slow burn for sure, but one of my biggest pet peeves is a slow burn that is dragged out too long (a huge problem on TV) and based on the pacing of Bellarke so far (and the pacing of 4x01), I think it would be a writing mistake to put it off until season 5. And by that, I mean, I think there should be some sort of declaration of feelings, a kiss, something, in the back half near the end of season 4 that doesn’t necessarily resolve into “we’re actually in a relationship right now” but that clearly acknowledges that there are feelings between the characters and they both overtly know it and have acknowledged it. That being said, I don’t really trust the writers (or many tv writers) at all when it comes to dealing with slow burns, so I’m not convinced that’s actually going to happen. It should, in my opinion, but I’m not sure it will.

Dancing with the Stars Season 24 Week 8: I Just Don’t Know Anymore

Here we are. Back for another week of DWTS. Another week of crap. Just a quick note. I’m so frustrated with this season more than any in the past. I hate that the judges (except Len) keep acting like Normani and Val can do no wrong. Meanwhile, they have been tearing the other couples down. We especially saw that tonight. Normani got lavish praise 7 out of 8 times. David and Rashad received unnecessarily harsh criticism for one of their two dances. I really don’t feel like Simone got any actual compliments and Bonner was outright ripped to shreds. It would be one thing if Normani was just far and away the best dancer left and everyone else sucked. But she’s not. Two of the couples are on her level and another is a respectable dancer as well. The only one that is not a good dancer is Bonner and even he didn’t deserve the trash that he was handed in terms of critiques tonight. Especially because he was headed home anyway. It just bothered me. And it clearly bothered both Bonner and Simone and rightfully so. The judges have no right to trash them like that. Now let’s get started.

Rashad and Emma- Jive (Score=36)- I thought this dance was really good. The energy was great and I loved his swag. His feet were nowhere near as bad as the judges tried to make it seem. He could have pointed his toes more, but they were acting like his feet have not improved over this entire season. I’m here to tell you that they have.

Normani and Val- Contempoaray (Score=40)- I called this score as soon as I knew that this was gonna be their style. Not because I knew it would be good. Because I know that the judges were gonna give her a perfect score for a contemporary, whether or not she deserved it. I don’t think this dance deserved it. It was like every other contemporary on this show that I hate. It was overwrought with emotion, flaily and not cohesive. The judges always love and fall for that and so do the viewers, so whatever.

Bonner and Sharna- Argentine Tango (Score=30)- This was a classic Bonner dance. Not terrible, but not good either. He was stiff and lacked performance and connection to Sharna. But he pushed through it and didn’t go off time. So that’s always a good thing. Len was extremely rude to him and to the audience. He has said that people overstayed their welcome in the past, and it has always been rude. But he’s never done it to this level. Yes, Bonner was not good, but guess what? The viewers wanted him there. And if he’s pissy that Nancy left, then he should be mad that they, themselves, didn’t do more to get the public to vote for Nancy over Bonner. The judges have a lot of influence over the audience and they could have done a better job of spreading the love around versus saving the majority of it for Normani and only giving the other couples tiny little morsels of praise (if they were even that lucky). Don’t blame us and don’t blame him. Blame yourselves for the stunts you’ve been pulling this season.

Simone and Sasha- Foxtrot (Score=36)- I actually thought maybe a 10 or two could have been given to these two for this dance. I thought this was a really good foxtrot. There was one small problem area where it looked like she slipped a little. But it wasn’t huge and could have easily been missed. CAI and Julianne were reaching with that whole connection and emotional and being authentic and not knowing who she is critique though. 1) Because she clearly showed us who she is and why she smiles and all of that during her Most Memorable Year. She smiles because her life could have easily gone a completely different way had her grandparents not stepped in and adopted her and her sister. And really, what other emotion is she gonna show for a run of the mill foxtrot? Please enlighten me. Is she supposed to be sexy for a One Direction song? Sad? Passionate? Why can’t she just smile and have a good time? So of course she was a little disgruntled here. The comments made no sense.

David and Lindsay- Waltz (Score=36)- This was by far, David’s best dance of the season. It was so simple and pure. And yet the simplicity of it was all that was needed to make it a beautiful dance. There were some questionable moments but otherwise, I really loved this dance. It was my favorite of round 1. Also, the shots that Len and CAI took at Rashad in his critiques were not necessary.

Trio Round (I don’t like the fact that the judges chose the trio members)

Rashad, Emma and Witney- Argentine Tango (Score=39)- What does this man have to do to get a 40? This dance was perfect and amazing. I loved the story and I loved his interaction with both Witney and Emma. The lifts were incredible. Honestly, this was the best dance of the season in my opinion. He didn’t even have any problems with his feet this time around. Of course Len thought otherwise for whatever reason.

Normani, Val and Alan- Jive (Score=39)- I actually sort of liked this dance. I think a lot that has do with the energy that Alan brought into it. It changed and Normani seemed like she was having a blast. Now, her feet were not good in this number. And the judges just conveniently looked over that. Meanwhile, they just got done ripping Rashad apart for his feet being a little less than perfect. Not only that, but there was a blatant lift CAI. Why did you not call it and mark her down? It was the same lift that she called them out for in their foxtrot a few weeks ago. If anything, this dance should have been a 36 at the most.

Bonner, Sharna and Britt- Jazz (Score=28)- Well this dance was awful. So to shield my eyes from Bonner’s terrible dancing, I decided to pay attention to Britt because she was killing it. Bonner was awkward, stiff and really hard to watch. But he did show personality. Now I wish he hadn’t been so creepy in his rehearsal package. I was so ready to super hate on the judges (and everyone else) for coming down so hard on him. But he did that, so I’m less inclined to defend him. At least in regards to this number. This does not give Bonner haters a pass to come into my inbox and trash him, fyi.

Simone, Sasha and Brittany- Paso Doble (Score=36)- Simone was doubly screwed for this dance. She was the only celeb to get a pro that was the same gender as her. That makes things all the more difficult for her. She also had the paso which is more of a dance to showcase the man anyway. I thought the dance was fine, but I could tell that she got in her head and was trying to stop herself from smiling. She ended up looking really unsure of herself and just doubting herself throughout the dance. It was clear that Simone was frustrated after that dance though. And CAI’s comments seemed to really piss her off. How is someone “too on beat”? What does that even mean? And then asking her why she wasn’t smiling or whatever was just a way to get a reaction out of her. And I mean she gave them the best answer she could have and a line that I may use. “Smiling doesn’t win you gold medals” was the perfect way to shut CAI down and stop her from talking anymore. I just hope this wasn’t the kiss of death for Simone. The main demo that watches this show, hate it when women (black women in particular) show that they are displeased in any way. And while Simone did exactly what she should have done, I’m not sure if it’s gonna work out for her next week. This is so frustrating.

David, Lindsay and Hayley- Paso Doble (Score=29)- I thought David did an okay job with this dance. He didn’t really get off time or anything. His technique was just horrid. But that’s okay. It wasn’t 29 worthy (probably 30 or 31) but the judges had funky attitudes tonight.

So in the last like 2 minutes of the show, Bonner and Sharna were eliminated. I would have liked for them to have a more pleasant departure, but at least he can relax and rest his body. That’s the biggest thing.

I don’t know what next week’s theme is and I don’t really care. All I know is that I will be livid if Simone is eliminated next week. I’m starting to see that this show has no problem sacrificing an Olympic gold medalist and the greatest gymnast of all time for a woman in a girl group. I love both of the women but it is so obvious that that’s what they’re doing at this point. And I feel like it might work. So yeah, let me know your thoughts and I will talk to you all soon.

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Hi there! I got a few beta reviews recently that told me that my male characters act too feminine. I'm much better at writing female characters than male characters, so it makes sense why I would get this criticism. Of course I'd like to keep one or two of these guys relatively feminine, but the rest I'd like to masculinize a bit. It is plot-relevant that these guys are guys, so I can't just change their gender. Do you have any tips for fixing this? I love your vlogs by the way, I'm a HUGE fan!

It’s hard to advise since you didn’t give any examples as to why the characters are coming across feminine. That said, the #1 problem I’ve seen with feminine-sounding male characters is tone – men written with a clearly female voice. The language is flowery or especially delicate, using words that most men wouldn’t naturally gravitate toward. It’s not even the actions the guys are taking, it’s how they’re voiced. 

For example, a female writer shared an excerpt from the perspective of her male character, which included him blushing. That’s fine. Men blush. But the description was written in a hyper-detailed, feminized manner - something like whirling scarlet tinted his cherubic cheeks, causing him to tremble, as he was suddenly timid in the man’s presence. 

First of all, what kind of blush is scarlet? Sounds like homeboy is bleeding from his face. Second, this is beyond foofie. Tone it way down. You know how I describe Tobias blushing? His cheeks burned. Or at its foofiest, a wave of heat flooded his face. Why you gotta talk about scarlet whirls, or cherubs, or timidity? Regardless of the character’s gender, it’s too much. But the point is, this overly flowery style comes across feminine because of the soft, pretty details. As a reader, I find this shit annoying regardless of the character’s gender, but it jumps from annoying to unbelievable when the character is male. If this is your issue, my advice is to simplify. 

Another issue is when a male character is written based on personal fantasy. I see this a lot among romance writers, especially if they’re trying to write a macho dude. I’m an alpha, everywhere I go men are intimidated by me, I always get what I want, bla bla bla. No one really talks like this, certainly not a man who is actually dominant. The only men who would talk like this are the kind who read up on how to be a pickup artist and shit like negging or kiss closing – you know, losers. This is just a reflection of how some women assume confident men think or speak. If this is your issue, my advice is to use common sense. Would a confident person need to boast constantly? Of course not.

The last issue I notice a lot is when the character is seeing or experiencing things through a female eye. I once read a sex scene between two (very masculine) men, and it was clearly from a female perspective. The stuff the man was zeroing in on about his partner was just not stuff I’d expect a man to focus on while being pleasured - but it’s def stuff a woman might notice. I felt small in his arms. Um, are you forgetting that this is a large, hulking man who’s saying this? The unique sensation of his stubble against my face. How is this a unique sensation? This man has stubble on his own face as well. You gotta stop and remind yourself that this character is a dude. Don’t think about how you would feel in his position - think about how he would feel, what he would notice. 

Anywho, hope this helps.

Things I Regret

Now that I am soon to be an old, decrepit senior at MIT, I thought it might be interesting to explore some of the less-than-optimal decisions I’ve made in college. 

1. Trying to go for the computer science minor

I regret this, because 1) I ended up aborting this plan, and 2) it caused me to take 6.042: Math for Computer Science and 6.006: Algorithms which (especially the second one) had the overall effect of lowering my GPA while also not being very useful while also causing a lot of stress. I wish I had taken 2.008: Design for Manufacturing instead, and maybe an electronics class, or simply gotten ahead in my requirements to graduate for my Mech. E degree. I probably would have had a better academic performance and probably also *cough* a better quality of life…who knows, maybe because of it I’ll one day be gr8 at optimizing shit, but for now…*shrug emoji* I mean, it was just really unnecessary to try to do that, and I don’t know why I did, other than maybe thinking software engineering could be a financial back-up plan. But I really shouldn’t have been so concerned (there’s still enough perfectly well-paying jobs in mechanical engineering even if they don’t pander to you as much during career fairs or internships :P) 

I always have this problem where I get excited about stuff, and then distracted, and then intentionally put myself in a disadvantaged position, such as being a mechanical engineer in a computer science class *rolls eyes*. However it should be noted that I do not regret, for one second, taking 6.005: Elements of Software Construction, that class was awesome and very useful. I think maybe the great experience there is what inspired me to take the other two, although I had no idea so much sadness and theoretical math would be involved.

2. Taking 6.042: Math for Computer Science and 6.006: Algorithms

See Regret #1. 

3. Taking on too many activities

This one is a hard one because, of course all the communities I’m now a part of are beloved to me, but I definitely regret doing the in-between stuff that I really shouldn’t have, such as 1) an essay editing job freshman year 2) a community service work study job sophomore year (financial struggles, y’all) 3) not being able to say “no” when asked to help out with random events or other people’s projects and stuff. 1 & 2 especially probably also had the overall effect of lowering my GPA, I probably should have just urop’d more (or blogged more!) instead. I’m getting better at it though–I haven’t really committed to anything beyond the usual load in about a year, and communicate when I need to take time off from clubs to study and such. 

4. Not playing the GPA game well…

See #1, #2, and #3. Should not have taken unnecessarily hard classes (particularly ones outside my chosen field), should not have done too much outside of class…probably could have at least a 0.3 or more higher GPA ^^; 

5. Not going to class or recitation

This is one of the few I can use as a general note of caution to everyone heading into college: don’t do it!! just don’t!! Even if you’re in there sleeping, at least be there. There were points in the semester where I was just like “lol class is so not worth” but ultimately, I would end up regretting not going to 100% of lectures and recitations (or at least 90%, everyone has some sick days, interviews etc.) 

6. Not realizing all this sooner

…self explanatory…

7. Not asking more people for advice before making decisions

Part of the reason my academic path was so weird was that I chose a weird major, 2A-CIR, which is mechanical engineering with robotics. Because my advisor was in mechanical engineering only, I didn’t really know what I was getting into on the electrical/computer science front, and mostly chose classes based on what I thought, at the time, would be useful or helpful to pursuing robotics. It was only after a full 2 years of robotics UROPing that I realized I didn’t have to have as much mastery of software as I thought to perform well, and I ended up wishing I’d taken more electrical classes instead. I wish I had taken more initiative to talk to someone about my course load as it related to robotics (possibly my UROP supervisor, Julian, who’s been awesome to work with) and thinking a little more before picking classes. Then maybe I would have been swayed earlier to abandoning the computer science minor. 

8. Having regrets. 

At the end of the day, it’s hard to imagine anything happening differently. Someone once said to me the phrase, “if you knew better, then you would have known better”. Hindsight is always 20/20, and at a place like MIT, it’s hard to think clearly in the middle of a firestorm. Regret #5, missing classes, was almost never simply because “I didn’t feel like it”, but rather because I hated the class material (6.006, for example) and then, on top of that, would be having a particularly bad day or week (this was a huge problem in the fall when I had a flurry of life issues happen and would regularly visit MIT Mental Health). Regret #7, not asking for advice, could be solved with better advising for flex majors, like me, or better advising overall (MIT is actively working to make this better already, so it’s a known issue). Regret #1 and #2, taking those classes I hated, are related to #7, and Regret #6, not realizing sooner, is simply impossible to control–I couldn’t have possibly realized this sooner than I did given that everything happened the same way, unless I just had some magically good foresight.

And as for Regret #3, doing too many activities, well, if being more cautious in my clubs and activities meant that I wouldn’t have found the incredible people I spend most of my time with now, then I don’t regret that. Finding things I meshed well with and were worthwhile to me took time and energy. I don’t regret doing the Muti water project, or restarting the EESA, which led to teaching math to Habesha 6th graders in Roxbury this summer. In fact, those are probably the things I will remember most from college, and the things I’ve done that had the biggest, most immediate impact on the world while I’ve been in college. 

This is not to say that I’m not at fault or my mistakes were impossible to avoid–my takeaways from this are to maybe slow down a little bit, even when I’m excited, and think a little longer before making decisions. And I’m sharing that here so hopefully you (incoming freshmen and/or current college ppl) also take a little time when deciding on those important things (it is important!).

But you can never plan completely for everything in life, and I’m not dissatisfied with how it all turned out~ 

Princess? PART 2 (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Literally more than 10 people requested part 2 for Princess :D

Warnings: Swearing, angst

Word Count: 1,491

A/N: Here it is!! I hope you all like it :) This Princess “series” are my favorite imagines that I have written so far!! I think I want to write PART 3 SO BAD RIGHT NOW!!!If anyone requests it, I will. Also, idk if anyone has noticed but I drop hints in my imagines that I ship Stucky and BruceNat lol. PLEASE DON’T HATE ON THE SHIPS THANKS.

The annoying sound of alarm filled the room but Y/N didn’t move an inch. Alarm kept beeping for at least five minutes, Y/N obviously got annoyed and punched it without even opening her eyes, though, alarm didn’t stop. Y/N groaned and opened her eyes, whispering: “Why must you torture me?” She slowly got up, her eyes half open half closed. She quickly got the alarm from the floor and it finally stopped making irritating sounds. She wondered why the hell did she made herself wake up at 7 a.m. on her summer holiday. Then she remembered, they had an Avengers meeting and after that, Y/N had millions of plans with her “friends” for the day. Also, her “boyfriend” was going to take her to a fancy restaurant in the evening, which was a plan Y/N had been trying to cancel since she really didn’t enjoy spending time with someone who knew nothing about her yet was always there for “her” (money). She literally picked her clothes without opening her eyes and quickly wore them. All she wanted to have was a peaceful breakfast since peace wasn’t going to be there for her through the whole day.

When Y/N entered the kitchen, she saw Bruce and Natasha quietly having a conversation, well, whispering at each other’s ears would be more appropriate. “Morning love birds. Can you like love each other somewhere else, this is a family kitchen.” Bruce jumped when he heard Y/N talking and Natasha chuckled: “Okay little kid, we’ll leave the kitchen to you.” Then they both got up and left. Y/N giggled when they left. As much as she hated to admit, she loved her team members. She wasn’t close to them because she was afraid to be close with anyone, thinking everyone in the entire world was going to treat her the same way her fake friends and everyone at school does, but she started to realize the Avengers were different. In fact, they were her family. She sighed and grabbed a cup of coffee then started to make waffles for herself. When they were ready, she silently sat on the table and enjoyed her breakfast.

“Ummm who are you and what did you do to my daughter?” Tony asked sarcastically when he entered the kitchen. “Relax, I will still spend the half of my day sleeping for the rest of the summer, I just woke up early because of your urgent meeting, remember?”  Tony rolled his eyes: “Y/N sometimes you forget who your father is, like I am a genius. Of course I remember the meeting I personally arranged myself,” he said while anxiously checking his agenda on his phone and whispering: “Shit.” Y/N laughed lightly and stopped when Tony glared at her. “I-I have some work to do before our meeting at…”

“At 8 a.m.” Y/N helped him finished his sentence. “Yeah, right 8 a.m.” Tony nodded and left the kitchen. Just when Y/N thought she was finally alone, the worst person she could ever imagine appeared in the kitchen, Peter Parker. There was nothing wrong with Peter, there was definitely something wrong with Y/N’s attitude. She was not a person who would apologize from other people, therefore although she knew what she did was horrible, she didn’t know how to talk to him, so she decided to ignore him. For her luck, kitchen wasn’t a small place. Peter didn’t even lift his head up, knowing he would face Y/N, which was a person he couldn’t actually stand. He silently grabbed some milk and cereal then sat on the other edge of the table, calmly having his breakfast. Now, Y/N felt sick. She didn’t want to eat anything but she also couldn’t get up. She needed to say something: “Morning.”

Peter didn’t answer, he was too focused on his cereal. Y/N thought he was right not to answer, she tried again:” Umm… Did you go home last night after-“

“Hey, I decided to make this situation easy for both of us. I will leave and eat my cereal in another room so you wouldn’t need to be bothered.” Peter said in a cold voice and quickly left. Y/N whispered: “Yeah who cares, you were probably like the others anyways.”

“Any questions?” Tony asked when he finally finished his two hours of torture, or as in his words, “important meeting”. Bucky raised his hand: “Yeah I have one, what the hell was this? Like why did we wake up at 7 a.m. Was that really necessary Stark?” Everyone made sounds saying that they were agreeing with him. Tony said: “Okay, okay calm down!” He waited for a second, thinking a respond. He quickly pointed at Y/N: “It was her idea!” Then he left the room quickly. “We know it was not yours, he tried,” Bruce said and all of the Avengers slowly left the room. Except two: Parker and Stark.

“Seriously what is your problem? Like I get it you are Tony Stark’s daughter but Mr. Stark is nothing like you-“

“Shut up,” Y/N said coldly. “No. I won’t shut up just because you told me to. I have never lived something like you did last night you know that? Like, I get it, people bully me all the time at school but even they have their own reasons. Your reason was probably because your last name is Stark-“

“I SAID SHUT UP!” Y/N screamed and immediately tears fell down on her face. She was sobbing and she held her head between her arms. Peter didn’t know what to do. He got up from the couch and came closer to Y/N: “Hey, I’m-I’m really sorry? Are you okay? What am I gonna do now?” He quickly said while looking for a solution. Y/N lifted her head up to face him: “I don’t think you can help me. Just leave, this is normal. Just act like you didn’t see anything,” Y/N tried to explain, still crying. “Are you crazy? Why would I leave you like this when I was the one who did this to you. I-I’m really sorry.”

“You don’t understand, this is nothing new. Don’t consider yourself special, you can’t make me cry, I don’t care about you.” Y/N stormed off.

“I’m seriously the luckiest guy on earth because I have you.” Y/N’s boyfriend kissed her hand and they both sat on their table. Y/N was trying too hard to smile and the boy was trying too hard to start an exciting conversation between them, fearing Y/N would leave him in a second if he couldn’t find anything to talk about soon. “Excuse me, I realized I hadn’t washed my hands.” Y/N quickly got up and left the balcony of the restaurant and got inside. She was walking too fast and bumped into someone. “There you are. Mr. Stark said you would be here but I couldn’t find your table, I was about to leave. This is an enormous res-“

“What do you want?” Y/N sighed, knowing she had no time for another fight, especially right now, suffering from her fake relationship. “I see, we have the same attitude but no problem. I need to talk to you. I thought through whole day and decided to give you one more chance. I think, you have a really huge issue going on in your mind now and I’m ready to listen.”

“You have known me for less than 24 hours?” Y/N crossed her arms impatiently. “I know but- I just couldn’t leave you like that, you clearly have something big bothering your mind, making you act like this towards everyone, I want you to feel better, just please talk to me, what’s wrong?” Peter asked desperately, staring into Y/N’s eyes.

“Just start with ending your ‘perfect’ but also equally fake relationship.” Peter suggested, looking down to the shiny buildings of New York. “I can’t, what if people-“

“Umm screw those ‘people’! You said it yourself. They are not even your friends why would you care about someone’s opinion if they don’t care about you? Like you said, I’m nothing special for you, therefore, I don’t have the power to make you cry, why would those people have that power then?” Peter raised his eyebrows, now staring at Y/N who is sitting right next to him. “I-I… You are right. I knew this the whole time, I guess I just needed someone who actually cares to listen what I say,” she smiled weakly. She was actually embarrassed because of what she did to Peter in less than 24 hours. She broke his heart really deeply, she knew that.

They stayed in silence for a while then Y/N blurted out: “I don’t know anything about you Peter Parker but I want you to know that you are the most special person for me in this entire world right now.” Although Peter’s heart was broken into million pieces before, now it was beating faster than ever.

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What's your original work about?

i have several! because i am good at ideas and bad at finishing things. (all standalones. how tf do people, like, conceptualize series? that would break me)

Wonder is the oldest and best-developed and probably the closest to my heart, it’s an Alice in Wonderland sequel/retelling of sorts set ten years after the in-canon approximation of the original books, a portal fantasy were the modern day teenage heroine ends up in Wonderland and, in her efforts to get home, impersonates the missing Queen Alice with Yikes consequences. there’s a rebellion and a shape-shifting villain and kissing and all that good stuff. kinda vaguely steampunky too.

the goose book (none of the rest of these have titles, l o l) is an original fairy tale (think Uprooted) and the story of a would-be witch partnering with a very cranky magician who’s gotten himself turned into a goose. The princess of the kingdom has been struck with a mysterious illness and the king is offering an absurd amount of money to any healer or magic-worker who can cure her– clearly, this is the solution to our heroes’ problems. Also ft. bandit girl. the witch and the goose fall in love and the bandit and the princess fall in love. i dont have the plot but i have the romances planned and that’s what matters.

twelve dancing lesbians is unequivocally the best concept i have, a retelling of twelve dancing princesses at an all-girls boarding school. the MC wants to be a prefect and so much catch the group of girls who sneak out to party every night to report to the administration. she has a huge crush on one of them, and also a hot roommate. But surprise! The girls are involved in some messed up dark magic shit and where they go to party is to the mysterious magic caverns in the mountain under the school. yikes. morally grey teenage lesbian love triangle. the school librarian is a faerie. I work out my catholic school baggage. it’s good shit.

absurdly indulgent paranormal fantasy romance novel vaguely beauty and the beast shaped. demons and stuff. involves me taking direct pot shots at s/j/m while liberally scooping stuff out of the most embarrassing parts of my psyche. ie there will be nasty sex scenes.

so these are my terrible children who i love. feel free to ask more about any specific ones if you’re curious!

A Daughters Lesson - A Saeran Fanfic

Title - A Daughters Lesson
Game - Mystic Messenger
Characters - Saeran Choi, MC, their daughter I named Kyung
Rating - PG
Description - Just a little fanfic about Saeran’s daughter learning a valuable lesson about life.

Been wanting to do a Saeran fic for a few days now. Since I managed to finish my character profiles for Uni yesterday, thought I’d see if I could write it this afternoon after fabric shopping. And yey, I did it :D I was inspired by @myetie headcanon on the RFA and their childrens first day at school. I love her art and I’ve wanted to do some writing from her headcanons before but nothing sparked until now. I hope she sees this but I know she probably won’t. Anyway, enjoy!

“Kyung! Get your shoes on, please” MC shouted from downstairs.

Today was hers and Saeran’s daughters second day of school. Her very first day, yesterday, had gone just fine and little Kyung was so excited to go back again the next day. Over and over she had said she wanted to do art again, draw, paint, anything creative, she clearly enjoyed it. She had made several friends too, it definitely put Saeran’s mind at ease that she had managed to make friends so quickly and easily.

“Coming!” Kyung shouted from her room, grabbing her shoes and running as fast she could downstairs to greet her mum.

“Let’s have a look at you” MC checked her daughter’s hair, cheeks and clothes happily and proudly “perfect”

“Daddy says I’m always perfect” Kyung giggled.

“Of course, because I’m right that’s why” Saeran said, popping his head around the corner from his work room. Kyung giggled even harder before jump hugging her dad.

It certainly was a sight to see, Saeran hugging his little girl before school was becoming routine for them, but the sheer joy MC felt from witnessing such love always made it special. He had come so far since her and Saeyoung had found him and helped him, oh so far. He still had nightmares and had his struggles, but since Kyung had come into their lives, he was coping with those a lot better. The RFA was still running strong, each member very eagerly being an aunt or uncle to Kyung, even if it irritated MC when Jumin bought way too many gifts for her birthday. Either way, she was being brought up in such a love filled environment MC was proud of her daughter, and Saeran for giving her such a strong head start in life.

“Right, shoes please” Saeran said, putting her down.

“You’ll pick me up yeah?” Kyung asked, sitting on the floor to pull her shoes on.

“Of course, I did yesterday, I’ll pick you up every day, that was the deal” he smiled when his computer peeped.

It was an agreement that MC dropped Kyung off and Saeran picked her up. Since both worked from home most of the time, this arrangement was easily executed. Saeran was still hacking, but in a more safe environment, for the government along with Saeyoung. No more scary agencies, just safety. MC planned the RFA parties, along with running her own business. It was a perfect balance of work and time at home to spend with their daughter.

“Can we get ice cream?” Kyung asked, whilst pulling her back pack on.

Saeran knelt in front of her and offered his little finger.

“Pinkie Promise” he grinned. Kyung happily took his finger in hers and grinning up at him. Saeran’s heart always swelled with happiness whenever she smiled, he was sure it was the most beautiful thing he has ever seen, not including MC obviously, but his computer kept beeping, he had work to do. So he kissed her head and went back to his computer.


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what are your thoughts on james & what the fandom thinks of him? and what are your thoughts on jily and what the tumblr fandom thinks of them? i'd really like to hear your opinion bc i totally agree with your snape responses!

i like james and i think he did a good, brave thing as a father and husband, but i have a huge problem with the way fandom handles his treatment of snape and, honestly, his treatment of lily when they’re teenagers. james’ seven years of bullying is often handwaved bc he saved snape’s life once in a situation that was clearly more about protecting his own friends than because he valued snape as a human being (esp considering snape’s worst memory occurs after that rescue). fandom is really, really quick to give james the benfit of the doubt even though he hasn’t really done that much to earn it and then also, hypocritically, really willing to refuse to give it to snape even tho he’s actually done quite a bit to earn it. and fandom never fucking discusses james’ classism or elitism or privilege which really infuriates me bc they always do it with snape who literally….. doesn’t really even have it lmao

re: jily - we really have little to no idea how they were when they were adults or how they were when they dated, but the one interaction we see in snape’s memory (which! remember, is an unbiased third person pov of the situation, so we can’t even say that snape’s feelings are influencing it at all) is james literally trying to blackmail lily into going out with him using her friend as hostage and that’s…. really gross. i really hope he did legitimately get better, but i’m Weary of narratives of a boy wearing a girl down by asking her out over and over again despite her saying no multiple times and i’m Weary of fandom pretending that jily is a “healthy” and “unproblematic” alternative to snily when, in fact, they both have their problems and they both aren’t exactly healthy or unproblematic.