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Drarry fics II
  • Fanfiction-author: Mmh... I haven't written some good old smut in a while... let's just start with Harry pushing Draco angrily against the wall in a fight...
  • Draco: Potter, what are you doing?
  • Harry: I don't-
  • Fanfiction-author: ... and then Harry draws closer... and closer...
  • Draco: Ew, Potter! Get away from me.
  • Harry: I'm not... I don't know what's happening. She's making me do it!
  • Draco: *huffs* Then why do I feel like your wand is pushing up against my thigh... even though you're holding it in your hand???
  • Harry: It's clearly HER fault.
  • Fanfiction-author: *evil laughter* Wait for what I have prepared for you guys in the Room of Requirement... 😜🎁🎉🎊😈😉
  • Draco: What the hell? 😳
  • Harry: *panicking* Oh no. Please don't make me lose my virginity to him.
  • Draco: Hahaha, you're still a virgin, Potter?
  • Fanfiction-author: Why are YOU laughing?
  • Draco:
  • Fanfiction-author: Also, this is a bottom!draco-fic, so...
  • Draco: WHAT??
Team Moms Helping With Homework
  • Suga: Just write it down
  • Hinata: But that's not how sensei told us how to do it!
  • Suga: Well, how did he tell you to do it?
  • Hinata: I don't know!
  • -
  • Iwaizumi: What are you doing
  • Oikawa: Nothing *clearly on his computer*
  • Iwaizumi: Is your homework done
  • Oikawa:
  • Iwaizumi: Give me your laptop
  • Oikawa: no wAIT
  • -
  • Yaku: You don't have to use your calculator
  • Lev: I'm making sure I'm right
  • Yaku: The question was "what's 2+2"
  • Lev: You never know
  • -
  • Bokuto: I can't do my homework, I don't have a pencil
  • Akaashi: Bokuto-san, I can see you hiding your pencil behind your back
  • Marco: I still don't like you, Tom.
  • Tom: I still don't like you too, Marco.
  • Marco: I especially don't like you when you fall asleep on me and I'm forced to hold you and stroke your hair to make sure you have good dreams.
  • Tom: Well I especially don't like you when you scratch behind my ears and give me kisses.
  • Tom (clearly lying): Um... the purring you hear when you do that is bad purring. I purr and nuzzle when I'm distressed.
  • Marco (standing up): Well I especially don't like YOU when you nuzzle me and you're so warm and cute I just HAVE to give you kisses! It's the worst!
  • Tom (looking angry): Well I especially don't like you when!.... when... um...
  • Tom (grabs Marco and kissed him): What was I talking about?
  • Marco: I hate it when you kiss me.
  • Tom (giggling): I don't.
  • Marco (kisses him again): Yeah... me neither.

dariattic-reblogs  asked:

Hello mama Bree! I'm sorry that my question is more fantasy storytelling than anything, I don't know how to figure it out on my own - what do you think is the distinction between witches, wizards, mages, sorcerers etc, if any?

This is actually an excellent question and one that gets debated here in the tumblr pagan community from time to time. As far as fantasy literature goes, my personal connotations of the words are thus (barring commonly-used gender and alignment stereotypes):

Witch - Heavy use of spells and potions and plants, often capable of seeing things clearly where others can’t or won’t, usually live alone or with other witches or many many cats, not big on combat magics but the first person you want handy if healing or defense or good advice is needed, usually stationary (in storytelling, the witch doesn’t generally come to you, you go to seek out the witch). Do not ever EVER cross one.

Wizard - More partial to spells and cantrips which require deep knowledge of other languages (often old dead ones that few other people know or speak anymore), associated with magic that requires institutional learning, often has an array of specialized magical tools and arcane texts to work with, prone to meddling (for good or for ill), may be versed in combat (or at least offensive) magics.

Mage - User of more elemental magics, either of one particular element or a combination or two or more, also partial to books but more intuitive than wizards, excellent to have in the party as their magical skills tend to be of the practical kind that are useful on long and perilous quests and they don’t need a lot of extra equipment since they can throw together a spell with whatever’s around them.

Sorcerer(ess) - Heavily ritualized magic which requires a great deal of preparation and learning and often requires highly obscure items or substances, often maintains a lair or stronghold because of the amount of devices and research materials required for their craft, generally either the first person you want on your side or the last person you’d want to be fighting.

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I work in an independent greengrocers and luckily this hasn't happened very often, but when it has, I just have one thing to say: dog walkers who come into the shop are stupid. I don't know what makes them think they can come in with a dog if they can't do it for big-chain supermarkets. Then most of them get shirty once you point it out (and the clearly marked 'no dogs except guide dogs' sign). Like mate, I'm pretty sure at least half the stuff in here is fatal to dogs, I'm doing you a favour.

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I really want to like your blog but it bothers me that it's so elitist :// like in your last studyspo post where you had like a muji pencil case and expensive gel pens and it just feels so exclusive and it's just nasty how you always show off how rich you are

First off, let me apologize for any unintentional elitism. I’m not trying to show off– I’m just trying to run my blog and show the world the effort I put into my work.

Also, I’m assuming you’re referring to this post here, and let me clear two things up for you. First, that’s no Muji case. It was $3 on Amazon, and while two of the pens may be Pilot, I bought one of them with the money I earned from my job, and the other was a gift. The third pen is a really nice one from Walmart which I’d strongly recommend. 

Beyond just that, I’m only a high school student who wants to put the best side of myself forward. I’m not trying to leave anyone out, or “show off how rich I am,” I just want to show people the effort I’ve put into my notes and the highlights of my experience. You don’t know anything else about me except for what I choose to put online, and asks like these really devalue what I try to do.

Again, anything I do wrong is unintentional. Studyblrs aren’t perfect, and you only see what I want you to see. While I appreciate constructive criticism, this clearly isn’t it, particularly when you’re hiding behind an anonymous ask and too afraid to show your face.

- Grace

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Hi! So, in my opinion, it's clear that Bellamy loves and has romantic feelings for Clarke. I do believe that Clarke reciprocates those feelings, but I'm not so convinced that she's fully aware of them. It's understandable considering her feelings were focused on Lexa. I have always found Clarke's emotions harder to read and interpret around Bellamy. She clearly loves and cares for him, and I think the seed for romance is planted, but I don't know if SHE knows that. What do you think? :)

I don’t reblog great posts sometimes because they question Clarke’s feelings for Bellamy. 

I believe 100% that Clarke is in love with Bellamy and she has been since he was risking his life in Mount Weather. Yes. The entire time she was with Lxa. 

You say she was focused on Lxa, but I did my rewatch. Season 2 she was focused on BELLAMY, not Lxa who was right there. She rejected Lxa and her VERY next line was, “He did it.” Meaning Bellamy. Lxa knew she loved him.

And even in Polis, I’m gonna say that no, Clarke was focused on her people. And saving her people meant she had to save Lxa because she was invested in this relationship and keeping her on her good side. I found the relationship between Clarke and Lxa to be far more political than intimate. She NEVER trusted Lxa, even when she loved her. She never chose lxa. She chose her people.

In fact she didn’t become intimate with Lxa until after Bellamy rejected her and she thought he hated her. In Hakeldama.

So I question the concept that Clarke’s feelings for Bellamy were always eclipsed by her feelings for Lxa. Lxa was certainly entranced by Clarke, but I did not see her allow herself to return those feelings until it was ALREADY CERTAIN SHE WAS LEAVING and the political game was up. 

As soon as she came back to her delinquents Clarke Griffin was Bellamy focused. She wanted him back. She wanted their relationship back. She wanted their trust, their intimacy, their friendship, their support, their faith in each other and she COURTED him.

Not sexually. Emotionally.

You don’t do that if you don’t know that you love someone and maybe they might love you back. And maybe that love might be worth it, because you are better together. 

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I have a few questions about Discord, and since you probably have access to historical/magical research books I don't, I'm hoping you could answer them. Do you know how, when and where Discord was born/originated? What are the extent of his powers? For example can he do resurrection or time travel? Lastly, he clearly knows extremely advanced magic beyond you and the royal sisters. Do you think he had to study it or it comes intuitively to him?

Discord is rather resistant to being studied and doesn’t like to answer questions. I asked him about his magic once, which I’ve written about in a previous issue that I recommend you read instead of me repeating myself, and I’ve also asked about his nature.

My studies, or at least attempts at study, haven’t yielded much information, as you never get straight answers, can’t trust the answers you do get, and it seems impossible to get readings from him; the instruments just go haywire.

If you ask him, he’s always existed, just like chaos has always existed. He isn’t chaos itself though, he’s a spirit of chaos, so I doubt he was always around. My guess is he formed gradually from an accumulation of ambient wild magic until strong enough to take corporeal form.

As for time travel, yes, or at least the illusion of it. If he could change history I assume he would have gone back to his first defeat and changed the outcome as soon as he was released. So either it’s the type of time travel that doesn’t let you actually change anything, or it’s an elaborate illusion.

Resurrection, well, I don’t think so. An illusion that gives the appearance of it, certainly, but not actual resurrection. That doesn’t seem like the sort of thing his magic would allow, from an archetypal perspective he’s a trickster, not a healer. But maybe that’s me reading too many novels.

I don’t know the limits of his magic, and I don’t think he does either. As he’s explained it, it’s not a matter of study or control, just following the current. I’m guessing that means what he does often doesn’t have any specific intent, that not even he knows what will happen.

I suppose if your goal is chaos, precision isn’t necessary. Like flailing your hooves wildly in a glassware shop will accomplish your goal if your goal is just to make a mess.

If so, it would certainly explain why he’s been struggling with friendship and harmony. That requires a lot more thought and intent. You can’t just accomplish friendship by trying things at random.

I have been thinking, that I’m losing interests in Role-playing. Not only because I’m tired and so busy since the last weeks. But also the part that it sometimes the Roleplay itself is making me lose intrests.

I don’t want it to make me feel forced to write a reply, because then it will make me stressed and being stressed makes sleep terrible..

So, I tried to imagine what would happen if Sonic successfully used all 7 of the World Rings to go through a super transformation.

I call it Golden Djinn Sonic.
He becomes a bit more aggressive, because the initial transformation would consume a lot of energy, requires a lot of focus, and be somewhat painful, but he’d still be able to think clearly enough to know what the right thing to do is. … Like pretty much every form of Sonic (excluding Fleetway).
I imagined his voice sounding like the voice clips from SSBB when he goes super. It’s all echoey and a bit loud.


Maybe he could summon scimitars or something and just quickly slash the crap out of everything.

I used elements from Alf Layla Wa Layla, Darkspine Sonic, and a statue thing I found of a god called Vasudhara (I needed to figure out how the 6 arms would work).
I love the slightly evil vibe I’m getting from this. ;v;

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: In Avengers: Age of Ultron, when they're at Barton's farm, Laura tells Clint that the rest of the Avengers are going to have to double up, and we clearly see that Natasha and Bruce are bunking together, so that means that Tony and Steve shared a room/bed, and I don't know what to do with all the endless possibilities that could have happened with that situation.

I have… no idea what I’m doing.

Sketch of the day - Thorin

As you can see, I’ve got Thorin on the brain. My little girl wanted to paint, so I painted my own picture along with her. I could get used to this… :)

This time I even remembered to sign it!

Also, thank you sooo much to all the lovely people who favorited and left lovely messages on that other sketch of mine! I’m stunned and humbled by your incredible response. You’re all wonderful, even though you clearly need glasses. :-*

Jokes On You (Rafe Adler x Reader)

Requested by Anon.

A/N: Time to take a Sunday stroll with your boy Rafe in some deadly cave. Anyways this is kinda my fail attempt of making the reader come off as a sarcastic person, so I’m sorry to the anon  who requested this if this isn’t exactly what you had in mind. Apart from that hope you guys like it!

You hated the cold, your body shivered uncontrollably as the harsh winds of Scotland brushed up against your body almost sucking the life out of you, or that’s what it felt like at least. This wasn’t even the worst part, you were currently caught up in an open gun fire exchange between Rafe’s men and another group of people who were clearly after the same thing. Trying to take cover behind a massive rock, you prepared your gun in case someone was to come your way looking for trouble, trouble mostly for them rather than you. The exchange of gunfire lasted a couple more minutes before it fell silent, you decided it was safe to take a peek to see what was going on ahead. To your surprise you were greeted by a familiar face, Rafe.

“You alright (Y/N)?” He placed a hand on your shoulder, inspecting you for any damage.

“Oh yeah I’m great, this is exactly what I had in mind when I said I wanted to spend more time with my boyfriend.” You remarked sarcastically.

Rafe chuckled rolling his eyes, “You know what I mean.” You grin at him in return. Even with the gunfire coming to halt the cold wind didn’t take a rest at all.

You held onto your body tightly trying to keep the last remainder of warmth within you, following Rafe who was just ahead leading you to where the treasure was meant to be. With the other group hot on your trail, you didn’t exactly have a lot of choice but to move fast otherwise you would risk getting into another exchange of rounds, which you hoped to avoid.

Finally coming to a halt, you let out a deep sigh seeing what was ahead of you. Another cave. This day was just getting better and better. Upon noticing your discomfort, Rafe pulls up close to you placing an arm around you shoulder pulling you closer to him, “It should be just up ahead, we’re getting so close babe.” He reassured you with a gentle squeeze on your shoulder. You looked at him, you knew this meant so much to him, besides you couldn’t say no to that face.

Sighing once more in defeat, the victory was his. “Alright Adler, lead the way into the death trap.” You gesture to the entrance in front of you. In return he smirks at you, “That’s my girl.” You could see that he was having a good time.

Before following Rafe into the cave, you halt for a moment, “Oh but one more thing Rafe, you owe me for this one.” He stops from moving any further and turns to look at you, he had the smuggest look on his face, “Later.” Was all he said, by the look on his face you knew he was plotting something but you just couldn’t figure out what exactly he meant by those words. Deciding not to pry further into his schemes, you continue to follow him into the cave or as you like to call it the death trap.

As you walked further, the silence was overwhelming you could hear your own footsteps echoing throughout the cave walls. Not to mention that it was getting extremely cold inside, your warm breath leaving your mouth and dissipating into the winter air. Your body shivered nonstop, “Rafe, this romantic treasure hunt isn’t exactly working for me, it’s getting too cold in here.” You jokingly let the pessimism slip your thoughts. You come to a stop at a slightly open space. Rafe slowly approaching, wrapping his arms around your waist pulling you close to his chest as he leans his head down to where you neck was, you could feel his warm breath tingling your skin which sent shivers down your body.

“How about we change that.” His voice was low and husky, he kept his mouth close to your ear, trailing down lightly kissing your jaw line. Pulling slightly back you give him a raised eye brow, to which he only smirks at you. Now you finally realised what he had meant by “later”, and now clearly was later.

Giving you no time to think, he moves closer until finally cornering you against the cave wall. With your back against the wall and his hands placed by the sides of your head, you had nowhere to go. You took a big gulp, trying to compose yourself, “Rafe…What are you doing?”

“What does it look like, I’m trying to get you to warm up.” He inches his face closer, with barely any space left between the two of you. Whatever he was doing was definitely starting to work, you felt your heart beating faster, and the heat rise all the way up reaching your cheeks.

“Right here? Your men are just outside, they could hear us.” You whisper not wanting your words to echo any further. With such a weak excuse, you couldn’t believe that you would even consider this yourself.

This didn’t really stop Rafe, it never did. His eyes never leaving yours, you had just challenged him. “Why don’t we take this somewhere more private.” It took you a moment to realise that by this he meant for the both of you to head further into the cave. You weren’t exactly thrilled with his idea.

“Rafe n-” Not even letting you finish your sentence, he swings you over his shoulder and begins to carry you further in. “Rafe, put me down!” You try your best to protest but to no avail. “No chance for that princess.” You could hear that he was enjoying himself.

“Jokes on you Adler, this place is full of traps!” You tried to wiggle your way out of his grip, but he just holds you tighter giving you a good slap on your behind, “I’ll take my chances.” Clearly satisfied with himself, as he continues to carry you.

Okay, maybe you didn’t want to admit it but you were enjoying this just a little bit.