clearly i didn't think this through

If I wrote the Arya threatening Sansa Scene
  • Arya: I wonder what it will be like to wear your face, and to wear your pretty dresses.
  • Sansa: Arya if you wanted to wear my dresses you could've just asked.
  • Arya: not remotely what I meant.
  • Sansa: But you'd look really pretty in one.
  • Arya: Dammit Sansa! You know I hate Dresses! I'm trying to threaten you!!!
  • Sansa: As am I
  • Arya : ....What?
  • Sansa: if you were to wear my face you would have to wear my dresses...Forever.
  • Arya: ...Okay clearly I didn't think this through.
  • Sansa: And that's why I'm in charge.
  • Arya : You're such a bitch.
  • Sansa: You threaten to wear my face and I'm the bitch?

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Can we talk about how much of the Sterek chemistry and friendship-and-maybe-more onscreen is specifically because of choices Hoech and Dylan made, outside of the direction and script, and possibly IN SPITE of the direction being given? I know canon didn't show them as romantic, but I definitely think both actors looked at and reacted to each other in ways that really let the fans see the potential. (1/2)

(2/2) You can argue that a big chunk was due to how much the actors like each other IRL and that coming through onscreen, but that certainly wasn’t all of it. Dylan’s great at showing those nuances as the script calls for them (like when he looks at Lydia in context), but clearly the scripts never said for Dylan and Hoech to look at each other the way they did, but they still went for it. I honestly don’t know if they were open to full Sterek, but they really seemed to be in degrees.

Whether they wanted canon romantic Sterek or not, they were both certainly onboard with more Stiles/Derek interactions. There are receipts of them pitching a scene to Jeff… only to have that scene taken and used for other characters. 

And yes, the writing in this show is generally not great, and the acting is… what you’d expect for a show about teenage werewolves. But the Stiles/Derek scenes were always better than they appears on paper because both of the actors had such great chemistry, and elevated their scenes about the script. 

And they both did a lot with looks, and touches, and tiny gestures that showed these two characters cared about one another even when they weren’t talking together. There’s a sort of an awareness in scenes of where the other one is, and they play off each other’s reactions. They certainly did more than the script required of them. 

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Well,i don't think that Ichigo didn't care about Orihime, he clearly did in the fight with Grinjow when she told him to not get hurt anymore and he complied, b i think that is more accurate to said, that he didn't care for her in a romantic way.

My statement was implicitly with regard to romance. He cares about her in the same way as he cares about Uryuu, Chad, Tatsuki, Renji, etc., in that they’re nakama. But they’re not anything more than that, and I would argue his relationship with her in that capacity is looser than any of the other four I mentioned.

She’s earned the position through virtue of getting involved and tagging along, not because of a rich history with Ichigo (Chad, Tatsuki) or a deeper understanding of and interaction with him through traumatic events (Uryuu, Renji).

Orihime’s defining feature is that despite being obsessed with Ichigo, she doesn’t understand him at all. If you want a parallel, Aizen and Momo is a pretty good one.

chimera!ed wingfic

so im writing this ficlet thing in response to one of my followers talking about wingfic, but it got me thinking. so to be clear this is set in brotherhood and what if

what if it wasn’t nina that tucker used in his experiments. what if he did love his daughter like a father should, but he was still desperate and crazy so he trapped a 15 year old fullmetal alchemist and used him in his experiments

only ed is no ordinary test subject, is no ordinary alchemist even. he doesn’t need circles. so when tucker performs the transmutation ed cant’s stop it - but he can alter it. so every step of the way ed’s alchemy if chasing tucker’s, fixing it and repairing the grotesque nature of it along the way. and edward may only be 15 and he’s never intensively studied chimera alchemy, but he knows his biological alchemy and at the end of the day he was a better alchemist at 10 than tucker ever would be. so edward does it right, does it better.

alphonse figures out something is wrong and comes barrelling in with the military not far behind him, and what he finds is his brother furious and bleeding and tucker’s unconscious form in front of him. ed’s shirtless and his back is horrifying, two disturbingly deep gashes too close to his spine for comfort and he’s positively bathed in blood. but he’s alive and human and al and roy’s team is too stupidly grateful for that to question it much. so tucker is taken into custody and with some nudges from edward nina is taken in by hughes and gracia. it’s all chalked up to a close call until almost two weeks later when ed and al are on the other side of the east, back in resembool that he locks al and winry in a room with him, shaking he’s so scared, and looks at them and says, “please don’t freak out” when what he means is please don’t hate me

“brother?” al takes a step towards him and ed backs away. he tugs off his shirt, and turns his back to them. there’s still bandages on his back from tucker’s experiment. but inbetween one blink the next they’re ripped away and in there place are - are -

“fuck,” winry says, always the most polite of them, and edward flinches and can’t make himself turn around to face them. “fuck, ed, you - they’re gorgeous.”

that wasn’t what he was expecting. he hasn’t looked at himself in the mirror like this, but he should have. giant, beautiful, powerful wings unfurl from his back, and that would have been impressive enough, if they were wings of white or brown or black.

but they’re gold. the same shining gold as his hair and his eyes, feathers a color that no bird has in nature. “did tucker - “ al has to ask, because he saw tuckers’ notes. he couldn’t have down this.

ed winces and turns to face them, carefully curling his wings close to his body so he doesn’t knock anything over. “i - helped. it seemed better than the alternative.”

“you can just - make them disappear when you want?” winry asks, stepping forward to delicately trail her fingers over his feathers.

his mouth thins but then he does his best to fore a smile, “yes. but it’s - it hurts to not have them out. a lot.”

and al and winry share a look at this but say nothing. they’re both mourning this, because however beautiful it looks this is one more burden ed has to carry, another pain he has to endure, and they don’t know what his breaking point is. they don’t want to find out.

so they all keep it a secret, and it works until it doesn’t. and just imagine team mustang’s faces when in the middle of a fight edward busts out the wings and starts flying around their enemies, easily throwing a spear through their opponents from above

the first person to make a guardian angel joke gets punched

(its breda)

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So clearly Steve craves submission, loves being taken care of and being Bucky's but does Bucky crave dominance the same way Steve craves submission? Like Bucky clearly enjoys taking care of Steve and dominanting him but if Steve didn't need to be taken care of that way, would Bucky still be dominant?


My general headcanon for Bucky is that he mostly enjoys what his partner enjoys – to a certain extent? there are kinks that he just can’t get into, period – so if Steve was vanilla, Bucky probably would be, too.

Now, that being said, I think the argument could be made that WS!Bucky craves dominance after being free of HYDRA because of the things he went through / the way he was forced to submit for all those years.

It would be interesting to consider a ‘verse where that happens and Steve finds his submissive side to help Bucky out.

And, of course, all of the above is canon related thoughts. Criminal!Bucky is def naturally dominant, but that’s because I specifically created that ‘verse for the kinky D/s sex.

[the stock market] is at once the fairest and most deceitful [business] in Europe, the noblest and the most infamous in the world, the finest and the most vulgar on earth. It is a quintessence of academic learning and a paragon of fraudulence; it is a touchstone for the intelligent and a tombstone for the audacious, a treasury of usefulness and a source of disaster.
—  Josef Prenso de la Vega, 1688 — Confusion des Confusiones

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That story about Sam's father really gets me! because I can relate with his pain...I've never had my Dad by my side. I almost cry when I saw how sad he suddenly seemed after that question, it's clearly a touchy subject for him. Oh Cait, make your man feels he didn't need any male figure to become the incredible man that he is.

I am so sorry anon, no one should have to go through life without their parent’s support. I agree that it’s definitely a sad point in Sam’s past and I think that he doesn’t like to talk about it and finds it easier to just sort of gloss over. Cait was perfect there that she took the spot light and really answered that question for the both of them. I’m sure that she reassures him that he’ll be a wonderful, loving and nurturing father when the time comes.

Let me just…okay, I need to put this EB in personal context for my own sanity. I know that my problems are nothing compared to what others have gone through, but the only way I can make sense of stuff is by juxtaposing it with my own life experience. Sappy oversharing ahead. Feel free to skip.

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Ehi! I hope you don't mind if i tell my opinion on Bella. Don't want to be rude, i just found your post interesting and i feel like sharing my point of view. So first of all, I don't think bella found herself at all: she disliked herself at the beginning of the books, she thought she was not enough for edward for the majority of the time, and then she found /her place/ only after being physically transformed - as in: another creature. Se she didn't succeed in finding herself imo [...]

[…] and i think this is something that bothers lots of people. It’s like at first she presented herself to be “like us” but then she clearly showed that she could not be happy if not through being someone else. Secondly, ppl think she is being manipulated all the time and tbh i agree: everything she does/thinks is in function of E., she becomes catatonic when he leaves (and for fuck’s sake, you are 17. Everybody experiences a break up gurl cmon). And she accepts E’s behavior which sometimes ..

Sometimes it’s not acceptable: i clearly remember when he breaks her car??? Like dude. You try to do something like that to me and I break your knees. And she FORGIVES HIM. Because she feels inferior (this is my opinion oc). This being said, it’s not like I don’t like her. I actually despise how Stephanie treated her. She IS weak. She had a lot of potential, she could have had a great character development, but in the end she didn’t have it. This is what i think! Sorry for the rambling lol.

Okay, honestly. This really grinds my gears. So if I sound sort of bitchy, I apologize, I’m not directing it toward you. I just think this is very very inaccurate.

Bella made the choice HERSELF to become a vampire, because she KNEW that is who she was. It wasn’t “physically transforming” that made her find her place, it was just being a part of Edward’s world that made her find her place.. and it WASN’T because of Edward. She even told him that. She made that choice because she finally felt like she belonged somewhere. Edward was a perk, but she knew for HERSELF that being in the world of vampires was right for HER. She didn’t need to “become someone else” to be happy, she FOUND herself. There’s a difference there. She found herself in that world, and to be a part of it, she changed. I really don’t think that’s a problem if you know that’s who you are.

Yes, she disliked herself, but she learned to trust herself and make her own choices. That is definitely finding herself. She figured out what was important to her, who she was, and what she felt like she needed to do. She didn’t think she was enough for Edward most of the time because they did have their issues in their relationship, but she later learned after New Moon that she WAS enough.

I feel like you haven’t read the books in a really really long time or just think about the movies, because Bella was CONSTANTLY fighting back with Edward whenever he tried to manipulate her and protect her. She would get pissed off. Of course she would later forgive him because he would also apologize, but she was not going to do what she didn’t want to do. Period.

And I don’t think it’s fair to judge someone how they deal with their emotions or a break up. Everyone has different levels of emotions, and Bella had never lost someone before. It was like he died to her in a sense because he said he was never coming back, and because she felt so right in that world, that was like losing a part of herself. It wasn’t just because she lost Edward, it was because she lost the world she identified with so strongly.

And she doesn’t forgive Edward for things right away like I said above, they eventually make up, but Bella is pissed there for awhile. At first, it might have been an inferiority thing, but she definitely grew past that once she started having her own voice. You usually forgive the people you love for the stupid shit they do. If you say you wouldn’t, you’re lying. If Bella didn’t have her own voice and was clearly letting herself be manipulated, that’s different. She always spoke up against anything Edward attempted to do. Bella was her own person first and foremost.

I do not think Bella is weak at all, either. Bella is very strong. She was constantly expected to mother her mother as a kid, and she thought that was her identity. She later learned that that was not who she was and what SHE personally wanted aside from the people in her life. She was a good mother to her kid.. hell, she went COMPLETELY against Edward for her kid, and she did what she thought was right for her KID and HERSELF over her lover. Edward turned completely against her, and she held on strong. Edward could not manipulate her ever, and he certainly could not control her. She always stuck up for herself when it came to Edward or Jacob, and she would do just about anything for those she loved as long as that didn’t infringe on who she defined herself as. She also had the courage to make her own decision for her OWN life even if it meant that she would have to hurt Jacob or even Charlie, because she knew for herself personally, that was the right thing to do.

Everyone likes to think she makes all her decisions for Edward, but Bella EVEN STATES in the books that is not why she makes any of her decisions at all. Edward was a perk for that world, but she made that decision for herself because that’s who she was.

You can all depict Bella as “weak” or “inferior” all you want, but in my opinion, you clearly didn’t read the same books I did or didn’t read them closely.

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Hey Nami, the chapter is out on Baidu. Seidou lost the match unfortunately, they did managed to scored 1 more point. Kataoka does admit the Relay being late and that the lost was all his fault and that his inexperience was showing. We have to sit through Teitou vs Inashiro match now though, personally I'm more interested in seeing what Kataoka has to say to his player whom he failed. Sawamura didn't even want to sit near MIyuki and Furuya lol not surprising considering the development

The chapter is here!

Oh goodness, this is the best. I love this. 

I love how Eijun is sitting away from everyone else, still clearly pissed off, and Miyuki is looking at him.

I think Miyuki starts to finally understand how much pressure whole Seidou’s team was putting on Eijun without acknowledging him, how much they were all using Eijun, depending of him, while treating him awfully. 

Here you go, play against Teitou while we are losing, so you can get yips again if we do lose” 
You striked out the best batter of Yakushi, the best batter in Tokyo, now stand aside and let Furuya take the whole glory
and of course 
You screwed up once? Ha ha ha, you’re not going to play in the closed tournament any more. Yeah, sure, Furuya screwed up in the Fall too, but who has time to remember about that?”.

I’m so, so happy Eijun is angry. I started to worry if there was everything all right with his brain, seriously. For how long was he supposed to let people treat him like a tool, like a slave: help us, but don’t expect any gratitude?

I wonder what Kataoka will tell to the rest of players too. After all not only Kataoka is to blame; Miyuki and Furuya should apologize too. The good thing is that Kataoka and Miyuki are already showing sights of thinking about what they have done wrong. The bad thing is that Furuya looks as if nothing happened… But good, let him do just that, so other people can see that he doesn’t give a damn about them.

Now I really need the translation. I’m very curious about what those reporters said; they are Terajima’s mouthpieces, so it’s hard to predict what could they say.

Also, Inashiro versus Teitou! With his improved control and numbers I think Eijun is much better than Mukai, so I need to know how Inashiro’s batters will deal with Mukai’s pitches. Yet, I hope the whole match won’t be too long. I need the talk of Kataoka with the players, I need to hear his pathetic excuse to keep unstable player for so long and I need to see if both captain and “ace” can admit they were wrong.

I can’t believe that Terajima finally started delivering. Daiya’s ratings dropped down?

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A tour through your 'Beast' tag got me thinking. Do you think he would have accepted a lot more of Scott's decisions if Scott had rescued him from Osborn quicker? I seem to recall Beast bringing that up in some of their early arguments. Maybe if he didn't already have that huge grievance against Scott he would have been more understanding of Scott, (he's clearly ok with unilateral, ends-justify-means decisions). Or maybe there's some "he'll use a kill squad on purifiers but not to save me?"

Here is a link to my Beast tag, if anyone wants to look through it

To my way of thinking, Hank’s state of mind was/is suspect. Being held captive by Osborn had a lot to do with it, mixed in with other factors. I think Hank is suffering from PTSD, and depression. I can imagine how it affects his view of things, but regret that this is how it is.

When that incident went down, Scott was balancing the needs of everyone. Before Osborn came to town, Scott’s first efforts were to get Hank out of custody. When the Avengers arrived, and declared marshal law, the situation changed.

The plan for Utopia, and timing of it was delicate. Sending in a squad to get Hank would not have been affordable, and would have set them against the law in ways they were trying to avoid. The best thing to do was get everyone safely out of US jurisdiction first. After that individual needs and efforts could be better considered. As much as Scott loves Hank, he is just one man. It is not a pretty truth, but it was the reality of the situation. Hank saw it differently.

The world they were living in was different, but Hank was not processing information with this understanding. I think Bobby stated Scott’s side pretty well.

Things like Magneto gaining Scott’s trust, while Charles’ influence diminished did not help. 

Scott needed Hank more than ever at this time. Like Bobby said, Hank was was needed to help keep Scott grounded.He was the heart of the original team. Scott was taking in other influences to meet the needs of the time, but Hank would have been an anchor. Unfortunately he was not able to provide that. 

As he stated, he did not even care. I see it as a selfish view, but understandable considering his state of mind. I view modern Hank more as a tragic character now.

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Emma is a strong ass woman. She has been through shit in her life. You think if a dude pushed himself onto her and she didn't like it SHE WOULD FUCKING TELL THEM WHERE TO GET OFF? Holy shit she would bash em. So clearly she is interested in hook

Here’s the thing anon. I don’t believe Emma is a strong ass woman anymore, at least not as she used to be. You can thank the writers for that, making her obliged to things that are not in her character and would normally not be comfortable with, all for the sake of trying to put the leading male/female characters together. Putting lines into her mouth saying she’s not into Hook for several episodes then suddenly she somehow drinks some invisible love potion and is macking out with him oh so passionately. Emma use to not take shit from anyone that breaks even relatively “minor” offenses such as assault (Rumple) or framing someone for murder (Regina) in season 1. She mostly tells Regina to back off when she says something inappropriate or bullies the town’s residents.  

Now she’s catering to their every whim because she feels bad and doesn’t want to tip toe the line of hurting their feelings and telling them what’s what. That what Regina did to her mom (burning her at the stake) and Marian (calling for her execution without trial) was wrong. Did she ever call Hook out on his shit about locking her up in Rumple’s cell? No. Did she ever call him out for running off with the bean and leaving them to all die if she and Regina hadn’t found a way out, no thanks to him? No. Aren’t these really serious offenses? HELL YES! The writer’s blatant attempt to gloss over these issues when Emma would normally not be okay with is an obvious move to not draw attention to the heinous situations surrounding Hook. Obviously if these have been address aloud on screen, it would be hard to have Emma (the heroine) really stay with Hook (villain), which is why they try to write in lines about Hook bettering himself, when we haven’t seen much proof of this and Emma being “mums the word” on Hook’s shady dealings. To me the current version of Emma is not strength. To me she is a pushover.

And it saddens me that I’m dragging Emma’s character through the mud because of this. But the fact is, ever since the villain’s pathetic attempt at redemption has been playing out, it makes the heroes look weak. Outside of them shooting arrows and doing karate chop moves, they do not put the villains in their place when obviously the villains have morally crossed the line. The villains can do whatever the hell they please without suffering the repercussions from the heroes and pretty much causes disaster to everyone else (Regina creating a second happy ending for herself and Hook’s lame ass apology to a frighten Belle, looking as if he didn’t even think he needed to apologize to her for shooting her and knocking her unconscious.)

And in all honesty would you really say this about someone if you were really into them?

WHERE THE HELL IS THE CLARITY THAT EMMA IS INTO HOOK? Even in season 4 she’s still pushing him away after their hot kiss that she was supposed to be “interested in”.

*Excuse me while I call bullshit on this* -_-


Seriously, if Rumple doesn't get fucked up six ways to Sunday I'm gonna be SO PISSED.

I am beyond sick of him fucking over everyone because he’s oh so sad and fucking power hungry. Clearly losing his son to death wasn’t a harsh enough price for all of his fuckery. Strip his powers. Have Belle leave his ass. Banish him to survive in the real world without magic.

And if he EVER mentions Milah’s name again I will personally go through my TV kick him in a VERY soft spot, ya dig?

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It was a video. It's bright, 5 seconds long, clearly shows his face. I didn't realize the guidelines were so strict here. You must think real highly of yourself.

LOL or maybe I have 250 messages in my inbox and haven’t gotten to yours yet. Or maybe it didn’t go through? If it met the guidelines, then it will be posted. There is a queue.

This blog has nothing to do with me, friend. My request for clear images of dogs actually began with followers who complained that I queued EVERY submission; good quality or not. That is the theme of this blog. Quality images. I know I don’t always post the best quality, some dogs are too cute to not share, but that is the overall theme. Which it states in multiple locations.

And this is my blog, I could post cats if I want. Don’t make me threaten you with cat images.

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*FYI* By learning sign language you're appropriating Deaf Culture. You're clearly not deaf, so just stop.

yeah ok I will 2 secs tho gotta text my parents and let ‘em know why they’ll be forced to lipread everything I try to say to them from now on xoxo

how dare I appropriate my own language, jesus

I think giving up my appropriation of Deaf culture will really cheer up my mum, though, I mean like I’ll stop stealing her culture and she will no longer have a suitable interpreter. EVERYONE wins!

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Ok so I saw WWA 3 times last year and Zayn was clearly high which is fine if that's what you wanna do but he also didn't seem very into the show. It was all very going through the motions compared to the other boys. Now they are performing with 4/4 people who seem to be as enthusiastic about being in the band and performing with the same amount of energy. It was awkward having a person who was unhappy up there with them. It's more cohesive now. I think that is the point being made.

Cool, great. And I’ve been to 2 tmh shows and a wwa show and all three times zayn interacted with the crowd made the effort to read signs and vocally knocked it out of the park.

Zayn is an introvert just because he’s not licking his titties doesn’t mean he didn’t want to be there.

Plus every single member has had an off-day, most people do at their jobs, no matter how extravagant.

But let me ask you this question: why is it that when any of the other boys are having off-days it’s because they’re being closeted, and management is cruel, but when zayn, the one who was mistreated the most by his team and the fandom, has an off-day, it’s not due to his working conditions, but his work ethic?

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Do you think the reason Peridot and Lapis are more maquinney-(i.e. all the lines) is because they haven't regenerated before? Pearl and Amethyst went through all their forms before reaching their new one but Peri and Lapis didn't. Or do you think it has to do with the fact that Lapis was sealed away and Peri was bubbled

I think it just has to do more with the colors at play- particularly with regard to Lapis. The dark blue and some of the green lines show up more clearly on their frames because they contrast against the bright and light colored body overall- but still for me at least on any TVs or screens I’ve viewed the reformation sequences on overall the Gems appear bright white during this stage- any seams we see often are visible for me when slowing the episode down to frame by frame.

For Lapis too the lines were necessary by the way she was illustrated in her reform. The amount of detail in her outfit as her skirt fans out and the ribbons are drawn wouldn’t be as understood if it was all white without any borders.


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Azoff is smart, and a business man through and through. He wouldn't court 1D or want them while they're one member short and he wouldn't do it if he didn't intend for them to stay together beyond this year. And with the major hints we have been getting that 1D are certainly going through a management change, I am more than convinced Zayn is coming back. I think his return will be whenever the change happens. I can't see him back with the band until Modest is out.

I agree with you nonnie. He wouldn’t waste his time on a past-the-expiration-date boyband. Clearly he thinks they’re still very viable, both together and separately. I said last year it was total bullshit that Modest didn’t make more of an effort to cultivate 1D’s individual celebrity because all 5 have the goods. 

Fast forward to this year and that’s exactly what’s happening. But I don’t think Modest is doing it. I think it’s Azoff and company. So yeah, I think Zayn will be back and it’s happening this summer. This guy has at least 40 years of experience in the music business. What Zayn brings to the table may be lost on the fickle bitchy kids and “cool” moms of this godforsaken fandom. But it sure as hell isn’t lost on him.