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Laser Tag

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Nesta had never lost a single game of laser tag in all of her 23 years of life.

It didn’t matter what day it was, or what time it was, or where it was, she always won, and she wasn’t plan on breaking her winning streak anytime soon.

Cassian held her hand, their fingers interlaced, as they made their way through the arcade in the small town of Velaris. The rest of the inner circle trailed behind them, pointing out fun games to play after the laser tag was over.

Cassian had insisted on bringing everyone here today because they needed some “quality family time” together. Nesta had only rolled her eyes and agreed to join, but when he brought up laser tag, she got excited.

She had never played laser tag since she and Cassian had started dating, and she thought it was a perfect time to put him in his place. He was always cocky, and said he never lost, but Nesta was going to change that.

The smell of pizza filled the air, and children shouting around the room made her cringe in annoyance. She hated everything about arcades except laser tag. There were too many germs and loose kids running all over the place, and she may or may not be responsible for breaking one’s wrist a few months ago.

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I know everyone is losing their shit but I think we all need the calm down and think rationally for a second. From everything we know about Grant and have seen in his interactions with Candice, it doesn’t make sense for him to agree with a comment calling for the death of Iris. Grant said at a panel that he made sure Candice knew early on that Iris would live through season 3 because he didn’t want her to worry. Grant’s never been anything but supportive of Candice. He’s spoken positively about westallen since season 1 and shut down interviewers who try to push other ships. Grant has said multiple times that Iris is the love of Barry’s life and “that’s not going to change”. He clearly ships westallen. Just a few weeks ago at fanexo, Grant talked about how he knew that Candice was right for the part of Iris as soon as she left the audition and fawned over her when she talked about their chemistry. There is no reason to believe Grant would want Iris to die.

1. When you’re scrolling through social media, it’s easy to accidentally hit like when you didn’t mean to. Sometimes I look at my likes on instagram, twitter, and tumblr and see posts that I don’t remember liking or even people I follow who I don’t remember following. It’s so easy to make a mistake while scrolling and do something you didn’t mean to. That’s one possibility.

2. Liking something doesn’t always mean you agree with or actually “like” it. I’ve liked things just to save them for later before. Once, I had to do a presentation in my economics class, so I liked a ton of Trump’s tweets. I can’t fucking stand Trump. I didn’t agree with any of them, they disgusted me. I just needed them in a convenient location so I could use them in my presentation.

Maybe Grant is going to write a post asking fans to stop hating on Iris? Other CW actors have recently been speaking out and asking fans not to send hate or rude comments to actors about their characters.

3. Candice once RTed a hater on twitter just to show everyone what she deals with. The fandom dragged the hell out of him. It’s possible Grant liked that comment to draw attention to it and let the fandom handle it.

We don’t know what happened, yet. Let’s not lose our minds and start bashing Grant before we know the whole story. Everyone just take a deep breath, it’s going to be ok.

I remember so clearly the feeling I got in the theater when Kylo Ren took off his mask for the first time. I was so delighted I wanted to punch somebody in the arm.

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It had been LONG.. Since Murdoc was trusted to leave the company of the twins humble abode. Though not given a specific time for when he should return, The bassist had clearly took leisure in that fact. Managing to get himself into the grasp of an alternative Paula Cracker, which had only started out as a accidentally collision at a bar, but ended up in the pair hooking up. It was only after he had left did Murdoc text Cloud. Hair dishevelled and neck covered in dark vibrant marks, none of which left from her. He wouldn’t have to explain himself surely, although that question did fester somewhere within him.

[text]: Hey love, can you make a portal?

will byers is gay: a thorough character analysis

disclaimer: this is not me “forcing sexuality” on will. if you think him being gay is inappropriate but have no problem with mileven and/or lumax (who are all the same age as will), i’ve got some news for you.

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It isn’t as much fun to tell stories about how your captain makes a home with a nice Puritan woman who shares his love of books.

They stopped for lunch in a town that Keith was pretty sure only had one stop light, but the little roadside diner that they found served the best cherry pie either of them had ever eaten and the gas station next door had a statue of a brontosaurus that Keith declared he had to climb before they left. The gas station attendant who clearly wasn’t paid enough to deal with dinosaur-climbing tourists ran them off the premises, but not before Shiro managed to snap a pic of Keith grinning triumphantly, aviators glinting in the sunlight, atop the statue.

from @stargazershiro‘s 2k17 big bang which you can read here

This scene may very well be one of my favourite things ever written. I love Keith being happy and carefree and Amy wrote it so simply but so well……… 🅱️ls read her fic jflkdgdfk

alternate vers (with no lens flare) under the cut

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So we all know Hopper’s daughter right? We get that flash back of her, and we see she wears pigtails as seen below

Well, in the next flash back scene, we see that once she losses her hair, Hopper makes her hair ties into a little bracelet he wears on his right wrist

Well, he clearly cherishes this bracelet because other than his watch and hat, this is the only sort of accessory we see him wear, and he always has it on, in any scene where his jacket is off, you can see it in season 1 and 2

Well, now let’s jump to everyone’s favourite scene from the finale of season 2: the snowball dance. It’s a great scene full of love and reasons to make you cry, but due to a little detail, you’ll be crying for a new reason. During the milleven slow dance, if you look at her wrist, eleven has a new accessory

Guys…ITS THE BRACELET!!! remember that this scene is after hopper finds out that Jane is officially his child now, meaning that Hopper has a child again and can finally move on from the heartbreak of loosing his daughter, so hE GIVES EL THE BRACELET! I CANT HANDLE THIS CUTE ASS SHOW WITH ITS LITTLE DETAILS ANYMORE!!

Examples of WallFlower Taako

(these will not be in order but here you go @mango-dolphin )

  • Does not show absolutely NO interest during the press conference during the Stolen Century
  • His small talk game is SO bad during Here There be  gerblins “How is everyone liking the adventure so far?” 
  • Has little to no idea how to talk to people without using charm person or exposing his true aloof/sarcastic snips 
  • He didn’t NEED to charm Tom Bodett at the train station but he had little confidence in what they were doing
  • The awkward silence that came after he tried to have slmall talk over Palmoa’s scones and failed
  • His response “I’m Taako from TV” for the dating show bit in the Suffering Game is a combination of 1. his ego towards his own fame and 2. he has no idea how to sell himself
  • Taako talks more when he’s not around many people
  • That fucking charisma stat is kind of pitiful 
  • Lup is clearly the charismatic one without needing to try, Taako got his fame not by his personality alone. Sizzle it up with Taako was him dazzling through unnecessary magical flares along with his cooking
  • During Candlenights Taako just walks around going “macaroons” and literally says nothing else 
  • Taako relied on Lup to get him through social situations, when he started his new life not remembering her he taught himself (perhaps subconsciously channeled her) how to put up a fake tv personality 

Long Story Short, I love how awkward Taako is in reality. I think its a lovely balance and works so well with Lup in the long run

why is ‘tyren’ pr?

I’ve had a few asks about why Ty and Lauren are PR. If you can’t see it after this post, I’ll pay for your eyes testing. Just a heads up, i’ll apologise in advance for all the ‘tumblr:camrenexposed’ through out, it seems certain accounts on Twitter have a thing about copying my posts and not crediting me. Sorry guys!

With that being said…

First off let’s talk about Ty, known for his blatant misogynistic attitudes towards women across the industry. That’s a title to be proud of, not. When I hear grown men belittling, demeaning and degrading women in the way he does, I always wonder how they would feel if their female family members were being spoken about in such a disrespectful manner. They’d find it incredibly inappropriate right? So, what then gives these men the right to say those things about someonelse’s mother/sister/daughter etc? The answer simply is, it doesn’t.

Then we’ve got Lauren. You literally couldn’t get more opposite personalities if you tried. Lauren passionately campaigns for our fundamental human rights, engaging in social and political activism whenever she can. She generously donates thousands of dollars to fans with ill health and those who need it most. She’s the first to defend herself and who she is, confidently allowing fans to realise that no matter what, everything will be okay. Regardless of who we are, what we look like tumblr:camrenexposed and who we love she teaches us to embrace what makes us ‘different’ and be proud of who we are. My problem is the negatives hit the headlines before all these incredible things she does make them. She always seems to been labelled the “bitchy” one of the group, but for what? For showing passion? For speaking out against the fucked up political state of our global society? If that makes you a bitch, sign me up. 

So, for starters and most obviously; we’ve got the collaboration between the two. As I predicted a few weeks back, this would be on Ty’s album and released as a single. If I’m correct, there’s a video in the works for ‘In Your Phone’. So statistically, this is the THIRD solo track Lauren has released outside the group. ‘In Your Phone’, ‘Back to Me’ ‘Strangers’ AND we’ve got the Steve Aoki collab dropping any time soon. Now let’s quickly bring Camila into this. Whist in the group, Camila was granted special release of her tracks to mainstream media. She released 2 tracks whilst in the group; ‘IKWYDLS’ and ‘Bad Things’. That’s two individual projects, right? Now let’s look back at Lauren tumblr:camrenexposed In total, considering when the Aoki collab is released, that’s FOUR solo project’s she’s been granted release. Four. That’s double Camila’s. So you’re probably asking, why the fuck is this relevant? Here’s why, After Camila’s departure, Lauren is golden girl. The label and management are pushing her to the front, because as they unfairly did with Camila, they’re seeing the most potential in Lauren as a solo artist. It makes complete sense she’s the only one from the remaining members of the group partnered up with another artist in the industry. This is when the PR comes to light. Do you guys know how much it costs to keep relationship afloat between 2 well known artists in the music industry? Thousands and thousands of dollars. Why? Because they must make sure that reputation isn’t tarnished or ruined in the process. So you’re probably asking why invest money into a PR? Look how many fans Lauren is gaining on Ty’s behalf and vice versa. It’s actually very very clever. I’ll get into that later on.

I’ll set you all a painful task, log on twitter go to Ty’s likes and look at how many posts he has liked with icons of either pictures of Lauren or the other 4 girls. It’s the merging of the fanbases which is why the whole thing this was created in the first place. Lauren’s voice is perfectly suited for R&B. She’s said countless times how much she “hates cheesy pop” which unfortunately some of the groups music falls under. Her solo work and ambition is to get as far away from that as possible. As much as we dislike him, Ty has a lot of connections with major R&B artists across the industry. His attitudes and behaviours are disgusting, but for some reason he’s well regarded across that specific genre. The Label tumblr:camrenexposed is trying to disassociate Lauren from her younger fans, and set her up with a more mature and developed fandom. Hence pairing her up with someone like Ty. They’re doing the tumblr:camrenexposed opposite with Camila. Camila’s team are encouraging that all age fan base and it’s well working. The thing with Lauren is, only ‘Fifth Harmony’ fans KNOW who she is and what she stands for. People outside our fan base don’t have a clue. Therefore, the media is buying and promoting it, because they don’t see any wrong in Lauren, but we see her as going against what she’s preached to us all for the past 5 years.

 Interactions between the two are blatantly staged. When one uploads a picture, the other has to evidence fans that they are together. So the Lauren update accounts, and the Tyren accounts then confirm this to fans. It gets people talking and speculating. Now, by all means correct me if I’m wrong, but if you’re the private person we all know that Lauren is, there’s no way she would be uploading videos/pictures of her and her respectful partner all over tumblr:camrenexposed social media. These pictures are HQ and the same picture is being posted on both accounts, just hours apart. Where’s all the cute/candid shit that real couples post on social media? There isn’t because it isn’t real. Where’s the intimacy and romance in these pictures? They’re clearly faked. At his album release party the other night, he had his back to her half the time and when they interacted it was forced and cringey as fuck. There’s no “love” in their eyes, just a contract.

Yes, Lauren is to blame for her social media presence and who she’s presenting herself as lately BUT she’s doing it for a reason. We’ve got to look at why this reason is, and that’s her unhappiness. From January, we’ve seen her behaviour tumblr:camrenexposed deteriorate to the point where we are at now. Half of me thinks this has A LOT to do with Camila’s departure the other thinks it’s Ty’s influence. What we can’t deny is the time Lauren and Ty spend together for this PR to work. Now, whilst she’s in his company, she has to fit in. Unfortunately, his circle is drug and alcohol fuelled. It’s no secret she’s been using weed for a while, but there’s no doubt in my mind that when she is around Ty and his circle, she’s taking something stronger. In half the pictures, the pair take, they both look completely drugged up. But she’s literally contractually bound to him, she’s giving in to the situation because there’s nothing she can do. That’s fucking sad.

Another point to make, is why have these rumours speculated for months, yet it’s taken the album release for Ty to “confirm” the two being together? It fucking screams PR. He said himself in an interview, he was a private person when it comes to his relationships. If that was the case, why has he mentioned Lauren in tumblr:camrenexposed EVERY SINGLE interview since his album release? Why dos Laurens activity on Instagram undertone her longing and sadness for someone, yet he seems to think they’re “king and queen” of the music industry? It’s so wrong that it’s laughable.

Also, remember when Ty tweeted out this:

 And now he’s tweeting things like this:

His team are using Lauren in the process to try and clean up his image so he’s more appealing to younger/more mainstream fans. In the process of Lauren losing fans, she’s gaining more in the genre and route she wants to take her music down. Because mainstream charts are where all the awards are, remember that. And also remember, awards are competition.

Laurens image is only really damaging within our small fandom, the media see no difference in her. We know Lauren better than we all think. We’ve studied her behaviour and watched her grow for 5 years. We know this isn’t her. If we can’t see this is PR, we’re letting her down and letting the label win. As a strategy, we’re gonna have to ignore it because it’s only gonna get worse. We as fans have predicted things between the two that have come true and been shown. Her mind is her strongest asset, yet it’s her weakest. Let’s not be a part of that weakness.

Most recently today, we’ve got Ty supporting one of Lauren’s close friends Shawn, who has just brought out his first single. Why didn’t he take a picture with Shawn when they’ve met on countless occasions at Label/Award show after parties and gigs? He’s never promoted him before so why now after Lauren posted about him? 

A few more pointers:

  • Why hasn’t Ty helped promote Dinah’s individual song with French Montana and Daddy Yankee? 
  • Why didn’t Ty promote Ally’s solo song with Lost Kings?
  • Why didn’t Ty promote any of Camila’s solo music, regardless of her leaving the group, he still did a song with her?
  • Why didn’t Ty promote Lauren’s interview with OUT magazine, where she addressed her sexuality?
  • Why is Ty’s acknowledgement of the group through Lauren and not directly to the girls?
  • Why didn’t Ty promote or support Lauren and Halsey’s ‘Strangers’ performance on GMA?

Final thought. If this was a genuine relationship, do you really think we’d predict their next move? 

Unfollow, but never unstan. 


Guy like that probably has a long list of people who wanna toss him off rooftops.
Why do you want to?

Wow the blatant sexism against female characters has moved on to Nancy Wheeler, why am I even surprised at this point, but I am going to defend her anyways 

  • Nancy Wheeler is the kind of a girl who fights an entire corrupt cooperation because she doesn’t want her best friends parents to go bankrupt 
  • Nancy Wheeler fights them despite there terrible threats against her because she knows they are corrupt and don’t deserve to get away with it
  • Nancy Wheeler is the girl who tried to deal with her own guilt, and grief for an entire year without having any real outlet for it 
  • Nancy Wheeler is basically the only one who doesn’t buy or maybe a better word is accept that all the guilty people are ‘gone’ - side note so I don’t have to fight people over this Eleven comes to the realization Papa is still alive so clearly they are not all ‘gone’
  • Nancy Wheeler figures out how to manipulate said agency knowing full well they will underestimate her 
  • Nancy Wheeler isn’t reckless she seeks help when she is out of her depth 
  • Nancy Wheeler can keep up with ridiculous conspiracy journalist 
  • Nancy Wheeler can’t deal with her overwhelming emotions at 16, like wow normal teens can’t deal with there first sexual relationship and yet you loser on tumblr are critiquing realistic female trauma #feminism 
  • Nancy Wheeler doesn’t have to love Steve Harrington now that he is the new fandom fav 
  • Nancy Wheeler is allowed to lash out, everyone else on the show fucking does - Mike/Eleven/Steve/Hopper/Jonathan etc. 
  • The idea people are honest when drunk is such bullshit, people lash out about the things they are feeling at the moment, everything is amplified, so frustration, fear, guilt, pain, being overwhelmed all of which are natural pore out of her
  • Nancy Wheeler can have feeling for Jonathan because they have shared history, and attraction, no 16 year old is ready for a white picket fence future, regardless of what fucking decade it is  
  • Nancy Wheeler is there for Barbs family 
  • Nancy Wheeler is there for her Family - Mike has been a brat towards her and she still wants to look out for him (all 13 year old boys are brats to their older sisters but that doesn’t make it any easier) 
  • Nancy Wheeler is there for Jonathan as he has to torture his own brother, and she makes the hard calls so he doesn’t have to - this saves Will 
  • Nancy Wheeler is there for Dustin knowing exactly what to say to him,because she has a big heart full of love
  • Nancy Wheeler is in no way cold, unfeeling, cruel, she is a complex character, she is a realistic 16 year old trying to grow in a world full of monsters and world ending crisis’s you don’t have to like her but to shit on her constantly is pathetic especially for horribly sexist tropes she doesn’t have to be easy to deal with, she doesn’t have to be there for your fav male character, she is allowed to exist as a flawed human being, as all the other characters on the show are

End Rant. 


Pairing: Y/N and Harry

Word Count: 6k


He lays there, blanket pulled to his torso, eyes shut, he looks like the rest of them, and she feels her heart ache. She can’t help but notice how young he is, he can’t be any older than twenty-six, and here he lays with no one around him.

“Hi there,” Y/N whispers, bending down to height of his ear, “I’m your nurse Y/N. Y/N Y/L/N, and I’m here to take care of you. Make sure you stay healthy for when you wake up, make sure you don’t get any bed sores yeah? I’ll keep you company, keep you updated on what’s happening in the world, tell you some funny jokes, I’ll even let you in on the latest company gossip, but you gotta do me a favor,” she whispers, placing her hand on top of his. It’s a cold hand, rough, and she knows it’s supposed to feel that way, but it maker her heart ache even more. Y/N closes her eyes, taking in a shaky breath, “you have to pull through this and live, yeah? Because when you wake up, it’s going to be your turn to tell me all about yourself, yeah?”

She opens her eyes and sighs.“It’s late now, one a.m., but I’ll be back later to check in on you,” she gently brushes the hair out of his face and stands, “we’ve got a deal. You can’t fail me.”


Y/N is Harry’s beautiful nurse who he can’t stop thinking about, to the point that he’s willing to give up his old memories and life to make a new one with her.

“Good morning!” Y/N sings.

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Bruise [ IX ]

Genre [Rating] : Angst [M]

Length: 6k

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Summary: He wasn’t yours, and you weren’t his, but that couldn’t stop your heart from believing otherwise.

Bruise Masterlist

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Red was the color that painted your skin through the sleepless night alone. Your eyes grew red from the endless stream of frustrated tears that dripped down your temples. Your cheeks changed hue from rawness, the sleeves of your sweater scratching away at them until they near bled. Your phone battery drained to zero, red painting the icon when you stared at it, debating calling him so his voice could fade your consciousness. Your lips drew too much blood to the surface when you bit down on them to stop another sigh from slipping out, desperate for it to all stop. Desperate for everything to be a dream you could wake up from rather than something you had to deal with when the sun rose back up into the sky.

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A quick thing on Team Voltron’s rooms (with the exception of Hunk–unfortunately, we only see his in the first episode, so we’re not sure how he’s made himself comfortable):

Allura and Coran both have neat, tidy rooms. Coran’s clearly has a much more personal touch though, what with the photo, his space teddy bear, slippers, and so on. Allura’s isn’t by any means bare, though–it’s a princess’ room, after all. She has her vanity, and later we see the mice playing in a jewelry box. There’s the lovely canopy and unique bedsheets. Allura’s style is very much minimalistic, but it still looks like she’s comfortable there. 

Lance and Pidge’s rooms are more cluttered. To be fair though, Lance’s “clutter” is really just some wires and consoles you could pretty easily pack away. I’d venture to say that he doesn’t really see his room as a second home the way Pidge does though. Yes, she’s a bit of a hoarder–but her room is cute and fun. She has lights strung up while Lance plays video games in the dark. She keeps drawings and pictures posted like this is some kind of college dorm. She brings back “souveneirs” from her missions and starts to build up her own little collection. Yes, Pidge probably had good reason to let Lance keep their game in his room because he actually had the room, but I’d also argue that Pidge let him keep it so he’d have something to do. There’s nothing else he really enjoys that we can see there in that room. It’s nice to think Pidge kinda looks out for him like he did for her back at the garrison. 

And then there’s Keith and Shiro (Kuron)–completely bare rooms. Absolutely nothing, they don’t even look lived in. Neither of them are willing to put down roots, and it really shows. And if Keith was living in his desert shack ever since the garrison, this is the first time he’s even had a proper bed in a year. And of course, the same is true for Shiro–he didn’t even have a room, let alone a home. Shiro, who knew nothing but fighting and survival and torture. Who, upon being given that nice bed after so long–hardly slept and was already decked out in full paladin armor and doing pushups before dawn. And we see Keith has trouble sleeping as well, awakens from fitful nightmares and sinks much of his own time into painstaking isolation and introspection. The intimate bond they share is more of a home than the castle will ever be. 


All of this is too pure for them to give up on so easily we know that, they know that.

Look at them they’re miserable without each other. Jughead thinking that Betty hates him let the serpents hit on him with 0 hesitation because he felt that he had nothing else to loose.

Betty is the most tortured soul in riverdale right now her grief and the pain she’s going through is resonating through everyone.

These scenes are literally visually dark showing how they were the light in each others lives and without each other they are consumed by their own demons.

And as for this :

This was clearly Tony topaz taking advantage of a broken boy who thinks that the girl he loves hates him. If she was his real and only true friend in Southside high she would’ve consoled him actually done anything but kiss him. She was slowly making sure Jughead did join the serpents and Betty out of the way was just icing on the cake for her. Also this scene is visually dark, too dark showing how in our darkest moments we do things without second thoughts or even do things that might bite you back in the ass because you simply don’t care anymore.

So don’t worry bughead will fight back and be back and when they do it’s going to be an emotional ride just like today.


Miraculous Parallels: S1E10, S1E16, S1E22 & S2E03

What!? When did that happen?

attention | jjk.
  • summary: “It’s like she got my attention for just a second, just one glance and that’s all it took. And now she’s all I can think about.”
  • genre: fluff, angst and some smut because it’s college! au.
  • words: 10,260 words.
  • warnings: drinking mention. smoking mention. vomit mention.
  • authors note: based loosely on charlie puth’s song attention. i had lots of fun writing this! sorry it took me so long to post again, but i’ve been trying for a long time. i hope you have as fun reading it as i did writing it. also jiimin is highly featured in this fic. - mo

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