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Pregnancy Cravings Sentence Starters

Feel free to adjust pronouns/etc.

“I want french fries and root beer like you wouldn’t believe.”
“Honey mustard. Not that fancy dijon crap. Give me a bottle of honey mustard.”
“I pretty much ate every form of cake within arm’s reach. Donuts, pastries, muffins, danishes, cookies, cupcakes…”
“I have cravings for apple juice and fried chicken wings with ranch, but thankfully not together.”
“One week I ate ONLY chicken quesadillas—Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.”
“My husband always laughed when he saw a full jar of pickles with no juice… he knew it was me.”
“I want ketchup on everything. And I don’t normally like ketchup.”
“I craved mozzarella sticks throughout the entire pregnancy with my first kid.”
“I ate one pineapple a week while I was pregnant!”
“Whenever I had morning sickness, I’d immediately eat a hotdog with sauerkraut right after…”
“All I wanted the entire time I was pregnant was Big Macs and french fries.”
“Potatoes. Baked, scalloped, mashed, whatever it doesn’t matter. I love them.”
“When I was pregnant with my first son, it was PB&J for 3 months!”
“Why doesn’t this place have any good barbecue at 3 AM?!”
“I need some chocolate sauce in my life.”
“No, I will not rest until I get my Doritos.”
“Frozen yogurt and brownies are all I can think about right now!”
“I’d kill to get a spicy chicken sandwich.”
“They’ll probably be weighing me on a livestock scale by the time October rolls around. ”
“He’s making me french toast and apple cider at 11 PM. Clearly, I married the best man.”
“I’ve never had it before, but I want it so bad. It looks so good!”
“The pregnancy cravings are endless, please help me eat this.”

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@ that post abt mistaking herpes for a greek god, i thought dildos were a type of chip or smth like foritos when i was like 8

i thought masturbation had something to do with real estate. like i thought u could masturbate a house. figured it was like a mortgage or something.

i distinctly remember seeing a funny picture on the internet i wanted to show my mom, that said “every time you masturbate god kills a kitten” and she was like, disgusted and told me never to say that, and i said “no no its ok he doesnt ACTUALLY kill a kitten its a joke…” i misunderstood the part she was disgusted about lmfao

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Tree Bros + 35?

“is that my shirt?”

The school day was dragging and Connor needed a hit and his drug of choice, Evan’s smile. He walked up to Evan and tapped on his shoulder. Evan turned to him nervously, as soon as he saw who it was he beamed. Connor thought his heart might explode. Then he caught sight of something. 

“Evan?” Connor started slowly, “Is that my shirt?” 

Evan looked down at his shirt and immediately pulled his jacket over it nervously, “N-no, that’s ridiculous. It’s my shirt,” 

“Evan, you do not own a single piece of black clothing. It’s clearly mine.” Connor laughed as a bright red began to cover Evan’s cheeks. 

Evan looked at the ground and mumbled, “Well it’s mine now,” 

(This is too much for me! I know I wrote it, but the idea of Evan just kind of secretly stealing Connor’s shirts kills me. I also want one that’s reverse so congrats anon, you get two) 

Evan walked back into his room, running his hand through his hair. He was stopped dead in his tracks at the sight of Connor silently tucking one of Evan’s shirts away in his messenger bag. Evan coughed slightly and Connor looked up, face lined with guilt. 

“It’s not what it looks like,” Connor said quickly. 

“It looks like you’re taking my shirt. No clue why, I’m a size smaller than you. You can’t wear it,” Evan walked over to sit down next to Connor on his bed. Connor blushed and looked down at his lap. 

“It’s just, you’re going on that trip next week and I kind of,” He brought his hand up and rubbed the back of his neck, “I wanted something that smelled like you…I’m sorry that’s weird,” 

Evan smiled brightly at Connor and pulled him into a hug, kissing him on the cheek. “That’s the sweetest thing ever. I can’t believe that the Connor Murphy is really just a mushy sweet heart. Wait until I tell all my friends,” 

“Evan I am all your friends,” 

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me to my grandchildren in 60 years: so... dean was driving up to him after being depressed for weeks & literally killed himself hrs before & lost all hope. cas turned around slowly like he wasn't ready, with the most hearteyes i want to cry cause i see those green eyes on him again look. the 'i love you so fucking much and i came back, like i always do' look. they /CLEARLY/ made this moment about dean and cas. they only showed dean's reaction. then the next ep he's so happy & light *cries*


Hi kids!

This is a gentle public service announcement to let you all know that I’m no longer engaging in any more discourse about the kink meme. 

This has become a really polarizing topic, I think the fandom’s collective ability to discuss it in a constructive way has eroded quite a bit, and the “callout posts” about it have themselves begun to feed an alarming amount of sensitive or triggering content into public social media spaces, which, quite frankly, runs a far higher risk of landing in front of the eyeballs of someone who needs to avoid it than when it’s safely quarantined in spaces like LiveJournal and Ao3.

It is staying open for at least the next couple weeks, and I intend to keep writing Kabby fic for it and sharing that fic here, as well as on Ao3.  I’m a big proponent of people curating their own social media spaces, so if you need to unfollow, block, blacklist, etc. because that is a nope for you, that doesn’t bug me in the least and I don’t take it personally.  We all have to know where our boundaries are.

A few last words on this topic and then I’m done. 

(P.S. this post contains no potentially triggering references to any of the specific kinks or fics in question.  It’s safe for all.)

There are many fics on the kink meme and Ao3 that I can’t and won’t ever read.  There are many kinks that squick me out.  But if you’re asking me to condemn specific writers or specific fics because they upset you, just know I’m never going to do that.  Even if it’s a fic I would never read myself.  My position is always going to be that I’m a writer and I stand with writers.  Even when I disagree.  Even when what they wrote squicks me out. 

“But what about this kink? Surely you can’t defend that writer.” 

Yes I can. 

“Okay, but what about this???  This very upsetting thing involving your favorite character?” 

Yeah, even that one. 

Free speech is most important when it isn’t convenient.  It’s most important when you have to go to bat for the rights of people to say shit that makes you want to die inside.  It’s why the ACLU defends Westboro Baptist Church.  If I only held to my values when it related to people who agreed with me and did exactly what I approve of, then they’re not values, they’re personal tastes I’m trying to legislate on everyone else.

My best friend and I were discussing this on Twitter yesterday when this cropped up over there.  We have very, very different personal tastes.  As in, there are rarepairs I write for and kinks I enjoy reading that hit some places of really deep “please don’t discuss that fic while I’m in the room” discomfort for her.  And we’ve learned, over the past years, how to be sensitive and respectful to each other about those things.  I offered - without her asking - to write a censored version of one of my fics to remove a personal squick of hers so that she could read it and not feel left out of the fun the rest of the group chat was having.  She, in turn, never once judged or shamed me for writing the thing that made her uncomfortable in the first place … which is just as important. It’s crucial to our relationship that, just as I don’t judge her for her preferences, she doesn’t judge me for mine.  And I don’t judge other people for theirs, even when they’re MILES away from things I would ever consider erotic, or even feel comfortable reading.  Because another trigger which is very, very real - which for many of us is deeply lodged within our body and our sense of self - is the trauma of being publicly shamed, outed, maligned, or criminalized for your sexuality.

I am gay, and for eight years I was a youth minister at my church.  When I was in my mid-twenties, an anti-gay hate group found a video clip online of a documentary about LGBT Christians that I had been interviewed for, and they emailed it to the entire staff of the church where I worked, the school, and the office of the diocese.  Until you have been outed by force, against your will, to your pastor, your coworkers, your middle school health teacher, the school moms whose kids are in your youth group, and the fucking Archbishop, with a letter explaining that young people are in danger from your deviant sexuality; until you have been on the receiving end of a campaign of online harassment that went on for four years; until you have read a complete stranger write on her blog, not three months after your mother’s funeral, that she hopes your mom died without knowing she had a gay child, to spare her that humiliation; then you cannot possibly imagine the sense of sexual shame that I have carried for my entire adult life about the idea that the things I do in private behind closed doors, or even the things I think about in the privacy of my own mind, are fundamentally evil and wrong.  

This is why I do not make assumptions or judgments about other people’s sexuality.  There is a wide gulf between the things that turn you on in fiction and things that turn you on when done to live human beings (including not just your own sex life, but any other area such as the sex trade, trafficking, the porn industry, etc., where real human beings may potentially experience harm). 

If I can make a distinction between you enjoying a television show where people have murdered each other without assuming you are a murderer, I’m not going to come after anyone for what they masturbate to, no matter how squicky I find it, by assuming they would practice or endorse criminal sexual behavior in real life.  

If you were in a car accident, it might be really, really traumatic for you to watch movies or TV shows that show graphic depictions of car accidents.  That’s 100% legit.  It would be fair for you to expect a warning about that content so you know what you’re getting into and can skip that episode, close your eyes and look away during that part of the movie, or say “nope this isn’t for me, that’s not content I’m comfortable with.”  And nobody would judge you for that.  However, there are other people who have been in car accidents who might be fine with it.  It might not land in their body the same way.  They might find it cathartic to watch the thing that happened to them from a safe distance in a context which is fictional.  They might process the trauma they went through - which is the same as yours - in a way that looks totally different.  

None of this is universal.  There are no hard-and-fast rules about what sexual fantasies are and aren’t okay.  For example, I know at least two fics which I’ve seen alluded to as being content that should not exist because it triggers survivors of _____, which were written by survivors of that exact thing themselves.  You have every right to protect your own boundaries, but you cannot assume that everyone else’s boundaries are in the same place.  

This blog is and remains a primarily Kabby-only blog which I do care very much about keeping a safe space.  I have always, and will continue to, post occasional fic here with Raven or Bellamy OT3s, and am absolutely happy to help you out if there is a way I can be more helpful in tagging that content for you so you can blacklist it and keep your Tumblr safe if that’s something that makes you uncomfortable.  It is always, always okay to come to me with “hey can you tag this thing so I can filter it.” 

In terms of the kink meme, the fic I’m writing and sharing here is primarily Kabby.  I have written for some other pairings, which you can find on my AO3 in my collection of kink meme fills (Doctor Mechanic, etc.) but this is a Kabby blog designed for Kabby shippers, so the kink meme fics I’m writing are largely for them.  They are also all labeled very carefully when I share them to AO3 with the specific prompt I was filling, and a plethora of tags, in case the kink they’re about hits a button that is a nope for you. 

I am always, always open to helping you guys create safe internet spaces by opening up a conversation about ways I can tag fic more helpfully.  But just as I do not police who anyone sleeps with or what gender(s) they’re attracted to - because I remember on a visceral gut level the shame and trauma I felt when that was done to me - I do not police what anyone masturbates to, fantasizes about, is turned on by, writes about, or reads about.  

Before anyone gets the wrong idea that my inbox has been flooded with assholes, I should be clear that 99% of all the conversations I’ve had on this topic - whether people love the kink meme, hate it, can only handle parts of it, don’t read smut fic at all, or don’t care what anyone else does behind closed doors and just wants to go back to talking about whether Isaiah’s tweet this afternoon legit means Jaha got killed off??? - have been thoughtful and civil and great.  The Kabby fandom is awesome and the majority of the really ugly drama has been swirling around around at a distance from our happy little corner.  But I still get occasional anons about this which seem pretty clearly intended to draw me into conflict I have zero interest in, so I wanted to state, one last time, very clearly, that I’m not going to be engaging in any of those from this point forward, and explain as thoughtfully as I can the reasons why.


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I dislike PGB's homophobic ass as much as you, but come on, you can't actually believe that whole "endpgb" business. Tay is a lot of things but she is not cruel or needlessly mean. Yeah she's probably annoyed by her if the whole #StopTrackingMyPlane like is real, but I don't believe for a second that she'd do something that mean to one of her fans (even if said fan is homophobic). Call me naive if you want, but I see Taylor as more of a kill them with kindness person (with fans at least)

How do you explain the exact letters remaining in the coding line, & in the exact order then ?? bc there were many other hidden messages in the coding lines that day, you know ?  “Princess” & other things….

So ,YES, i think you are indeed a bit naive Anon (no offense though), bc clearly the END PGB thing was there for a reason: and many Hets also got it.

Don’t you know, by now, that Taylor does NOTHING randomy ?? Do you really think she didn’t know every coding line/message attached would be analysed by her fans ??? 

i’m not saying Tay’s cruel or mean, bc i believe she is not : naming that homophobic ungrateful assh*le wasn’t cruel, it was Payback : & it was deserved: bc tipping tabloids off & criticizing Tay the way she did, many times at that time, despite ALL the attention on tumblr, VIP packages for concerts, invitations to private events & many other gifts BM has given her during the 1989 world tour, is a fricking good reason to write this little message….

Don’t you think Tay’s just fed up with the hypocrites now ?? PGB included ??

Bc Yes, i believe she is & the Shade in the coding line was there for a reason……

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Is it possible to say that Rendyll Tarly wasn't so horrible to Brienne? I mean he was the one who actually stopped the stupid game that Hyle Hunt and the others were playing. Furthermore he also tried to stop Brienne from searching Sansa, because that task was way too dangerous. Despite being a harsh man, he clearly wanted to save Brienne from being raped or killed.

I’m sorry, anon, but this interpretation is just not supportable. Telling Brienne that she shouldn’t undertake the search is, in context, not the same as trying to stop her.

“Go where you want and do as you will…but when you’re raped, don’t look to me for justice. You will have earned it with your folly.”

- Brienne III, AFFC

His position here is that if Brienne goes out there, and she’s welcome to go out there if she insists, she deserves everything and anything that might happen to her. He’s not trying to save her at all. He doesn’t care what happens to her.

As for the game, while Randyll did put a stop to it, it was not out of any regard for Brienne.

“They were knights,” she said, stunned. “Anointed knights.”

“And honourable men. The blame is yours.”

The accusation made her flinch. “I would never…my lord, I did nought to encourage them.”

“Your being here encouraged them. If a woman will behave like a camp follower, she cannot object to being treated like one.”

- Brienne III, AFFC

What Randyll Tarly cares about is the good order of his camp and the potential for fighting over the stakes and terms of the wager. He is nothing but horrible to Brienne, for no other reason than her gender.

Parenting, Symmetry And Yang Xiao Long

Its easy to write off Yang’s issues on Raven and pretend that her issues start and stop there, however if there’s one thing Chapter 4 of Volume 4(intentionally or unintentionally) made clear is that the way Yang is being raised or the way she handles her issues due to that, might as well lead her the same path as her mother.

Now, you might be wondering how a girl who cares about others more than about herself could end up the same as the woman who abandoned her after birth?

As always long walls of text after the cut.

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Sasuke has tried to kill naruto more times then Sakura and you always seem to use the excuse that "sasuke tried to kill Sakura several of times" that shows he doesn't care about her. Why do you not apply this logical stand point of yours to NaruSasu

Your wording is interesting, Anon. You replaced “argument” with “excuse,” so readers will digest my opinion negatively. Furthermore, never did I imply or state that Sasuke’s attempts to kill Sakura were an evidence for his lack of interest in her as a human being. Creating a straw man to have an easier time to defend your position is not the way to go. If you want to debate with me, you should try to offer constructive arguments with sufficient ground. Something you clearly failed on doing here.

Now, your claim is basically that Sasuke has also tried to kill Naruto (even more so than he tried to kill Sakura). Since you created a straw man (“You said he doesn’t care about Sakura because he tried to kill her several times! But he also tried to kill Naruto? That means he doesn’t care for Naruto either?”), you want me to refute this statement of yours. However, you believe I’m not able to do this because I would look hypocritical. Anon… I think it’s your lucky day. What a funny coincidence that I’m aware of sophistical tactics and actually can see through manipulation!

Naruto’s and Sasuke’s bond can’t be compared to Sasuke’s relationship with Sakura for the mere fact that they are poles apart. The context in which Sasuke tried to kill Naruto was always one of importance, whilst the context in which he tried to kill Sakura was always affect based.

In his first attempt, Sasuke needed to kill Naruto because Naruto was the only one able to stop him from leaving Konoha.

The way Sasuke lowered his eyes in sorrow were a good indication that yes, Naruto had indeed the power to change his heart.

Because according to Sasuke, Naruto became the closest friend he ever had, which gives Naruto fundamentally the ability to influence him on a broader level than anyone else. Sasuke couldn’t kill his best friend when he fell down to his knees and looked at a Naruto who was unconscious and therefore, couldn’t even defend himself. Yet, Sasuke spared him for blatantly obvious reasons: He was patently unable to take his closest bond’s life.

Sasuke could have benefited from killing Naruto; it would give him the Mangekyou Sharingan after all. He didn’t use the opportunity, although Sasuke openly admitted that he needed to get stronger to reach his goal. He didn’t use the opportunity of receiving greater power because he wasn’t able to erase the one and only person that meant something to him (besides Itachi). 

The second time around, Sasuke clearly bluffed. Telling Naruto he spared his life at a whim of his was quite contradictory since it was fairly observable how much it broke his heart to leave Naruto behind. Combine this with his rash decision to attack Naruto in front of his team—people that are able to stop him easily—, and voilà, no need to explain it further. Oh, and don’t forget Kurama advising Sasuke not to kill his best friend because he would regret it—or the databook suggesting that Sasuke was lying. 

Well, then there was the time when Sasuke told Naruto he needed to kill him if he truly wanted to bring a revolution since Naruto was the only one in the world to affect his loneliness; his only light in the darkness. Not Sakura. It was Naruto. Sasuke’s attempts to kill Sakura, on the other hand, were always to get her out of his way because she interfered with his plans.

You know, using logical fallacies like tuo quoque to discredit the validity of my argument and imply I fail to act consistently in accordance with my conclusion(s), isn’t really important to the discussion since the moral character of me is in general irrelevant to the logic of my argument(s). If you want to distract by throwing a red herring into a debate, you should just distract yourself by reading the manga again. Perhaps you wouldn’t fabricate such nonsense anymore. 

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You're a fucking cunt, you know that? You aren't a cool person get over yourself. You don't tell anyone what to do. If they want to "hate" on your shitty favorite show or OTP or whatever it is they can. Kill yourself you cunt

you got your designer shades to hide your face and you wear them around like you’re cooler than me

im sorry but anons have glasses and you think you’re cooler than me…it just reminded me of song by mike posner

happy fathers day but your father clearly wasn’t a good one sorry about that

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my fave is people complaining that dean being willing to die with sammy is ooc or a new development or whatever. that was literally the same thing as what happened in croatoan in season TWO. watch the damn show lol

*snort* Yeah, that’s so OOC. Let’s see. Dean decided he’d rather die with Sam than live without him in Croatoan. He sold his soul to bring Sam back in All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2. He went to the battle between Michael and Lucifer in Swan Song because he wasn’t going to let Sam die alone. He had a sketchy doctor kill in in Appointment in Samarrah to get Sam’s soul back. He left the doors of hell open in Sacrifice because he couldn’t live without Sam. He killed Death to save Sam in Brother’s Keeper. And this season, he killed himself to bargain with a reaper for Sam in Red Meat and tried to die alongside him in Don’t Call Me Shurley

Clearly sacrificing himself to save Sam is actually a key component of Dean. Sounds to me like certain people don’t like that particular characteristic of Dean’s so they want to pretend it’s out of character for reasons. 

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I get the feeling, that because Sebastian was annoyed with the fact that his name comes from a dog, that some may think Ciel did it on purpose. But I wonder if Ciel calling him Sebastian, was more about how Sebastian the dog was always with him, as in "A faithful companion whom I trusted and loved, and who always brought joy to me and was with me when others couldn't." Sebastian wasn't just a dog for Ciel, he probably cared enough for the dog, that he would give a demon that name, and even 1/2

it was kinda on the basis of “you are gonna be beneath me like a dog” he could have chosen a different name, but he chose Sebastian, and there is/has to be a certain attachment to the name. So what I think is kinda going on with the name is a “he gave me the name of a dog! (which I hate)” and a “I gave him the name of a friend. (even though he’s more of a bitch)” Or maybe it’s just how I understand it or how it came across for me… 2/2

I totally agree, Anon! Ever since Sebastian heard that his name was the name of a dog he disliked that fact and thought that Ciel wanted to mock him by doing that.

And he always brings it up, clearly showing how annoyed he is by that choice.

However, when Ciel was naming Sebastian that was right after he got out of the cult, made a contract with a demon and let Sebastian kill the cultists. He was traumatized and I don’t think the first thing he thought of was how to annoy his demon with a mocking name. That demon had saved his life in that moment and because of the terms of the contract Ciel probably felt like he was the only person he could rely on since he had promised to protect him. So like you said, Ciel was giving him the name of the dog who had been a friend and protector since that was probably the first name that came to mind.

So Sebastian is always thinking that his name is a reminder of his position as low as a dog and that Ciel named him after his dog to annoy and to mock him when actually there’s a good chance that Ciel didn’t mean it in a negative way at all in that moment when he named the demon.