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I have never asked you a question but I love your responses but I was wondering what you thought about how the DnP games are both of Phil's creation and ideas (truth bombs and seven second challenge) and dan gets equal credit. I know Phil probably doesn't care but I feel like it makes it seem like he cannot be successful without dan on these ideas. I am so happy for them and dan is always so quick to say how phil did these things but he gets his name and 50% credit on Phil's games/ideas.

i don’t really understand why this is a point of concern for anyone, to be honest. dnp essentially share their most dedicated fan base–as in, the core phandom, however much smaller it is than the overall audience, is roughly equally invested in dan and phil, so that it seems quite likely that if phil were to put out a solo niche project like an app or a game, the number of dedicated fans who would buy it would be the same as it would if it were a joint project. but that’s mostly besides the point. the larger point is that phil is an adult with the capacity to decide things for himself and make things by himself, which means that if he gives dan ‘equal credit’ it’s only ever because he wants to or because dan truly played a significant role in the creation and eventual execution of that project. in the case of both the app and the game i think this was the case. the initial idea and concept may have been phil’s but dan would’ve supported him in the process of actualizing that idea (in the case of the app, i think he even outright stated that the idea of making an app was his, while the game itself was obvi phil’s.) he would support phil reaching out to the company, he would be present at the meetings for concept design even if phil took the lead during them, he’d help phil write the questions, he’d be there to bounce ideas off and maybe make suggestions of his own on how to improve the logistical details of the game itself, building off of phil’s original abstract idea. 

what i’m getting at is this: there’s so little in dnp’s lives that they truly create independently. even their solo youtube channels are in actuality joint ventures. they help each other with filming, with planning sketches, even with editing if the need arises (most recently dan talked about helping edit the viewers pick my outfits video). this is evidenced most clearly i think by the boncas last year and phil sharing his solo creator of the year award with dan. to me, this wasn’t just a generous and loving gesture, it was an honest one–an indication that phil didn’t feel like his creativity could or should be praised or awarded independently from dan’s, that even though his channel is his and his ideas are his, at the core of it all is a creative partnership that helps bring his ideas to fruition. his creative partner is dan and that’s been true for years now. so i don’t view phil ‘sharing credit’ as something unjust or unfair, i view it as an honest depiction of the way that dan and phil operate as a team, that whether it’s something as deeply personal as a video talking about dan’s depression or as abstract as an icebreaker party game, they each play significant roles in helping the other to make their creative ideas a reality. i think this partnership is just as important as any other element of dnp’s relationship and it’s such a huge part of what makes them so deeply connected to each other. worries about equal division of credit just seem to miss this larger point of how their partnership has always been one between equals, and how each of them truly wants the other to have recognition and success just as much as they want it for themselves.

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ahhh thanks for answering! Can you make a full tutorial? Thank you!!! :)


I think it’s best to start with Allura’s coloring, since this one’s more tricky. 

I think this would also be a very interesting tutorial for those who want to edit/gif POC but fear they might accidentally whitewash them due to the ligher effects. Well, fear not, because there is, in fact, a way to make everything pretty and pastel and still make your character’s skin tone as dark and consistent as it originally was.

So here’s the gif we’re going to start with.

And with the effects applied, it looks like this:

As you can see, I managed to make Allura’s entire surrounding pastel, including her eyes and clothes, without making drastic changes to her skin color. Her skin is slightly more reddish and darker, but that’s because of the coloring rather than the lighting-effects.

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Anastasia the Musical

Damn. That was fucking fabulous. Some not-quite-spoilery comments: 

-It’s not the movie you grew up with but all the changes made were responsible and made sense for the format More attention is given to the history and giving weight to the trauma of loss. 

 -The costumes were unbelievable. Also the projections and choreography but omg the fucking costumes (except this one robe piece Anya wore at the very end which was fugly) 

-The villain is a little disappointing, they replaced one random villain B plot with another that makes more sense but still isn’t really needed except to up the stakes and give historical context.
-(spoilers) on that same train of thought, I’m glad they got rid of the supernatural stuff because it wouldn’t have worked and I would have hated to see a dumb Bartok costume. I did miss hearing Dark of the Night because I think it’s one of the greatest villain songs ever but they put some of the time in other songs so that was nice. 

-Paris Holds the Key is a little cheesy for my taste but it also was in the movie so whatever. The Josephine Baker was spot on. 

-The actors playing Vlad and Lily (the new version on Sophie who is a massive improvement) are the greatest thing. So clearly polished veterans with excellent timing. Also the empress was wonderful and her scene with Anya was so touching. Anya acts wonderfully and realistically. 

-I got teary-eyed several times 

-The new songs are solid and the emotional currents carry them. Again the villain song needs work and tweaking and I think a couple things could be cut but overall the new additions are solid. 

-Overall I’m so happy, I’m glad they made it it’s own thing while keeping enough of the original to give me nostalgia chills. At the same time you could enjoy it even if you hated the movie because the characters and emotions and music and direction are so strong. People who took offense with the historical insensitivity of the film will find this a lot better to swallow. So happy. Darko is a genius and I’m so lucky to work for Hartford Stage.

Sidewalk Conversation (Complete)

Fandom: Big Hero 6/Avengers 

Pairings: Background Tony/Pepper

Warnings: None

Summary: There were a few things that made Tony Stark turn his head. Usually it was of the female or food variety; the first, though, had been limited since he started dating Pepper, and the second was more following his stomach.

Still, it wasn’t everyday someone saw a white marshmallow looking robot walking down the street.

Author’s Note:

For the BH6 Kinkmeme. (Which means some of you have probably already read it) 

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