An open letter to Clinique:

One of the reviews on their acne solutions line through either Sephora or the Clinique website itself says that “if you’re at the point where your skin makes you sad, please try this product,” or something to that extent. I didn’t believe it because I’ve tried everything from Clearisil, Proactive, ZapZyt (which worked nicely until it virtually went off the market), Cetaphil, astringent, masks, organic oatmeal soap, literally everything. Nothing EVER worked. And I have extremely oily skin and consistently wear makeup, so I’m always searching for a product that is a duel makeup remover and acne wash.

Anyways, last week I went to my one of my local mall’s skin counters AFTER walking into my parents’ bedroom almost in tears and my mom forcing me out of the house (with no makeup, might I add), and after ending up miserable during our shopping trip. At this point, my skin got so bad that I had acne literally down my chest to my stomach and on my shoulders, upper back, around the back of my neck and under my ears, all down my neck, and not to mention, my exploded face, which was actually my only concern by then. I can cover arm/chest/bacne with clothes, but caking makeup on my face started to get expensive and exhausting. So, we spoke to the women at the Clinique counter and she was SO nice and informative and we bought an entire kit for only, I think, $59? Which is super cheap in comparison to the amount of money I’d already put in to my face on products that didn’t work, so I just kind of figured it was worth a shot.

Long story short, this product, about one week later has almost entirely cleared my skin and I’ve never been so pleased. It’s pretty drying though which is the least of my concern considering my skin is oily enough you can literally scrape oil away with a butter knife.