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Say it with me now:

Eren Jaeger is NOT an angry brat.
Mikasa Ackerman is NOT an overprotective bitch.
Armin Arlert is NOT a weak and pathetic character.
Jean Kirstein is NOT a horse-faced bastard.
Marco Bott is NOT just “half jokes". Annie Leonhart is NOT a cold-hearted bitch. Bertolt Hoover is NOT a monster.
Reiner Braun is NOT an arrogant ass.
Ymir is NOT a cynical narcissist.
Historia Reiss is NOT deceitful.
Sasha Blouse is NOT just “food-hungry potato girl”.
Connie Springer is NOT useless comic releif.
Erwin Smith is NOT a gigantic asshole.
Levi Ackerman is NOT an emotionless midget.
Hanji Zoë is NOT crazy.
Grisha Jaeger is NOT a bad father.
Keith Shadis is NOT a terrible person.


unless someone is a RADICAL feminist, they’re not like ‘oo we hate men oo men are the enemy oo’ FEMINISTS WANT GENDER EQUALITY WHERE MEN AND WOMEN ARE SEEN AS EQUALLY

sorry but it really pisses me off to see people stereotype feminists when theyre judging all feminists for stereotyping men.

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the post is going around bc Idris who runs shingekihowell is changing their blog

good for him tho im proud of him

Lets clear some shit up

So due to that I’m currently away from my proper sims computer all I’ve been doing for the past couple of months is to like CC on tumblr and just lurk around in the dramas of the simblr community or whatever.

So we clearly have a bunch of people in the community that don’t have certain knowledge about some certain social injustices that sadly exists in the world we live in. And some of them due to privilege don’t see why it’s wrong to do racist things in a game because “it’s just a game”. Sadly some people will be ignorant, selfish fucks and not listen when people say that they are hurting because of something this person have done. But there is also the people who listen, learn and say sorry and we should focus on every senario that ends like that, happy.
And I don’t think anyone here demands that everyone should know everything about everything. People just want to make each other understood and get the respect they deserve. And yes sometimes people will make mistakes because they can’t always see what’s wrong in what they’re doing. I as a white person can never truly understand what it feels to walk around and be black in this society. And commonsense, knowledge and listening to people will only get me a small step into what it’s like. So I have said/done and I will say/do things in my life time that is racist, but i can choose if this will happen often with me knowing that i’m being racist or if it will happen as little as possible only by mistake because i’m working against it as much as I can.

So the thing that made my bowl tip and made me write this rant is one of the latest incidents where @salem2342 made a necklace which I think she called (at least before, she has to my knowledge deleted it at least for now) “Gypsy necklace”. And I hope no one takes offense for me writing the whole word out, I just want everyone to understand completely what this is about (but if it offends people i will of course edit it and to the people who doesn’t know why it’s an offensive word, the description on why the G word isn’t okay to say by non Romani people are after the gif ^^).
And someone called her out on it which i think is great because this anon did it in a very mature and calm way. And what I did when i saw it was cringe a little and then didn’t do anything which I should have done because i realize that my white privilege can be used as a tool to help other people.
Well anyway, sadly Salem answered to this in a very selfish and ignorant way and basically said no to changing the name from the start like it wasn’t even something to discuss at all.

And before everyone starts attacking me for going against Salem this absolutely isn’t a text for hating on Salem and if you feel like it is that Salem I’m truly sorry because it’s 100% not supposed to be that and you can write to me if you want to talk about it. 

But anyway, she probably didn’t think two times about what she said. And yes she did wrong of course but do I think Salem is a horrible horrible person? No, but she’s obviously been lucky enough to have the privilege to not have to care before this about if the word g**sy is okey to say or not. And the only way to fix these kind of problems when the person doesn’t choose to be politically active them selfs is just to educate people and give them knowledge. Just so they can finally understand what the people they’re hurting are feeling and so they can relate more or at least quiet down their voice and be like “Yeah even if I don’t understand why this person is hurt, I can clearly see that they are hurt without understanding and I do realize that I can’t tell or choose what’s discriminating against a group of people I’m not in.”
Do i think this is something the people that feel discriminated against should have to do, like educate people? Of course not! It’s not your problem that people are saying dumb shit and hurting you. It’s a non-Romani (the correct word for so called “g**sies”) people problem in this situation because we are ones doing something wrong, and of course not all of us are saying g**sy in our spare time, but as a group we’re doing something wrong. And that can be applied to any social injustice if we just change the groups of people it’s about and the discriminations.
I always look at the black simblrs in the community and think “You are so amazing and so powerful but how do you have the energy to always defend yourself and the group you stand in front of and in at the same time”. The answer is simple, you don’t, and I can’t do that either when I’m defending myself as a non straight trans person with a vagina. I can’t be a robot that serves everyone with free education to fix all the injustices in the world. I would like to be able to do that even if it isn’t my responsibility, because i want people in the minorities I’m in (and not in) to be happy and equal. But sometimes enough is enough and you snap and you don’t always have the power to be a responsible person who is calm and just educates people.
And I think that in that moment we should all think and maybe take a step back and realize that shouting bad stuff about people that makes mistakes maybe isn’t the best way to make them stand on our side, learn and say sorry.
Emotion can be a great great weapon in politics but if it takes over your rational thinking it will just destroy for you in the end because you’re vulnerable when you are emotional.

And yes I’ve come to my point finally.
Basically yes Salem did something bad but she’s also a victim in this situation. Instead of getting information on why the G word is so bad and getting help to understand it she probably got a lot of hate asks and people just answering her reply to the anon with horrible things. And yes someone who is ignorant needs to get some of that reaction to understand the seriousness of it all but absolutely not in that big of an amount.
It’s different having this kind of situation online and in real life. Online this kind of thing almost always end in bullying against the person who did something wrong and even if they did something bad they absolutely don’t deserve that.
In real life anger as an emotion has an affect on someone because you’re probably just 2-4 people talking, and therefore it gets more powerful but in a positive way because you can really show with your speech, body language and facial expression exactly what you are meaning. And in real life it doesn’t become this hate thing where lots of people go against one person because there probably aren’t enough people in the conversation for that to happen.

Everything isn’t just black and white or bad and good. Salem did something wrong here, but everyone sending unnecessary hate is doing bad things too and portraying her as this horrible person and the people who are on her side and doesn’t acknowledge that she actually did something wrong and is portraying her as this angel which she isn’t either of course.

And idk I just want people to care and respect and thats not even halv or a fifth of what i want to say but I think i’m gonna end it here, im out.

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Okey so basically my white-passing Romani friend described the controversy around the word g**sy to me before and i’ this is what she told me.
First of all the word is a little like the word “Indians”. G**sies isn’t and never was a name Romani people choose for them selfs, it was given to them. wiki says this: “because when they first appeared in England in the sixteenth century they were wrongly believed to have come from Egypt”, and therefore the word Gipcyan, Gypcyan (Gyptianwas created.
Some Romani people do like the word and uses it as something powerful in their politics or just everyday life but it’s never something a non Romani person should say without a Romani person’s okay. Just like the n-word, t-word (tranny) or the word fag for example. They are all words that been used by people in a very very discriminating way against these different groups of people.
And people seeing the word as a lifestyle or “aesthetic” is also a really big problem because even if it isn’t a good word to describe Romani people with, it shouldn’t become something else because then Romani people gets erased from it’s meaning and people forget that this group of people exist and that it isn’t an aesthetically pleasing lifestyle that you can choose.
There are lot’s of people out there who think that g**sies is just a lifestyle and not a word that supposed to describe a big group of people. And there are people who think that “g**sies” don’t exist anymore and is a dead culture and group of people, but that’s of course not the case.

I found a link I thought would be worth sharing too about this (mind me but this text is posted 2010 so this isn’t really a new extremist thing, but this also means that the person who wrote this text writes out the N-word fully in the text because calling it the n-word wasn’t a thing in 2010, just a warning :3)

And as I said Salem if you have any concerns about this post send me a message and we can talk about it and I hope you’re okay and you have friends cheering you up when people are saying horrible things to you <3