clearing out shitty ones i never posted

You know when I wrote that bit of a fandom meltdown post a few days ago I was just feeling it and letting it out. Again I’m sorry if I offended anyone. I never intended to.

But I don’t think I was clear on what was bothering me.

Ranting about the show didn’t bother me really. It was a shitty situation that they put Jemma in, and it was one that I never wanted. It could have been handled better definitely (just like my original post could have been handled better, sorry). And, while I’m hoping we see a more better resolution about what happened on the planet, I’m accepting this is what we’ll get.

The whole Will Daniels thing was a waste of a storyline. There was no point to it really. Except to make Jemma feel guilty. Though I do still say we got some great Fitzsimmons scenes because of it. I never liked Will and Jemma. I never wanted it. But, I accepted what we were dealt with, and that’s what I’m doing now. I just have to accept it (nothing will change it) and deal with what we got.

The only thing that’s bothering me is the whole people questioning Jemma’s feelings for Fitz. That’s the one thing I think the show didn’t do wrong. We always saw how she felt for Fitz this season. There was no doubt in my mind how much she loves him and always choose him.

Will was the rebound when all hope was completely lost of ever seeing Fitz again, and she didn’t even have a video or photograph to look to anymore. And, even if he was rescued we never saw anything that said Jemma was going to choose him over Fitz. Yes, she missed him. Yes she even loved him. But, I never thought once that she was going to choose him. 

Not when they showed the opposite. Of her still hoping for that future with Fitz in Perthshire. Of her kissing Fitz. Of her only helping Hydra open the portal when Fitz had gone through and not when they were still only planning to get Will back.

There’s so many things to show why she loves Leo Fitz so much.

And, I do believe it’s leading up to a “I love you” between them. I’ve said that for ages.

So that’s what’s been bothering me. I’ll just never believe that Jemma Simmons doesn’t love Leo Fitz most in the whole universe.

Because she does. She really does.

however that post still stands alone on its own as just the one sentence which is why I posted it at first like that

cause it still holds up as something that needs to be said

I just wanted to also point out that yeah I’m also totally directing it at people who gender frisk because I don’t want them to feel like they are safe or accepted on my blog. I want my position on their shitty actions plain and clear because I’m not for that wishy-washy make everyone happy shit anymore, esp with a growing follower count of people I don’t know and probably never will

nb characters are important and you can’t keep claiming gender ambiguity every time a character is presented without gender and without “The Word of God” forcing you to respect that lack of gender

like goddamn