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College Confession #60

When I attend classes, I have my cute and adorable yet necessary service dog living with me and by my side 24/7. The morning of one of my final exams, she woke me up with her belly aching and grumbling, so we took the morning easy to get ready, and she seemed better by the time I had to leave for my test; tail wagging, acting like herself, eating normally–all was good.

Half an hour into the final exam, in a dead silent room, she lets rip the loudest, longest fart I’ve ever heard come from a living being in my life.  She was so offended by the smell of her own gut fumes she insisted on sitting on the other side of my desk. It was funny the first time; everyone got a good laugh and settled back down pretty fast.

By the sixth time, the entire room smelled like a sulfur pit and it was distracting even to the proctor.

The whole following summer, my poor pup maintained the reputation, not of a valiant, loyal service animal assisting her owner in his daily struggles, but of the ‘floats like a butterfly, smells like a skunk’ gas bag who cleared a gallery classroom of 250 students and both proctors by turning our testing area into a near-war zone. 

Funny enough, she earned a lot of respect with the frats that year.

- Mississippi State University

hurts like hell
robert/aaron, vic

GENRE:    angst, angst, denial :)
WORDS:    742
SUMMARY:  twelve months

for the anon who wanted angst :))) i live to serve, nonnie ;)

Twelve months.

Robert’s nails dig into the palms of his hands, his eyes still firmly on the spot where Aaron stood not moments ago, eyes red and saying, “Sorry, Robert, I’m sorry,” willing Robert to say something.

Twelve months.

Robert said nothing, anger a steady pressure against his breast bone, despair settling in his stomach.

Twelve months.

A shadow falls over Robert, one of the court attendants asking Robert to leave, that they have to clear the gallery. Robert doesn’t remember moving, finds himself outside on one of the benches, phone in hand. They’re shaking as he tries to bring up Vic’s number.

He stares at the wall in front of him, beige and empty.


Twelve months. Robert opens his mouth, closes it.

“Robert, are you okay?”

“I need you to come get me,” Robert says, hates how distant and broken he sounds. “Please.”

He hangs up, drops his head into his hands, fingers tugging tightly on his hair. He didn’t say anything. Aaron’s face is painted on the back of his eyelids, sad and looking so alone. Robert promised him he never would be, promised to make him happy

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Adoration - [EXO] Boyfie!Chanyeol Photographer!Au

[A/N] I guess, I’m still madly in love with you.

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Chanyeol hangs by the door with his luggage, moving out by an inch. An inch, as a result from Baekhyun’s light push.

’…also, she gets cold easily so watch the air-conditioner.
She sleeps with two blankets, she’ll curl up to her side when she’s freezing.
And she sometimes wake up in the middle of the night saying that she’s thirsty so you get her a glass of warm no, lukewarm drinking water.
If she’s hungry, rare occurences but just incase she says she is, you can get a microwaveable chicken breast meal in the fridge. Just poke a few holes with a fork and throw it in the microwave for 15 minutes and it’s ready.’

Chanyeol told Baekhyun, in a hurry while Baekhyun nods boringly.

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the-cynicall-insurgent  asked:

Appologies if this touches on some painfull memories, but how effective were your issued body armor against assault riffles? And what kind of wounds were common should one get hit but not have its vest pierced?

It’s kind of you to be considerate! I’ve never personally been in combat, so for future reference I have no combat associated trauma.

 But I’d like to make clear for the peanut gallery that most soldiers don’t see combat or get shot at. The vast majority of soldiers aren’t intended to see combat, and over 70% of our foreign casualties are a result of explosives. As an example, S. L. A. “SLAM” Marshall’s book Men Against Fire: The Problem of Battle Command estimates that only about 1 in 4 soldiers actually fired a weapon at the enemy, even in infantry units. That’s 25% of soldiers who are SUPPOSED to be in combat; obviously the numbers are even lower for those who serve other purposes.

Considering this estimate was taken during WWII, I’m inclined to speculate that number is even less now because we aren’t in a ground war and most military assaults these days are air strikes. Just something to keep in mind.

Regarding our body armor, nowadays we call it our IBA: Interceptor Body Armor

Our IBA is part of our tactical gear. It’s also included when we say CIF gear – Central Issue Facility, meaning any number of non-combat items assigned to us through the army such as sleeping bags, canteens, and wet weather gear – and “battle rattle,” which is our gear that we specifically use for combat such as the IBA, the ACH, (helmet) and magazine pouches.

There’s an updated version called the “IOTV” but we never called it that like even when people were wearing the IOTV we just called it the IBA because we hate learning new acronyms. Marines have completely abandoned the IBA to my knowledge.

The IBA is about sixteen pounds. It’s basically just a vest that has special pouches you can put slabs of armor

inside. The reason we do this is partly so we can break down the IBA easier, but mostly because each armor slab is only rated for taking one shot. Can they take more? Maybe, perhaps, probably, but its structural integrity is weakened upon impact. We aren’t supposed to go out in an IBA that’s taken a bullet. Supposed to. 

It’s worth noting that even operational body armor can fail. It’s not a perfect system. Guns are weird and bullets are weird and you never know just what circumstances can come up that can shift their velocity and angle just right.

You specifically asked about assault rifles, so as is my tendency I’m going to go into several unrelated weapons for posterity.

Against pistols, you’re probably safe. The vest that holds the armor plates is (supposed to) protect against pistol fire on its own. Maybe not from repeated shots, but most rounds from a pistol don’t have the velocity to break the armor. You’ll probably have little to no injuries as a result, maybe some bruising. 

Shotguns against IBAs are like…okay…? Like…the scatter is more likely to hit an area of you not covered by the IBA and the multiple impact points will at the least severely affect the integrity. 

A .50 cal or some other high power rifles will probably break the armor. I never want to say it’s 100% guaranteed, but the armor we wear just isn’t rated for that kind of round. 

Machine gun fire isn’t supposed to be accurate; it’s supposed to hit as many people as possible. Thus that odd shot or two that would otherwise hit the mark should be stopped. But the impact will still hurt and knock the wind out of you, leaving you vulnerable, and if the shooter is having a good day the armor won’t stand up to multiple rounds.

Body armor essentially protects best against single fire. A hit from an assault rifle, if the IBA holds, will feel like punch in the gut. You might be knocked back or even knocked down. You’ll almost certainly have some serious bruising and tenderness. The armor itself just stops the bullet from breaking through and fucking up your insides; the full impact and velocity of a bullet flying some 2,000 feet a second is still a very hard hit. You might be able to get up and walk around immediately or you might actually be doubled over in pain.

There have been times where body armor has actually sort of…imploded at the impact point, where it caught the bullet but the armor was basically punched out in that spot and it just thunked right into your body. Think of it this way: by the time a bullet is blocked by the body armor, the damage to you is translates more to bludgeoning damage. So for example, if you were looking at our ballistic helmet, it’s possible to get a concussion from taking a shot to the head even if the armor completely blocked the bullet. It’s possible for there to be internal damage, organ ruptures and whatnot.

As you can see above, the whole vest isn’t armor. It’s unfortunate, but rifle fire can sneak through cracks. If the round misses the armor, it can be very difficult to remove the IBA to address the wound or to even locate where the bullet entered the body. 

There have also been tests done by people on YouTube regarding the actual integrity of the vest with and without armor plates and there’s been at least one case I know of where the vest alone withstood a 400 yard rifle shot. If you’re just looking to see how the IBA holds up against gunfire, there’s plenty of videos of gun enthusiasts doing their own experiments.

As is often the case, it’s both believable for a bullet to be stopped by body armor and for it to not be stopped by body armor, so feel free to take your story where it needs to go! Just remember that it’ll still probably hurt, and it’s not a permanent or invulnerable solution.


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These are my oldest sims in the gallery atm, but like lots of people i did clear out my gallery awhile back??? But yeah this is a pretty good,,, before/after i think lmao,,,

Anywhosie, these are Kailanie (top) & Melanie (bottom) Reinhart! If you’ve been following me since the beginning you might remember them as my first sims in my New Beginnings challenge? So like, they are the oldest to appear on this blog!! I wanted to keep them looking atleast a lil similar but Kailanie was a mess tbh,,,

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Two portraits of Russian writer Ivan Turgenev by Ilya Repin, 1873, 1879.

Both were disliked by the sitter and highly criticized by society and art critics. Repin himself considered the first as failure for its “dullness”. Now the first is hanged in Tretyakov gallery and maybe the most well-known depiction of the writer. 

By the way, if you haven’t yet read such Turgenev’s novels as “Virgin Soil” (Nov), “Rudin”, “On the Eve” (Nakanune) and (of course) “Fathers and Sons”, that’s a good way to start to learn about Russian culture more. Also, Turgenev was a brilliant stylist, so if you want to learn Russian, this is an example of a clear language.

TRUE ROMANCE XXII + Book 2 of Soul Mate [also on AO3] + MASTERLIST

A/N: I’m sad bc this has like three more parts left n I don’t want it to end but it’s already getting there and *sigh* r.i.p. me and my love for the soul mate series. Anyways, thanks for always reading this lil fic, enjoy!

Word Count: 3.4K+

Warning: None

“This is so not exciting…” You muttered as you stood closely to Ben, bodies dripping from head to two in rain water as you shivered from the cool breeze that was passing through the subway cart. The moment the two of you had stepped foot on to the grassy ground, everything seemed to be fine, but the second you two walked away from the front yard and onto the sidewalk, Mother Nature laughed in your face.

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i actively strive to keep this image saved on my phone like i’ve reset the phone and cleared out my image gallery numerous times but still. this picture comes back. it remains