cleareyesfullheartscantlosee  asked:

Is it just me that really didn't like how they portray/treat gay characters on the show? I mean, the whole brouaha with Simon (I mean, saying he's gay because he wants to keep people away? Does he still think we're in 1982?) and how we're supposed to be happy he and Nimah got together, Elias who's the only definte gay character and not a regular, also him being portrayed as a creep, and the gay kiss from last week's episode being cut while the straight scenes never are... it gets aggravating.

I think that’s understandable. If you notice, the actor who plays Elias is much more effeminate as Elias than he was when he was playing a straight man on The Flash. Not to say that there is anything wrong with being an effeminate gay man, but I don’t like that being a gay character automatically made him change his mannerisms in that way. It’s cliche. So, I think there have been issues with the portrayal of gay characters on the show so far as well. Although, I missed the cut kiss?

- Sabrina