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With a last push from the winds, Jack’s feet landed carefully on the ground a second before toothless skidded to a halt beside him. Jack unhooked the large leather sack strapped to the dragon’s side while Hiccup undid the straps on his feet. Then Hiccup jumped down beside Jack. He was still a little uneasy on his new foot, but Jack had his hands ready to steady the other boy. Hiccup rolled his eyes at this.

The boys had landed at one of their favourite hangout spots. In daylight, it was a small clearing in the forest where sunlight filtered through the trees, turning the air around them honey coloured. They had spent many a day here, Hiccup working and Jack complaining (both thought it was a pretty good arrangement). At night, though, it was the moon that illuminated the frost-covered forest floor, turning them into mere apparitions of the forest.

The boys sat down underneath a large tree where the frost was thinnest. For a second, the only sound was their breathing as they tried to calm down from that long flight. Finally, a chuckle broke through Hiccup’s lips and he patted down the bangs of his hair. Jack caught his eye and raised an eyebrow.

“I can’t believe you made me do that,” Hiccup explained.

Jack let out a long breath and watched as it turned white in the air. “Well, everyone deserves a visit from Old Saint Nick, right?” he chuckled, and tilted his head back to rest on the bark of the tree.

“Odin,” Hiccup interjected.

“Right. The eight-legged horse guy. Well, whatever you call him, you still get free stuff.” Jack felt more than saw Hiccup’s eyes roll in the dark.

There was  a moment of silence. “I just can’t believe we managed to deliver presents to every kid in Berk,” Hiccup continued with a sense of pride in his voice that forced a small smile onto Jack’s face. “And I don’t even want to know where you got all those presents.”

Jack considered this. “Let’s just say I found North’s reject pile.” Hiccup didn’t bother correcting him this time. 

Seemingly satisfied with this answer, Hiccup smiled and snuggled into the rough tree bark. It wasn’t particularly comfortable, but he was in too good a mood to care.

When Jack suddenly jumped up, Hiccup jolted. He let out a cry that started out as panicked, but morphed into a sort of annoyed groan. Jack ignored that. The winter spirit disappeared, then returned a second later with the large sack they had used to hold all of the presents. “I almost forgot.” He threw the sack at Hiccup.

After a bit of a struggle, Hiccup managed to wrestle the bag off of his head. He lifted it in the air, a glare gracing his features until a tiny package landed on his lap. Jack was avoiding his eyes now. Hiccup’s fingers worked at the leaves and tree sap holding the bundle together. Finally, they fell open like the petals of a flower.

The viking’s amused expression fell. His fingers twitched, but he hesitated. “You can touch it, it won’t melt.” Jack hands fidgeted; on his neck, on his sweater. Hiccup picked it up and, though it was cool to the touch, true to Jack’s word, it didn’t melt. Hiccup held it up to the light, and his lips parted in wonder.

A snowflake.Perfectin any way, and about half the size of his palm. It reflected the moonlight as if it were made up of a thousand precious jewels. Hiccup couldn’t pull his eyes away from the sight- though the same could be said for Jack.

Hiccup was radiant. The snowflake was reflected in his dark eyes turning them to copper. The light filtering through the trees illuminated his nose, his cheeks, those freckles that Jack would try to count when Hiccup wasn’t paying attention. It was all so…perfect.

Hiccup finally looked away at the feel of calloused fingers brushing his cheek. “Jack,” he breathed, his small hands still wrapped protectively around the snowflake. Jack chuckled at the other’s stupid expression. Then, they leaned in, their breaths no longer turning white as they joined into one.

The kiss was- well- perfect.

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I'm sorry, but I only follow like 2 Taylor blogs...who's Johnnie? What happened?

No, don’t be sorry! Thank you so much for following me, that means a lot! This (x) post basically gives the gist of what happened, I don’t think I could do a better job summarizing it all. 

But I’d like to note that the issue doesn’t rest with Johnnie anymore, it’s the fact that Taylor’s ignoring and blaming people who have been bullied and that’s not okay. I think the main thing is that a lot of us feel, very strongly, that we’ve been let down by her, because of how she’s been treating this situation and what her previous stance has always been. I for one have looked up to her for… it must be seven years now, and just to see this from someone who’s never once let me down, it’s heartbreaking. And I’ve seen that sentiment through a lot of the fandom. 

It wasn’t her fault at the start and she couldn’t have known what type of person Johnnie was, but it’s her actions now that she needs to account for. And while a lot of blogs insist on ignoring the problem so that she doesn’t leave tumblr, it’s important to note that she’s human and makes mistakes but it’s up to her to fix them now. (Which I honestly don’t know if she can/will do. But I hope she at least does something nice for the people who were bullied.) I still love her dearly, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t see when she’s in the wrong. 

I think that’s all I want to say about it because I really don’t want to rehash the issue.


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...okay, I'm back again, I'm sorry, I'll stop bugging you soon. But I just have to applaud you for actually making a comic that's over 300 pages long, and still going. Like damn. ((also you made me ship BuckTooth (teeth?) like okay. I didn't know that was a thing. But I like the thing.))

Haha you don’t bug me!!! <3 Thank you so much though ;w; but really you can thank all my old teachers over the years for giving me so much homework paper to draw comics on -w- And dude honestly I didn’t know BuckTooth (…teeth????) was a thing either. It’s a great thing though I will protect it forever o__o          

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Which fandom do you think has the most Mary Sues?

I may have to add this to the FAQ because it’s a question that keeps popping up.

Any large fandom will have a lot of Mary Sues, but I think Harry Potter has the most right now. Rise of the Guardians is getting pretty high up there though. I like to refer to it as the movie that launched a thousand Sues. 

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Oh my god, you listen to Emilie Autumn. You might've broken my brain with your awesomeness. Anyway, what's the worst Mary Sue character you've written?

Lila Copper. Rich, beautiful, editor of her own fashion magazine, popular, always comes out on top, and so sweet it makes me wanna barf.

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Wait, so are you not doing this blog anymore? :(

I’ve been on an extended hiatus for a while now. However, don’t give up on me!! I’m still maybe going to bring it back when I get back into the spirit. For now, you can follow my main blog or other great EEnE blogs out there. Feel free to unfollow this blog for now — if I do restart it, you can always refollow then.

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GAH TUMBLR STOP I AM TRYING TO MAKE A FRIEND. Okay, so Marvel...let's start with the basics. Who's your favorite? Who do you ship? Anyone you hate?

My favorite would have to be the newest Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan. She’s awesome and best of all, she’s one of us (she writes Avengers fanfiction!)

As for ships

  • Tony and Pepper
  • Clint and Natasha
  • Torunn Thorsdóttir and Francis Barton
  • Thor and Jane
  • Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy

Who do I hate? Callaghan! He killed an angel!! No one.

And you?

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1, The meaning behind my url: It is a reference to a certain mischief spirit named Jack Frost alongside my favorite myth, the kitsune

2, favorite quote:  “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” ~ Jesus

3, Last time i cried and why? The other day. Fanfiction. Big Hero 6 Fanfiction. Nuff said.

4, Favourite band? Don’t have one.

5, One place I’d love to go: Magical World of Harry Potter

6, Tattoos I want: Nope. Nope. All the nope. No needles!

7, Is there anyone that made you smile today? My niblings

8, What are you excited about? My fandoms

9, Idea of a perfect date? Movies and video games

10, Life goals? Become a writer and sale my books enough that I can live a comfortable life

11, Piercings I want: What I just say about needles!?! I don’t even put my already pierced ears to use

12, relationship status? Single

13, Favourite movie? Big Hero 6

14, A fact about my life? I’m a demi-romantic asexual and I’ve only been on one date in my life, even though I’ll be 21 in June

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Gah! Comics are so scary. I never know where to start. Where can I watch Heroes of Tomorrow? Why don't you ship Stucky? Not to be like "ROAR SHIP MY SHIP" I'm just curious.

If you need help finding jumping on points, you can usually talk to the workers at the comic book shop. At least, that’s what I do. They’ll help you figure out where to start. (I totally recommend the new Thor. It’s only about three issues in right now and features the new female Thor). I’m almost positive Heroes of Tomorrow is still on Netflix, if you have an account. Like I said, Stucky seems interesting, I can even see it happening. I just like them more as a Bro’s.

clearerthanink said: I’m gonna be really boring, because I’ve mainly watched the movies. I like Bruce, I think he is severly underrated. Also Bucky. I sometimes ship stucky, and I ship science bros friendship hard core. For this fandom, I actually mainly stick to canon.

Bruce needs more love! I don’t ship stucky, myself, but it is interesting. The science bros. are awesome! I just wish more people would include Jane. I’ve mainly watched the MCU and Amazing Spiderman movies as well, but I’ve also seen the Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow (Totally recommend) and I’ve started getting into the comics.