cleared and stained specimen

‘Temae’ For Gallery Nucleus’ Legend of Korra Tribute Exhibition

As many already correctly guessed, this is an illustration of Raava in Wan’s teapot. I got the inspiration for this after seeing cleared and stained specimens. Especially the illuminated ones. I couldn’t help thinking Raava and Vaatu both look like skeletons and what a glowing skeleton inside a clear body made of light would look like. So here it is, a very elaborate tea ceremony.

If you’re in Los Angeles tomorrow Saturday, March 7th stop by for the opening of the Korra/Last Airbender show in Gallery Nucleus at 210 E. Main St. Alhamabra, CA. I’ll be there for the opening so feel free to say hi!


The Brain Scoop:
Clearing and Staining Fishes

Diaphonization – otherwise known as clearing and staining – is by far my favorite method of specimen preparation (you can see photos I’ve shared on our blog here). The process leaves the animal stunningly translucent, vividly colored, and intriguingly detailed. But, how practical is it for research? We talked with Dr. Caleb McMahan, Collections Manager of Fishes and an evolutionary biologist, on how he uses this method to answer questions about the evolution of fish in his research! 

(It might just be one of my favorite episodes. :) )

Clearing and staining is just one of the ways to prepare a coelacanth specimen. See the rest in the new episode of Shelf Life: 6 Ways to Prepare a Coelacanth! Head to

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