Day Eighty-Two

-After I had to confirm the validity of a coupon, a woman angrily shouted to nobody in particular, “I hate being caught by the coupon police!” I apologized, saying simply that it was just my job. She came back with a swift, “Then I guess I hate you!” This is fair and makes two of us.

-Two adults came through my lane, tallying up how many of each My Little Pony figurine they owned. No child was in sight nor mentioned.

-A woman demanded two different items for the same price on the logic that one of them was a clearance item. This is a truly ingenious shopping strategy.

-An older man shouted at me after asking how his wife was doing at the start of her purchase. He informed me that instead I should have told her that I hoped she gets better soon, the way that strangers ought to with no context.

-Today I have found myself surrounded by the highest concentration of impatient, rude, and entitled angry guests I have yet to deal with since my journey behind the register began. This is also the first day where we have had spray-tanned roadkill as our commander-in-chief. This is almost certainly not a coincidence. 

-A young toddler became mesmerized as his train came to life, rolling by itself right in front of his eyes. He began to shout, “Look at it go! Wow!” I stood there, proud of being able to make such magic happen with the simple use of an average conveyor belt. 

-The sweetest elderly woman ever to grace my lane asked me if the card reader was email. I told her I was not sure. She accepted this answer, acknowledging that no one in this world really knows how technology works.

-I heard the voice of a confused woman carry across the store, exclaiming, “This is not my child!” I have reason to believe that she is likely not the only confused woman in the store right now.

-A young girl with a $50 gift card saw that her total rang up to $49.99 and subsequently completely lost her mind.

-Cat Lady walked into the store and lost no time in launching into a tirade about how splendid she found the inauguration. She had many points to make. None of them were good.

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Customer: Do you work here? Me, behind the register, wearing a vest, name tag, and earpiece, holding a scanner and a sticker gun, tagging clearance items and ringing people out. : No, I don't. I just love retail so much that I dress up as an employee for kicks. I can understand if it's someone in the isles or if the store doesn't have a uniform or something but seriously people! If someone is at the registers I promise they work there!!!

Day Forty-Two

-A woman brought up two items, one she wanted, one for price-comparison. I am used to this. However, she insisted I give her the lower-priced item for the higher cost. I think I see where she is coming from, but this is not the place for oneupmanship. 

-I will never forget the advice that one elderly woman gave another in regards to buying clearance Halloween items. Whenever I am making a decision, her voice will echo in my head, whispering, “do it, because of YOLO.”

-I was asked to double bag $80 of Halloween decorations in the largest bags we had in stock so that a woman in her sixties would be able to hide them from her husband in the car. For my next heist, I will undoubtedly be in contact with her to plan our seamless getaway.

-A kindly, sweet man in his seventies paid for his purchase with money from a large, studded, jet-black, leather chain wallet. This man keeps Hot Topic afloat.

-A man sat on my register, setting the example for two other men to sit on adjacent registers. The trendsetter remarked, “Why stand like a chump when you can sit?” My response was almost to suggest manners as a reason, but then I realized I would be playing directly into his hands and revealing my true nature as a chump.

-I was informed by a guest that, due to the fact that the counters on the registers were just slightly taller than the carts, I was guaranteed to be a VP someday. He told me that it could be for Nickelodeon, or possibly the Bahamas, but the where does not matter when this man has so much faith in me.

-Making faces at a baby strapped to their mother’s chest resulted in the infant excitedly jumping up and down as much as one can when confined to a living straightjacket. Despite all of the fun that young one was having, the warden was having none of it.

-Entering the store, a man threw his arms out and shouted, “Hello, Target,” and I aspire to take after this man and star in my own movie at every minute.

-I asked a man if he wanted me to bag his bottle of Mountain Dew. He looked at it intensely and told me not to, as he had plans for it. I hope beyond hope that his plans involved drinking it.

Witch supplies you are meant to have...

Sometimes things that you are meant to have just find you. For example -

Garage sale witch finds - 

  • small cast iron skillet for incense burning and non-food spells - $4
  • small crock pot (like fondue size) for infusing oils ~ $2
  • my first bag of tarot cards since I became a witch plus an incense burner and incense - $1
  • tall book shelf for my first magic altar, religious altar and witch storage - free on the side of the road
  • large cast iron skillet my mom found for magical and mundane recipes - free from my mom
  • bar/side board that i put my kitchen altar on - free on side of road

Store witch items like Pier 1, Target, Goodwill, Home Goods and candle shops - 

  • all my tea lights, pillar candles, taper candles, and votive candles - less than $5 for packs and individual candles
  • candle holders on clearance items, from the dollar store, or at the goodwill - less than $5
  • decorative items for altars and magical spaces around the house
  • “altar cloths”
  • witch balls

all these items have been under or around $5

What sort of witch supplies just seemed to fall into your laps?

Tag, You're Not it!

I had a guy come in to my store tonight (a large one-stop-shopping one) and with his wife and kid present, switched the tags on pieces of clothing and move shoes out of their boxes into clearance item boxes. One of the apparel workers had already warned me about him ahead of time, and I warned my cashiers about him (make sure to check the shoes against the boxes!) When my cashier noticed a tag for a clearance polo on a pair of shorts, he called me to come check things out. There were multiple other pieces of clothing with changed tags on them, and every single box of shoes had the wrong shoes in them. The man kept trying to talk around me “I just found them like this!” “These were all in clearance so I just grabbed them!” And I was getting really tired of feigning stupidity as to why the tags and boxes were wrong so I called our MOD.

She found more tags that had been switched, and walked with the man to the area the he “found” the items. All the while playing the same runaround game with the man that I had been forced to play. He toted about how he thought we were honest people working at this store and he should have to right to pay for the items with the obviously wrong tags (I’m talking Nike shoes in a box for cheaper dress shoes of the wrong size, and shorts with tags for a women’s brand of blouses)

In the end she denied his transaction, and took his items to our loss prevention office to be reviewed (who were unfortunately gone for the night) when they came in next. They stole some water and a bag of cookies before they left and had me shaking in barely contained rage. I hope karma bites this man in the ass.

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Ma'am I'm sorry that the clearance item you wanted was out of stock. Ma'am my device says that only one other store in the area has any more and I just called them for you, they are also out. Ma'am I'm sorry but I'm really out of stock, the mythical back room of which you speak that totally has hundreds of your item doesn't exist.

There’s a reason it’s on clearance. First come first serve. -Abby


New zipper pouches are in today! I haven’t made any new patterns for a while so I thought I would do some in celebration of the Hoenn reboots from a few months ago. Here’s Skitty, Swablu/Altaria, and Wailmer/Wailord. I love all three of these. <3

These pouches are available in both sizes in my etsy shop.

All of my other patterns have also been restocked (noted popular ones being Eeveelutions, Gastly line, and Julian the Unicorn.) And I have sent a few others to my new clearance section. Clearance items will NOT be made again - once they are gone they are gone!

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Note to customers for if you bring several items up to the register, and one of them doesn't have a tag: If you're nice to me, odds are good that I will just re-ring the cheapest item you have in the place of the item that doesn't have a tag. So if it's a $10 shirt without a tag, and you're nice, I may re-ring a $4 set of earrings in place of the shirt. Now this mainly applies to clearance items (especially if we don't have any more), but it goes to show that a little kindness can be rewarding.

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Me: *marking items down to clearance price* Customer: *picks up newly-clearanced item* "Are you gonna mark this down any more?" Me: "I just marked it down to clearance price, so it will be a while before it goes down any further." Customer: *shoves item at me* "Well here, just try it again, and see what it says." Me: *screams internally*

So you know how people find items out of place and then assume it’s on sale? I completely understand that, I get that it’s frustrating, and I personally try my best to keep the store organized.

What I can’t stand is the people who then argue with me. It doesn’t matter that it was on the clearance rack, clearance items have a green tag with the correct price. If there’s not a green tag, it’s not clearance. And they’ll still argue with me. It’s like these grown ass adults think the sign has magical powers to transform the price of any item in our computer system just by being placed under the sign instead of just logically thinking that other customers dump stuff wherever whenever and it’s physically impossible for me to catch everything and move it back before they can grab it.

Today another cashier and I caught a large family trying to pass of non-clearance items for clearance prices. They’d taken the stickers from actual clearance items and stuck them to the non-clearance ones over the barcode.

I caught on to this bs really fast because one of the hoodies they’d done this to, I’d gotten a price check for in an earlier transaction. When nothing with a clearance sticker rang up as clearance, I got suspicious. Not to mention our store tags have the month that we got the item on them. And there is no way that a $60 hoodie that we just got in July was going to be on clearance for $10 Just. No.

Needless to say they argued with me up and down because I should have ‘honored the price because they didn’t know it was wrong’ and I had to get both the LOD and the loss prevention manager to assist me since I can’t flat out tell someone that I know they’re full of crap and we’re switching stickers.

I guess I got an extra $150 to my paycheck for catching them though. So that’s cool. Thanks for paying me more with your bad attempt at theft.

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Our clearance bin is two feet from the registers. A customer walked up with four clearance items, shoved two to the side of my counter saying she didn't want them. I picked them up to go put them back and she shrieked that she didn't want them, and I accidentally snapped back "I know, I've got it." I didn't mean to, it just came out wrong. Of course two managers were sitting around talking at the other register and overheard and now I have my first write-up :/