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Hera and Zeus and Visitation Rights

this was inspired by a dream and… yeah that’s basically it. also, felicity is totally a giant mythology nerd let’s not even try to deny this

Rating: T/PG-13 | Words: 2,901 | Ship: Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak | In-Canon for now but could possibly become Canon Divergence, Future Fic, Lots of Fluff

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“Marry me.”

It’s unexpected, when he asks her. Although, it’s not really asking because it’s a mumble in a silent, breathless foundry where the only sound is the humming of Felicity’s computers. Oh, and the gasp. Yeah, her gasp kind of fills that silent void after.

“Oliver…” She replies, because he’s not really in any condition to be asking, not with him bleeding out over the med table like this and her desperately trying to get him out of his new Green Arrow suit before they ship him over to the hospital. Not that it’s really as hard as getting him out of his other one because this one is sleeveless and there’s a lot more armor and a lot less trying to squeeze his bulging biceps out of tight leather. “What…What are you talking about?”

“Visitation rights.” He murmurs, eyes fluttering halfway between open and closed. “They won’t let you see me like this. We’re not family.”

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