Preparing for tonight’s strawberry full moon 🍓 I’ll be keeping it simple, cleansing all of my crystal babies and letting them absorb the moons energies 💕😌 then lighting a white candle to attract positive energies, setting my intentions, meditating and collecting full moon water 🌕🌸🐚✨

Intro to Waterbending

“Try to catch this pen,” Tyler says, cross-legged on the cliffside wooden deck.  He tosses a pen toward me.  I catch it.

“No.  I said try to catch the pen.”  He tosses it again.  I try.  I miss.

“Good.  Now catch this pen.”  He tosses.  I catch.

“Now don’t catch this pen.”  He tosses.  I sit still as it falls to the floor.

“In Tai Chi, we don’t try.  We do.  Tai Chi means ‘Gentle Breath' and in this practice we focus on connecting with the breath.  The breath is the force of life and is fluid, like water.  Thus, as we connect with the breath we connect with water.  Let’s begin.”  He stands up and slowly raises his hands in a circle until they meet above his head, drawing a halo of clear, blue water from the ocean that is the backdrop to our training.

We in a beautiful retreat center on the north side of the St. Thomas island called Spirit on the Water.  The lower deck we stand on creates a feeling of being suspended above the glittering Pacific as one sees only water and small islands all around.  This is where have been called to listen to Water for the next three weeks.  And we begin.

We follow Tyler’s lead in the integrated breath exercise by inhaling deeply and allowing our arms to rise in a moon-like fashion from our sides.  As our hands meet above our heads, we exhale slowly, keeping our hands open to each other as our arms fall in a straight column down to our navel.  We repeat.  The exercise is intended to ground ourselves to the energy of the space.

After several integrated breaths we proceed to our first waterbending technique; push and pull, one of Aang’s first.  Beginning with our hands at our sides we inhale deeply and bring our hands up in front of us, as if raising a column of water.  After an exhale while holding our arms out in front around neck-height, we exhale softly then inhale again and pull our hands in horizontally toward our neck before exhaling and pushing our hands down to our waist, as if pushing the column of water down.  We repeat.

Standing on the edge of the deck, surrounded on all sides by the vastness and depth of the ocean, we repeat.  We pull.  We hold.  We push.  And slowly it feels as though the energy of the ocean enters this cycle, raises to our hands as we pull, enters our body as we hold and passes through as we push.  Slowly, it feels as though there is no separation between ourselves and the sea.  Slowly, it feels as though we become the sea.  We lose our separation.

And suddenly, I am not alone.  All of the anxieties and fears and doubts I carry and hold within myself are offered up to the ocean like so much loose flotsam to be swept away.  I offer myself up to the vast depth of the ocean’s embrace let it pass through me.  I offer myself up to the sea and am cleaned anew.

Water, indeed, is the element of healing.

The sickness was everywhere. Little lords sweated it out in their beds, orphans suffered in the streets. That’s where it was the worst, and so naturally that is where Saera found herself. She set up base in the courtyard between the street of silk and the street of sisters which were now lined with the sick. She had brought all of her medical supplies and more ‘borrowed’ from the Keep. ‘’Open your mouth’’ Saera murmured as she pressed her thumbs against the throat of a little boy who had been complaining of fever. She smiled as she looked down the boys throat before nodding and ruffling his hair. ‘’This..’’ She chewed on her lower lip as she handed the boys mother a small vial. ‘’Is for his throat, it’s inflamed and there’s some sign of puss on his tonsils. It should clear up, drinking salt water will help too’’ She nodded, smiling at the little boy as he hopped off her table. ‘’…Right who is next’’ She asked as she scrubbed her hands clean in a bowl of warm water and antiseptic.

anonymous asked:

Tonight is a full moon! I was wondering what you would recommend a beginner witch doing tonight? I plan on making moon watcher to cleanse my crystals with and I have a binding spell I was wanting to do tonight on my evil neighbor... Any suggestions to keep me busy tonight?❤️

I would think that a binding would be best done during the waning moon or Dark Moon.

Try asking the Moon to give you insight on what you should work on next or any internal issues you should address and solve. Divination is commonly done during full moons. Get a clear bowl of water and drop hot wax or colored ink in to it. Watch the swirls and shapes that the ink/wax form. Try to divine their meaning or what messages are being told to you. Ask questions before hand like you do with tarot, or ask, “what should I know?”

“The Conjuration of Cain.

I conjure thee, O Cain, as thou canst ne'er
Have rest or peace until thou shalt be freed
From the sun where thou art prisoned, and must go
Beating thy hands and running fast meanwhile:
I pray thee let me know my destiny;
And if ‘tis evil, change its course for me!
If thou wilt grant this grace, I’ll see it clear
In the water in the splendour of the sun;
and thou, O Cain, shalt tell by word of mouth
Whatever this my destiny is to be.
And unless thou grantest this,
May'st thou ne'er know peace or bliss!”

- Aradia, Gospel of the Witches, by Charles G. Leland

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Mind your own damn business hoe 😂

She puts her business all over the internet?? You can afford to gulp down ever clear and water all day but not a couple bucks to go visit your homie? That’s called being an alcoholic lmao bruh

Text message received: November 6, 2013.
I know you love him as much as I do.

God, we were the girls left on the sidelines,
weren’t we?
He kissed me with your lipstick on his mouth,
and you watching. He kissed you
with my heart tucked into his breast pocket.
We stood each other up, when he left–
stacked like a tower of blocks,
too easy to tip over.
We cried our way through it.
You were the softest sunset I ever got drunk with.
We strapped the bed sheets to the rickety mast
and sailed our way to clear waters.
I didn’t know you could love someone
for loving like you–
for falling into the same honeytrap,
the same flypaper.
He was poison in the water supply;
we were drying out around his name.
Nothing could make up for
two girls knee deep in false promises,
wading our way back to shore.

I hope you’re doing better, now. I hope,
when he calls, you don’t answer anymore.

—  CLEAR WATERS, by Ashe Vernon