Summer Party (2.8.0) Crash Update

Hello High School Story Fans,

Some of our players are reporting that High School Story is crashing since the Summer Party (2.8.0) update. Our team has been working overtime to find a fix. Unfortunately, we are having trouble replicating the crash. A few players told us that if you clear cache for High School Story, your device might redownload the Resource Pack. Here are instructions to clear cache (please be very careful NOT to clear Data):

Go to Settings, then Application Manager, tap High School Story and then Clear Cache (do NOT clear Data).

Restart your device and make sure you have strong internet connection before you reopen High School Story. Keep the app open for as long as possible for the best chance of downloading the Resource Pack.

Please let us know if these instructions help!

If this does not help, we are still working very hard on pinpointing the issue! We are looking for players near Mountain View, CA that are still experiencing the crash to come into our studio. If you or a friend fit the criteria, please comment on this post or send us a private message! You will receive a $25 Google Play gift card for your time. Thank you so much!

Again, we’re sorry about this update. We’re going to fix this as soon as possible so you can play High School Story again!

Your Friends,
The High School Story Team

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I can't find the skin in CAS. I've redownloaded it 3 times :'(

Hmmm I don’t know hy your having this issue! It works fine for me in game! Uhmm did you try clearing your cache? And is anyone else having this problem?


Free up drive space in Ubuntu and Linux Mint by removing leftover installation packages.

The plethora of things Tumblr could fix about the app:

The search.

The tagging system.

How you can’t add tags to answered asks if you reply from mobile.

Not being able to add gifs or pics to posts unless you do the html like I do.

The general bugs and glitches that show up on the dashboard.

The random crashes.

The fact that the app can take up all the space on your phone/tablet/whatever because the app essentially downloads every pic and gif and even clearing the cache doesn’t work so you end up having to uninstall the entire app just to get rid of it.

All that could be fixed, but instead they chose to switch the activity and blog icons around. staff do y'all even listen to the complaints?

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Michi, its only my web error or what, but this chapter seems mix with previous chapter.

o: Try hard refreshing or clearing your cache. I didn’t really have problems when I read ch. 35 from ImpScans’ website.


Topp Klass, please, let’s work hard together. We only need 15k views until Open The Door MV reaches 1 million. Please keep watching the MV, refreshing, clearing ypur cache and history as well. We can do it within couole of days if we work hard. It will make life easier if you share the MV with other kpop fans. Fighting ♡

We are excited to announce that approximately 01:00 (GMT) 7 July 2015, we will be launching a new look online store with special features inclusive of a mobile/tablet friendly shopping experience.

There will be a period of approximately 30 minutes for essential maintenance works, during which time you will be unable to access our online store. After this time, please refresh your browser and/or clear your ‘cache’ to allow you to experience a new look INAYAH. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience & understanding. Happy Shopping!

Get To Know Me (With GIFs)

so i was tagged by the amazing and beautiful velvytte whom i despise and adore in semi-equal amounts xx

*RULES: Tag 10 people you’d like to know better and fill this out.

NAME: dulce

NICKNAMES: candy, dolce, dolce & gabana

BIRTHDAY: april 12

STAR SIGN: aries

GENDER: female

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HEIGHT: 5′1″

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SEXUAL ORIENTATION: is bisexual/heteromantic a thing? i’ve never caught feelings for a girl but fck they’re beautiful

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FAVORITE COLOR: yellow/gray

TIME AND DATE AT CURRENT: june 22, 7:25pm


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LUCKY NUMBER: 13? idek

LAST THING I GOOGLED:  what does clear cache mean


PLACE THAT MAKES ME HAPPY: bookstores. there’s just endless possibilities.

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FAVOURITE ANIME: i don’t watch anime im sorry

LAST MOVIE I SAW IN CINEMA: spy (it was really funny!!)

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FAVORITE FOOD: mac n cheese


FAVORITE TV SHOWS:  friends, modern family, everybody loves raymond, the office, parks and rec, bob’s burgers

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LAST HOLIDAY: like calendar or vacation? i’m confused. i mean i went to killeen this weekend??

DREAM WEDDING: something small and classy, preferably outside

WEARING NOW: jean shorts and my fob tshirt


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i’m tagging the following lovely people: dashippieslacker thescorpioracer feministxicana siriusplack televisionblues alyhendrixs elle-lcoolj liamdarlinstewart a-most-peculiar-mademoiselle queer-pansy

What could you be doing right now?

Need some Saturday afternoon motivation? Let’s make a list:

  1. Have a glass of water
  2. Clear your cache and empty your trash bin
  3. Fold the laundry that’s been sitting on your couch for days
  4. Have a snack
  5. Fold up a little paper fan and fan yourself because it’s fun
  6. Reorganize that section of the bookcase that’s been bugging you for months
  7. Dust
    1. Find the duster
      1. Buy a duster
        1. Find a rag
          1. Use your sleeve
  8. Go look out the window, admire the sky
  9. Listen to the radio
    1. Remember why you never listen to the radio
      1. Turn on your favourite youtubes
  10. Email back that friend you’d been meaning to.
  11. Stand. Stretch. Say to yourself, “I’m awesome,” and know that your tumblr friends (and I) agree, b/c you are.
  12. More water.  Add a slice of lemon to make things wild.
  13. Make a list of your own because lists are fun.

The avocado tits post broke my dash.

Ever since I deleted it, I can’t see my notifications anymore.

I even logged out and cleared the app cache.

Rude as hell.

Okay so I needed space on my phone so I was going through and clearing cached data on a few storage-munching apps, and I cleared tumblr’s cache (not the actual data) and now none of the pictures will load at all? Should I have not done that…?

Is Tumblr having a little tantrum right now?

I’m moving drafts into the my queue…but the drafts are staying put in the draft section and showing up in the queue. If I delete the draft, what’s in the queue disappears too. I’ve logged out and then back in, cleared my cache, and switched browsers, but nothing has fixed it.

What gives, Tumblr?

Repost and tag 10 people you want to get to know better.

Name: Eryn

Nickname: Eryn Kate, Bean, Panda

Birthday: December 17, 1996

Star sign: Sagittarius

Gender: Female

Height: 5′3

From: Kentucky, USA

Sexual Orientation: Asexual (lean more towards men)

Favorite color: light blue

Time and date at the current moment: 7/1/15 the time is 23:09

Average hrs of sleep: about 13

Lucky number: i dont have one

The last thing I googled: how to clear a cache in my phone

First word that comes to mind: cache

One place that makes me happy: my room

How many blankets do I sleep under: 1

Favorite fictional character: Sam Winchester 

Favorite famous person: uh…Idk I like so many okay

Celebrity crush: 
Kim fucking Namjoon

Favourite food: pasta, potatoes and anything asian really

Favourite drink: water

Favorite books: Little women, the middle earth series

Favorite animes: i… dont rly know what my fav animes are anymore

Favourite TV shows: whispers i dont rly watch tv

Favorite musician/band: Tbh I don’t even remember anymore

Favorite games: Legend of Zelda

Last movie I’d seen in the cinema: Fury

Dream Holiday: i want to go anywhere, tbh

Last holiday: Never

Dream job: I have no idea

Dream wedding: I dont rly care, as long as its pretty and not too big

Dream pets: Liger

Relationship status: single

Wearing right now: Hooded shirt and sweats

Last book I read: Sleepy Hallow (first edition)

Most used phrases: what the actual fuck, I like butts, what, omfg, istg

What I last said to a family member: You can kiss my half gay ass

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I tag: anyone who wants to do it (too lazy to tag tbh)

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hey! can you help me? i'm having trouble watching videos on dailymotion. everytime i try it appears an error message, sometimes 2101 others 2116. i just wanna be able to watch our boys :( if you could help me i'd be forever grateful.

Here are some steps you can take if videos are not playing for you on Dailymotion.

Step 1: Upgrade your Flash Player

Visit the Adobe Player Download Center to do this.

Step 2: Clear your browser cache

Step 3: Disable ad-blocking software

Step 4: Reset your browser settings

This may alter your preferred browser settings.

Step 5: Contact us

If you need help, feel free to submit a support ticket.

💘🍟🍩 Who is standing by and ready to vote?! All of our videos that we all worked SO hard at creating are about to go LIVE at noon PST today!! I hope you really enjoy mine and I’ll tell ya what, I got a sneak peak of @jordanhanz look, and you DO NOT want to miss hers either!! It will be the first one I myself watch! 🍩🍟💘
VOTING: from today til July 3rd. You can vote 3 X a day, PER email. You’ll have to clear your cache on your browser to register a 2nd or 3rd email to vote OR you can use the link specified in my YouTube channel video description for this specific video. 💖 thanks to our sponsors for all of the goodies!! @nyxcosmetics @target @lulus @clarisonic @audionetwork @htc @ghdhair

bisexualkuvira said: On my app I clear the cache then close and restart it. Works every time.

Ah, thanks.  I wasn’t referring to a Tumblr bug in this case, though, just that my dashboard hadn’t updated because no one was posting anything at that particular time, so I decided to amuse myself.