The weather in Fussenberg had not been kind, and it was clear that the skies above were brewing as powerful winter as ever. Still, Iggy was wrapped in dozens of layers and pressed his gloves to his nose, his features beaming pink due to the cold conditions. He refused to sit inside where he’d have to talk to… people. Instead, he sat in the courtyard and watched the birds fight the freezing atmosphere, until a voice startled him, causing him to jump into the air.  Ah ! I’m — I I didn’t see you coming. Or hear you, you were like a ninja… ” 
Iggy was grateful for the chill that caused his lips to fuse together and prevent any more words awkwardly toppling out.


Transmuting Geoengineering

Oct. 22, 2016

It’s been fairly uneventful lately, with clear blue skies and any chemtrail attempts falling apart.  They hit harder today as rains are approaching California in a few days, so we had more to work with.  We had a chembow and saw some spirals and transmutation in the geoengineering.  The sky never totally cleared today, but everything that was sprayed was neutralized and the skies remained a deep blue throughout the day.


One Perfect Day

23 October 2016

Today was perfect, with a temperature range of 17°C-30°C, clear blue skies and the merest breath of a salty breeze. My Bella Bicis girls were all otherwise engaged today, so I urged The Girl out on a cruisey 27km ride with me to test-drive my funky new Rose Tattoo #cycology_gear summer kit. The verdict is, the kit feels as good as it looks. 😊🌹💀🚲🌞

But a glorious day = busy roads, so we took back streets and bike paths before dropping into the Cottesloe Civic Centre to photograph me in my gear. A fitting location - the kit was a 25th wedding anniversary pressie to myself and the centre was my wedding reception venue. Despite it being a nice day for a white wedding (oldies will recognise the Billy Idol song), the place was completely empty, so we tootled around posing without a care! 👰

En route we got up to some ‘monky’ business! There is a circle of five red monks on a verge outside a very large, impressive dwelling, and I think the householders have shared their privately-owned sculptures with the world. Just quietly, I need to work on my ankle and hip flexion haha - or I could have widened my stance. 🙈🙉🙊

Entering Atmo You didn’t think I’d pass up an opportunity to shoot ol’ GM once more, did you? Three of us made the trip up from Barstow to meet up with one of my favorite photographers and descend upon the place where my night photography adventures really started. We shot here for nearly seven hours. Every time I looked at my watch, another hour had ticked by despite feeling like just a few minutes. Guess that’s what happens when you really get in the groove. This was the most productive and fun night I had had there in years. This was also the first time I had shot there with something other than clear skies and I really liked what I was getting. This is a three minute shot. The bus was lit with a Protomachine LED 2. We wrapped up around 2:00, dropped off someone at a local motel and then made the two hour drive back to our basecamp.