continental drift

(#21 off the Super Sappy Prompts list: “I’m better when I’m with you.”)

It’s an experiment based on a hypothesis based on a coincidence. They’re sharing a room on a roadie, and Nursey has been stuck in a dry spell for a week and a half now. The words just haven’t been coming the way he wants them to, and he’s starting to feel dried out, like all the creative juices have been wrung out of him by school stress and lack of sleep. Maybe it’ll never come back. Maybe he’s just done. All washed up by the tender age of twenty.

He’s not even trying to write as he watches Dex from across the room, tracking his fidgets and expressions as he sits hunched over his laptop frowning at the screen. It’s been a while since he and Dex have been in the same room for an extended period of time – a fortnight, about. Dex has been on a project, and Nursey started isolating himself about when the drought hit. But it was nice to sit with him on the bus today, and it’s nice to dump his bag near the bed and just relax, hands behind his head, and drink in his presence. It feels like something he’s been missing for far too long.

Nursey’s not sure what it is that makes the words start coming back, but it’s like a cloudburst on a hot day – a few lines, scattered drops against a parched sidewalk, then all at once he’s drowning.

He writes for four hours that night. His poems are full of microchips and anger, all about the gray morality of man against the rigidity of binary code, and by one a.m., when he should really be getting his beauty rest for tomorrow’s game, he’s starting to formulate a theory.

The theory is that maybe being in Dex’s proximity jumpstarts his creativity. In a phrase, Dex inspires him.

So Nursey resolves to test it.

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Interruptions (M)

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Word Count: 2,116

Summary: You would probably be able to concentrate on your work more if your boyfriend, Jimin, wasn’t sending such distracting text messages.

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anonymous asked:

Isn't long hair a hyuga thing? tbh i'm kinda squick about pairing the younger gen with oro, but then I thought hizashi? i'm totally down for that. That way NEJI IS THEIR SON. Neji is the pretty baby. amazing. And then when Hizashi decides to sacrifice himself for his brother, Oro is like 'fuck no' and serves A's head on platter to his pretty husband.

Ughhhhhh, why did you make me ship this. 

It’s Jiraiya who brings him the news, bare hours after the decision has been reached.

(For this, rom thinks, he’ll forgive every slight and sin of their long friendship, without exception.)

“You’re sure?” he asks quietly, trying not to let his voice rise the way he wants to, because Neji is asleep in the chair by the window, blanket dragged up over his nose and head pillowed on the book he’d been reading.

Jiraiya nods, face grim, a deep frown pulling at his mouth. “I—” He stops, drags a hand over his hair, sighs. “Peace is one thing. I don’t want another war to break out, either. But…”

But. Orochimaru’s hands curl over the edge of the lab table, putting faint dents in the metal. But this is family, and Jiraiya will always put family above all else. He’s never had occasion to be this grateful for it, Orochimaru knows, but he’s not going to forget this moment, no matter what happens next.

“I have to—” he starts, and then stops short, eyes falling on the vulnerable form of his beautiful son. Leverage, should the worst happen, and Orochimaru has been a shinobi long enough to have every expectation that it will.

“Go,” Jiraiya says, a command rather than a way to finish Orochimaru’s sentence. “Hiashi tried to stop him, but Hizashi knocked him out, and the clan’s keeping him sedated so he can’t interfere. If you don’t help him, I don’t think anyone will.”

It’s the first time in years that Orochimaru has felt kindly towards Hiashi, and he allows himself a flicker of satisfaction as he pushes upright, stepping away. “Will you watch Neji?” he asks, meets and hold Jiraiya’s eyes so his former teammate will see just what the request means.

Jiraiya has never been as much of a fool as Orochimaru used to call him. He returns Orochimaru’s stare with a steady gaze and inclines his head. “I’ll take care of him. And if things go south, I’ll get him out of Konoha and come find you.”

Orochimaru isn’t one for sentiment, and never has been, but that moment is probably the closest he’s ever come to hugging Jiraiya. “Thank you,” he says instead, and without waiting for a response—because, knowing Jiraiya, it will be something that makes Orochimaru want to hit him, since that’s how things go between them—he turns to climb the stairs into the house.

“Good luck,” Jiraiya tells him, quiet but entirely sincere. “I’m sorry I can’t help more.”

“This is more than enough,” Orochimaru returns without looking back, and keeps moving.

The handoff is happening in Frost Country, neutral ground, and alone and moving fast Orochimaru makes it there hours ahead of the Konoha squad, even though he leaves later. The Kumo nin are already there, the Raikage among them, smug and satisfied and bristling with weapons, a show of force that makes rage crawl hot and biting up Orochimaru’s spine.

In the trees, carefully beyond the range of the guards, he takes a breath. The jinchuuriki is with them, crouched near the outside of the circle, and he’ll have to be the first one Orochimaru deals with. Behind him A is speaking with one of his guards, smiling, and Orochimaru is prone to losing his temper but this fury is as cold as the arctic, as devastating as an avalanche.

Hizashi is his, the first in decades to see him, even when others turned away.

They can’t have him.

This is every misguided and reckless idea Orochimaru has ever had, smashed together and magnified by the power of ten, but war and death and failure matter nothing at all in the face of hearing that his husband sacrificed himself without even letting Orochimaru know. Without facing him, because he knows Orochimaru would never agree, and that he isn’t as easily dealt with as Hiashi. There will be a reckoning for that, but only when Orochimaru is absolutely certain all threats have been dealt with.

He takes a breath and drops from the branches, shakes back the sleeves of his robe, and calls up his chakra. It boils across the clearing, sharp-edged and unsettling as a knife slashed across a bared throat, and before even Killer Bee can react Orochimaru is in front of him, Kusanagi in hand, his free palm already glittering with five points of light.

“Death to warmongering fools,” Orochimaru hisses, and slams the Five Elements Seal into the jinchuuriki’s chest with all the force of his chakra behind it. Bee crumples, collapsing at Orochimaru’s feet, and Orochimaru steps around him and brings Kusanagi up in a sweeping slash that cleaves through skin and bone with equal ease.

The Konoha nin take one stride into the clearing and stop dead.

Seated on a fallen tree in the middle of the blood-soaked grass, Orochimaru coolly looks up from where he’s polishing Kusanagi’s blade with loving care. He eyes his old teacher for a long moment, then uncoils himself and comes to his feet, sheathing his sword and reaching down to pick up what’s sitting next to him.

He doesn’t look at his husband, wrists bound, standing behind Sarutobi.

“Forgive me my impetuousness, sensei,” he says, and gracefully dips to set the Raikage’s severed head at Sarutobi’s feet. “I’m afraid my temper got the better of me.”

There’s fear in the faces of those watching him, but Orochimaru doesn’t care, doesn’t look to see if Hizashi shares their terror at the sight of him in blood-drenched robes, with streaks of it drying rust-red across his pale skin.

“Orochimaru.” Sarutobi sounds torn between exasperation and true anger. “This—you have—”

“Prevented you from making a mistake,” Orochimaru finishes for him, and lets his gaze slide past his teacher for the first time. Hizashi is staring at him, lavender eyes wide, and he looks exhausted and grief-stricken and so very pained that all of Orochimaru’s immediate anger slides away.

I’ve seen you on the battlefield, and only a fool wouldn’t fear you there, Hizashi had told him, one quiet night in the midst of the Third War, alone around a campfire and just come from a fight. Orochimaru had never spoken to him before, never looked at him with any thought beyond his abilities and his eyes, but that night changed many things. But the way you keep going, even when everyone else is ready to give in and die—that’s the reason I would fear you.

Hizashi has always given in too easily, and Orochimaru has never learned how to surrender. It’s in the middle where they meet that they can build something functional, but sometimes—

Sometimes a reminder that there are merits in both extremes is necessary.

“Orochimaru!” Sarutobi’s voice is as sharp as Orochimaru has ever heard it, but he brushes past the Hokage without pause.

“The jinchuuriki is alive, but unable to touch his chakra,” he says disinterestedly. “Use him as a bargaining chip. Kumo will not want to lose its only adult human sacrifice.”

Hizashi looks at him as he comes to a halt before the man, and there’s something in his face that feels like wonder and tentative joy. “You—for me?” he whispers, and raises bound hands.

Orochimaru catches them, presses his cheek to one callused palm and lets his lashes dip to hide the violence he’s sure is still burning in his eyes. “Neji would be heartbroken,” he says, and feels the faint flinch Hizashi gives without remorse. Hizashi knows by now that Orochimaru has never been one to fight fair; he should have expected nothing less.

“I couldn’t be the cause of you going back to war,” Hizashi says, and Orochimaru glances up to meet his tired eyes. “Not with Neji. Not after it almost broke you last time. I would do anything to keep my family safe.”

My greatest hope is to find something to live for, Orochimaru had told him, years ago, in a tent with walls too thin and more battles looming, his hands splayed across a broad chest. Exhaustion and too little chakra, coupled with the rare intimacy—so strange with a person who didn’t shy away—had made the words as simple as a thought. I have no reason to give in, but—

Sometimes I think that I would like one.

“So would I,” Orochimaru returns, and slices through the ropes holding him with a kunai. Instantly, Hizashi wraps his arms around him and pulls him in, drags him up against his chest and buries his face in blood-soaked hair. Orochimaru leans into his hold, feels the strength and solidity of him, and forces himself to breathe.

Even if this is the last moment before another war, Orochimaru doesn’t care. Hizashi and Neji are the only reasons he’s ever had to stop fighting, and now that he has them there’s no force in the universe that can take them away.

Turning Me On


Request: Hi! Is it possible for you to write one where you and Shawn are dating and y/n is a Victoria’s Secret angel and Shawn goes to the show to support her and at the afterparty they mingle with everyone and he reveals to her how turned on he is about her performance and tells her everything he wants to do to her?

Word Count: 1,744

Turning Me On

“Shawn Mendes, welcome to the last Victoria’s Secret show this year” the interviewer said, sending me a plain smile.

“Thank you”

“Are you excited for this?”

“I am, really. I’ve never been to one before” I said, sending him another false but friendly smile.

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The Ice

Originally posted by thugshawn

Requested by anonymous: imagine where shawn gets a hockey injury?

Note: Shawn and hockey….two of my fave things that happen to go together quite nicely


It happened quickly.

Too quickly, actually. You barely had any time to register what even happened when the referee and coach yell timeout.

Shawn’s laying on the ice, body scrunched up against the side as his face shows complete and utter pain. Your heart pounds against your chest as your nerves feel like they’ve been set on fire. You knew there wasn’t much you could do for him while he was out on the ice and you weren’t allowed on; the only thing you can actually do, is pray that it’s nothing serious and he will be relieved of his pain.

You hear him yell for a second and see him pound at the ice with his gloved hand, as the medic team touches around under the mass padding.

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Deadly Secrets

(gif credit to the creator)

Part One

Master List

Pairing: Jared x Reader
Word Count: 1,026
Warnings: language, death, homicide
A/N: Here’s the first part of my new Jared series! Just a fair warning that this is very dark and angsty, if you feel like that is too much for you then I would skip this. I am super proud of this story and I am so happy it’s finished and I can finally start posting it for you guys. Italics are flashbacks. If you’d like to be tagged let me know, in an ask (it’s the best way for me to keep track)! Hope you guys like it! Anyway, feedback for this is crucial! :)

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There Will Be History - Part One

Lin x Reader

Word Count- 1,405

Warnings- Nothing really, just a suggestive moment at the end.

A/N- I finally managed to write something that was less than 3,00 words! There’s a possibility that I will revisit this and make a part 2, so let me know if that’s something you’d want me to do!
My conversations with @plamspringsdancingontables about my love for Teacher Lin were the inspiration for this, and as always, she helped me out so much! Hope you all enjoy!

Part One/Part Two/Part Three

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Knock Knock

Originally posted by stellarstarryeyes

Request: Could you possibly do a fanfic in which Newt goes to see the reader’s play/musical and consequently becomes enamored with her? Thanks so much!

A/N:  Sorry It’s taken a while to fill it out, and I’m sorry it’s quite short! Today’s finally my day off- why not spend it with a little bit of writing?  

You wish you could say that your stomach churned because of the constant movement from behind the curtain. Soft music was playing and music notes swayed in the air as various people walked into the dimmed room, only to sit down comfortably and open the pamphlet that had been handed out in front as they walked in.

From your side you could hear hushed conversations and the quick footing of dancers that were quickly rehearsing one last time before stage time. Biting your lip, you couldn’t help but shake your foot a few times, only to do the same to the other; a nervous habit you had acquired.

Truth be told, you were never one to get nervous when it came to performances. Sure, butterflies would come and go during the buildup to opening curtain, but once those lights hit you and illuminated every single moment you did on stage; the butterflies always seemed to disappear.

“Five minutes ‘till Curtain!” you heard someone cry out followed by the panic whispers of your fellow performers; in return you took a deep breath and turned around, walking into the sea of performers in front of you.

Newt’s eyes darted back and forth within the amount of Muggles that were quickly filling up the room in front of him; he had his trusty suitcase on his lap as he fiddled with his fingers nervously.

Although Newt had come to America for really one specific purpose, he figured it wouldn’t hurt to wander around New York City for awhile, at least for one day, he was positive Frank wouldn’t mind.

Back in London he would often hear about the wonder that was America, ‘Everything’s so forward,’ he would hear people say, but now that he was here, Newt found it difficult to see the ‘wonder,’ that everyone would talk about.

Not to say that America wasn’t marvelous in it’s own way, he just thought it resembled home a bit too much.

His thoughts were broken when he felt someone slide into the seat next to him, and when he turned to face the stranger, he quickly turned back around, cheeks flushed and eyes slightly wide. “Mr. Scamander?” he heard the stranger say.

In return, Newt cracked a slight smile followed by a curt wave. “Hello Prime Minister.” he replied, “It’s so lovely to see you.”

“Likewise,” replied the Prime Minister with cautious eyes, which Newt avidly avoided. “What brings you here?”

“Oh,” replied Newt nervously, his hands on his suitcase, “just- thought I’d take a look around New York City.”

“So you came to the New York City Ballet?”

Letting out a breathless laugh, Newt bit his lip and nodded once. “That’s right.” he said, “I ah- I think Ballet’s quite beautiful, don’t you Prime Minister?”

Even from the dimmed lights, Newt could see the Prime Minister’s flushed face as he grinned slightly, “Most definitely,” he agreed, “they put on a beautiful performance in the fall- if I had known you were interested Mr. Scamander, I would’ve shared countless of tickets with you.”

Newt chuckled to himself one final time but before he could say something back, the lights fully dimmed, causing the entire audience to hush in whispers and tones.

Suddenly the large curtain that had been decorating the stage lifted, followed by soft music that set  a calm, yet sad and mellow scene. Newt could feel the energy in the room heighten as everyone’s eyes focused on the dancer in front of them.

Before he knew it, however, the melody shifted into a loving tune, and just as he glanced at the stage, a ballerina pranced on stage, immediately catching Newt’s attention.

In Newt’s eyes, she was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. The way she glided across the room was almost magical, as if she was flying across the stage, only to come back just as gracefully.

He swore that everyone else on stage looked dull compared to her, and within every passing movement she made, his heart grew and grew. In full reality, Newt wasn’t even paying attention to what was happening in the play, he just knew that she was the shining star.

Everything seemed to be over too soon because before he knew it the audience started clapping, causing Newt to slightly jolt in his seat; he cleared his throat as he too, started to clap weakly as his gaze wandered around the room.

Once the curtain came back up and Newt spotted the beautiful ballerina, he felt his mouth slightly gape open as he he continued to clap. She smiled brightly and waved out to the cheering crowd just before she took a bow. ‘The one time I don’t have flowers.’ he thought; when suddenly a bright idea came to mind.

Newt let out a breath he wasn’t even aware he was holding in as he stood in front of the door with the name (y/n) on it.

 “This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve thought of yet.” he said to himself as he stared at the bright yellow lilies he was holding. “It’s bad enough I snuck in magical animals into America, but now I’m about to give flowers to a girl.” 

‘A beautiful girl who resembles starlight.’ he thought, which he should know, he’s seen starlight thousands of times.

Nodding once, and biting his lip, Newt placed his suitcase on the ground lightly, “Knock, Knock.” he said. Seconds passed before the door opened only to reveal the sweetest face he had ever seen. “Hello,” she said calmly. “Can I help you?”

“Um-” replied Newt, stunned, “H-hello, I just saw your performance, and I just had to give you these.” he said as he brought the yellow lilies up to her face. “You were brilliant out there.”

The girl smiled a brilliant smile, her eyes twinkled as she took the lilies in her delicate hands, “Thank you.” she replied back, taking a strand of hair and tucking it behind her ear, “I’m (y/n).”

“Newt- Newt Scamander.”

“Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you, Newt.”

“The pleasure is all mine.” 

mp100 AgeSwap AU ideas/hcs?

I’ve had a lot of free time lately so I’ve been rereading the manga and having too much some fun thinking about terumob and this particular AU ahahhah 

(So basically this is the AU where Mob and Reigen swap ages and mob is 28 and reigen is a spunky ass 14 y/o and the art I’ve seen of it is beautiful)

  • Adult!mob is probably a v serene and graceful guy in terms of personality, quiet, polite and super kind. Teenager!Reigen is dramatic and basically a very clumsy fella but it’s endearing, really
    • Mob fixes stuff that Reigen breaks in his office (“Sorry shishou I just wanted to test out this new football for a bit ya know”) or outside of school (“Hey shishou, I kinda ripped my pants today tryna’ do a split”) 
      • Sometimes he uses his powers to fix things but other times he just uses his hands. It’s to remind himself that he doesn’t have to use his powers all the time to lead a proper, good life.
      • Tends to absentmindedly pat reigen’s shoulder or ruffle his hair while returning fixed stuff. intuition.
    • Mob isn’t one for physical contact with strangers but holds his clients’ hands when he senses real anxiety within them, or when they tremble and start to cry. takes everything seriously
    • Is Especially Soft when it comes to kids and little animals. Loves lil cats. almost cried during one assignment during which he had to exorcise a crazy cat lady spirit who possessed cats and left them hurt and confused. brought said cats to therapy after it was over.
  • You may think that Reigen who has Zero Psychic Intuition Whatsoever at this point in time has a hard time following mob but he’s super good at bullshitting his way through. 
    • Is very, very good at talking. Mob was never good at that kind of thing, so he really appreciates a disciple who can talk some sense into some of the ghosts they meet (“Look, dude, you wanna live this kinda life forever? Scaring five year olds? What kind of pathetic existence is that? You’re a ghost, not a horror movie, you could literally do anything else”)
    • after a while of taking him as his disciple, Mob gives him a special kind of purified salt which has the ability to trap low-mid level spirits if used right. reigen gets really pumped and hugs the hell out of mob when he first receives it.
      • reigen gets overexcited sometimes so he kind of just sprinkles salt everywhere and doesn’t create a proper ring so it’s not that effective
      • but mob lets him do it anyway, he doesn’t mind

(omg, this got long - the rest under the cut)

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It’s Complicated- Part 3 (Jason Blossom x Reader)

REQUEST(S): Part 2 to “Its complicated” is sooo good omg!!, Part 3 to It’s Complicated? 🙏🏽🙏🏽 , Jason blossom complicated part3!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pleaseeeee.

WARNINGS: A few swear words


A/N: So, this is  the last part. I ‘m so happy you guys loved them so much! I had so much fun writing them. Requests are open so don’t be afraid to leave one, I love writing your ideas <3!


You didn’t immediately go to your house. You wandered around aimlessly for a few hours before you decided it would be a good time to get home. The alcohol had left your body and you were practically sober, something you didn’t want to be right now. The shock of what had happened started to kick in and you found yourself hyperventilating in your bedroom, tears streaming down your face. You felt your heart burn and you cried out. You hurt all over, your heart, your head. You Mum and Dad burst into your room and called out your name but they sounded so distant, so far away. You reached out to them and they bundled you up in their arms, your father held you in his arms and your Mother stroked your hair. You cried for what felt like hours into your Dad’s shirt, your Mum shushed you, trying to calm you down. As your breathing returned to normal, your Dad picked your limp and exhausted body and placed you into your bed and tucked you in. They sat on the edge of your bed, looking at you with concern. (Y/N), what happened?” Your Dad ask. You sigh and close your eyes.
“Jason and the new girl, I caught them kissing in his bedroom during the party.” You say. You feel your Dad tense and hear your Mum gasp before covering her mouth. You wipe away the tears that had spilt from your eyes and grabbed your parent’s hands. “It’s okay, I can get over it, I can move on.” You assure them. They look at each other before squeezing your hands.
“We’re right here if you need us Sweetie.” Your Mum says before kissing your forehead before leaving your bedroom.” Your Dad does the same, turning off the light and closing the door while giving you small smile. Your exhaustion takes over your body and you feel your eye lids drop before being pulled into a dreamless sleep.

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anonymous asked:

Noodle please makie it better...I can't take this.

A/N: I’m on it. 

Chuck stares at the words on the paper, his fingers hovered over the keys. Is this too much? Is the premise of these two men losing everything they’ve ever had over and over again going to be too much to swallow?

“Erase it.“

“’Scuse me?“ Chuck asks, frowning and turning to Gabriel. His son stands to his feet, throwing his hands up and circling the desk. “It’s a great story –“

“You’re gonna kill how many of us?” Gabriel asks. Chuck shifts in his seat, clearing his throat.

“Even so –“

“And you’re gonna bring back Dean-o’s mom? Kill his best friend? Seriously?“ he asks, resting his hands on his hips. Gabriel focuses his eyes on the almost empty bottle of gin next to Chuck’s typewriter, his face sinking into an ‘are you fucking kidding me‘ look. “Dad, you’re drunk-writing again, aren’t you?“ he asks. Chuck slowly presses a finger against the metal key of his typewriter, his eyes locked on the other man. “Dad.“


“You can’t write drunk.“

“And why the hell not?“ Chuck spits, cursing the slur in his voice. Ok, he’s a little – a lot – drunk, and maybe he’s a little incapable of good plotting when he’s drunk, but this is a really, really good story! “This is a really, really good story,” he says, continuing to type. “Dean becomes a demon in volume ten, and oh Gadreel dies –”

“You lost me at Gadreel dies! Don’t kill my little brother!“ Gabriel growls, smacking Chuck’s hand away. “Who else dies? Holy shit, you’ve got like ten people that I know in this volume alone!” He ignores the glare from his father, snapping his fingers and shredding the paper. “You’ll thank me later.“

“I’m grounding you,“ Chuck grumbles, crossing his arms over. Both men look to the door in unison as someone knocks. “Shit, I don’t remember what happens next!“ he whispers harshly, searching around for the shredded pages. 

“Wing it, pops.” 

Before Chuck can respond, his son is gone, leaving him alone to face the Winchesters. “Fine,” he grumbles, swiping a hand over his face. As he makes his way to the door, he picks up a pad of paper, writing out a list of deaths to avoid when he’s sober. “Gadreel….Benny…..Rowena…Crowley….” He lets his voice trail away as he flings open the door, mentally noting to bring back John in 2015. 

Jealousy - Tommy Shelby

- Hey would you write something in the lines of you being close friends with John but dating Tommy and Tom being jealous cause he thinks his brother never got over a silly crush he had over you? Maybe some fight that ends up in make up sex?

- You’re back! I would love to read about Tommy trying to win his lady back after spending the day being ignored by her after a fight (and just being sweet cause he can’t handle her being distant) lots of fluff!!!!

For the sake of their argument making sense, assume they got married pre-1922 ;)

“And then, and then he just goes down like a sack of spuds! Off his fucking face he was!”

John and I dissolve into a fit of laughter, John grasping at my arm as he takes a sip of his drink and proceeds to snort it out his nose. It’s the kind of laughter that snowballs, gets out of control until your stomach aches and you have to calm down just so you can take a breath. And it’s the kind of laughter that happens a lot when John and I are together. It’s also the kind of laughter that Tommy always feels the need to put a stop to.

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Can you imagine?

Request: You’re reading for Maria at the Hamilton workshop, but you’re far more interested in Eliza than Alexander.

Pairing: Phillipa Soo x reader

Warnings: none

Word count: 1,733

A/N: here’s day six of the @hamwriters‘ writeathon a bit late- also known as first time day! I know Pippa wasn’t actually part of the workshop cast but I’ve fiddled with it bc reasons. I’ve not written pippa x reader before so here goes

The room was empty except for a circle of chairs and a piano. You paused awkwardly in the doorway, checking the room number you had hastily scribbled down again. It definitely said room twenty, but what if you had heard wrong over the phone?

You wiped your hands on your jeans and walked in. “Hello?” you called apprehensively, peering around. You had had the call last night- Lin-Manuel Miranda of ‘In the Heights’ fame wanted you to read for a part in his new musical.

Which was apparently a rap musical about Alexander Hamilton. Okay.

Since no one else seemed to be there, you sat down in one of the chairs and fiddled with your phone, debating the merits of downloading an inane game to pass the time. You started to hum the song that had been on the radio in the taxi that had brought you there. 

Almost ten minutes later, just as you were halfway through singing What the heck I gotta do, someone appeared in the doorway. “Hello, hello, hello!” Lin-Manuel Miranda grinned as he walked in, “sorry I’m late.”

You looked around at the other empty chairs. “It’s alright- you’re not the only one.”

He frowned, as if he’d only just noticed that the two of you were the only ones there. “That’s weird.” He pulled out his phone and fired off a text. 

“I’m Y/N,” you said, half-getting out of your chair, “I’m reading for-” you checked your notes, “Peggy Schuyler and Maria Reynolds?”

“I’m looking forward to it,” Lin held up his own script, which was covered in scribbled annotations in messy handwriting, “I’m your Hamilton.”

You raised an eyebrow and were about to respond when the doors open again and a couple of people arrived- you recognised Chris Jackson from In the Heights and Daveed Diggs, whose music you had started to listen to as soon as you found out he would be in the show. 

You stayed sat in your chair as everyone started to settle down, some stopping to say hi to others before they made it to their seats. You looked to your right and felt your jaw drop. A beautiful girl, her dark hair pulled back in a high ponytail, and wearing a flowery scoop-neck and knee-length skirt, had taken the seat beside you.

She looked up and met your gaze. You hastily smiled. “Hi,” you said, voice higher than usual from nerves that made your heart thump particularly hard.

She smiled back and you knew you were lost- her smile was soft and gentle, her eyes kind and a dark brown. “Hi,” she said, “I’m Pippa.”

“Y/N,” you returned, throat dry, “Nice to meet you.” 

Before you could make a fool of yourself, Lin clapped his hands and stood up. “So,” he grinned, “you’ve all heard my admittedly terrible demos, you’ve all got scripts. I’m Lin and this,” Lin gestured to Alex, who stood up from behind his keyboard and waved, “is the genius behind the music, Alex Lacamoire.”

Everyone murmured a hello as Lin took a seat. Alex cleared his throat. “We’ll run through the songs in order,” he said, “starting with Alexander Hamilton.” He sat down again and played a couple of scales. “Is everyone warmed up?”

You nodded, having done some exercises before everyone else arrived. Everyone else nodded too, and you wondered if that had been why they were late. 

Scanning the lyrics for Alexander Hamilton again, you remembered that you only had the one line in it: “Me? I loved him”, so you settled back to hear everyone else. 

Utkarsh grinned and introduced the musical as Burr, looking as if he wanted to be moving about the room even though it was a read-through. Chris, Javier, Joshua, and Daveed joined soon after. It felt somehow tense but freeing to be in the room- it felt like the beginning of something, you realised.

Then Pippa started to sing- quietly, soprano- and you saw her face change with real emotion. Too quickly her part was over and you joined in with the others to sing the ensemble part. 

Alex gave feedback after you finished running through the first two songs and Lin scribbled furiously all over his script and sheet music, muttering about tempo and line changes as he did so. He asked Chris to try some new lyrics, got Daveed to swap a line with Joshua, and asked Pippa to sing her line with a crescendo instead of diminuendo and a slightly different inflection.

The next two songs went much the same, except that you only sang the ensemble parts, watching Lin rap his way through My Shot  with impressive speed. Then you moved onto Schuyler Sisters. You, Pippa, and Anika all got up so Lin could see your dynamics, standing in the middle of the circle of chairs. 

Utkarsh narrated again from the sidelines and your stomach did a flip when Pippa took your hand to ‘tug’ you into the circle properly. You bumped your hip against hers when you sang your first line, almost stuttering when she returned the gesture. Everyone sang the ensemble part and you stepped forward.

You put your hands on your hips and turned to face your ‘sisters’, “Daddy said to be home by sundown-”

Anika shrugged. “Daddy doesn’t need to know.”

You pouted. “Daddy said not to go downtown-”

Pippa raised an eyebrow and pointed towards the door, “Like I said you’re free to go-

After Schuyler Sisters you didn’t have much to do beyond singing the ensemble part. Instead you sat on your chair and watched Pippa perform Helpless, something twisting tightly in your chest when she kissed Lin at the end.

You wondered if you could change Satisfied to be about Eliza instead.


It was lunch time before you reached the end of the first act. “Well done,” Lin called to everyone after the end of Non-Stop, “you can all take an hour or so for lunch and afterwards we’ll work on Act two.”

“After we try some changes to Non-Stop,” Alex interrupted firmly, making everybody grin. There hadn’t been a single song that hadn’t been followed by Lin scribbling on his script and Alex on his sheet music, followed immediately by calls for corrections or alterations. 

You grabbed your bag, wondering where to go. You didn’t know many places around the are but surely there’d be a Starbucks or something nearby. As you stuffed your jumper into your bag, you heard someone clear their throat. 

You straightened to find Pippa standing there, a nervous smile on her face. “Do you have plans for lunch?” she asked, adjusting the strap of her bag, “I was wondering if you wanted to grab something- there’s a nice café around the corner-”

You were so surprised that you did nothing but gape for a moment. Pippa’s smile faded. “If you don’t want to-”

“No I do!” you found your voice and interrupted her, “I’d love to.”

Pippa’s smile returned full-force and she fell into step beside you as you headed out, waving goodbye to Lin and Alex where they were hunched over Lin’s script, whispering and scribbling. 

You and Pippa settled down in the corner of the café, hot drinks and sandwiches cluttering up the tiny table. “So,” Pippa said as she pulled her hair out of its ponytail, “how did you end up here?”

“I worked with Lac on a project a couple of months ago,” you explained. You took a bite of your sandwich, “I wasn’t singing for him, just managing some stuff- but he heard me in the break room.”

Pippa laughed and raised her cup. “To what a little break room singing can do,” she suggested. You giggled and raised your cup too, tapping it against hers. You both took a sip, wincing when you realised it was still a little too hot to drink.

“Broadway, huh?” Pippa gazed dreamily out of the window in the direction of the Richard Rogers, “Can you imagine?”

You could see Pippa up there, inspiring joy and sadness and astonishment. “Yeah,” you murmured. Her hand was resting on the table and you wondered if it would be too soon to take it.

The first song after you came back was ensemble time for you again. Pippa joined you as you welcome Daveed, cocky and enthusiastic as Jefferson, home again. Then you sat back to watch Lin and Daveed spit their arguments to each other and then watched Javier and Pippa try to persuade Lin to take a break.

Javier knelt down to be Philip, miming the piano tune that Lac played in the intro. You stifled a smile and bit back a laugh when Pippa tried to beat-box. “I’ll learn,” she promised Lin in the feedback session. He gave her a hard look but nodded.

“For this one, Y/N,” Lin said, “your job is to be sexy.”

You felt your cheeks heat up and stammered out your agreement. You saw Pippa grin out of the corner of your eye and steeled yourself to try your best. Lin had reassured you that you didn’t need to kiss him, even though it was scripted.

Utkarsh introduced the scene again, handing over the narration to Lin after a moment. You stared at your line and anxiously calculated your cue. “I know you are a man of honour,” you sang, meeting Lin’s gaze. He was giving you his best smoulder and you fought back a grin, “I’m so sorry to bother you at home.

You gathered your things, ready to leave. Lin and Alex had praised everyone’s efforts and reminded you to return next week to work with any changes that they might have made during the week. You shouldered your bag and turned to go, only to find Pippa standing there.

“This is starting to become a regular thing,” you laughed, stepping back a little.

Pippa laughed. “I was wondering…” she looked uncertain, poised on the balls of her feet as if she was about to run for it, “if you wanted to grab dinner with me.” She flushed a pretty pink and lowered her gaze, “you know, as a date.”

You took her hand hesitantly and squeezed it. “I’d love that,” you said quietly, relieved when she squeezed back. 

The two of you headed out, hands hesitantly linked between you. You could have sworn you saw Lin wink at you as you passed him, but brushed it off. You’d rather have Eliza.

@voltron-dragon asked for 4: One chance.

Heads up, I wrote this on my phone on Tumblr Mobile so who knows how this formatting will turn out.
Set after HTTYD 2.

“This is it bud.” Hiccup paced nervously beside his dragon. “One chance. To get this right. To make it perfect.”

Shaking hands smoothed back disheveled hair.

“Hiccup? You here?” Astrid squeezed through the gap between the rocks. It was the only way to get into the cove on foot. Usually she flew in on Stormfly, but most of the dragons were away at the Berkery, guarding their eggs.

Snoggletog was only a few days away, the first celebration with Hiccup as Chief. He’d maganaged to steal away for a few hours to meet with Astrid.

“Sorry I’m late.” The blonde Viking Picked her way carefully through the frosty clearing. She took a seat on the rock beside Hiccup, turning to give him a brief peck in the cheek.

“I swear I ran into every single villager on the way here,” she complained. “Its like they have a sixth sense for when we want some alone time and suddenly everything in an emergency. Brr, its so cold out here babe.” She tucked herself in under Hiccup’s arm and shivered. “Why’d you want to meet here and not at home?”

Hiccup took a deep breath, misting the air in front of him as he exhaled.

“Well because this is where it all started,” he explained. “Right there-” he gestured towards the cleaning “is where you first caught me with Toothless. The first time you kissed me was right after I took you flying.”

“I think you mean right after you kidnapped me.”

“What? I would never-”

“You dumped me in a tree!”

“You were going to tell everyone!”

This wasn’t going the way he planned. Another deep breath. The cold air nipped at his lungs. One chance. Hiccup wanted to get this right the first time.

“Anyway, that’s not the point.” He twisted so that he could take Astrid’s hands in his. Her fingers were icy in his grasp. He rubbed them between his palms, letting the friction warm them up. “The point is,” he explained. “Is that this is a place of new beginnings, so it seems the perfect place to-” Breathe. “To ask-”

Astrid’s fingers tightened in his.

“Will you marry me?”

Hiccup watched Astrid’s face carefully for the slightest change of expression.

She appeared to be thinking the proposal over. Hiccup felt like he couldn’t breath.

Suddenly, her face broke into a wide smile.

“Of course I will,” she tipped her face up to kiss him soundly on the mouth. “You’re such a dork,” she laughed when they came up for air. “My dork.”

anonymous asked:

Hey, it's a new follower here👋🏼 I was wondering if you could do one where you've been best friends with Tyler and Josh for a long time and they're aware that your family is abusive (physically) towards you, and they try to convince you to get help. Then one day they somehow witness what happened and they call for help for you and they're really nice and just a lot of FLUFF please. I love your writing❤️

thank you for following me! && here you go! trigger warning, abuse, physical violence. 


You looked dreadfully in the mirror, coating your arm in concealer.  The bruise was so prominent, you doubted that it could ever be completely covered.  You let out a sigh, shedding your body of the t-shirt you had originally chosen and grabbing a long-sleeve shirt instead.  You’d be hot, but at least there’d be no questions asked.  

You thought about bailing.  Multiple times, actually.  You even typed out a long and elaborate message to Tyler, littered with excuses as to why you couldn’t attend his party.  But you ended up deleting the entire thing.  You had to go.  

You checked your clock anxiously.  Josh would be here soon.  You didn’t like to keep people waiting, so you grabbed your purse then exited your bedroom.  You’d just hang out outside until he arrived.  

The house was eerily quiet.  You made your way down the hallway, peaking around corners and anxiously awaiting to be called out for leaving.  But when you approached the living room you saw your dad, passed out with a bottle of liquor next to him on the couch.  He wouldn’t be waking up anytime soon.  

You sigh in relief before quietly opening the front door and walking outside.

The air is hot, you wished you didn’t have to cover yourself.  You hope Tyler’s house is cooler.

Josh’s car pulls up right on time.  Bless that boy for always being so punctual.  He smiles and waves to you before you see him start clearing off the front seat.  Envelopes and magazines fly towards the back.  You chuckle, approaching the car and opening the door.

“Hey good lookin!” he says excitedly, tossing one last water bottle in the backseat.  

“Hey,” you say back, throwing him your biggest smile.  

Within minutes of being around Josh, you forget all about your dad.  

Tyler’s party has already begun by the time the two of you arrive.  

“I thought he said a few people?” you say, staring up at the house.  It was lit up, with cars already parked all over the driveway and lawn.  Josh barely found a spot to squeeze into.

“Yeah, well-“ Josh starts, “you know Tyler..”

He was right.  

You cringed, but immediately pushed the negative thoughts into the back of your mind.  You were actually going to try and enjoy yourself for once tonight.

Tyler is opening the door with a smile plastered over his face before you and Josh could even knock.  He pulls you into a hug before moving on to Josh.  

“How’s it going, guys?” he asks.

“We’re good,” Josh says, poking his head inside to marvel at the amount of people.

“Small get-together, yeah?” he asks, cradling a paper bag full of chips.  “I don’t think I brought enough.”

“Well, I invited some friends and then they asked if they could invite some friends, and well- you know how it goes.”

Josh nods his head, acting like he totally understands.  You chuckle under your breath.

“Well, come on anyway,” Tyler says, ushering you inside.  

You don’t know anyone.  And by that you mean literally no one is familiar.  You’re thankful that Josh was such a good friend, because he stuck close all night.  You two were also about the only people not shit faced drunk.  

“For someone who doesn’t drink,” you say, “Tyler sure knows how to get people drunk.”

Josh nods in agreement, filling up another plate of nachos.  

The party was too chaotic for you.  Too many bodies bumping into bodies.  

“I feel like I’m at a frat party again,” Josh says loudly, trying to out-sound the music.

“Again?” you repeat, a smirk on your face, “I didn’t pin you as the fratboy type.”

Josh shakes his head, laughing, “I went through a really weird phase in college,” he says.

“Wanna go outside?” you finally ask him, the noise and people just becoming too much.

Josh agrees quickly, grabbing an extra soda for you.  You turn around, heading towards the doors when you collide with a tall figure.  Instantly, you feel your shirt become wet.

“Shit-“ you murmur, looking down at the stain covering you, liquid dripping to the floor.  

The drunk guy staggered, looking awfully confused.

“‘m sorry-“ he mutters, almost incoherently.

“It’s fine,” you say, gritting your teeth.  

Tyler finds you then, skipping over and stopping dead in his tracks.  “Oh man,” he says, taking in the sight of you.  “Come on then,” he says, grabbing your hand.

“Where-“ you start.

“I’ll give you one of my shirts,” he answers before you could even finish.

Tyler drags you upstairs and into his bedroom.  The door was locked, probably in an attempt to keep any and all horny couples out.  

He goes to his closet, pulling out a sports t-shirt and throwing it to you.  

“I’ll wait out here,” he says before shutting the door.

You peel off your soaked shirt, marveling at how much of it that guy managed to cover, before pulling Tyler’s over your head.  You throw your hair into a quick bun before reopening the door.

Tyler’s leaned against the wall, sending a message on his phone.  Upon your entrance, he looks up, locking his screen and freezing.

You give him a puzzled look, wondering what on earth he was staring at before your heart clenches.  You realize Tyler’s shirt was short sleeved.  

You immediately cross your arms, trying to cover up as much as you could.  But there was no denying the deep purple hand prints covering various parts of your skin.

“I thought he stopped-“ Tyler said quietly.  

Your throat suddenly feels dry.

“He did,” you lie, “for the most part, it was just one bad night was all.”

“He did all of that in one night?” Tyler asks suspiciously.  Then he’s shaking his head and turning on his heels back down the stairs.  

You feel frozen in place, unable to move.  You feel embarrassed and vulnerable.  You snap out of your trance and start following Tyler, but only make it to about halfway down the stairs when he reappears, only this time with Josh at his side.  

Josh’s eyes grow wide when he sees you and you want nothing more than to disappear on the spot.  But instead you stay still, your hand still grasping the railing.

“Y/N,” Josh says gently, as he takes one step at a time towards you.  “What is this?” he asks once he’s on the step below you.  

You shake your head, you can’t deal with any of this right now.

“Hey,” he says softly, and he moves his hand so that it’s almost touching yours on the railing.  You yank back, anxiety rushing through you.

The boys knew that your dad used to hit you when you were younger.  They handled it about as well as you’d expect fifteen and sixteen year olds would.  But you finally convinced them that he’d stopped.  Seeing them worry and hearing them constantly pressure you to tell someone was torture.  It would never stop.  But you had no where else to go.  

“It’s okay,” Josh says calmly.  He doesn’t try to touch you again.

“It was just one time,” you say, trying to convince him.  

He nods softly.  You know he doesn’t believe you.  

“I swear,“ you add.  

“Okay,” he says, nodding his head.  

You start to get that familiar choking feeling that you knew so well.  Like a lump was stuck in your throat.  When you tried to breathe, a sob came out instead and you collapsed on the stairs, tucking your knees into your chest, and resting your forehead there.  

Josh was beside you in an instant, wrapping his arm around you delicately and muttering soothing words.  Tyler rushed up the steps too, sitting on the step below and lightly touching your leg with his hand.  

You were too overwhelmed with all of it.  You just wanted to go home.  You needed to be away from all of this.

“You can stay at my place you know?” Tyler said, so genuine.

The idea of mooching off from hard-working, Tyler made you cringe.  

“I’m serious,” he says when you don’t answer.  “Y/N, I would love it if you were here everyday.”

You start to shake your head, lifting your head up and wiping down your eyes.  You couldn’t live with Tyler.  As amazing as that sounded on the outside, you imagined it.  You already made your dad so mad by living at home, you didn’t want Tyler to see you like that too.  You could handle the wrath of your father, you deserved it.  But you couldn’t handle Tyler hating you.  You just couldn’t

“I just want to go home,” you say with a shaky voice.

“Y/N-“ Josh interjects, “I can’t bring you back there.  Not if he’s hurting you, I just can’t do that.”

You shake your head violently, panic starting to flood through your entire being.

“No,” you say harshly, “it was just one time, I made him mad, it was a one time thing.”

Josh bites his lip, looking at you through his soft, brown eyes.

“I can’t,” he says sympathetically.

You stare back, anger and anxiety and dread surfacing.

You stand up unexpectedly, grasping the railing for support and stepping over Tyler.  

“Whatever,” you say harshly, running down the rest of the steps.

You make a beeline for the door, feeling so confused, but knowing one thing: you had to get out of this house.

The air was a lot cooler once you bustled through Tyler’s front door.  You made your way to the sidewalk and started running home.  You had traveled this route a million times since you were a kid.  It was a mile or so, nothing you couldn’t handle.

Your pulse pounded heavily in your eardrum as you sprinted home.  You didn’t even hear Tyler and Josh calling after you.

You were hot and gasping for air by the time you turned the corner to your house.  You stopped dead in your tracks when you saw the kitchen light on.  Your dad must have woken up.  Your chest tightens.  Maybe he fell back asleep, you say, trying to convince yourself to gather up enough courage to go inside.  Finally, you tuck your hair behind your ears and slowly walk up towards your porch.

“Where were you?” a slurred voice asks.

You whip your neck in the direction of your dad’s voice, looking at the corner of the deck.  He’s perched in an old plastic chair with a bottle of beer in his hand.  You bite your lip and try to remain calm.

“Tyler’s,” you say, completely honest.

“That his shirt?” he asks casually, pointing the mouth of the bottle towards you.

You nod slowly, unsure of what he was getting at.

“Left your clothes behind then?  Why were you taking your clothes off in the first place?” he asks.  Then he stands up harshly, kicking the chair back, making you jump.  “No daughter of mine,” he says, his voice growing louder and louder, “is going to be slutting around the town.”  As soon as he spits the words at you, he raises his hand, swinging it towards you so fast that you couldn’t even react.  The back of his hand collides with your cheek, causing your entire face to whip to the side.  His ring must have struck you.  You taste blood.  

Your hand finds the spot and you hold it, fear running through you.

“You embarrass me,” he says,  “You know that?”

“I’m sorry-“ you manage to choke out.  

Apparently he wasn’t looking for an apology.  

He grabs you by the collar and throws you against the house.  Your neck snapped back, you head smashing into the wall.  

“Did I raise a slut?” he asks.  You cringe, the alcohol melted off his breath like poison.

“Well?” he asks, shaking you for a response.  

You shake your head quickly.

“Now, don’t fucking lie to me,” he spits, raising his hand again, slapping you harder than before.  You felt so helpless, your hands stuck to your sides.  

“Hey!” Your dad spins on his feet quickly, searching for the outside voice.  You open your eyes enough to see a figure standing by a running car.  Josh.  

“S’cuse me,” your dad says, his whole demeanor changing.  He was still menacing though.  “I’m having a conversation with my daughter.”

“Y/N,” it was Tyler’s voice, he walked out from the passenger’s side of the car.  “Come here,” he says.

Your dad’s fist tightens around your shirt.  You were too scared to move anyway.  

“You stay fucking put,” he orders.

You nod.

“If you gentleman would excuse us,” your dad slurs.

Tyler pulls his phone out then.

“I’m dialing 911,” he says quietly, almost to himself.  But loud enough for you to hear.  Loud enough for your dad to hear.

You feel your dad’s hand release from your collar and toss you to the side.  You stumble, almost falling to the ground.

“Get the fuck out,” he orders you.  

You stare up at him, desperation in your eyes.  

No, no, no.

What were you supposed to do?

“Get,” he says, his voice low and cold, “the fuck out.”

With that he steps into the house, letting the screen door slam shut.  You hear him lock the deadbolt.  You fall to the ground then, barely breaking the fall with your hands and stare straight ahead.  

Josh was the first to rush up to you.  He skips up all three steps to the porch and is immediately kneeling down in front of you.

“Y/N,” he says, “hey, look at me.”

He holds your chin up with his fingers, gently, examining your beaten face.  You can already feel your lip starting to swell.  

Tyler hovers towards the stairs, grasping the railing and waiting for you to have any sort of reaction.  

“What do I do now?” you ask, almost helplessly.

Josh stands up then, moving behind you and helping you to your feet.  Your legs feel shaky, but he supports the majority of your weight as you stumble down the stairs.  

Tyler cups the side of your face, and brings his face close to yours, kissing your forehead gently.  Your chest caves in and you choke on your breath, letting out a small whimper.  

“You’ll be okay,” Tyler assures you, “you’re gonna come with me.”

You shake your head, your face scrunching up.  “Tyler I can’t-“

“Why?” he asks, breathlessly.

“I can’t-“ is all you can say.

“But why?” he’s pleading now.

“Because I wouldn’t be able to stand you hating me like my dad does,” you spit out quickly, all the words sort of mashed together.

Tyler’s face immediately softens and he pulls you into a tight hug.  He cradles the back of your head, pressing it firmly into his chest.

“No, no, no,” he’s repeating.  “No, Y/N, no that would never happen.”

“I can’t be a burden,” you say.

“You’re not, Y/N, you’re not.  I want you there.  I want you to stay with me.”

“What will I do when you get sick of me?” you sob into his chest.

“Hey-“ Tyler says, pulling you away from his chest.  You look up at him with puffy eyes.  “You didn’t deserve this.”

You look down at the ground, shaking your head.

“You didn’t deserve this,” he says again, tipping your chin up slowly so you’re looking right at him.  “You didn’t deserve this.”

You wished he’d stop.  

“You didn’t deserve this.”

Your face scrunches up.  

You don’t believe a single word he’s saying.

“It’s not your fault.”

The words make you erupt into another wave of sobs and you throw yourself hopelessly back into Tyler’s chest.  He holds you tight, his arms wrapping around you.  He rubs your back gently, murmuring softly into the top of your head, letting you ruin his shirt.

Josh and you both stay the night at Tyler’s.  

Tyler had four beds in his house.  Yet, somehow, the three of you all ended up in the living room, on the floor, sprawled out with blankets like you used to.

Josh was to your left.  He had his hand next to yours gently stroking your skin with his thumb.  Tyler was to your right, humming a tune that was so soothing.  

It was like you were eleven years old again.  Except for the fact that you weren’t.  You were older.  And scared.  And unsure of what the future had in store for you.  You didn’t have a home and your face was swollen, but for the first time in your life, with the two boys making a sandwich out of you, you didn’t feel so alone.  

The Bodyguard ch.8

Chapter 1    Chapter 2
Chapter 3    Chapter 4
Chapter 5    Chapter 6
Chapter 7

Here is the latest from the critically acclaimed cross over AU fic, The Bodyguard. 
Written by @alittlemissfit and yours truly! 

“We’re going to the office, Fox. Your father’s found you a permanent bodyguard.”
“Great. A new babysitter,” Mulder snorts.

She sits in the waiting room feeling like an idiot.

What am I doing here? I know he’s going to live, I did all I could already. Why can’t I leave? Why can’t I make myself leave?

Her hands ball into fists on her lap in frustration. It feels like some unknown force is holding her in place and she hates it, yet obeys it.

“Damn it,” she mutters, rubbing her forehead and staring at her shoes.

“Ms. Scully?” a man asks as she frowns, shakes her head. Running her hands down her face she looks up at the doctor.


“I just wanted to inform you that your friend is stable. Remarkably he’s walking away from this with only a mild concussion and a hairline fracture to his left ankle,” the doctor says, looking up from the clipboard in his hands back at her.

Scully nods thoughtfully, wondering what the hell she’s going to do next.

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Public Meeting | Jimin x IdolReader!

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 3.2k

Warnings: FLUFF!!! 

Summary: As a new and upcoming Idol, you end up on the TV show ‘Weekly Idol’ where you end up meeting the boy group who inspired you to be where you are today.

Requested By: @smolninja

A/N: I know that some of the things in the one shot don’t actually happen in Weekly Idol, but I’ve never sat down and watched the show season after season so please bare with me! Also I wanna apologies if this is cringy af!


Originally posted by princejimin

Taking a deep breath, you stepped out from behind the camera and made your way to where the hosts Defconn and Heechul (from Super Junior) waited for you.

“(Y/N)!” Defconn yelled, a smile spread across his features, Heechul jumping up and down behind him like a child. “Welcome to Weekly Idol!” his loud voice boomed as he held his hands up in the air dramatically to show you the white room. “Please take a seat,” Defconn insisted as he gestured towards one of the metal stools that was placed to the left of Heechul’s and his own seat. Heechul cleared his throat, as you made your way to sit down.

“Now, we know you’re a new Idol, so we thought we’d treat you to something. We’ve decided to bring in a group, that has been under the same pressure as you when they first started,” Heechul’s smile only grew as he continued to talk. “Please welcome BTS!”

Your eyes widened at the mention of their name. BTS. For years, you had admired them, and always enjoyed their music. And now they were here. And you got to meet them. In person. Freezing in your spot, your eyes traveled to where the 7 boys walked onto the set, each one of them taking a seat, near where you sat. You gulped nervously when the maknae, Jungkook sat down next to you.

“1, 2, 3, Hello we are BTS!” they all spoke in unison, making your heart flutter. Awkwardly you waved back, with a small smile. The groups leader, Namjoon picked up on your awkward behavior and leaned forward to make eye contact with you.

“Don’t be nervous, we’re all friendly here,” he spoke, smiling, dimples showing clears. Nodding quickly in reply, you turned to face Defconn and Heechul who were eyeing you suspiciously. Defconn cleared his throat.

“Anyway, (Y/N), I recently watched one of your latest interviews, and apparently you know a lot of the choreography’s to some of BTS songs, which is the reason why we wanted BTS to come here in the first place.” Your cheeks flushed with embarrassment as the 7 boys eyes widened, their gazes shifting to you.

“Uhm… Yeah, I’ve actually admired BTS for years, their music was always so inspirational,” you muttered.

“Well this leads us to The Random Play Dance!” Heechul yelled. Everyone cleared away the stools and you awkwardly stood in the middle. “Right, you know the rules yes? You get a move wrong, you receive a punishment?” You nodded.

“Alright, let’s get started!” Defconn yelled.

Standing still, you let out a quiet sigh, and waited for the first song to play. The first song made you smile. I Need U began to play from the first chorus and you instantly picked up on it. While doing the choreography, Heechul, Defconn and BTS all stared in awe as you danced. The song then changed to the start of Blood, Sweat and Tears, making you go into position and getting ready to do Jimin’s part. When the song started, as you jumped forward slightly you almost lost your balance, making you giggle lightly.

“Don’t fall now (Y/N) Noona,” Jungkook laughed lightly, causing you to blush at his choice of words. When it was almost Jungkooks part, the song changed to the chorus of War of Hormone, which made Taehyung giggle, clearly excited to see you dance to his part. Once again the song changed, this time to Dope. Being already out of breath from so much dancing you pushed yourself to continue the second chorus, accidentally messing up a bit of the foot work. The music suddenly stopped when your mistake was noticed and you placed both of your hands on your knees, taking in deep breaths, trying to even it out. 

“Oh, I noticed a mistake with the foot work there,” Hoseok called out with a small laugh.

“Sorry about the song choices, they’re some of the ones to really tire you out,” Defconn spoke, walking up to you and handing you a bottle of water. Instantly you took a hold of the bottle and gulped down most of the water.

“Never… would of… guessed,” you replied, completely out of breath. 

“Now what should her punishment be?” Defconn asked Heechul who looked over his shoulder at him.

“Forehead flick,” Taehyung cheered. “But who by?” Your eyes widened at Taehyungs suggestion and you sighed in defeat when the rest of the group started agreeing.

“I think Jungkook should do it, he’s the strongest,” Yoongi piped up, giving you a playful smile, making you shiver in response. Jungkook straightened himself up as he sauntered over to you. He snickered when he stood in front of you and looked over his shoulder at Jimin.

“Jimin hyung, we’ve finally found someone who’s smaller than you,” Jungkook laughed making you and Jimin blush in response.

“Yah!” you both yelled in unison. But for two completely different reasons. Lightly you punched Jungkooks arm and pouted. Smiling in response he ruffled up your hair, making you whine in annoyance.

“Let’s just get this over and done with shall we?” you asked with a sigh. Jungkooks smile grew wider and his placed his fingers on your forehead and pulled his middle finger back. You closed your eyes, waiting for the pain, which you knew was going to be painful. When Jungkook let go of his finger, it slammed against your forehead making you whine and drop to the floor, holding onto your forehead. Some of the members laughed while Jungkook and a few others looked concerned.

“Sorry (Y/N) noona, I didn’t mean to hit you that hard,” Jungkook apologized as he slowly wrapped his arms around your waist and heaved you up. Once you were standing up right again you pulled your hands away from your forehead, making Jimin’s eyes widen.

“Yah! Jungkook you weren’t supposed to leave a mark!” Jimin yelled angrily at the maknae who looked away from Jimin in shame, and gave you an apologetic look.

“It’s fine, don’t look so upset Jungkook, it’s nothing to worry about the mark will soon fade,” you smiled reassuring the younger boy.

“Shall we go again, but this time we’ll change the punishment?” Heechul suggested, to which you nodded in reply.

The music started up again and you instantly got into the chorus of Run, one of your all time favorite BTS music videos, including the Japanese version. After the chorus had finished Not Today began to play.

“This isn’t fair! That song came out like a month ago, I don’t think she’d kn-” Namjoon was cut off the minute you began to dance to Jungkook’s solo. 

“I think (Y/N) is secretly an ARMY!” Yoongi laughed with the other members. That comment alone made you loose balance completely, falling down onto your hands and knees.

“Stop!” Defconn yelled. Almost instantly the music stopped. “What happened?” In response, you shrugged, brushing your hair out of your face gently. Namjoon’s eyes widened in realization.

“You are an ARMY aren’t you?! Like I know you mentioned that you admired us for years before, but I thought you just enjoyed our music,” Namjoon voice echoed throughout the room, making it silent.

“Oh amazing! Fantastic!” Heechul squealed. “We need to know who your bias is!”

“Oh… Uhm… Well when I first got into them, Yoongi oppa caught my eye… But over the years it has changed… Since the Run era J-Jimin oppa has taken a hold of my heart,” you blushed crimson as you stared at your feet.

“AH! Jimin hyung is blushing! (Y/N) noona!” Jungkook teased the shorter male, by pinching his cheeks.

“Yah! Watch it you brat!” Jimin joked as he pushed Jungkook away, in a playful matter. A small giggle escaped your lips at the two boys little argument, making both of them smile awkwardly at your cuteness.

“Alright, let’s move on! This time it’s BTS’s turn to dance! We’re gonna do the x2 Speed Dance Challenge! for NOT TODAY!” Defconn smiled, while gently taking a hold of your upper arm, and pulling you to the side making you stand between him and Heechul.

As soon as the song began Namjoon laughed, obviously surprised by how quick they had made the song. Namjoon began his part and focused. About halfway through the song Jimin tripped over his own feet, making him fall into Jungkook, who had luckily caught him and pushed him back up right. Heechul and Defconn laughed, while you just smiled at the boys clumsiness.

“You’re doing so well!” you cheered with a smile. By the end chorus, your jaw dropped as you watched Jimin. The way his pastel hair fell in front of his face while he pretended he held a gun really got to you. How can someone be so cute, but completely wreck hearts left and right, you whined in your head. He always danced so gracefully and you had always admired his passion for it.

Once the song came to an end you jumped up and down like a child clapping, they had managed to do it, despite Jimin tripping over at one point.

“Amazingly done, Not Today has a lot of fast parts in it, and having it sped up even faster must of been a challenge well done!” Defconn smile. “I think you deserve a treat for your hard work,” Defconn guided them to a table filled with Korean beef. You could see some of the boys mouths water, making you giggle as you took a seat behind them. Jimin turned around and looked at you.

“C’mon, there’s some for you too,” Jimin smiled. You shook your head, making his smile drop.

“I’m not hungry, but you go enjoy yourself,” you answered giving him a warm smile, as you blushed. Jimin shook his head and strode over to you, where he held out his hand.

“I’m not taking no for an answer,” Jimin insisted. Hesitantly, you took his hand and he gently pulled you out of your seat, and guided you through the others to the table. Jimin picked up a piece of meat and held it in front of your mouth.

“Thank you,” you muttered shyly as you went to take the fork out of his hand. However Jimin pulled away before you could. Giving him a confused look at placed of your hands on your hip, looking into her eyes for an answer.

“Open up,” Jimin blushed, while avoiding eye contact with you. Heat rose up to your cheeks as you finally got what he was trying to do. Slowly you opened up your mouth, allowing him to feed you the beef. You hadn’t realized that in the background, Taehyung, Hoseok and Jin were squealing and Namjoon, Yoongi and Jungkook were cringing.

“Yah! Take that somewhere else!” Namjoon dramatically announced.

“MY VIRGIN EYES! I’M RUINED!” Jungkook joined in, and Yoongi was just laying on the floor, rocking back and forward.

“Shut up they’re meant to be!” Hoseok giggled as he jumped up and down with Taehyung and Jin.

“We need a ship name!” Taehyung and Hoseok thought for a moment. Both of them turned to each other and smiled.

“(Y/S/N - Your Ship Name)!” they yelled in unison before hugging each other tightly and jumping around. By this time Jin had awkwardly slid to the cringe side of the room, for Taehyung and Hoseok were almost becoming one person.

You and Jimin awkwardly stared at the others and giggled lightly at their reactions. A smile spread across you features as you looked at each one of the members individually. These guys are truly amazing, you thought to yourself.


It had been 3 months since you had first met each other on the show and you had exchanged numbers with all the members and created a chat on messenger. Surprisingly, you had also found out that you live about 10 minutes away from them, so visits would be a regular thing. They had grown to like you just as much as you liked them. Your notifications went off while you sat at home on your day off.

Jimin Oppa - [14:28]

Hi (Y/N)! We were all wondering if you wanted to come over and relax with us, it’s our day off too :)

You - [14:29]

Yeah sure I’d like that, I’ll be about 20 minutes, I need to get ready first

Jimin Oppa - [14:29]

Okay see you soon :)

You jumped off of the couch and, walked straight for your bedroom, which was currently a mess. With clothes, make-up and rubbish found randomly around the room. Quickly you grabbed a pair of dark blue skinny jeans, a white top and a baggy grey hoodie. Looking in the mirror, you quickly brushed your hair, not bothering to put on make-up. Grabbing your keys you hurriedly got out of your house, locked the door and began your journey to the others.

The sun was shining brightly, almost blinding you. To see you had to squint your eyes to be able to see where you were going. Glancing at your phone you noticed you had a message from Jin

Jin Oppa [14:43]

Hi! I hope you haven’t eaten! I’ve made loads of food to eat! 

You [14:44]

Ah okay! I haven’t eaten today actually… I was planning on pigging out at dinner but never mind, I’m being fed haha xD

Jin Oppa [14:45]

Alright, see you in 5!

You [14:45]


You smiled as you quickened your pace to get some of Jin’s amazing food. It was 14:49 when you arrived at the dorms. Lightly you knocked on the door only to be greeted with Hoseok and Taehyung, who were giggling when they opened the door.

“Hoseok oppa! Taehyung oppa!” you smiled brightly as they pulled you into a hug. Joking Taehyung lifted you up and threw you over his shoulder, as he carried you through to the living room, Hoseok giving you an apologetic look as you all entered the room. 

“(Y/N) noona, it’s been ages! How are you!?” Jungkook yelled, to you but still keeping most of his attention on Overwatch.

“I saw you yesterday,” you giggled. “But I’m fine thank you, and how about you?” you asked the rest of the members, each one replying with a thumbs up or an ‘I’m okay.’

“(Y/N), could you help me for a second… Everyone else can’t be bothered to help!” Jin yelled from the kitchen, in an annoyed tone.

“Sure Jin oppa!” you answered, making your way to the kitchen where Jin stood at the stove, cooking. The delightful smell of different meats filled your senses as you walked in, making you hum in satisfaction. “Sure smells good in here,” you mumbled with a smile.

“Thanks, oh could you get Jimin? He’s been sulking in his room all day because he hasn’t seen you, so I thought you could do surprise him?” Jin suggested with a smile.

“O-of course,” you stuttered as you blushed madly over the thought of Jimin. Ever since Weekly Idol, you had grown to like Jimin even more. Not as a fan girl kind of thing, but in a really romantic way. You slowly sauntered out of the kitchen and made your way to Jimins room, where you lightly knocked on the door.

“Come in,” a voice mumbled from the other side of the door. Slowly you entered and you smiled a little.

“Jimin oppa, the others are waiting for you, and Jin has prepared a nice meal for us all,” you giggled lightly as Jimin stood up and stared at you wide eyed.

“(Y/N)! You’re here early?” Jimin asked shocked. You gave him a confused look.

“I said I’d be here in 20 minutes Jimin, what did you think I meant? 20 as in 8pm?” you laughed as Jimin slowly nodded clearly embarrassed as he miss read the text.

“Sorry,” he mumbled.

“It’s fine Jiminie oppa,” you giggled as you took a hold of his hand. “Come on the others are waiting for us,” you spoke as you gently tugged him behind you, out of his room and into the living room.

“Oh my god! (Y/N) actually got Jimin out of his room!” Namjoon once again dramatically announced, making the others laugh lightly.

“Jimin hasn’t been out of his room all day, he missed you,” Yoongi playfully pouted as Jimin lightly punched his shoulder.

“Shut up hyung,” Jimin muttered, his cheeks red with embarrassment.

“Just tell her you like her already, it’s not gonna kill you,” Hoseok yelled, forgetting you were in the room, which had not went completely silent. Jungkook had left the match in overwatch, looking around, glaring at Hoseok for being so careless.

“Hyung! Why would you say that!” the maknae scolded the other boy. Hoseok looked down in shame at his mistake.

“It’s alright, I like Jimin oppa too. And yes… I-I mean more than a friend,” you muttered, looking down at the ground as you awkwardly stood still. Jimin looked at you wide eyed and quickly walked over to you taking a hold of you hands, making you look up at his gorgeous brown orbs.

“Really?” he asked, almost as if he didn’t believe you. Slowly you nodded and gave him a shy smile, as his grew bigger. Instantly he wrapped his arms around your waist lifted you up and spun you around on the spot making you both laugh.

“Yah! Put her down or you’re gonna break something!” Yoongi yelled in annoyance, before closing his eyes to go back to sleep.

“So! Does this mean you guys are official, cos me and Hoseok oppa have shipped you since Weekly Idol… which was like 3 months ago,” Taehyung giggled.

“I guess?” you asked looking at Jimin for approval. He grinned at you.

“Yup absolutely,” he laughed as both of your hands intertwined with each others. Jimin giving your hand a light squeeze, staring into your eyes.

“Right guys and girl! I have lunch prepared! So come and help me carry through the food,” Jin yelled as he began to bring through plates of food. Jungkook, Jimin and Taehyung charged for the kitchen while Namjoon and Hoseok followed behind.

“Yoongi oppa, you not going to eat?” you asked as you knelt down in front of the chair he was laying in.

“No I’m not hungry,” Yoongi mumbled.

“Come on, join in with us, you don’t have to eat but try and stay awake for us please?” you smiled. Yoongi’s cold glare softened at your words. All the members loved how thoughtful and caring you were towards them, so Yoongi nodded.

“Fine,” he grumbled, making you smile.

Finally when all the food was out and everyone began eating, Jimin laid his head on you lap, allowing you to gently play with his hair, making him calm. It had soothed him so much that in the end he ended up falling asleep, along with all the other members.


Your eyes widened when you woke up and looked at your phone which read 22:56. You went to get up only to have Jimin pull you back down.

“Just stay the night,” he mumbled.

“Are you sure that’s okay with the others?” you whispered.

“Yeah… They all… really like you…” he spoke, voice barely audible as he fell asleep once again. A small sigh escaped you lips as you got comfortable once again and closed your eyes to sleep. Jimin smiled when you decided to stay with him and keep him company. He truly was one lucky guy.

Rose Colored Glasses

A ‘The Man From U.N.C.L.E.’ AU
For the @jonxsansafanfiction Valentines Challenge
Day Six: Pretend Relationship
Summary: Margaery is certain that one of these days Snow’s brooding is going to get them all killed. (Inspired by @goodqueenalys awesome TMFU AU edit).

The French Riviera, 1963

There is a minute shift in Snow’s posture that sets every nerve in Margaery’s body on alert.

She takes a drag from her cigarette, her other hand inching discretely under her hem towards the piece strapped to her thigh. She does a quick scan of casino floor.

The front entrance? Clear. The mark? Still seated at his table. And Sansa…

Margaery’s finger drifts away from the trigger when she spots the source of Snow’s agitation.

Sansa is in uniform as one of the casino’s cigarette girls, peddling some of her wares to Sorensen’s lackies. The one closest to her says something that has Sansa giggling and grabbing onto his bicep for support.

Margaery looks back over at Snow who has murder in his eyes. 

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Tiny Dancer Ch. 5: Daydreamer

Story Summary: After an agent dies during his “guardian” work, you’re assigned to take over his witness protection case, Gadreel Novak (AKA Ezekiel). His background is shady, but the man you’re presented with now is quickly sneaking into your heart. You hope that this will finally get you out of your casual relationship with Sam, but just as you begin falling for Gadreel, Sam claims to have feelings for you. Nothing is simple, ever, in the CIA.

Chapter Summary: Gadreel has an unfortunate run-in with Jo after gaining full custody of Kaleb, and gets a text from Cain. Meanwhile, you identify the man who attacked the strip club, having yet another unsettling theory come up.

Pairing: GadreelxCIA!reader CIA!SamxCIA!reader

Other Characters: CIA!Garth, Kevin, Samandriel(mention), Jo

Rating: Mature

Warnings: Language, feelings, death(Don’t worry about it), kissing, flangst….angff

Word count: 3100+

A/N: This one. Hurts. And we’re just getting started! *sigh*

Eternity squad: @mrswhozeewhatsis  @beriala @busybee612  @kittenofdoomage @aprofoundbondwithdean @ign-is @icantthinkofaname-oops @catsoftheapocalypse  @purgatoan  @mrstheorossix3 @got-that-bam-bam-pow @oriona75



He crosses his arms over, his eyebrow cocked. Jo holds up a pack of beers, a toothy grin on her face. Shaking his head, Gadreel begins closing his door, huffing when she wedges her foot in the way.

“Don’t be like that –”

“You mean ‘like’ when you were going to take my son away?” he asks, a stale smile on his face. She shoots him a glare, forcing into the house and handing him the beer, plopping down onto his couch. “I don’t want to talk –”

“For Kaleb’s sake, we need to get back together,” she says. He stares at her blankly, flicking his eyes down to the beer with a hum. It’s some sort of french brew. “I miss you.”

“You’re truly despicable.”

“Excuse me?”

“If it were me coming to your doorstep, beer in hand, false promises slipping off of my tongue.” He pauses, setting the beer down on the coffee table. “You’d call me a pig.”

“This is different. Are you really going to take him from his mother, Ezekiel?”

“You were willing to take him from his father,” he says dryly, pulling his phone from his pocket as it chimes and frowning.

Cain: Been busy, let’s check in.

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▶ 1. for: yoongi [ m ]


▶   Genre: Smut.
▶   Description: Teasing Yoongi in a formal dining setting with Bangtan members on either side of you using explicit pictures is only in good fun, right?
▶   Word count: 5,165.

It’s another one of those classy, boring dinners with the boys and staff, celebrating yet another award which would simply be cased up in the lobby of the Bighit offices on display among the many others Bangtan has taken home.

This kind of dinner was one of many that you’ve attended over the years. You being you, had to attend these due to yours and Yoongi’s public relationship, because as fans tend to do, instantly jumping to conclusions after not seeing you two together for a week. There were mixed reactions among fans and staff on yours and Yoongi’s relationship. Hell, the CEO himself told Yoongi to cut it off a couple of years ago, that it would only make fans turn their back to Bangtan and make them lose fans; to which Yoongi replied, but then, are they really fans?

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