apparently the priority seats for pregnant women have been changed in the seoul metro lines 2-5 (starting end of july) to make it more clear which seats should be reserved for expecting moms. i’m a little meh on the pink ;) but i suppose it gets the job done!

The sanatorium was at peace for once, it seemed, thanks to the silence. Of course, silence could also mean one of two things, so she just assumed that for once, the place had reached equilibrium. It was such an odd feeling that Lindou had taken her basket of colored paper to one of the common rooms that hadn’t been used in so long. It was a room that had been formerly used as a classroom, and she’d spent much of her time there all those years ago. Tracing her hands over the tables that still hadn’t moved since then, it felt all too strange.

Setting down her basket on one of the tables, she sat in one of the seats after clearing it of the dust that had since formed there. Giving a sigh, her fingers fumbled with the paper in front of her that soon proved useless thanks to the odd sensation she felt by sitting in the classroom. Tossing her paper aside, she sat back in the chair and set her hands in her lap. 

“This room used to be so important…”

Loss and Gain

Chapter 6: What’s the Answer? 

Michonne caught up with Carl on the outskirts of the woods near the community. She didn’t say anything though.  She simply followed him as he hacked his way through the trees and bushes with his hands and stomped a path along the ground.  She was following behind him so she couldn’t see his face, but she heard intermittent sniffles coming from him.

She swiped away small twigs as she followed behind him.

She didn’t say anything to him and he didn’t acknowledge her.  He simply found a fallen log in a clearing, took a seat and began to scrape his feet against the ground, disturbing the leaves and dirt that had fallen there.  Michonne took a seat at the other end of the log and began to twirl a stray pine needle between her fingers.

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There was only one day out of the five day work day when Ethan didn’t have to go to work. Although when he wasn’t working at the actual office, and treating patients, he was responding to emails, looking through paper work and responding to calls from the office. Ethan never could work from home, he got distracted, and the television always seemed to lure him in when he tried to work. The coffee shop down the street from his house was one of the only places that he was able to get work done when he wasn’t at home. As he opened the door to the coffee shop, his eyes scanned the shop for a table, the scent of brewed coffee filling his nose. A woman rose from her seat, cleared her stuff, and left. Ethan quickly shuffled his feet across the floor and took the seat that the woman just left from, soon removing his paper work so that he could get to work.

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Send me “bruises?” for my muse’s reaction to yours catching them secretly tending to their wounds.

“Hm? Oh–oh shi–sorry!” Maker he hadn’t been expecting Fenris to show up so soon, and boy was he sure he wasn’t looking forward to the questions about the new marks and bruises. “Just let me clear off a seat here–ow ow Maker that hurts–”

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“Oh come on, Red. This is called stalking.” His tone is teasing, despite the
almost surprised look on his eyes as they lay on his seat partner. Clear
green stared in question, he had left Gotham, again, so he haven’t really
expected anyone of his (ex) bat-family to follow.

“You won’t convince to stay in Gotham.” The ex boy wonder spoke, now
more serious than his previous playful tone, eyes going back to stare at
nothing, jaw tensing.


                 his hands gripped the steering wheel to tightly
                 the skin around his knuckles stretched taunt. his
                 foot pressed hard on the gas pedal, not daring to
                 slow down until he knew they were
safe and far 
                 enough away. he turned a corner sharply, swerving
                 around an oncoming car who
honked in response.
                 he seemed to snap out of his reverie as kate cried
                 at him to slow down. after another abrupt and sharp
                 turn, seth slowed down a fraction, just for her

                                  ❛ i’ll slow down when i’m sure 
                                    we’re in the clear. put your seat
                                     belt on if it’ll make you feel better. ❜

  • me when i accidentally piss all over a clear plastic toilet seat embedded with seashells at my aunties house and i overheard mum saying she's getting divorced but all i care about is that my cousins have timesplitters 2:shit
The Free Lunch


By the way,午餐雖然免費,凍飲都係要加兩蚊。

[尋尋覓覓] 換成香港人用語就是 [咪咪摸摸], 
她東找找西弄弄, 百無聊賴, 若有所失, 

排除萬難後, 終於可以正式享用美味嘅免費午餐啦!


Thanks for the free lunch!”


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*at the reception, you eat dinner before niall leaves you for a moment to go say congratulations to liam and sophia* *while he's gone, i casually make my way over to the table your seated at, clearing my throat* Hey... ~H

*i look up at you and it takes me a moment to register that you’re actually here, but I finally run my hand through my hair and swallow thickly before speaking* Hey.. How’ve you been?

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