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Maoltuile would stop in a forest clearing, and take a seat on a smooth rock, looking up at the sky. "So... Cinnamon, I know I forgot to ask you this; But do you know your parents at all? You seemed so happy to come along with me, but don't you think they'd miss you at all?" His voice concerned, as he lets out a long sigh from the walk.

Cinnamon pauses for a moment, not really certain if he was asking about her humans or? The young darkrai peers over into his face as she sits up in his collar. A concerned look crosses her face before she glances up at the sky as well. She only knew her humans and no other… So perhaps?

“Cinnamon’s humans probably miss her but they’ll do fine without her for awhile.” She chirps as she gives him a bright, childish smile.

Kayla felt like a travesty. It was far too odd being in a place that was familiar and yet she knew no one. Frankly, the things that’ve supposedly happened to her sucked, but there was nothing she could do about it. She looked around the four long tables and walked over to one of them, deciding to just sit anywhere. Before she took a seat, she cleared her throat to someone next to her. “Hi! This seat isn’t taken, is it? I mean, do you mind if I sit here?”

.:Lovely Rivalry:.

“Good morning class! Today the English class down the hall will be joining us for a little project. It turns out that our class and the English class are covering the same topic right now, so we’ll be splitting you off into groups of two. Each of you will have a partner from the other class. Please clear off some space on your desk and clear the seat next to you, they will be coming in any minute now,” the history teacher chirped out with an excited tone as she passed out papers on the assignment. Each paper had a student’s name and a name from the corresponding class, setting the groups for the assignment.

Allen Walker

Lavi immediately frowned as he read the name on the top of his paper. He recognized the name well and wondered if the teacher even knew what she was doing. She had just partnered him with a boy from the cheerleading team, the same team that was his volleyball team’s rival for top sport in the school. Neither of the teams had ever gotten along and often fought at any chance they could. If this was some sort of act to soothe the bad blood between both teams the teacher would be severely disappointed.

There’s no way a volleyball player and a cheerleader could ever get along.