Bad Endings

I finally completed the list ^^

Jumin’s Bad Endings

Zen’s Bad Endings

Seven’s Bad Endings  

Yoosung’s Bad Endings

Jaehee’s Bad Endings

Also, there are more bad endings! It’s called “Bad Relationship ending”. I know this thanks to @tsukichiaki. You can unlock it when you miss few days or too many conversations in chatroom. I won’t be unlocking these endings. They are rather simple to get.


I took tons of acreenshots of Clear’s route on DM RE:connect but I deleted them by mistake and I just could save those dialogs ((and some AMAZING cgs hehe👀)) What can I say? I love this dork, he’s my entire life… I dunno, but I usually fell in love with adorable game guys bc they usually have two or more interesting sides like Clear… well, if somebody has seen at least the anime, would know how is his personality hehe I just going to keep reading djs and fanfics… but I just can’t get over with THAT cg

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Kissed By The Baddest Bidder
Event: 江戸の恋は 艶やかに
Soryu Oh SHE CG
Outa/Ota Kisaki SHE CG
Mad Hatter/Rion/Lion SHE CG

Kindly credit back to me should you use it or reupload it else where. Thanks.

i finished clear’s route and. oh man i cried a lot but i loved the very last piece of his good end where he’s singing on the rooftop and says to aoba the first words he had ever said to “I heard your voice, so I came.” im crying im so??? hes so pure