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hello. I'm a Muslim and I've been having romantic feelings for a person of the same gender. I think I about that person often. I don't know what to do? I want to stop this because I know it's haram. I'm afraid I might act on it one day. can you help me?


Here the thing, feeling desire for the same sex attraction isn’t haram, acting upon it is a sin. However, if the desire is elevating and you’re afraid you may eventually act upon it, leading you to  sin then you should stay clear of it. On another note, as it may apply for getting over anyone in general, its easier said than done, but try staying clear of their path or anything that reminds you of them, for your own good. Occupy yourself, don’t even give them the time of day to enter your thoughts. Work on yourself and your relationship with Allah. Taking the big step in understanding that this is haram and initiating to stop this is a great deal and I applaud you, not many of us have the strength to stay away from a desire for the sake of Allah. May He make it easy on you.  (If anyone wants to add on to this, your more than welcome)

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How does it feel to be at the forefront of breeding into extinction the inferior white race? Knowing your racist ancestors DNA will be melted and assimilated forever into the New Black Order by the offspring of your womb, does it make you feel empowered and turn you on ?

It makes me feel predestined. The extinction of the white race is just something that’s gonna happen, sooner rather than later. I accept this. I dedicate all of my efforts to clear the path and help out the process. 


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So it’s late as fuck getting ready to go to bed and kitty text me “I am so excited I can’t wait to see you today”. You know what I was having a good night already because I found a few new awesome animes to watch but getting a text like that always puts a smile on my face. We then proceeded to threaten to molest each other I swear I feel like a kid at Christmas when I talk to her she’s so cheerful since bubbly. I think this is what I needed I’ve always dated someone almost just like me doom and gloom moody mother fucked. But she’s a rainbows and sun shines which I told my mom about her and she’s like well maybe if you two end up together it’ll be a good thing. People always have said I am to negative well maybe I am well when your around moody as bipolar whiny bitches and two faced whites you do become negative I suppose. She’s a very affectionate person also which I like she always says how sexy I am and that even know I am a fucked up person and that I’ve done fucked up things she can see past that. Her words were your a survivor you done fucked up shit sometimes to test people and you took those test to far because you never went all in unless you knew no matter what that person wouldn’t bail. She actually understands she’s okay with the fact that I have trust issues she thinks I am a good kisser and give awesome hugs. This is going so smoothly even in the beginning I say and do shit or like shit that people have a problem with but not her I haven’t been depressed at all lately. My life is finally getting better band’s almost complete got interviews for days and now I got someone pursuing me for once and it’s not just me chasing someone screaming come back :)!


YOB – Nothing to Win


Yob - Clearing The Path To Ascend (Full Album)

Someone posted earlier a contrasting analysis between the way the two leads “protect Eun Bi” and I couldn’t have agreed more. I couldn’t find the post after I read it to reblog — pity since it echoed my sentiments 100%.

Tae Kwang wants Eun Bi to learn how to stand up for herself. He offers his help because he cares, but his help comes in the form of clearing the path for her. He sets the stage so that she can stand under the limelight and do what she wants to do. And that’s a bonus for me over Yi An.

Yi An also cares about the girls but his way is more about making the decisions he thinks are right and best. He doesn’t let her show her true self because he blankets her in a way where she can’t come out and show herself after. I’m thankful he made a point that if Eun Bi was alive then it still meant Eun Byul was dead — such a truth sank into our never-changing antagonist — but he needs to learn to let Eun Bi fly and find her voice. This was the perfect opportunity for her to come clean and I firmly believe she was going to say the truth but this “rescue” cut her off.

That point he made that Eun Byul was dead (so someone had lost their life anyways) is possibly the only time I see a hint of pain for having lost his best friend, the girl he loved. I can’t believe the writers are still making him mad at Eun Bi about the lie and not focusing on the fact that he should be grieving the loss of someone he loves (because everything he did for Eun Bi he did thinking it was his Eun Byul.)

I feel that because they’re trying to force this love triangle on us the writers are missing very key points in the three main characters for their development and growth and the whole shipping thing has blinded people from the facts:

— Yi An is confused and processing the death of his friend and in a way feels that he could owe it to Eun Byul to help her sister because she died to save her.

— Eun Bi is drowning in guilt because her sister (who so many loved) died to save her and as consequence of usurping Eun Byul a lot of people are continually getting hurt.

— Tae Kwang is learning to trust, to get close to others and to allow himself to feel when he’s basically felt like useless, unwanted trash that has no right to experience any of these things.

Instead the writers are making an angst fest for the sake of an unnecessary love triangle battle and missing important aspects of character development in favor of shipping bullshit.

To be honest at this point, shipper heart aside, I just want all these kids to find themselves, to fix what they broke, and to repent if they did wrong. I want them to learn, to live, and become friends. I want the adults to reconcile with their children (there are some AWFUL parents in this drama) and for there to be some closure for each character that doesn’t revolve around finding their prince or princess. Because the world isn’t a fairytale and these are important lessons to learn before you step out there.

Because I Know I'm Good at Something, I Just Haven't Found it Yet

Miserable at Best - Mayday Parade

I am officially a junior. That’s crazy. I don’t know what I want for dinner much less what I want to do with my life. And at this point everyone seems to kind of be finding themselves or in the process of doing so. They’re taking a road trip with a clearly drawn map; I have the car and gas but have to stop to ask directions every few miles. I have no idea where I’m going or where I’m supposed to be going in life. It’s been a very trying year. There have been ups and downs, and I’m surprised I haven’t gotten whiplash. 

Reflecting on the year, and my life thus far, I realized I don’t really do anything. A lot of my friends are different types of performers or they can easily show the world what they’re good at. I’m the friend who sits down in the audience with awestruck eyes and claps once everything is finished. Maybe it’s my lack of ability that enables me to appreciate other’s work more. I don’t mind, but it made me realize I don’t do anything where people do that for me… and that’s a really sucky feeling. 

And I really have no one to blame but myself. I start things that I never finish, and then what I can do is only passable. I can sort of sing. I can sort of write. I can sort of do a lot of things, but nothing I'm good at. It’s like learning for a language for a year or so, fiddling through the symbols that suddenly start to mean something, then going to the country. You can get there, enjoy yourself, but you really don’t understand what’s going on. 

I know I can change this. I know I’m good for something. I have to be. I just haven’t found it yet.