Friday Night Lights - 1.2 Eyes Wide Open

If you only ever give one FNL clip a shot, it should be this one. So much of what I love about the show is captured here.

[ sitting on her lab table next to her computer early in the morning is a nearly two pound bag of sour patch kids and a flat square box tied shut with a thin red ribbon.  the corner of a plain card is tucked under the ribbon with a small ‘b’ front and center.  the card is folded in half once with the few words written inside in purple ink. ]

          i love you

[ the necklace that rests on the foam cushion inside the box has a thin chain, platinum, with two small charms - a fairly simply set teardrop amethyst stone, and an arrow that hangs vertically from the fletching. ]

Holy shit —

Holy shit.


Well - it’s beautiful, first of all, like beautiful, and that’s — 

It’s a testament, maybe, to just how surprised she is that Bobbi doesn’t even notice the bag of candy until she’s dropped onto her lab stool, the box still in her hands, the necklace - god, it’s really pretty - glinting up at her and the single, craziest, most unwelcome thought chasing its tail around her head.

(…Y’know the last piece of jewelry some guy gave her was an engagement ring?  Big one.  Kinda hideous, honestly, impossible to wear in the lab, and it didn’t even fit - that should’ve been a sign, probably.)

We are not freaking out about this, Bob.  We are not.

Deep breaths.  Totally cool.  Absolutely fine.  Cooler than cool.  The coolest.

It takes Bobbi a full minute of dumping the entire contents of her purse onto her desk to realize that she’d already slipped her phone into the pocket of her lab coat.



About to start a re-binge of Friday Night Lights

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So … yeah.

There’s probably a good chance I won’t be leaving the house for a while … ;)

&. @xhidingintheshadowsx | valentines things.

She’d PLANNED on just slipping it into his locker and ditching out early. Because no way in hell was she facing him after this. But of course he had to be there. And by the time she realized, walking away would have looked a lot worse. So she just…toughed it out. Like a big girl. Squared her shoulders and nudged past the meat-head he was talking to to shove the card into his chest with a huff and a flip of her hair. “Its a card.” She bit out, stepping back and looking down at the envelope with a growing sense of anxiety. “Because its…” Valentines day. And he was the closest thing she had and she maybe kinda was starting to — “All the girls are doing something for their player and I didn’t want you to feel left out so,” Finally, she looked back up at him, biting the inside of her lip nervously. “Look its a card, okay? Its not…I’m not…it doesn’t mean anything.”