Friday Night Lights - 1.2 Eyes Wide Open

If you only ever give one FNL clip a shot, it should be this one. So much of what I love about the show is captured here.

“Somehow, these characters are held to each other by a trust in which they are vulnerable enough to hear, every day, how they need to work harder and do better. And somehow, it doesn’t erase their value back to zero. They accept the truth in the assessment and commit to improving for themselves and for each other because they know the challenge was spoken out of love and loyalty and that it is no impeachment of their worth. And I know—to the perfectionist, sensitive-to-the-point-of-rawness heart of me—how very difficult that kind of open resilience is.

I know that you can only show up for that kind of honesty for someone you love and respect, who also loves and respects you and who holds constant in one sacred hand your worth. Who won’t ever let that hand down no matter how much you fall and fail.”

Erica Cantoni, on Friday Night Lights


Friday Night Lights Emmy Awards Trailer

I’ve watched this like a dozen times and I STILL tear up by the end each time.

4. Friday Night Lights returning to British TV on Sky Atlantic - at last! (9th - 15th January)

I think this news actually came out the week before last, but I first saw it during this time. And so despite the fact I have seen all five seasons and own them all on DVD (oh and I have won of them grey Dillon Football t-shirts they wear in the show), why am I excited Friday Night Lights is coming to Sky Atlantic? Well because it is one of the greatest television shows of all time and as many people as possible deserve the opportunity to watch it. It has been neglected here in the UK, only the first two seasons got shown and they were barely publicised. I’m not one of those people who likes to keep awesome things - whether TV, bands or films - secret. Hopefully plenty of people here will take up this opportunity and fall in love with this show like many of us did already. Clear eyes. Full Hearts. Can’t Lose.