[JPN] Extreme Z-Battle Preparation Campaign - Info!

Campaign Period: November 8 - November 16

To prepare for the upcoming Extreme Z-Battle, there are special missions to get Potential Orbs, 5 DS and a SSR Elder Kai.

All orbs stages are open and each stage can be played 1 time per day.
Also the secret character is guaranteed to appear.

Mission / Reward

  • [Daily] Clear Potential Orb Stage 1 time / 60x small orbs of each type
  • [Daily] Clear Potential Orb Stage 3 times / 35x medium orbs of each type
  • [Daily] Clear Potential Orb Stage 5 times / 5x big orbs of each type
  • Clear Potential Orb Stage 20 times / 5 DS
  • Clear Potential Orb Stage 35 times / 1 SSR Elder Kai

Note: Before people start asking, Extreme Z-Battle is part of the Extreme Z-Awakening of AGL SSJ3 Goku which was shown in the V-Jump of last month: previous post
This new event will most likely launch November 16.

chiralwhite  asked:

Alright ~ and sorry i couldn copy that he say's then no liks allowed imao but i post it with a screenshot earlier

Try this link!<3

 If you still get an error, try dragging the ‘karma suture’ (from the ‘tt’ folder in the extraction) file into Control Panel -> Install or Remove a Font!!! That will install the font, and the game should return to normal.

Like so:

(bigger picture)