Clear Not-Really-Dating Sim!

Pretty, pretty music. I kinda procrastinated, but here it is! Despite taking a longer time than Noiz’s, I had a lot of fun with this one. Anyway, this works on Linux, Mac, and Windows. I have it up for download via Dropbox, here. File size: 63.79 MB.

It’s really short, and you don’t have to install shit. Just extract and play. Also, CHECK OUT THIS GIRL! SHE’S AMAZING! SHE DID THE OUTRO FOR YOU GUYS.

My grandma told me doing things for others would help me make friends. [Walkthrough] And who should I make a dating sim of next?

REALLY REALLY IMPORTANT EDIT: Follow the new link (up there where it last was). If you’re still confused, check this link!

Running from the storm aboard a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 41 DS

Running from the storm aboard a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 41 DS

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Last weekend it was supposed to be another scorcher and Mary was suffering from a fever and sore throat. We were planning to skip the marina altogether and spend Saturday on the couch watching Netflix — but then the phone rang.

Texas Coast Yachtswas having a demo event and wanted to know if we’d like to go sailing on a brand new Jeanneau 41. Suddenly Mary perked up, downed some ibuprofen, and we…

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chiralwhite asked:

Alright ~ and sorry i couldn copy that he say's then no liks allowed imao but i post it with a screenshot earlier

Try this link!<3

 If you still get an error, try dragging the ‘karma suture’ (from the ‘tt’ folder in the extraction) file into Control Panel -> Install or Remove a Font!!! That will install the font, and the game should return to normal.

Like so:

(bigger picture)

anonymous asked:

hello, i tried everything and installed the karma suture font multiple times on my mac, and yet it still wont work ????

That’s really odd. I don’t have a Mac, so I can’t play around with it myself, but I had another Mac user report the same thing. Is the actual font itself not working (i.e. it doesn’t appear in Microsoft Word’s dropdown list or something), or does the game just not do it? And if it’s the game, does it show an error screen, or does it just refuse to play?