clear wedges

Narrowed Eyes, Long Sighs

“If you are just tuning in, we are here live at the Wayne Manor for the charity event of the season, held in honor of Daily Planet’s world renown reporter and Bruce Wayne’s significant other, Clark Kent. It is full of Gotham’s, Metro’s, and Jump City’s shiny and sparkling elite here at the Wayne Manor,” the bubbly young female reporter smiled into the camera, her pink gloss shining from the camera light.

Oh, another car is pulling up. I wonder who it is? Oh my goodness! This is really exciting! For the first time in three years, Jason Todd, the star prodigy of Wayne Enterprises, has finally returned to the Manor! Now as some of our viewers may know, Jason Todd was the original frontrunner to take over the Wayne Empire over the eldest, adoptive son, Dick Grayson, when Jason suddenly took a job at D. Stroke, Wilson, and Associates over in Jump City, drawing a clear wedge between him and the head of the company and his father, Bruce Wayne.

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its really weird how you grow apart from friends and you cant really point your finger on what happened but theres a clear wedge between you and your only option is to move forward onto new friends bc the friendship that used to be there has just deteriorated from neglect