clear up acne

Updated beauty routine


Wash your hands before cleaning your face or you’re just rubbing germs all over your face

Wear a head band while washing your face to avoid getting chemicals in your hair

Cleanse your face (make sure you cleanser is the right one for your skin eg. oily skin, dry skin, combination skin, normal skin)

Apply toner (if your cleanser is PH balanced you do not need a toner and if you do need toner use an alcohol free toner)

Apply rose hip oil, this stuff is honestly a god send, I had such red, uneven skin my whole life and I just accepted that’s how my skin was but after using this my skin is completely even and never looked better!!

Apply eye cream to soften and smooth any smile lines

Moisturiser (once again find one that’s right for your face, my skin kept breaking out so I went to the doctor and he told me it was because my moisturiser was too thick for my skin type, if you have oily skin use a light moisturiser)

Apply daily face sunscreen (slows down aging so you can be looking 20 when you’re 35 😉)

Pluck eyebrows, only if you want to and know how, don’t go giving yourself thin ass eyebrows cause they won’t grow back

Lip balm, preferably a more natural one like paw paw cream

Try to avoid wearing makeup but if you do always use a primer before hand and take your makeup off with micellar water instead of makeup wipes as they dry out the skin

Clean your pillow cases!!!


Look at the ingredients in your shampoo and conditioner, my hair used to have so much breakage and it turns out it was because I had sulfate in my shampoo and conditioner which dries out your hair, go for shampoo and conditioner which has more natural ingredients

Only wash your hair 2-3 times as it takes the natural oils that your hair needs away, if you’re used to washing your hair every day and it goes greasy if you don’t purchase a dry shampoo while you train your hair

Only apply shampoo to the scalp and massage it for about 40 seconds

Apply conditioner from the roots up, avoiding the scalp and keep it in your hair for as long as you can, I like to shave while my conditioner is still in just to leave it there a little longer

Avoid towel drying your hair as your hair breaks easy when it’s wet

Do not comb your hair while it is wet

Apply a leave in conditioner after the shower to moisturise the ends of your hair

Avoid using straighteners, hair dryers and curling irons but if you do use them make sure to use a heat protective spray

Put coconut oil in your hair and put it up in a bun and leave it over night once a week to restore your hairs natural oils

When brushing your hair brush the ends first and slowly make your way up to avoid breakage

Avoid tight hair do’s as your hair will break where the hair tie is, if possible avoid tying your hair up


Brush and floss your teeth twice a day, you might not want to but once you get in to the routine it will do miracles for your dental health

Make sure you brush your tongue as that is where most of the germs that create bad breath are

Use a mouth wash twice a day

Add baking soda to your toothpaste once a week for whiter teeth

dear people without acne,

- Yes, I have tried Proactiv, no it doesn’t work.

- Yes I wash my face. Seriously who asks someone with acne if they wash their face?

- No, that little pimple on your cheek is not a breakout.

- Thank u for telling me to eat healthy and drink water, all my pimples are now gone!1!!1

- There’s a 99.9% chance I’ve already used the face wash and or cream you’re about to recommend to me. It doesn’t work.

- That product didnt “clear ur skin” u were born with good genes.

- stop! pointing! out! my! acne! I! know! its! there!!!!!

- seriously, STOP. POINTING. OUT. MY. ACNE.

- ur totally right, I should use that 500$ cream ur aunt used to clear up her skin.

Tumblr Tips For Clear Skin

Lemon is a great way to remove dead cells and reduce dark spots! All you need to do is squeeze the juice out of half a lemon and mix one to two tablespoons of honey with it. Apply it to face, leave for about 15-20 minutes and then rinse it off.

Turmeric is a fantastic way to minimize scars and other facial marks along with alleviating allergic, inflammatory skin. To reduce spots, make a paste with one tablespoon of turmeric powder and just enough pineapple juice. Apply to face and neck,leave until paste dries completely. Rinse with lukewarm water and follow this method two/three times a week. To remove scars, mix equal amounts of turmeric powder and gram flour with a little gram flour or milk. Apply evenly on skin until dry. Rinse with lukewarm water and wash off gently in a circular motion.

Honey, this keeps your skin very moisturized and keeps your skin clear of infection! Use raw honey directly on the skin. Let it dry and rinse off with lukewarm water. Do this once every day or every other day.

Aloe Vera has multiple benefits to your skin from fighting off acne-causing bacteria to soothing inflammatory skin. Also, it is a fantastic moisturizer! To apply, extract gel from the aloe vera leaf, apply gel to face with a cotton ball and let it dry for a half hour. Follow daily!

Baking Soda, the home-remedy royalty is a go-to for clearing up acne, pimples, and spots. Mix a teaspoon of baking soda with a teaspoon of water or lemon juice to make a paste. Cleanse your face and apply gently to exfoliate your face. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat your skin dry with a towel. Do this about two to three times a week.

Cucumber -Yes, those movies that use cucumber facials are no joke! Cucumber can improve the overall appearance of the skin because it not only hydrates normal and damaged skin cells, but it also removes dead skin cells. Just cut thick slices of cucumber and rub them thoroughly all over your face. Leave the coverage on overnight and rinse in the morning with warm water. Follow this daily before you go to bed.

Our product, works at it’s best when you have healthy, clear skin!

Have a skin-clear day! ~ FoM


Ok so im not going to claim to be an expert on any of the following subjects, but i have spent a lot of time researching them and i believe the routine i have is really changing my body and helping me accept myself more

The first thing i feel that tons of people (especially teenagers) have issues with is acne. Now what you should do to treat/prevent acne is up to your skin type and what you can afford to do/buy. 

Last year i had subclinical acne that cover my entire forehead, I got this after years of not looking after my skin and I finally found a way to clear it up.

  1. REMOVE YOUR MAKEUP!!! The first thing i recommend it to find a good makeup remover. I used to use a BB cream and mascara and i never took it off at the end of the day and it did terrible things for my skin. I like the Ganier Micellar Water, this stuff does a great job at removing my makeup and its reasonably priced too. You can find this stuff im most drugstores.
  2. EXFOLIATE!!! Secondly GET AN EXFOLIATOR!!!! This shit saved my skin and took away all of those little bumps. I forget the name of the one i used but just find one that you like and can use everyday. I like to use a heavier scrub like Ocean Salt from Lush once a week to really clear out my pores.
  3. TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR!! This step may not apply to everyone but if you want your acne to go away faster you can go to your doctor and ask for a prescription. I used benzagel 5 for a few months and id put in one my skin after i cleaned it and moisturized (you need to moistuize because this stuff will dry your skin out) before i went to bed and washed it off in the morning. I then switched to Clindoxyl Gel and kept with the same routine but switching benzagel 5 for clindoxyl gel. 
  4. FACEMASK!! If you want to treat your skin every now and again buy some facemask from Lush, Sephora, etc… and use them once or twice a week, and paper your skin because it most likely deserves it.
  5. BLACKHEADS!!! Now lets talk blackheads. I didnt use to get blackheads but since i stopped using my acne treatment everyday i noticed how maybe i got. Ive started using pore strips, streaming my face and now im applying my acne gel just around my nose and forehead to prevent breakouts. 

This stuff may not work for you but it helped my clear up my acne in around 6 months, i hope some if this helped and if you still have any skin questions ask your doctor, and try out some different methods until you have the skin you want.

my affordable, cruelty-free skincare routine for sensitive, acne-prone skin

I have terrible skin. Maybe it’s the Celiac Disease, maybe it’s the PCOS, maybe I’m just unlucky… whatever the case, on bad days I look a lot like Deadpool without his mask. To top it off, my skin is extremely sensitive, especially on my face, and I’m allergic to benzoyl peroxide, which is the active ingredient in most acne treatments. (Luckily, I’ve gotten pretty good at covering my acne with makeup.) I’ve tried just about everything you can try for acne, from Neutrogena to Proactiv to a prescription cleanser my doctor gave me, and most of it just made my skin worse. Then, when I was just about ready to sell my soul or start bathing in virgin blood, I found these products. All of them are all-natural or mostly-natural, none of them are tested on animals, they’re all fairly cheap and available at most drugstores, and all of them WORK. My skin looks and feels amazing – for the first time in years, I don’t have any big spots or breakouts. 

First of all (and this is probably not what some of you want to hear, but it really is true), what you put into your body effects your health and appearance, especially your skin. Someone who eats a lot of greasy, artificially flavored, or highly processed food will almost always have worse skin than someone who eats a healthy, balanced diet. That’s just a fact of life. And there are always going to be a few people who just have ridiculously good genes, and can consume a family sized bag of Doritos and a two-liter of Dr. Pepper every day and still have perfect skin, as unfair as that might seem to the rest of us. 

My skin has gotten significantly better since I was diagnosed with PCOS (that’s Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and insulin resistance (which is often caused by PCOS and can lead to full-blown diabetes if not treated) last November. My doctor put me on a couple of medications to regulate my insulin and my hormones, and also suggested that I switch to a low-carb diet – both of those things have improved my skin a lot. If you have chronic or severe acne. especially if acne does not run in your family, talk to your doctor. Sometimes, skin conditions like acne can indicate a bigger, underlying health issue. If that’s the case (as it is with me), treating the underlying issue will often improve your skin.

Anyway, now that the PSA is out of the way, here are some things you can do to improve your skin from the inside out:

  • Take zinc supplements. (Just be sure to take them with food – taking zinc on an empty stomach can make you very nauseous.)
  • Take fish oil. (This one is a bit more expensive, but one bottle will last you almost a year, since you only have to take one a day.)
  • Drink green tea every day. I’ve talked about the benefits of different teas on this blog before, but green tea in particular has been proven to improve your skin over time if you drink at least one cup a day. My current favorites are Tazo’s Zen and Green Ginger blends, but Yogi’s Skin Detox blend is delicious and contains other herbs that are good for your skin. 
  • Avoid artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives in your food. 
  • Switch to a low-carb, or even paleo, diet. (This one is a pretty extreme solution, but if you decide to try it, just know that it’s actually normal for you to feel sore, tired, grumpy, and sick during the first two weeks eating low-carb. This is so common that it has a nickname – they call it “the carb flu.” Don’t let those first couple of weeks discourage you – you will feel much better once they’re over.) 

And if all of that sounds like way too much effort, don’t worry, because what you put on your skin makes a big difference, too. Here are the products that I use in my day-to-day skincare routine, in the order that I use them:

  1. Yes To Tomatoes Activated Charcoal Bar Soap - (Please note that, normally, using a bar soap on your face is a very, very bad idea. But this one is specially made to be gentle enough for it, even if you have extremely sensitive skin like mine.) I just rub it on my face, lather it up, (gently!) scrub a bit, and then rinse it off. It’s very convenient and easy. 
  2. Thayer’s Witch Hazel Toner, Original - (As you may have already learned the hard way, toners with alcohol in them can be damaging, so even if you don’t use this one, look for one that’s alcohol-free.) I pour it onto a cotton ball or cotton pad (or, in cases of emergency, a folded up paper towel) and swab my face with it. Again, pretty easy.
  3. Yes To Tomatoes Daily Balancing Moisturizer - (Part of the reason I love this product is because it smells really good – but it also works really well. My skin looked visibly clearer and less red after one use!) This is EVEN EASIER than the previous two steps. I just apply it immediately after toner, and use my fingertips to massage it into my face. 

Those are the three products that I use twice a day, every day, but if you want to really go all-out, here are a couple of others you can try:

  • Freeman Charcoal & Black Sugar Mask - (It looks like mud. It kinda feels like mud. But it also makes my skin feel smooth, soft, and buttery, and does a really good job of clearing up acne and redness.) You just smear it on your face, leave it on until it dries (I usually do 20-30 minutes), and then rinse it off. I like to use it immediately after washing my face with the bar soap, then after I wash it off I skip toner and go straight to moisturizer.
  • Lush Dark Angels Scrub/Cleanser - (Are you picking up on a theme yet? Turns out, charcoal is amazing for clearing up acne. I debated even putting this one on the list, because unlike all these other products, it is definitely not cheap, and you won’t find it at your local drugstore. Honestly, it does almost the exact same thing as the Freeman mask – which is $17 cheaper – but this one has a bit more of an exfoliation factor to it, and smells really nice.) I’m currently out of it (because it’s expensive and I’m a bit low on funds at the moment), but when I used it before I would pinch off a small amount, mix it with water to make a paste, and use it on my face instead of my normal cleanser. Then I’d skip toner and go ahead and moisturize. 
  • Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips - These are really handy if you have a lot of blackheads. You just wet your nose, smooth the strip down on it, wait for it to feel dry and stiff, and then rip it off. It is NOT painless, but it’s not as bad as waxing your legs or ripping off a band-aid. And it removes all of the gunk clogging your pores. My favorite part is looking at all of the nasty stuff left on the strip after you rip it off. It’s disgusting, but kinda fascinating. Glad all of that isn’t in my pores anymore. 

Those are all of the products I like to use on my face. All of them are cruelty-free, none of them give me an allergic reaction, and all of them help my skin a lot. 

Here are some extra tips for keeping your skin as soft, clear, and glowing as possible:

  • If you wear makeup, you might wanna invest in a primer to create a protective barrier between your foundation and your skin. I’m currently using e.l.f.’s Poreless Face Primer (which, btw is sold at Walmart for half of the price Amazon is asking).
  • Also, you should never, ever sleep with makeup on, or leave your makeup on overnight. It will damage your skin and make you break out, no matter how prone to acne your skin normally is. Even if you’re too tired to do your full skincare routine, at least swab your face down with a makeup remover wipe before you go to bed.
  • Look for makeup products that are labelled “non-comedogenic” and “hypoallergenic.” Usually, these products are the safest bet for people with sensitive skin.
  • Exercise has been linked to clearer skin. Even little things like walking your dog or ten minutes of yoga can make a difference.
  • Lack of sleep can and often does cause breakouts. I literally cannot stress how important getting enough sleep is, not just to your skin, but to your overall physical and mental health.
  • Don’t wash your face more than twice a day. Washing too often can cause your face to produce excess oil, which clogs your pores, which causes breakouts.
  • Do not exfoliate more than three times a week, and never exfoliate two days in a row. 
  • Using pore strips too often can be really bad for you. After using one on your face, wait at least 2-3 days before you use another.

And finally, remember that other people do not look at your skin as closely as you do. Most of the time, other people don’t think your acne is as bad as you do. Your friends don’t care if you have a huge pimple on your chin, or if your nose is covered in blackheads. And even if you follow all of the advice in this post, never miss a dose of vitamins, wash your face twice a day, every day, and use masks and special treatments several times a week, you might still have occasional small breakouts or redness. And that’s okay, because no one’s skin is always perfect. Having acne or bad skin doesn’t make you ugly, and investing time, effort, and money in treating your skin doesn’t make you vain. Do what makes you feel happy, comfortable, and confident. 

Kitchen Witch Face Mask

I’ve been breaking out lately and can’t really afford to buy any of Lush’s wonderful face masks so I decided to scour my cabinets for what I do have that can help. Sometimes it pays to know your ingredients!

I mixed together:

Two tablespoons of honey. (Lots of antioxidants to clear up acne, brightens, moisturizes…it does everything! I used natural clover honey.)
A splash of green tea. (Mine had jasmine in it, a little sexy boost! Green tea has antioxidants that will brighten your skin and clear up your acne, and you can drink the leftover tea.)
Some grated potato. (Lightens skin and fades scars/blemishes.)
Quite a few spoonfuls of baking soda. (Lifts impurities. Use enough to make the mask viscous.)
An egg white or two. (Nature’s renewal agent.)
A couple spoonfuls of sugar. (For exfoliation!)
A few drops of lavender and rose essential oils. (For scent and calming the skin.)

I applied a few layers of this, left it on for a while, and then rinsed it off in the shower, spritzed some of my homemade rose water toner on my face, and then moisturized.

Here’s hoping it works for you guys!

• my beloved goddess

nonnie requested: Pls will u do something for savitar!barry x reader? Hes kinda sexy despite being called pizza face by cisco. Anyway something with reader is the only person this version of barry care about cuz reader stand by his side while everyone turn away from him in d future. Make it angst pls. Thanks.

A/N: Ah I laughed when Cisco called him, ‘pizza face’ and other things like I’m so proud of my son giving sass. This obviously contains a bit of spoilers from the finale episode of The Flash so be warned if you haven’t watched. I thought it was going to be all good despite one of my faves dying in the place for Iris and then Barry leaving. Damn it Grant, you ripped my heart out with feels. Ships are closed for the time being and as always requests are open unless stated otherwise by me!

Originally posted by rawrfreak

                             Relationship(s): Savitar/Reader, Barry Allen/Iris West, Barry Allen & Reader (unrequited love)

“Y/N. .Y/N, I need my goddess to wake from her beauty sleep.” That oddly familiar voice ringing through your ears as you slowly blinked from your slumber. Your E/C eyes blinked more to adjust from the dark surroundings as you looked around to the source of the voice until they met Barry’s- no that didn’t look like Barry. Least the one who knew, the left side of his face looked burned with as his grin only seemed to grow bigger at the sight of you awake. “Good morning Y/N. My, my I could never forget how beautiful you are. What’s the matter Y/N? You don’t recognize the man who calls you his equal, but yet it hasn’t happened yet. Heh, guess I could use you against Barry. Won’t that be fun my goddess hm?”

You squint in disbelief as you tried crawling backwards but bumped into something as you looked to see what it was. Your eyes widen in fear, this was Savitar—the time remnant of Barry as depicted from the armor you bumped into. You remember the speedster telling you to be careful out there after you left S.T.A.R labs earlier that day to get a break from all the mess since it you’ve gotten so stressed. “G-Goddess? I’m sorry S-Savitar but I don’t b-belong to anyone, I have no idea what y-you speak of. I-I though you ha-ated everyone since t-they turned their b-back on you.” You studdered through your words as the time remnant only kept his sadist grin as he crouched down to you where you were on the ground.

“Oh I do hate everyone Y/N but not you, my sweet Y/N. You see while everyone else turned their back on me, you didn’t. You stayed and refused to leave my side no matter how much they called me, a monster. A monster Y/N and have the nerve to call you one too! But no you stayed and before we both fell in love with each other, I let you be my goddess. I intend on that still happening but first we need to get rid of this Barry Allen. Join me Y/N, join me and I will give anything you could ever wished for. All you need to do is accept.” Savitar offers his pale hand to you, “We can rule side by side and have to world begging for mercy on their knees. Including the ones who hurt and bullied you for being different.” He chuckles darkly while waiting for you to accept as you looked at the male beside you.

For long as you remembered you were bullied for being, well being you. You didn’t care about the feminine things like makeup and dressing up for boys. You were mocked and laughed at because you loved science and mathematics, even having the stereotypical nerd look with thick glasses, braces, and bad acne. However you blossomed into a beautiful women today, still wearing glasses although sometimes using contacts and no more metal on your teeth with acne cleared up. All those memories came back to you when Savitar spoke as your fists clenched, no you were to be nice and submissive right? No you were tired of being considered weak as you looked back up to the time remnant before clasping your hand with his, after all you could have anything right? “I accept your offer Savitar as long as you stay true to your word.” You say as he pulled you and him up on your feet as he looked at your hand before you.

“Oh don’t worry Y/N, I fully intend on keeping it as long as you help me get Barry Allen.”

                   [ time skip; WARNING SPOILERS UP AHEAD ]

“Y/N please come back, he’s messing with your mind!” The scarlet speedster yelled out as you were by Savitar without his armor that Barry had vibrated and broke. Needless to say, Team Flash was a bit shocked to see you beside the other. You looked different from the last time they saw you, from wearing dark F/C clothing as you grinned that could match Savitar’s. “Y/N please. Don’t do this to yourself!”

You shook your head, “No I made up my mind Flash. I’m tired of feeling like I’m supposed to be weak and feel worthless, do you have any idea how many people hurt me? Do you know how many I cried myself to sleep?” You lashed back as you leaned your head on Savitar’s shoulders. “I’m happy being Savitar’s goddess. After all he says he’d given me anything as long as I help stop you besides you all turned your back on him and me.” You say with a snarl as everyone looked shocked from what you were saying as you kept your gaze at Barry.

“Awe see? That’s my girl, she’s not as cute and innocent as you thought huh?” Savitar says as he pressed a kiss on your forehead. “I like this version of her.”

Barry was furious as went to attack on Savitar from you as the time remnant hit the ground hard from his blow. “You tried to use her against us, it’s not going to work Savitar. Give it up because you are no god.” He says as Savitar laughed before receiving another blow from Barry, the other slumping onto the ground before looking at you before you pushed the red clad hero aside for Savitar. Barry went to check on the others, hopefully maybe they could talk sense into you.

“No, no, no. Savitar come on, wake up for me.” You say as you bend down to check on him and stroke his face before his eyes snapped open. It made you give a sudden jump of surprise. He looked at you smiled before giving you a small kiss and saying he’ll be back. You watched as what happened next would be the last you’d see of Savitar.

The time remnant counterpart went to take an attack on his present self before a loud bang from a gun rang throughout. Savitar took a step backwards before collapsing as your eyes followed Barry’s, it was Iris. She had shot the one you fell in love with as you quickly ran to Savitar but it was too late as you began to shatter from existence. It was the Barry that loved you because you could never have the Barry who was engaged to Iris.

“Y/N!” You heard someone cry out but ignored it as all the love of your heart was now gone just like Savitar was.

skin talk

okay, so i thought i would share this with you guys because i know majority of people have acne and flippin hate it !!! (obviously) and i used to suffer from pretty severe acne all over! i just wanted to give u guys some tips and tricks on how i cleared up my acne completely. 

-first of all, i started taking birth control. not for preventing to become pregnant, for my skin. my dermatologist suggested it. i’ve been taking it for a little over a year now and i am sure it is one of the major factors that my skin is clear. i noticed that when i went on a 2 week trip and forgot my birth control, that i broke out a bit. 

-i started what’s called the ‘caveman regimen’ in february of this year. i did a lot of research as to how to up acne and i found this routine. it consists of basically just doing nothing to your face other than washing with water. and that’s all i’ve done since february. i take a konjac sponge and run it under hot water and lightly exfoliate (it’s barely even exfoliation, it’s that gentle) for about a minute and splash cold water on my face (day & night). 

-referring to above, STOP USING SO MANY PRODUCTS ON YOUR FACE!! as an early teen, i thought using multiple drug store acne products (cough clean and clear cough) would clear up my skin- NO!!! it was irritating my skin like crazy! making my acne inflame basically. if u don’t want to try the caveman regimen, invest in a VERY natural face wash, like one from Lush. also, do not wash your face more than twice a day (irritation galore).

-i don’t wear makeup except mascara, but if u have a full face coverage routine, u MUST make sure it is ALLLLL off of your face before u go to sleep. invest in a really good/natural makeup remover (cough-coconut oil) and a good cleanser.

-SPF and moisturizing are KEY!!! i have a spf 40 moisturizer that i use in the morning and a lush moisturizer that i use at night. if u have oily skin, moisturize. if u have acne, moisturize. if u have dry skin, MOISTURIZE. trust me, i used to think that since i had acne and oily skin on my forehead that i wasn’t supposed to moisturize. but ever since i have… guess what……. my skin is clear n glowing!!!!! (i suggest lush moisturizers, they are amazing and healthy for u)

-treat your skin to a homemade mask once every one-two weeks. try a avocado and honey mask, or maybe an aloe vera n garlic mask!!! just google ‘homemade masks’ and tons will come up!!! (just make sure u aren’t allergic to the ingredients, obv)

-yes, your diet does affect your skin. dairy & sugar are two things that personally make me break out if i eat a lot of them. which sucks because my two favourite things in the world are cheese and ice cream… anyway, don’t completely cut them out, just limit them.

-CHANGE. YOUR. PILLOWCASES. i have four pillows and i use all eight sides of each pillow before i wash them all again :-) keep your face clean!!!!!

-wash your makeup brushes/cloths/anything you put on your face. including your hands. i have a soap that i use before bed called carbolic soap (doctors use it before surgery) because i have a habit of touching my face while i sleep. 

-yes, water is your friend, but it will not clear up acne on it’s own. i’m sorry.

OKAY so those were some of my experiences and tips on acne!!! i hope i helped u guys in some way!!!! pls message me if u have any questions

Things to keep away from ur face

This is my first post and I feel that it is right to make it about things that you should get rid of from your skincare routine. 

But first, what exactly causes acne? 

 Acne has many different causes, such as: 

  • hormonal imbalances
  • diet
  • environment
  • dehydration (of the skin and when you dont drink enough water)
  • a compromised skin barrier
  • excess sebum
  • irritation
  • dead skin clogging pores
  • stress
  • among many more

Little disclaimer: If something that I mention works for you and you don’t want to get rid of it that’s your own I cant control you lol

1. African black soap

I know, I know. All those YouTube skincare gurus swear by this, I used to too. But, here’s the but you see, it’s pH is wayyyy too high for your skin. Our skin has a natural acidic pH of around 5-5.5 and abs has a pH of 9 or some shit. This means that your skin barrier, or acid mantle, becomes too alkaline and therefore becomes damaged. (Which causes skin problems if you look at that list) That’s why after you use it your skin feels “squeaky clean” and real tight. Not good. You can use it on your body though since the body on your skin isn’t as sensitive.

2. Skin cleansers with sulphates/sulfates 

Similar to abs, these have a really high pH, strip your skin, boom a breakout. Also stay away from brands like clean and clear, clearasil, neutrogena (although they do have some ok products), yenno the brands I’m talking about. Their products contain alcohol, and ingredients to make your skin dependant on the product so when you get off it you break out. Then you buy their products again to stop the breakouts giving them more 💸💸

3. Products that dry your skin out 

These include products with alcohol and witch hazel (but if you’re really oily witch hazel can be ok, but me personally, I would avoid it). These ingredients can make your skin irritated and dehydrated, resulting in acne.

4. Your DIY concoctions 

Don’t be putting yo entire kitchen on your face lmao. Yes I know it’s natural, but you know what else is natural? Cyanide, it’s found in apple seeds (in very small amounts). Literally the only thing you should put on your face from the kitchen is honey. That bitch is good.

5. Lemon, toothpaste, baking soda, mouthwash and all those wacky spot treatments

Just don’t.

6. Stop drinking fucking milk 

I know you don’t put milk on your face but stop drinking it. It’s got hormones for baby calves in there which disrupt your own hormones, boom acne. Seriously, humans are the only mammal to drink another mammals milk AND past infancy wtf.

7. Coconut oil, Need I even explain?

8. Physical exfoliaters 

I.e scrubs. These can cause micro tears in the skin and irritation. Especially if you’re using st ives!!! honeyyyyy!!! throw that shit out rn i dont care. Just stick to chemical ones.

That’s it, do with this information what you will.


texts with boyfriend jimin!!!

a continuation of highlights for my rowdy d&d rogue (good behaviour edition) 

  • kissed a polar bear and a dragon (and set them free from their cages) 
  • returned the teen he stole 
  • cleared up the teen’s acne before setting him free 
  • stole some loot and shared it with his party 
  • made a homemade apron for some chef orcs 
  • complimented the orcs and blew them some kisses
  • leaves at least a 10 gp tip for every customer service employee he talks to 
  • canonically his first job was a gift wrapper at the mall 
  • loves his mom very much and tells everyone if he gets the chance