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Seen lots of people (coughgenwunnerscough) say that they think the newer pokemon ‘feel’ different because of their more cute and rounded eye shapes compared to the originals, so I thought I would actually find out what the difference was between generations. ‘Pointy’ and ‘round’ categories were pretty objective but ‘hybrid’ was a more subjective for some cases.

By percentage Gen1 has the most pointy eyes and second-fewest rounded eyes… so I guess in the strict sense they are right? However Gen2 immediately afterwards has the most rounded eyes and near the greatest disparity between major eye types, and I never hear anyone complain about this generation (I personally barely distinguish gen1 and gen2 from each other), so I’m not sure this justification really stands up. There does not appear to be a clear trend for eyes becoming more round and cute as time goes on - generations 3, 4, and 5 are all essentially the same spread and are similar enough to gen1 that they can be considered unchanged throughout, all being within a 5% range of each other.

However, gen7 has shown a rapid increase in hybrid eye shapes and the lowest number of ‘pointy’ and ‘round’ eyes of any generation. Unlike gen1 where 85% of all pokemon are suggested to be either aggressive or cute by their eye shape, gen7 is more nuanced with far more pokemon falling somewhere in between.

stop telling people to kill themselves over fictional ships you fucking nasties


FOUR EYES - photography: Nicolas Kantor - fashion editor / styling: Catherine Newell Hanson - hair: Tina Outen - makeup: Erin Parsons - manicure: Eri Handa - Teen Vogue December 2016

models: Alexis Kapaun, Allie Barrett, Florence Kosky, Kyle Kellogg, Magdalena Jasek, Rhiannon McConnell & Sophie Koella


Some would say that your push for women’s rights is contradicted by the sexualized image that you and your group portray. What would you say to counteract this notion?

I would say firstly, that the group’s image doesn’t really have anything to do with who I am as an individual, as I’m sure a majority of people can understand if they know me or the story of how we were put together on the X Factor. But secondly, I would say that regardless of how the brand has been created, we are four hard working women who have succeeded in making our dream to become artists a more possible reality through this. We’ve reached millions of people all over the world who watch our interviews and listen to the message beyond the sexualization, which is to love yourself first and to understand your worth. We had so many of our fans tell us how worthless they felt before they found out about us and watched our interviews and listened to our music. Within our music there are a range of topics that deal with growing up, love and understanding. A woman embracing her sexuality is something that shouldn’t be taboo; most of our songs that are popular are sexual for sure, but I would say that’s more of a result of what the culture in America propels and consumes. Our first singles, “Miss Movin’ On,” and “Sledgehammer”, “Boss” all had to do with harnessing your power and love. Those unfortunately weren’t as successful as “Worth It” or “Work From Home” so I think it’s a clear trend of what people want vs. what we want to give them. Again though, women embracing their sexuality should never be a reason to disregard their intellect or ability to speak on topics beyond that.

Day 3: Swap or Reflection

“Also, I’m pretty sure you liked it, judging by your reaction.”

“So, I guess that’s why you tried to pull the same thing a second time?“

“Now that’s plain unfair! I put a lot more work into it the second time! I mean, floating candles?”

“Well. I’d never seen anything that cheesy before, I’ll give you that.”

“Hehe, special day calls for special measures.”


“But you know? I’m glad you recognized it. I really wanted it to be like that time.”

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MoYou London Trend Hunter 02

I really liked this look! Not my best stamping though.

My Big Bling Clear Jelly stamper worked perfectly it’s just that my BPS stamping polish is a bit old and dried super fast.

Tools used: MoYou London Trend Hunter 02 and Holy Shapes 19 stamping plates.

CJS Big Bling stamper and Born Pretty White stamping polish.

OPI Vant To Bite My Neck.

Color Club Meet Me At The Rink.

Essie Garden Variety.

A woman embracing her sexuality is something that shouldn’t be taboo; most of our songs that are popular are sexual for sure, but I would say that’s more of a result of what the culture in America propels and consumes. Our first singles, “Miss Movin’ On,” and “Sledgehammer Boss” all had to do with harnessing your power and love. Those unfortunately weren’t as successful as “Worth It” or “Work From Home” so I think it’s a clear trend of what people want vs. what we want to give them. Again though, women embracing their sexuality should never be a reason to disregard their intellect or ability to speak on topics beyond that.
—  Lauren Jauregui for VULKAN ( @ssweet-dispositionn )

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at my school fidget cubes/fidget things in general have become a. tend. among NTs at my school

I’m not sure if you’re asking me to comment on this or not. However I will because I’ve seen quite a few people complain about neurotypical people using fidget cubes and I have many thoughts.

Firstly, I can empathise with this to a degree. If you’re ADHD, autistic, and/or neurodivergent in some way and have been teased/bullied by peers for fidgeting/stimming, it must be very frustrating to see those same people enjoying fidget toys, guilt-free.

However - apart from the circumstance where your bullies are suddenly using fidget toys - I disagree with the idea that this is a bad thing. More (neurotypical) people using and enjoying fidget toys is a great thing imho! Here’s why:

  • It normalises the use of fidget toys and fidgeting/stimming in general due to increased awareness
  • Starts a dialogue about why people fidget/stim (ADHD, anxiety, autism etc.) and thus its place/usefulness in many people’s lives
  • Companies/small businesses are more likely to produce fidget toys in different styles/materials/price ranges which will make them more accessible to everyone due to increased demand
  • Helps neurotypical people who are giving up smoking/overcoming addiction

Finally, what I personally find most important for people to think about when discussing this sort of thing; how do you know these ‘neurotypical’ people who are using fidget toys aren’t actually neurodivergent?

You can’t necessarily tell someone’s NT or ND just by looking at them. You don’t know what’s going on inside someone head, and many ND people use up a lot of energy to hide their symptoms for many reasons (e.g. fear of discrimination, wanting to fit in with peers etc). Hell, lots of ND people don’t even know they’re ND themselves, pre-diagnosis (I didn’t). Everyone using fidget toys means these ‘closeted’ ND people will have one less thing to hide.

As I was typing this, I remembered an article I read months ago that I hugely agreed with about non-disabled people using facilities for disabled people. Give it a read and see what you think (link here).

I don’t mind people reblogging this and starting a discussion if/when they disagree with any of this, just make sure you’re civil to everyone. Also I mean no ill-will to OP, especially considering they didn’t make their opinion clear. ‘Trend’ implies disapproval, but ‘implied’ isn’t the same as ‘stated’.

The Twisted Smiley: Truth, Reality, and Distortion in Season 4

This started out with a little distortion I noticed on some of the pictures, but the holy mother of subtext that I found turned this into a full meta.

We’ve analyzed the unreal quality, distortions, and strange darkness present in specific promos, but there’s a connecting theme here that we’ve hardly touched on.

In this meta, I’ll analyze how the major overarching theme of this season will be the devaluation of truth until it is indistinguishable from lies.

Introduction: The Twisted Smiley

Something is wrong with the smiley face in the new promos.

Here’s the original smiley from TGG and the Series 2 promos.

(x) (x)

A little lopsided and covered in bullet holes, sure, but still cute. What a lovely Sherlockian symbol!

Now here’s the smiley from the new promo:



This is not a happy face. This is a derp face crossed with a grimace. It’s some twisted version of the original.

And even we didn’t notice that the smiley had changed! Why didn’t we notice that something familiar had gone wrong? Keep that in mind—it will be important later.

So why has the smiley gone from a quirky happy face to a twisted grimace? And what does that mean for the show?

The Promos: Blurring Reality, Distorting the Familiar

There have been two major trends in the promotional materials for this season: taking familiar elements and presenting them in a distorted way, and blurring fiction and reality.


What was safe—such as the happy smiley—is now a twisted mirror of itself. And it gets worse: remember how the original smiley, the one painted in 221B, was the happy one? So what is this in the mirror?


Why isn’t the original, “uncorrupted” version there? What has intruded into 221B to change it?

It’s okay. Don’t panic. Nothing could ever compromise the safety of 221B. Nothing could happen to it—


Oh, right. It’s burning down. Yay.

Between 221B and the smiley, there’s a trend of what was once familiar and safe becoming compromised, distorted, “wrong.”

Blurring Fiction and Reality

Promos such as the baby’s birth announcement, the advertisements in cities throughout Europe, and the Amazon trailer blur the line between the world of the show and our world. We are never shown the baby’s face, to the point that it’s still up for debate whether it even exists. The “unreal” released scenes—the one with the dog and the one in 221B—seem more like nightmare scenarios than real events. Even the fandom is questioning what is Mind Palace and what isn’t. On many levels, it’s getting harder and harder to tell what is reality and what is fiction.

Note: In addition, mirroring in Doctor Who continues the theme of combining fiction and reality. @tjlcisthenewsexy discusses it here.

Finally, the rainbow glitches in the videos combine both of these approaches: They call to mind something being hacked (a distortion) and imply that villains within the show can access PBS footage (blurring fiction and reality).

Revisiting the Past…With Consequences

The promos have shown the distortion and confusion of familiar elements from the show. But what might those familiar elements be?

We know the new season will revisit aspects of past seasons. They’ve even told us that they will retro-engineer events to make trends more clear (x).

Past elements that we know will be revisited are:

  • The Fall. They foreshadowed this in TAB with the sort-of-Moriarty case; moreover, “The Final Problem” is named for the original Reichenbach story.
  • The Six Thatchers. It’s already a case on John’s blog, but there’s a nearly-identical one in the new series.
  • The smiley. It’s a callback to TGG.
  • Sherlock’s past. They laid the foundation with Redbeard and “the other one”; now, it’s time to see how Sherlock became the quasi-sociopath of the first series.
  • John’s past. We’ve seen his parents in the footage of the christening. Major Barrymore, who had books on Thatcher, mirrors his father. How did he become so repressed? (More here.)

However, Series 4 will do more than just revisit the past. It will revisit the past gone wrong, just as the promos corrupted familiar elements. They’ve told us series 4 is about consequences. They even began this process in TAB, with Sherlock discovering the secrets of literal and metaphorical ghosts. Series 4 will revisit cases and themes that we already knew, but revealing the darker links that were originally unexplored.

How might they do this?

  • M-Theory. To explore the idea of Mycroft and other characters being under Moriarty’s thumb, they could revisit previous cases and show extra scenes. That would make it clear how Mycroft knew about threats to Sherlock and was powerless to stop them.
  • The smiley as a mask. There’s a possibility, discussed by @shawleyleyeres here and here, that the smiley has grown to represent Mary’s façade; @tendergingergirl discusses the idea of it being Sherlock’s façade instead here. Regardless of whose mask this is, keeping secrets could turn out to have severe consequences.
  • Other consequences. The creators have said that there are some themes that no one seems to have picked up on, which makes me suspect that they have other consequences in store. What consequences, exactly? I’m not sure, but I welcome anyone’s speculation.

An Ongoing Theme: The Corruption of Truth

We’ve established the role of consequences and distortions of what we already know in the new series. But how does this connect to ongoing themes in the show?

@delurkingdetectives made an excellent post discussing the treatment of truth and lies on the show. We go from outright lies about Sherlock in TRF, to exploited secrets in HLV (i.e., stretching the truth), and therefore, we’ll progress to “the devaluation of truth” itself in Series 4.

So how can we combine all these elements in the show and the promos to predict the themes of Series 4?

In the new series, we’ll start out knowing what’s true and what isn’t. But over the course of the series, the truth will be devalued, distorted, until characters can no longer tell the difference between fiction and reality, truth and lies.


So, if truth is indistinguishable from lies, and someone had to make a choice with that distorted information, then they’d have two identical choices…a good one and a bad one…why does this sound familiar?


Someone’s meta (link me, please; I’ve gone and lost it) mentioned the need to revisit ASIP, because we never learned which was the right bottle. Similarly, we’ve never fully addressed Sherlock’s choice between his brain and his heart, nor John’s choice between a calm, domestic life and a dangerous, adventurous one.

Revisiting these themes, Sherlock, John, or both will need to make a choice in this season.

[NOTE: Speculation on specific events is obsolete as of 1/22/17. Thematic speculation still applies.]


Why are John and Sherlock estranged at the end of TST? Perhaps because Mary lies to him, forcing him to make a choice between Mary and Sherlock. Maybe she tells him the baby is Sherlock’s; maybe she forces Sherlock to lie to John and hurt him. Whatever the circumstance, John would then have to choose between two near-identical options, one of whom is a lying villain—but he doesn’t know which. Good bottle or bad bottle? He will have to decide.


If Sherlock is drugged or blind in TLD, his ability to determine what is real and what isn’t will be severely limited. What if he isn’t sure whether Culverton Smith or John is near him? Is it his friend (the good bottle) or the villain (the bad bottle)? Moreover, if Culverton Smith is a satire of Trump and/or a conversion therapist stand-in, he’ll try to get inside Sherlock’s head and cause him to question his own emotions and decisions. This would also hinder Sherloc’s ability to make clear choices.

Another option is to make Sherlock choose between his heart (John) and his brain (Mycroft) in TFP. Maybe one has betrayed him and he doesn’t know which; maybe some other plot device makes the choice difficult. Theories welcome.


In sum: This season, the confusion of fiction and reality, the distortion of familiar elements, and consequences of past choices will result in the devaluation of truth until it is indistinguishable from lies. This will culminate in a character’s difficult choice.

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Halsey "Ghost" Inspired Chokers
A fashion look from November 2017 by emmammh featuring WithChic and Forever 21

Halsey Inspired + Nude Ballet Flats

@hunterthewriterworld​ : “So like, throw back; unless you’ve already done this. But have you ever found the choker Halsey wears in the Badlands Ghost video? Like the clear one but with the pink ribbon? <3 thank you and have a great day and or night!“

Polyvore link HERE for the set this was created in for all the links to the clothes

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would you be against magnus wearing more makeup or more definition being added to his makeup in later episodes?

the reason i dislike it when fans do it is because you really get the sense these people don’t like it when he looks “masculine.” i put these in quotes because magnus breaks a lot of gender barriers as it is, but he breaks them without reinforcing feminized stereotypes for asian men. this is the reason i really like the facial hair and when people erase that, it feels as if they’re deliberately removing the aspects that they do not find “acceptable” for a man like magnus. they’re redefining him based on what they want him to be rather than the way he’s chosen to present himself.

if in canon, he makes a choice to present himself in various ways, then that’s different, although of course there’s a line the show can cross, too, where they edge onto feminizing an asian man. but that’s a harder line to cross in canon, i think, simply because magnus is written as such an authoritative character and because harry shum jr is, like. buff as hell and he plays magnus as the commanding figure he is. even when he’s in the so-called “softer” look, he exudes power.

but when you move into fan fic/headcanons, the reinterpretation of his presentation often goes hand in hand with other issues like portraying him as submissive, exaggerating the height difference, writing him as if he were very thin and lanky. there’s a clear trend you can see in the way he’s talked and written about by many fans that makes the added aspect of reinterpreting his clothes/makeup highly uncomfortable. i’ve yet to find anyone who writes him with his “softer” look but emphasizes his strength, dominance, or sexual desirability. it’s always about how he’s prettier/more beautiful/softer.


I was thinking about all the games I was looking forward to in the next few months going forwards to the end of the year, and there’s a clear trend.  First of in January theres KH2.8, specifically, 0.2: A fragmentary passage. A few days later there’s Tales of Berseria, and in March there’s Nier Automata. Later in the year theres the PS4 re-release of Danganronpa: Another episode, along with Danganronpa V3. Even looking at the secondary hype tier we’ve got Gravity Rush 2 and Horizon: Zero Dawn. 

Female protagonists. All of them. There’s similar trends in genre’s I don’t care about too. 

Its time for the boys to step aside. 

This is our year. 

Listen, I was one of the fans who thought other fans were being over the top associating 2Doc with “She’s My Collar” but that Murdoc quote about blue and green mixing (closely related to “I’m yellow, he was blue), 2D’s CONSTANT mention of his S&M habits and “torturing himself” in early phase 4 interviews and also past pictures of them (2D with the collar on circa phase 3) like….I put it all together and…what other conclusions am I supposed to be drawing here? Well maybe the song itself isn’t specifically about them but there is a trend, I’m going to argue a CLEAR trend, to be discussed here.