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Black Tumblr has got to stop making everything about race.

Article: woman (who just happens to be black) dies of anafalactic shock after accidentally being served onions at local restaurant.

Tumblr: another black person dying and it isn’t major news? Amerikkka.

Article: this young man who happens to be black is volunteering at a soup kitchen

Tumblr: #blackpride

Article: the cause of the crash that killed this family of 4 (who just happened to be black) was a faulty traffic light.

Tumblr: # protectblacklives

Article: Child (who just happened to be black) bullied for liking pokemon. Later commits suicide

Tumblr: why do black people have to deal with stuff like this?

Stop turning things that don’t have to do with race into racial issues. If it would have happened regardless of race, your tumblr activism hashtags and comments only take away from it. Someone doing something good or bad regardless of race does not need your attempt at problack commentary. If race is not a clear central theme of the action, then those are just empty words. That is just making light of the incedent. That is just diverting attention to the unimportant.

If I win a debate competition or save someone’s life or get attacked by a dog, I wouldn’t want people to focus on my race when it isn’t even notable to what happened.

PLANETARY SPREAD (stolen from ladystardvst uwu)

1 - J1407B - What illusions are in my life?

2 - TrES-2b - What dark part of myself do I need to come to terms with?

3 - Exoplanet 55 Cancri e - What bright part of myself do I need to embrace more often?

4 - Gliese 436 b - What things do I say that contradict my actual actions?

5 - Gliese 581c - What habits do I have that may be more unhealthy than I’m willing to admit?

if you’re using this spread, feel free to take pictures and tag ladystardvst in it! All planetary and space themes ever belong to her. uwu If any of you use ideas based off of space or stars or planets, ur stealing from her!!! Donut steal!

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Made up fic title: Sinking, not drowning

Notes: Hey sugarplum! This is SOOOO late, and IDK even which pairing you wanted, but here we are XS

Fake Title Prompts

On their first day of junior High, Robert sat Jace and Alec down as a nursing Maryse watched over an excitable Izzy picking out her first day outfit.

“You’re both men now,” he intoned, eyes flickering over both his sons—one whom had inherited all his striking angles, and dark mop of hair, and then Jace. The orphan he and Maryse had adopted only a few years prior. Jace who sometimes finds himself staring at the mirror in his room, cursing his fair hair and mismatched eyes. Cursing the painfully physical reminder that he’ll never truly be considered a Lightwood, that he’ll always be the boy who disappointed his birth father over and over again. The boy who had his falcon murdered because he has no idea how to divide love from subserviency. The boy who was so unwanted that his mother died while giving birth to him, and who his father despised ever since.

Jace will always be marred with the title of Wayland—never a Lightwood.

“You boys need to take care of each other and your baby sister and brother.”

“I know that dad,” Alec sniffed with an imperious tilt of his dark head.

“Alright, alright, no harm in the reminder Alexander. I just want you both to keep on being true, alright? Always remember that strength is not found in the force behind our fists, but the dignity of our character. Right?”

“So much for we break noses and accept the consequences,” Alec snorts before their father playfully grinds his knuckles into his scalp.

Jace forces himself to laugh, and pretends that he didn’t see the sheen in Robert’s eyes that he and Maryse always seem to get whenever they so much as glide over Jace’s less than pristine past, a past of abuse and neglect by his birth parent.

Simon Lewis is everything bombastic effervescence, and cheeky grins that rival the incandescent rays of light that dance over his chocolate eyes, and make them sparkle in a way that snatches the breath right from Jace’s lungs.

Jace thinks that he might be slightly fucked when their teacher swings off the year by conducting one of the arbitrary, ice breakers that they always seem to be forced into, and Jace is partnered with sunlight personified.

“My favorite color’s blue, my favorite superhero is Spider-man, cause duh, and baseball ’s the best and only sport that I’ll actually sit down and watch.” Simon crows without even a breath between words just as soon as Jace plops down in front of him in the small desk—forcing their knees to brush up  against each other every few minutes or so.

“Baseball? Like the slowest sport in the history of ever?” Jace deadpans, brows craned and the corner of his mouth tugging up in a small smile.

“I like the atmosphere, and peanuts.” Simon sulks, his face scrunched up sourly—and honest, it should’ve been Jace’s first sign that Simon was it for him  when he found the expression cute over anything else.

“Yeah, well I like Italian food but you don’t see me embedding myself into the nearest mob.”

“M’kay, one I’m pretty sure that’s borderline offensive, and two totally not leveled playing fields. You’re comparing  a weekend at Fenway, to waking up with a dead horse nuzzling your neck.”

“I dunno,” Jace gives a one armed shrug. “Sounds pretty equal levels of terribleness too me.”

Simon’s eyes sharpen, impressed, and Jace can’t help the swell of pride in his chest over the development.

“I bet Peeta would not even try recruiting you.”

“Yeah, well they also end up killing thousands upon thousands of the animals they claim to be saving  on a yearly basis—can’t say that I’m too broken hearted over the thought. And hey, wasn’t your assumption that the mob actually slices up poor, defenseless horsies borderline offensive  towards their organization?”

Simon barks out a laugh, and Jace thinks he is in serious danger of drowning in the color of his irises.

They sit besides each other for the remainder of that year.

“And that is when the conquistadors first infiltrated the Mayan land,” professor Herondale intones, seemingly completely oblivious to how half her class is about to keel over in boredom at her Ken Berns like monotone.

Jace is jolted out of his daydreams of actually making the baseball team when a crumpled up piece of paper smacks him in the forehead.

He cuts a menacing snarl towards where Simon is dutifully sketching in his paper pad, the slightest of leers playing on the edges of his lips. Jace doesn’t open the ball for another five minutes, just to be contrary, and is rewarded by increasingly peeved off gestures Simon directs his way over Maia’s head, who in turn just sighs—long suffering—and lodges a pen to Jace’s temple.

“Fucking hell,” Jace rubs over the tender spot while reading Simon’s note.

More borderline offensive, Prof Herondale trying to pronounce Spanish names, or the Asian neighbor from Breakfast At Tiffanies?

Jace pretends he isn’t so totally giddy while he scrawls back a counter.

They’re not best friends, not really. Simon will always have the spindly redhead that he declares as his plutonic soulmate, and Jace would never bestow that title on anyone but Alec and all his surliness.

So no, Jace and Simon are most definitely not best friends…But sometimes Jace is convinced that they must be more than just ordinary friends too.

Simon’s the only person Jace wants to be around on the anniversary of his father’s death—The lightwoods are all always so unsure on how to act, whether to ignore it considering he’s a proven, abusive monster, or to try and bring up the idea of therapy to Jace once more. What they never seem to understand is that no matter all of that horrendous shit that Valentine had put Jace through, he was still his father. He made him spaghetti when he was sick, and bought him all the books he could ever want, and he was there (Which is sure a whole hell of a lot more than what most kids could say about their fathers.) So what if he wasn’t exactly a Robert Lightwood, or Adon Lewis—He was Jace’s dad.

Simon’s at least ignorant to the whole mess—he still sees Jace as some chill dude that he actually likes hanging out with, and not the broken boy that he had to save. It’s a nice feeling.

And for his part, Simon seems to search for only Jace’s company when he wants to string together his fantasies of the future. When he buoyantly explains his intentions of becoming a detective just like his father, because he loves solving riddles and helping the people who can’t help themselves.

Jace thinks he’s brilliant, but doesn’t tell Simon so, less it exposes his ever growing attraction.

Jace is listening to Simon recite the section of the Torah that he’s incorporated into his Bar Mitzvah’s speech, ready to help out if Simon forgets any words. But really, Jace’s much busier marveling over the round vowels and lyrical cadences of Simon’s voice speaking out loud the foreign words, over actually detecting him stammering over anything.

“You’re amazing—Ah, erm your speech…It’s amazing. You’re gunna do fantastic.”

“You think?” Simon’s smile radiates everything Jace wishes he had. He’s warmth, and beauty, and brightness through every layer, all rolled up into one perfect package. Jace thinks it was a daft mistake that Simon’s still here—friends with him—but a selfish, self indulgent part of him relishes that he is.

“Thanks for all your help goldilocks,” Simon squeezes Jace’s hand, and Jace swears his mind melts right out of his head.

They stand their for another moment—or hour—longer, until Jace cuffs to defuse the static in the air, before he does something really dumb, like kiss Simon.

“More borderline offensive, you fucking up your pronunciation or our parents trying to get everyone to do the Hokey Pokey?”

Simon shutters with a grimace. “Please no jokes, I still remember how my mom almost took out our neighbor’s eye during Beck’s ceremony while dancing the Macarena.”

Jace is pretty sure that he only genuinely laughs when with Simon.

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Paying for themes

I’ve seen theme makers that charge for customizations or commissions get rude messages about it, so I added the question about premium themes on my survey to see how people would respond. Most of it was positive, but I got some passive aggressive responses on there too. I won’t call out the specific comments, but I still want to make some things clear.

Theme making is work. It takes effort, time, and skill. Honestly what most theme makers on here are doing is underselling their work. I used to feel bad for charging more than $20 for my custom themes until my professor was genuinely shocked that I was charging that low and encouraged me to at least double my prices.

It’s not just theme makers, either. Creators of all kinds are taken advantage of on here. I see artists charging around $10 for a full drawing, or writers getting yelled at for even wanting money for their hard work.

We’re all pressured to make things for free, or we undersell ourselves in fear of not getting paid at all. We get yelled at for not taking the time to do every request we get, and even more so for asking for money for those requests.

I completely understand not having enough money to pay for a theme, which is why I enjoy making free content to share with everyone. I’m not forcing anyone to pay for something I make. But as an artist, I’m still allowed to want money for my work. 

We don’t owe anyone free content. We do it because we want to share it, not because others are entitled to our time and work.

Free! -Timeless Medley- the Promise/Yakusoku (spoilers...duh)

Part two of the Timeless Medley series, Yakusoku/The Promise, is a Samezuka centered recap of Eternal Summer; in other words it’s ES without most of the Iwatobi scenes. The plot centers on Rin and Sousuke’s individual character arcs, Sousuke’s most heavily, as well as their relationship with each other. Nitori’s character development is also covered because of the relay being central to the overall story, and Momo remains as a supporting role. 

The movie opens with new scenes of Rin and his family, showing his mom (Miyako) and dad (Toraichi) for the first time in the series. We’re shown a more in depth look into Rin’s relationship with his dad, the person he’s always loved and looked up to the most, since chasing his dad’s dream was an important part of his story in season one. Toraichi is shown to be a caring father who often plays with Rin and Gou, and even teaches them how to swim when they discover that he used to be a talented swimmer. One day Toraichi goes out for his fishing job despite a storm coming, then Gou is accidentally woken up by Miyako and they see the clock in the room suddenly broke and hands are stuck at 4:55. Later Gou and Miyako leave to visit their Grandma, leaving Rin home alone. While taking a nap, Rin is woken by a phone call, the call is about Toraichi dying in the typhoon. After Toraichi’s death, the whole family is shown to be broken hearted, but Rin is determined to remain strong in this time of sorrow. Afterwards we see the days when Rin meets Sousuke and Haru for the first time; Sousuke challenging Rin for the first time at the Sano SC, and Rin seeing Haru at the tournament aforementioned in ES Episode 12. When Sousuke sees that Rin has a sudden fondness for Haru at that tournament, he’s visually disturbed. After, Rin tells Sousuke that he’s transferring to Iwatobi. From there we see a montage showing the events of Season 1 and the High Speed movie. Starting from the Iwatobi SC relay and Rin leaving for Austraila, we see parallels of Haru and Rin during their first year in middle school and what happened to them up until their reunion in winter that same year. Haru is shown to have a positive development with the Iwatobi Middle team, while Rin has the opposite experience being unable to overcome swimmers that are stronger than him and even stopping in the middle of a race just like Haru in ES Episode 9. A new clip of the Iwatobi Middle team is shown just before the scene of Rin and Haru’s reunion race. While the team is walking home together, Haru looks up at the sky to see a hawk, then fading to Rin solemnly staring at an empty sky in Australia. After the reunion in middle school, the montage skips to show Rin’s development in Season 1, overcoming his torment to regain his passion in the final relay of Season 1. The montage ends with Rin becoming captain at the start of Season 2, and the scene where Rin is alone at his dad’s grave from Season 1 Episode 7. From there it’s the opening theme. 

The opening theme, Rising Free, is mainly clips of the main Samezuka boys, and brief clips of Kisumi, Ikuya, Asahi, as well as Natsuya and Nao together as adults (however they’re only shown from behind). The Iwatobi team is shown towards the end of the theme standing opposite to Samezuka in a setting similar to the season one opening when they’re underwater looking at each other. 

From there the movie is a direct recap of ES with some scenes edited out and a few new clips/scenes added. 

Starting with Episode 1, Sousuke Is shown visiting Iwatobi SC Returns before quickly changing scenes to Samezuka. Rin is trying to get used to his new duties as captain when he recieve a call from the Iwatobi boys telling him to come to Iwatobi while he’s in the locker room. This is the same invite to see the Sakura pool but is change from the direct invite at the local tournament that was in the TV anime to just a phone call. The Sakura pool scene remains the same, but Makoto and Haru being unsure of their future when asked by Rin is cut. 

From Episode 2 we see Sousuke and Rin reuniting, Sousuke joining the swim team, Iwatobi inviting Rin and his team to Splash Fes, meeting Momo, Sousuke and Haru’s confrontation at the vending machines (but without that dubstep music is was awkward yet intense), and the relay race. 

Next it’s straight to Episode 4. This is almost completely unedited aside from cutting out the Iwatobi scenes (no gross rice balls, sorry). Basically it’s all the Rin and Sousuke scenes from that episode.

Afterwards are scenes from Episodes 6 and 7, i.e. the regional tournament. Before the start of the tournament, there is a new scene where Gou is at the hospital with a cold and sees Sousuke there too; replacing the scene from the end of ES Episode 7 where she only saw him at the train station. Then Gou and Rin visit their dad’s grave before they go to the tournament. At the tournament we see Nitori’s race, Rin’s race against Haru, Momo being chosen for the relay team, Nitori sulking over not being able swim with Rin because he thinks his swimming is poor but Sousuke reassures him to try harder, the relay race (except the actual race isn’t shown, it’s just the scene before it starts and skipping directly to Samezuka celebrating their victory). 

Nitori congratulates Rin on receiving offers from scouts, including “sousuke’s team”. And then the fight between Rin and Sousuke where Rin questions how serious Sousuke is about the relay. Let me quick mention that the whole movie has a new soundtrack, and this scene had one of the best new tracks in my opinion; it was super intense. Afterwards is the scene where Sousuke coaches Nitori, and then the race that secured Nitori a spot on the relay team; I believe that was from the beginning of Episode 9. 

Speaking of Episode 9 (nice transition between thoughts), from this episode we see Rin announcing the relay team (Momo, Nitori, Sousuke, and Rin), Seijirou seeing the relay listing from Momo, Momo telling the other relay members that they’re the “best team”, Sousuke’s shoulder starting to hurt in the practice pool, Rin’s freestyle race, Rin seeing Haru stop in the pool, Rin talking to Haru in the locker room (most of this scene is edited. It’s just Rin yelling at Haru “what are you doing?!” And then cut off by Haru slamming his fist on the lockers. That it).

Episode 10 is also almost fully shown, aide from most of the Iwatobi appearances being cut. So we see Rin confronting Sousuke about his shoulder and then Sousuke revealing the truth, along with Sousuke, Nitori, and Momo telling Rin they want to swim the relay no matter what. The relay from that episode is edited so that is focuses on just the Samezuka team’s swimming. And then the ending clip where Sousuke says he’s found his dream. 

Episode 11. Rin receives the air mail from his coach in Australia, and Sousuke talking Haru at Iwatobi about talking his future more seriously after the fallout at the prefectural tournament. After Rin dismisses the Samezuka team for their week long break, he receives a text from Makoto. This is followed by three new scenes. First, Makoto calls Rin while he’s still at the cliff where he and Haru had their fight. Makoto explains what happened with Haru and how he’s worried about Haru’s future and wants him to see the world (essentially just retold what he said to Haru). He asks Rin to do something to help Haru, which is where he decides to take Haru to Australia with him. The next scene is Rin packing for his trip and Sousuke ask if it’s really ok for him to take Haru with him, to which Rin claims he’s “not doing this for Haru” or something like that. Also Rin asks what kind of souvenir Sousuke wants and he says “nothing sweet” (it was really cute). Finally, Nitori and Momo are talking about practicing together to prepare for Nationals. Sousuke overhears the conversation and the two of them tell him they’re nervous about swimming at Nationals for the first time. Sousuke gives them some advice and offers to watch them practice sometime too.

Because it has no relevance to the Samezuka plot line, Episode 12 is completely skipped. Sorry RinHaru fans, your ship is cut. 

Not much is shown from Episode 13 aside from Rin coming back, the third years graduating and Nitori becoming captain, and Rin telling Sousuke that he’ll wait for him to come back to swimming. This scene transitions into the ending theme with Nitori and Momo inviting Rin and Sousuke to go eat, and they four exit the pool together while the ending theme, Clear Blue Departures, begins. 

The ending theme shows many new clips including Nitori performing his captain duties, Rei being appointed as the new captain of the Iwatobi team while Makoto and Haru say their goodbyes, a flashback of the Iwatobi Middle boys (Haru, Makoto, Asahi, Ikuya, and Kisumi), and a flashback of Rin and Sousuke in elementary school. The credits start rolling with a series of clips of the Iwatobi boys from Seasons 1 and 2, clips from the OVA, and the ending art frames. 

The post credits scenes are all new animation. Starting with Rin and Sousuke having a talk on a cliff side park at sunset. Rin is going to be leaving for Australia soon and tells Sousuke that he’ll write him letters again, and properly reply this time. Sousuke tells Rin about a swimmer that caught his interest at the National tournament, Ikuya. He remembers when Ikuya swam Breast in middle school, but says he’s become more talented because he performed well in the individual medley. But most notably was that Ikuya’s freestyle swimming was exactly the same as Haru’s. Sousuke warns Rin about Ikuya since it’s likely that they may complete agains each other in the future. Transition to Ikuya in his dorm room with his roommate, Hiyori who is also on the swim team. Ikuya exits the room to call Natsuya. (Hiyori: “where are you going?”. Ikuya: “to call my brother *leaves*” Hiyori: “calling his onii-chan, huh”. Ikuya: “*comes back in* don’t call him that *leaves again*”. Hiyori: “lol that was cute”). Next is Asahi at his swim club saying goodbye to his kouhai. He gets a text from Kisumi saying “Let’s meet up!” (something like that) and Asahi agrees to meet up in Iwatobi in May. Reading Asahi’s reply, Kisumi thinks about how he wants to meet up with everyone again. The final scene is Haru and Makoto at Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo. Clearly still getting used to Tokyo life by commenting on how big and busy it is, they both agree that they’re excited to start moving towards the future. The frames switch between the two of them standing in Tokyo and standing alone on starting blocks in a large stadium, Haru in his swimsuit and Makoto wearing his Iwatobi SC coaching wetsuit. An announcer says “ Take your marks. Go.” and they cross the intersection, and the scene fades out with “See you next stage” in the corner. 

A preview for Take Your Marks is at the end, where Style Five is commenting about new stories that will be told from after Haru’s graduation in March. Four “episode” titles are given, #1 運命のチョイス Choice of Fate #2 秘湯のクーリングダウン The Secret Hot Spring of Cooling Down #3 結束のバタフライ Bonds of Butterfly #4 旅立ちのエターナルブルー Eternal Blue Departure, along with the release date for Take Your Marks, 10/28. No footage from TYM is shown, there’s only clips from FrFr! under the character voices.

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Hold it, hp is about disability rights? I get the classism and a little of the gay (lupin is kinda a metaphor of aids, some think, right?) But i dont get the disability part. I dont remember any disabilited characters (omg i forgot how to spell disability) and i really like that sort of thing because im constantly looking for rep for myself

even though it isn’t canon, luna is pretty obviously autistic, and i’m pretty sure the whole segment with Filch trying to learn how to use magic because he was a squib was about, y’know, squibs being considered less in the magical community for not having magic. that’s a pretty clear disability theme imo. like, it’s not very good representation-wise and i wish more time had been spent on it, but harry potter is fundamentally about protecting those who are seen of as lesser in society

Barbra Streisand, 1967

Welcome to Shipping With Stiles Week 2017! As a fun way to get this blog off to a great start, we decided to spend the first week of April celebrating Stiles in fic and fanart, culminating on his birthday, April 8th. We look forward to seeing what everyone has to contribute!

April 1st-Fool For Love (theme open for interpretation)
April 2nd-I Kissed a Girl (Stiles/female)
April 3rd-Black Magic (Supernatural Stiles)
April 4th-Stacy’s Mom (Stiles/one of the adults)
April 5th-Teenage FBI (Law Enforcement Stiles)
April 6th-How to Kiss a Boy (Stiles/male)
April 7th-The Power of Love (theme open to interpretation)
April 8th-Polyamorous (poly Stiles, any combo)

Please tag all of your posts with #SWSweek2017 so we can track everyone’s contributions, and make sure they get shared here on ShippingWithStiles!

(To be clear, all themes are suggestions and all Stiles-related works are welcome. Just tag it so we can track it!)

what you like to post online based on what house your venus is in

based on this post by @dickstrology

Venus in 1st: Mainly selfies or photos of yourself, or posts talking about what you did that day or what you think about things.

Venus in 2nd: Material possessions, such as new things you bought or something you made. You like to post things you find beautiful.

Venus in 3rd: You like to voice your opinion and you like to post photos of your friends and family. You like to post pictures of places you’ve traveled to.

Venus in 4th: You like to post pictures of your family or thing that make you feel nostalgic. You like to post about romance or things that make you feel comfortable.

Venus in 5th: You like to post about your hobbies or things you find fun. You like to post jokes or puns or whatever you find funny.

Venus in 6th: You post about your daily routine, or post about advice. You like to help others and talk to them.

Venus in 7th: You like to post about your relationship(s) or about love. You post about things you find beautiful or aesthetically pleasing.

Venus in 8th: What you like to post changes as you change your interests, but you like to post about your passions.

Venus in 9th: Inspirational quotes are probably your favorite. You like to post quotes, stories, or pictures you find interesting or intriguing.

Venus in 10th: You like to post about motivation or things that you think make you look good. You like to impress people with your posts, so they are usually orderly or have perfect grammar or theme.

Venus in 11th: Friends are your main focus in posting. You like to tag them in posts, post pictures of them, or talk to them online. You like to share inside jokes or have fun with them online.

Venus in 12th: You might not post very often or be all over the place with your interests, themes, or aesthetics. You don’t like to share personal information and you may not have a clear cut interest or theme of posts.


these are pictures of palawan. these are pictures of the place that nickelodeon wants to build an underwater theme park in. with the size of the park, many environmentalists and people (including myself), are worried that it will destroy palawan’s rich underwater wildlife. please don’t let this happen. please don’t let nickelodeon ruin such a beautifully natural area.


funtime freddy stimboard with no food or poking for @toyexe!! credit in the descriptions~

art cred (x)