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Welcome to Shipping With Stiles Week 2017! As a fun way to get this blog off to a great start, we decided to spend the first week of April celebrating Stiles in fic and fanart, culminating on his birthday, April 8th. We look forward to seeing what everyone has to contribute!

April 1st-Fool For Love (theme open for interpretation)
April 2nd-I Kissed a Girl (Stiles/female)
April 3rd-Black Magic (Supernatural Stiles)
April 4th-Stacy’s Mom (Stiles/one of the adults)
April 5th-Teenage FBI (Law Enforcement Stiles)
April 6th-How to Kiss a Boy (Stiles/male)
April 7th-The Power of Love (theme open to interpretation)
April 8th-Polyamorous (poly Stiles, any combo)

Please tag all of your posts with #SWSweek2017 so we can track everyone’s contributions, and make sure they get shared here on ShippingWithStiles!

(To be clear, all themes are suggestions and all Stiles-related works are welcome. Just tag it so we can track it!)


these are pictures of palawan. these are pictures of the place that nickelodeon wants to build an underwater theme park in. with the size of the park, many environmentalists and people (including myself), are worried that it will destroy palawan’s rich underwater wildlife. please don’t let this happen. please don’t let nickelodeon ruin such a beautifully natural area.

J2 Gold Panel at HousCon17

Now that the panel videos are out (thank you, Crowleys Hellhound @ YouTube!), it’s time to take a look at what happened at the morning panel in Houston.

The general atmosphere of the panel was extremely playful and very relaxed. The J’s were quite openly affectionate - the heart eyes were strong at this convention.

Jensen and Jared show up on stage - but wait, isn’t that some hotter version of Cas? Jensen certainly looks appreciative of the package. (0:57)

Jared feels uncomfortable wearing such small clothes and a fan suggests he’d take them off, so off they go - with style, of course! Jensen provides the stripper music by banging a drum with child-like enthusiasm. (2:43)

Unfortunately the shirt is too small as well…


Here comes the mandatory naughty joke! The J’s are talking about the prison garbs they wore for the episode First Blood. Jared insists on calling them onesies while Jensen calls them coveralls. Jensen thinks babies wear onesies and a baby joke starts. Jared loved the comfy “onesies” and thought he could sleep in them and then Jensen says “It’s two o’clock, time for bottle feeding!” (5:30)

Now, let me explain this a bit. Here’s what Urban Dictionary has as the most popular explanation for the term “milk bottle.”

So, uhh, is Jensen talking about feeding Jared with actual milk, or is there something else behind the joke? Seeing how the J’s seem familiar with every dirty word in the English language and Jared’s reaction to this joke, I’m fairly confident that this was a naughty joke indeed.

This makes me think of all sorts of things and I can tell you that none of them are G-rated.

A fan says she’s gotten her 72-year-old grandmother into Supernatural (and continues with something I can’t distinguish) Jensen asks her “Has she seen this?” (10:30) and continues straight into heart-eyes mode, shaking his head fondly. Pay attention to Jared’s face on the screen behind them! They look at each other with such love.

Jensen is asked about the difference between filming Smallville and Supernatural. Jensen says “The lead (Tom Welling) was bigger and way better looking” to which Jared responds “Don’t be so mean to yourself.. you’re big!” (13:11)

They both seem a little embarrassed by the joke and I might never forget this moment.

I thought this moment deserved its own video clip. Jensen is still talking about Smallville here and says that he (his character) had a really hot girlfriend on that show while in Supernatural he’s stuck with “this hot chick.” (15:19) Notice how he repeats it for what I can only assume is for added effect. Jared doesn’t seem to mind it at all, but waves happily at the audience.

I can only say that the reaction of the audience is disappointing. Had I been there, this would have been the moment where I’d have let out an inhuman screech. The audience squals a little at first and laughs at the repeat. Fandom, I am disappointed in you.

Other great moments from the panel:

  • A fan asks if they get overhelmed at times at 15:34 marker and both of the men give heartfelt responses (gifs)
  • A fan asks if Dean would take advantage of a drunk Sam and… cut his hair. 21:57 (gifs)
  • Jared calls Jensen “Jen” at 30:05 marker (gif)
  • Jared declaring he isn’t wearing any underwear at the very end of the video before quickly making this exit (pic)

I sensed a very clear theme in this panel and that was mutual appreciation. We got to witness an insane amount of heart-eyes moments here - even to the extent where I stopped writing down the markers for those. They were so abundant. Jensen called Jared hot twice, Jared showed appreciation of Jensen’s size… There was a possible blowjob joke? This loveydovey panel came out of nowhere - I had expected to see G in Houston along with some on-stage bearding, but I was surprised in a very nice way.

This panel is definitely be one of my favourite ones in the history of SPN conventions, if not the absolute number one.

PS: Main panel post here.

what you like to post online based on what house your venus is in

based on this post by @dickstrology

Venus in 1st: Mainly selfies or photos of yourself, or posts talking about what you did that day or what you think about things.

Venus in 2nd: Material possessions, such as new things you bought or something you made. You like to post things you find beautiful.

Venus in 3rd: You like to voice your opinion and you like to post photos of your friends and family. You like to post pictures of places you’ve traveled to.

Venus in 4th: You like to post pictures of your family or thing that make you feel nostalgic. You like to post about romance or things that make you feel comfortable.

Venus in 5th: You like to post about your hobbies or things you find fun. You like to post jokes or puns or whatever you find funny.

Venus in 6th: You post about your daily routine, or post about advice. You like to help others and talk to them.

Venus in 7th: You like to post about your relationship(s) or about love. You post about things you find beautiful or aesthetically pleasing.

Venus in 8th: What you like to post changes as you change your interests, but you like to post about your passions.

Venus in 9th: Inspirational quotes are probably your favorite. You like to post quotes, stories, or pictures you find interesting or intriguing.

Venus in 10th: You like to post about motivation or things that you think make you look good. You like to impress people with your posts, so they are usually orderly or have perfect grammar or theme.

Venus in 11th: Friends are your main focus in posting. You like to tag them in posts, post pictures of them, or talk to them online. You like to share inside jokes or have fun with them online.

Venus in 12th: You might not post very often or be all over the place with your interests, themes, or aesthetics. You don’t like to share personal information and you may not have a clear cut interest or theme of posts.

03/30 - MakoHaru

Justice League: Darkseid War: Green Lantern analysis

So I posted recently on how I was writing a big comics paper for school, and one or two people expressed their interest in reading it, so I figured I’d post it on here. It’s edited: the original paper was a comparison between this as a positive example of a single-issue story and another comic as a negative example, and for the sake of politeness I removed all references to that; this is just the chunk of the paper analyzing Tom King, Doc Shaner, Chris Sotomayor, and Tom Napolitano’s Justice League: Darkseid War: Green Lantern. Since I wrote this for school, it’s much drier and more formal than my usual writing here, and I’m writing on the assumption that the reader of the essay has essentially never read a comic before, i.e. is it successful at basic storytelling principles to carry the uninitiated, can you tell what’s going on if you’ve never seen or read a Green Lantern story in your life, etc. And for the sake of occasionally breaking up the text now that this isn’t in an academic context, I put in a couple splash pages from the story itself.

Spoilers under the cut; the assumption with this is that you’ve already read it.

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funtime freddy stimboard with no food or poking for @toyexe!! credit in the descriptions~

art cred (x)

anonymous asked:

Do you know how to do the thing where you draw a character's hair and there is a strand of hair thats connected with the hair but there is a small space in between it?

you mean like this?

It’s very simple, just draw the overall shape of the hair

and then where you want the strand to be separated, draw the hole! Most often, this happens when hair is bunched up either by hitting the shoulders or tied together, or while in motion.

you can also add hair on by just drawing a bump coming out, and adding the hole that way.

Any Romantic Arc in Sherlock Would Have Failed.

After having a few months to process the disaster that is season 4 of BBC Sherlock I’ve come to the miserable conclusion that the confirmation of any ship would have failed miserably. Be it Sherlolly, Adlock, Sheriarty or Johnlock.

Just putting this out there, I will ship Johnlock till the day I die and will always argue that there’s more evidence to support that being genuine than Sheriarty, Adlock or Sherlolly.

However, obviously most casual viewers don’t see any romantic arc between John and Sherlock because it is very subtle. In fact it’s too subtle. It is too subtle to be good story telling quality.

I know that tjlcers used to love thinking that Mofftiss actually cared about being clever and their references to canon and subtext and mirroring were hinting at future plot arcs. I mean it goes beautifully with the theme of the show being about the smartest man in the world who can reach conclusions through the tiniest of details.

Except there’s one problem. 90% of the people who keep these tv shows going through their subscriptions are what we call ‘casuals’. Most casuals won’t bother scouring every frame for references or hints or even care to come up with their own theories. Conclusion: Most entertainment, including BBC Sherlock is made for the casual viewer (duh). This means that a show has to be clear with the major themes it wants to present.

In Mofftiss’ case they failed to execute most of their themes but here specifically we will be delving into the theme of romantic love.

First I’ll get Sheriarty.

Of course no one ever expects the hero to end up with the villain because…..well it never happens. Good triumphs over evil and all that. But even if one wanted to do this odd decision they would have to abide by good story telling in order to convey the message. Affection is automatically excluded in this case since neither Sherlock or Moriarty have ever shown compassion towards each other. But I suppose a case can be made for lust and a dark admiration for each other’s capabilities. You do see a little bit of it, but it never goes further than some admiration and Moriarty flirting to drive Sherlock up the wall. It’s crystal clear that Sherlock cares too much for John and his friends to ever go to the dark side and be with Jim. Again, the good triumphs over evil theme that most media prefers to portray. To add to that, Sherlock and JIm have no direct contact during season 4. Would it have made sense for Sherlock to suddenly confess that he loves Jim? No. I bet he’d happily let him get blown to smithereens.


Sherlock rejects her when she asks him out, he tells her to shut up and not bother him. He finally appreciates her when she helps him fake his death and even then he remains uninterested in her. Sherlock isn’t bothered by her getting married yet mopes when John gets married and makes an effort to find all the information on his wife’s past relationships. (Let’s not forget that Molly features in 10 minutes maximum of every episode) Following that, Molly takes up even less time in each episode. She’s there just to show that the drugs will kill Sherlock and to babysit Rosie. During those brief interactions Sherlock neither cares for her or what she has to say.  Does this sound like a love story to you? Does it sound that the show made any effort to enforce that there was love between the two? No. (and please don’t forget that the Sherlolly kiss was fake. Don’t be like my grandfather who literally forgot that it wasn’t real.) Yet despite this portrayal the audience is supposed to accept that Sherlock loves and has always loved Molly in a romantic way. You’d think that even if the relationship was a last minute decision they would at least foreshadow the love between them in the first two episodes of the season. Nope. There’s no build up to it at all.

Adlock next.

This time there are proper hints to a love story or some type of fascination between Sherlock and Irene but there are some things that still hinder that reading.

Yes the music in a Scandal in Belgravia is sensual and romantic and all the themes having to do with nudity, virginity and sex certainly help to establish a romantic atmosphere. However Sherlock isn’t interested in what Irene has to offer him (sex), he’s interested in her intelligence. John immediately suggests that Irene covers her nude form because he’s obviously afraid of embarrassing himself if you know what I mean. But Sherlock doesn’t. He does look uncomfortable with her nudity but he doesn’t do anything to combat it due to pride. Initially I thought that he couldn’t read anything from her body because he was too distracted. However this is blatantly contradicted when it’s revealed that he got her measurements. And really ask yourself this: would a man who is definitely attracted to women and this woman in particular be able to do that? His interest in her is confirmed to be non-sexual when he repeatedly refuses her advances to go ‘have dinner’ by responding that he’s not hungry. Even when it looks like he makes an advance by holding her wrist he’s actually taking her pulse to determine if she’s in love with him to confirm the password to her phone. And as for him saving her in the end, what you think he wouldn’t care about any ordinary person in her place? To me it was quite clear that Irene did love or lust after the detective but he was not on the same page. Even if you do think that they loved each other it wouldn’t make sense to have Irene be entirely absent from the rest of the show (except for a brief cameo and a text where it isn’t even revealed what it says) until the very last moment where Sherlock would have to admit his undying love for her or she dies. Again, there’s no build up.

Finally we get to the meat of the matter. I know people will probably hate me for my opinion but Johnlock being confirmed in The Final Problem or some episode in the far future is a no go. Yes there has been subtext but the keyword is SUBTEXT. In order to tell a proper love story so that the majority of the audience understands it, it needs to be text. The obvious sign that a love story is badly written is when an audience doesn’t see any chemistry between the leads or if it’s a side story when the kiss comes as a complete surprise. A blink it and you’ll miss it scene of John’s head pasted on the Vitruvian man isn’t going to cut it. And neither are a bunch of situations where affection can be easily interpreted as platonic (of course I’m not talking about all moments). It doesn’t help that it looks like Mofftiss deliberately resisted including anymore characters speculating about the nature of Sherlock and John’s relationship in the past two seasons. As the episodes dragged on I was still hoping it would be canon, and with all the drama that emerged during season 4 filming I was certain it was going to happen. It would be difficult but not entirely impossible to create some build up in three two hour episodes. But as the The Six Thatchers aired my hopes were crushed and I was actually praying that there would be no love confession. Why? Because there wouldn’t have been proper build up for the dedicated fans to properly anticipate it never mind the casual audience.

Keep this in mind. I know it’s a negative prospect but if a movie or tv series has hinted at a gay relationship but it hasn’t gotten banned in some cinemas or countries (Russia anyone?) it hasn’t conveyed the message well enough.

To me it’s clear now that the Mofftiss enjoyed toying with people’s expectations about their ships.  I’ll never forgive them for disrespecting the lgbt community (not just with queerbaiting, they did other stuff) and for being rude to fans and for making fun of the one ship that isn’t straight.

Why You Should Be Watching The Get Down

I finished watching it over this weekend and I thought I’d do a list for this Netflix gem because it’s nowhere near as appreciated as it should be:

- the fantastically talented young cast, there seriously isn’t a weak link anywhere here, but justice smith, herizen guardiola and shameik moore are absolute stars
- well realised three-dimensional lead characters, with realistic arcs and conflicts
- engaging secondary characters: like, there’s not really one secondary character who isn’t interesting in some way, shape or form
- poc representation, it’s seriously refreshing, speaking as a white person to have a show where almost none of the characters are white men, let alone white at all
- it’s co-created by baz luhrmann of moulin rouge fame, and if you like that you will most likely love this
- the scripting really really tight, with clear themes, satisfying plot progression and pacing, and fantastic dialogue
- fascinating mix of the historical and political, if you’re into that kinda thing
- positive female friendships and interaction!!!
- it’s seriously feelgood…not like in a cheesy, glee kinda way (sorry glee fans), the characters do have hardships and triumphs but the script never emotionally manipulates you, unlike certain other shows
- it honestly feels like an antidote to 2016 in general
- that being said, it explores some very serious themes and concepts and refuses to shy away from them
- the direction and art design…this is an incredibly stylistic show and looks amazing, the way it expresses its themes with some of the cuts is beautiful
- the original music… it’s just sex for the ears, frankly
- ezekiel figuero and his poems/raps
- mylene cruz
- herizen guardiola’s voice (technically an extension of the previous)
- shaolin fantastic
- lgbt representation, okay there’s only 2 characters thus far (both male, one white, one not) but a certain scene in the last recent episode and the cast hint at this being expanded in future episodes
- everything else…these are just my personal highlights but there is frankly so much to enjoy on this show