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Japanese Cranes Nail Art This look was inspired by this beautiful Japanese print… so lovely. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ The beautiful crane image and two smaller ones can be found on Creative Shop plates 22 and 48. The clouds and mosaics print were picked off MoYou London Asia Collection plate 03. I also used two new China Glaze shades from the Street Regal Collection: Just A Little Embellishment (dark matte teal) and Accent Piece (a luminous golden orange). Hope you like it. Me? I just adore this crane. I bought the plate just for this image. Have a great weekend!

To the people who are younger on this site (and  I mean like 15 and under)

Please be careful on this site! People post a lot of harmful content on here that can be scary or triggering. Feel free to block people that harass\make you uncomfortable by any means. Your safety matters and I just want to say that i wish people told me that people will post all sorts of things on here even though it violates tumblr guidelines. Please be safe !  ♡ ✧ ♡ ✧ ♡ ✧ ♡ 

Look at this little sunbeam.

I always think it’s weird when people say Sora and Kairi need to tell the other how they feel, because. I mean. I can’t be the only one who thinks they already have, right?

Barbra Streisand, 1967

Black Tumblr has got to stop making everything about race.

Article: woman (who just happens to be black) dies of anafalactic shock after accidentally being served onions at local restaurant.

Tumblr: another black person dying and it isn’t major news? Amerikkka.

Article: this young man who happens to be black is volunteering at a soup kitchen

Tumblr: #blackpride

Article: the cause of the crash that killed this family of 4 (who just happened to be black) was a faulty traffic light.

Tumblr: # protectblacklives

Article: Child (who just happened to be black) bullied for liking pokemon. Later commits suicide

Tumblr: why do black people have to deal with stuff like this?

Stop turning things that don’t have to do with race into racial issues. If it would have happened regardless of race, your tumblr activism hashtags and comments only take away from it. Someone doing something good or bad regardless of race does not need your attempt at problack commentary. If race is not a clear central theme of the action, then those are just empty words. That is just making light of the incedent. That is just diverting attention to the unimportant.

If I win a debate competition or save someone’s life or get attacked by a dog, I wouldn’t want people to focus on my race when it isn’t even notable to what happened.

PLANETARY SPREAD (stolen from ladystardvst uwu)

1 - J1407B - What illusions are in my life?

2 - TrES-2b - What dark part of myself do I need to come to terms with?

3 - Exoplanet 55 Cancri e - What bright part of myself do I need to embrace more often?

4 - Gliese 436 b - What things do I say that contradict my actual actions?

5 - Gliese 581c - What habits do I have that may be more unhealthy than I’m willing to admit?

if you’re using this spread, feel free to take pictures and tag ladystardvst in it! All planetary and space themes ever belong to her. uwu If any of you use ideas based off of space or stars or planets, ur stealing from her!!! Donut steal!

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ok so far have been 3 solomon references - song of solomon, asmodeus who in the bible appears in the temple of solomon and now king solomon, this can't be a coincidence right????


funtime freddy stimboard with no food or poking for @toyexe!! credit in the descriptions~

art cred (x)

A gentle reminder that there has been no “bait and switch”- we have been screaming at the top of our lungs about the clear literary themes surrounding Kylo/Ben Solo and Rey since TFA came out. That you decide, now, to lament a thing you willfully, violently ignored and refused to listen to us about for two years is no one’s problem but your own.

Star Wars is a space opera about Skywalker family drama- to expect it to behave as anything less is ludicrous and unreasonable.