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Get to Know Your Deck Spread

Here’s a lovely spread for all of you out there who are new to tarot, recently received a new deck, struggle with bonding with your deck(s) and/or are having issues getting clear or understanding readings. Sometimes decks have personalities to them, they have their own likes, dislikes, alignments and even preferred ‘work’ to go into. They also often require bonding to get the most accurate smooth readings. I have explained before the differences in my decks and what they like to answer, and I know of others who struggle bonding or understanding who their decks are. This spread should be of help!

1. How is your deck feeling today? Are they in a good mood ready to work? Or are they just having an off bad day? I have found decks, like people, can have moody bad days. These days their readings may be harsher than usual or even not even slightly logical. Its good to see what mood your deck is in before using it for readings, especially readings for others (and especially if they are paying for them). This may also affect the questions they will wish to answer.

2. What element does your deck align with? All decks are different and some may align themselves with specific elements. Is your deck fire, water, earth, air, spirit or a combination of them? This may affect the manner which they read. Air decks may be more interested in giving creative advice and focus on individuality, free-spirited natures, the arts, and even love. Water decks tend to focus on emotions and seeking gentle fixes. Fire decks tend to be the most assertive, they are competitive, encouraging, brave, passionate but also tend to support the idea of feuds. Fire decks, also from my experience, tend to be very blunt about things. Earth aligned decks tend to be a bit calmer, they focus on bonds with people such as family and friendships. They also focus on careers, prosperity and money matters. Spirit decks, tend to like to do more of the ‘divine’. They focus on self-enlightenment, self discovery and communicating with supernatural forces, guides, and deities.

3. What Questions does your deck enjoy answering? Does your deck enjoy answering questions about love? Friends and family? Do they enjoy giving personal advice? Do they like money matters and career focuses. This could determine what questions they may be the most accurate and ones they will give the best advice on.

4. What Questions does your deck least like to answer? These are the questions they may not have the most accurate advice on. Such as my Rider deck greatly dislikes romance questions so I never use him for them because he will always just advice break-ups no matter the situation.

5. What is your deck’s current feelings towards you? Does your deck feel close to you? Is it a strong professional business bond? Or is it more like a friendship? Do they feel distant from you? Like you ignore them? Do they not understand you or feel like you are a stranger? Do you intimidate them?

6. How can you improve your relationship? How does your deck feel like you two can do to help build your relationship? Practice more or perhaps make spreads.

7. A Negative trait. Pretty self explanatory, this is a negative quality about your deck that it feels you have a right to know about. Take note that this is a negative trait in the mind and views of your deck, its something it feels is negative.

8. A Positive trait. Again, pretty self explanatory, this is a trait that your deck feels is a positive trait it has. Again, this is a trait seen as positive in its mind.

So Tony owns the Avengers merchandising rights and he starts pushing them hard, and there’s a lot of crappy stories going around, accusing him of being money-grubbing and making a dime anywhere he can.

Only it comes out pretty quick that a.) Tony doesn’t see a dime of the money, all the profit is going to children’s advocacy charities or something along those lines. And b.) Tony really only did this, it’s evidently clear, so he could completely deck out his life in War Machine merchandise.

He hasn’t been seen in anything but his War Machine hoodie in a month and a half now. His sunglasses are War Machine. He has a War Machine bobble-head on his desk. When he visits kids in hospitals, he brings them War Machine-themed toys.

Rhodey is horrifically embarrassed but also really, really pleased and maybe just a little bit more in love than he was before, as hard as that might be to believe (although if he could just get Tony to wash that sweatshirt now, that would be great. It’s starting to get gross).

Wildcat Mk. VIs of a fighter flight attached to 853 Sqd. aboard HMS Tracker, in May 1944. Note the tail wheel outriggers that allowed the aircraft to be stowed almost fully clear of the main flight deck.

Card Tip - Clear & Cleanse

Of course, these are just a few of your options.


  • Place your deck next to a piece of Carnelian - it will cleanse it just by proximity.
  • Hold your deck, thank it for its insight, and ask it to release the old energy.
  • Place decks out in the light of the New Moon (Full Moon works, too, but I see that best for charging).
  • Just good ol’ passage of time. If you don’t need to do another reading right away, letting a deck sit for awhile will allow the energy to dissipate on its own.
  • Chas: (puts pint in front of Robert, clears her throat until Robert looks up) My son might put up with you being too busy to notice him but ignore me again and the next drink goes all over you.
  • Robert: I was just catching up on some paperwork.
  • Chas: You seem like you haven't got time for anything these days.
  • Robert: Has Aaron said something to you?
  • Chas: Well, maybe if you'd paid him more attention you'd have seen it for yourself.
  • (Aaron comes in)
  • Chas: Hiya.
  • Aaron: You all right?
  • Robert: Uhm, yeah, I'm sorry I've been so busy. I'm just trying to clear the decks so we can have more time together.
  • Ross: Pint, please, Chas.
  • Chas: You all on your own today?
  • Ross: Meant to be hanging out with Rebecca but someone has bailed on her. Now she's got some work to do or summat.
  • Robert: Yeah, well, it's about time she did something, cos her idea of help is me doing all the work and her taking all the credit. I'm done.
  • Aaron: Full steam ahead to Vegas, then.
  • Robert: Yes!

Hello, everyone! I am very excited to be announcing my very first giveaway!

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~TONS OF CRYSTALS!! Selenite, Kyanite, Amethyst, Peridot, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Fluoirite, lots of types of Agate, Red Jasper, Tiger Stripe Jasper, Hematite, Citrine, Calcite, Tigers Eye, Moonstone, Desert Rose, Septarian Nodule, and many more!

  • The Commander: Alien Alloys, we need more.
  • Bradford: We can gather more on missions.
  • The Commander: But what about all the Alien Debris we cleared out from the lower deck.
  • Bradford: Um...
  • The Commander: You used them to build your hot tub, didn't you?
  • [Bradford makes a speedy exit from the bridge]
  • (Submitted by @alexescaping. Thank you for your contribution. -The Incorrect Spokesman.)

anonymous asked:

Be ready for the storm I can just feel my body racing! I know that I'm not going to have a busy day at school tomorrow so I'm staying up late (studying for some stuff later in the week) and I'm going to go to sleep as soon as I get home and wake up around 1:00 so I can watch the recording and skip commercials!

Hi Anon!

With less than 24 hours to go before Hurricane Jed hits us I do believe the entire fandom is now entering final preparation mode as to enjoy the episode and have plenty of time to freak out afterwards.   

I pulled 14 hour day at work today to clear the decks there.   More chocolate will be procured.  A fluffy new blanket for the blanket fort.  Maybe trip to Build a Bear for a security animal since my fur babies know to stay well away from me and the kiddo when AOS is on.  

I’ll be here after for all your freaking out, theorizing, calming needs.

….after I have a freak out of my own.

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Ooo the WTNV deck? How are you liking it (readings aside)? Might I have a reading on my creativity? Have a lovely day!

Oh man, oh man, I am loving this deck. The artwork is absolutely gorgeous, and the symbolism is so very clear. I find this deck incredibly easy to read, and there are so many little insights that I pull out of the cards that goes beyond the textbook definition of the cards, and I love it so much. Also, the darker sides of Night Vale were always my favorite parts of it, and I feel like deck holds true to that as well - it doesn’t shy away from the darker, scarier parts of the meanings. It is what it is, and you have to learn to accept the dark.

Now, on to your reading! 

Textbook definition - Speed, travel, action, swift change

The Eight of Wands depicts one of the absolutely beautiful monologues in NV - the one about the ghost lights speeding down Route 800 that are not good speeds to match. They aren’t following the flow of traffic. You may feel you are going very fast, making a lot of progress on your creative pursuits. While that is great and wonderful, and you should definitely keep it up, be sure that you’re not moving too fast. Take a breather, take a break, don’t burn yourself out by doing too much at once. 

I hope this was helpful!^.^ As always, feedback is appreciated^.^