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Never Sleeping Again: Part 1

*A TRC AU (Also on AO3)

Ronan Lynch was in a terrible mood. The hot summer sun was burning his fair skin, leaving his nose, cheekbones, neck, and shoulders tender and pink. And he was sweating, his standard black muscle tee clinging to his torso as he followed Matthew through the crowds at the Saturday farmer’s market. The vendors all knew Matthew by name and they called out to him, asking him to try samples of jam, fudge, and baked goods. They did not call out to Ronan, which suited him just fine. He was only here at Matthew’s request. He had been woken up at an ungodly hour to find Matthew perched on the end of his bed, begging him to go to the market.

“Why don’t you ask Declan?” Ronan grumbled as he pulled his pillow over his face.

Ronan,” Matthew whined, “you have to come!”

“No,” Ronan said.

“But there’s um, something special there. Something you’ll like.”

This was enough to get Ronan to toss his pillow on the floor and give Matthew an appraising look.

“Something I’d like, huh? I really can’t imagine what that would be,” Ronan said. Matthew had a playful but shifty look on his face, like he was trying to not give away the punch line to a good joke. “Okay, fine, whatever,” Ronan growled as he got out of bed and pulled on some clothes. “Just don’t make waking me up this early a regular thing.”

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Unexpected: Part 3

I AM SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG!  It’s much longer than the previous part because I had a lot to cover.  I want to say the next part will be out quicker but it’s doubtful as I have almost just as much to cover.

I have a lot of headcanons about human/monster pregnancy and monster pregnancy in general.  I hope you guys enjoy!  As always I love all the fans of this, you people keep me going!

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Tea Headcanons for Each Flight

There’s nothing I love better than a nice cup of tea, so these are some of the teas I like to imagine the different flights in Sornieth might enjoy. 

Fire: Masala Chai steeped in the heat of the forge, a strong and vivid flavor redolent with spicy cinnamon, the zing of ginger, and the heat of black pepper. Some dragons like to throw in a pinch of Lapsang Souchong for a touch of smoke. 

Wind: Jasmine pearl tea, with a delicate floral complexity that smells and tastes just like blooming jasmine. They’re often arranged into little balls of blooming teas, leaves and flowers carefully rolled up, then served in a clear glass teapot so that everyone can watch the hot water make the ball unfurl and “bloom.” Wind dragons almost always have a pouch of the little pearls on them, to share with new friends they meet on their travels. 

Arcane: Kashmiri tea, a special tea made with milk, salt, pistachios, almonds, cardamom, and cinnamon. A unique tea with an unmistakable blend of flavors, and an equally unmistakable pink hue, perfect to drink while stargazing.

Plague: Cranberries harvested from their many bogs, blood oranges with tough, leathery skin, and hibiscus stolen from the verdant edges of the Gladekeeper’s domain stain this herbal tea bright red, and give it a sharp, tart flavor. It will curdle milk if you try to add any. When fresh ingredients are unavailable however, they carry bricks of pressed pu-erh, tea which has been fermented and oxidized. The leaves are gathered from wild trees in the parts of the Scarred Wasteland which were once the Gladekeeper’s forests before the land was corrupted and claimed by the Plaguebringer, and they make rich, dark tea with a faint taste of camphor. 

Earth: A strong brewed Assam, rich and flavorful with a hint of nuttiness, simple and straightforward. Serve with honey, and milk or lemon for a comforting, homey drink. A drink the Earthshaker would share with his siblings, if they ever came to visit. 

Nature: Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, apple bits, rosehips, and violets are all easily gathered from the Gladekeeper’s lush domain to be dried and blended with a rich Ceylon tea. It’s brewed with fresh springwater and sweetened with wildflower honey, and most nature lairs have their own variation based on their favorite fruits and flowers. 

Light: A fine first flush darjeeling, blended with mango and apricot. The delicate floral muscatel that characterizes darjeeling as “the champagne of teas” is complemented by the lush sweetness of mango and apricot. Too bad they keep letting it get stone cold because they get lost in a book and forget they had it. 

Lightning: The dry, desert environs of the Shifting Expanse aren’t a fun place for hot tea, so they take an iced blend, flavored with lime, mint, coconut, and cactus blossoms. Cool and refreshing, so you can drink it and immediately get back to work.

Water: There’s a mushroom tea that induces visions, but don’t try that one at home. More commonly drunk is Moroccan mint tea, with the smooth but surprisingly strong taste of gunpowder green tea complemented by the cool sweetness of fresh mint and sugar. Like the ocean it changes, and each of the three steeps in their varying flavors are considered conducive to seeing varying prophecies: “The first glass is as gentle as life, the second glass is as strong as love, the third glass is as bitter as death.”

Shadow: They favor a blend called Shadowbinder’s Lullaby, with a  grassy mintiness of chammomile and the astringent but soothing taste of lavender to lull you into relaxation. Forest berries dance sweetly around the edge, while anise seeds bring out a hint of licorice at the very end. But be careful how much you drink. They like to add in hemlock, and you can never be sure if they mean the evergreen, or the poisonous herb.

Ice: Silver Needles white tea, blended with the lightest touches of peony, spearmint, and pear, delicately flavored and meant to be drunk with nothing added, is considered the classy blend. However, the Southern Icefields are a cold place, where you need something hearty and warming when you come in out of the snow, so don’t be surprised when you’re actually offered a steaming cup of strong brewed tea rich with caramel, maple, almond, vanilla, apples, and cinnamon, with plenty of cream and rock sugar stirred in, 

Never Sleeping Again: Part 2

*A TRC AU (Also on AO3)

Matthew talked the entire way back to Aglionby Academy and he was not at all bothered by Ronan’s tense silence. Ronan paid no attention to Matthew, and barely any to driving, as he puzzled over Adam Parrish. It was a nice name and suited the slender boy in the faded T-shirt. Adam. Ronan wanted to say the name out loud and taste it in his mouth. Parrish. Adam Parrish. Adam…

“So Adam seems nice, right?”

Ronan jumped in his seat and about jerked the car off the road.

“What?” he asked, voice gruff.

“I said,” Matthew sang out, “Adam seems nice, right???”

“Yes,” Ronan admitted. “But you already knew that, didn’t you? That was your whole ploy, finding me ‘something nice.’”

Matthew hummed happily, sticking his hand out the car window and weaving it through the air.

“Adam is not something,” Ronan added, just so he could finally say Adam’s name out loud.

“Duh!” Matthew responded. “But if I had said ‘Hey Ronan there’s this really cute guy you should meet’ you never would have come with me.”

Ronan shrugged because it was true. “I just never figured you for the sneaky type,” Ronan commented. “Don’t start taking after Declan. Declan lies.”

“I wish you guys would just make up already,” Matthew whined.

“Oh, look, we’re already here,” Ronan said, effectively ending the conversation.

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