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“Lucky girl.” Niall brings his bottle into the air, offering a cheers. Ruby reaches for her nearly full drink sitting on the table and bumps the clear plastic against his glass. After a quick sip, he speculates, “So you mean it? We’re all good? No more angry Ruby stares?”

“Nah.” She shakes her head, smirking as she traces the lip of her cup with her finger and, “I mean, who cares if I was called milky pants for three years? Whatever. It was cool at times.”

“I always got a kick outta calling you that myself.”

“I think you started it?”

Niall shrugs, noncommittally. “Maybe. Who keeps up with those kinds of things?”

Ruby can distinctly remember being called that moments after it happened by none other than the former blonde himself, but in the spirit of forgiveness, she keeps with the light hearted nature of their joking. “Young girls who want the opposite sex to one day find them somewhat attractive.”

Was It Worth It? (TGC)

Here is your angsty and smutty TGC imagine @fionnglynnjackstyles

Sorry if this is really long. I’m not good at writing angst or smut either, so apologies if it’s not very good.

You took your final check of your outfit in the full-length mirror, smoothing out your tight black lacy dress. You bent down to tighten the straps on your black chunky heels. Once you ensured they were securely fastened, you made your way back up only to find your boyfriend leaning against the door frame looking at you with admiration.

“You liking the view Glynn-Carney?” You asked, making eye contact with him through the mirror. 

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fortunestrology  asked:

Sorry I'm going to sound really stupid but I'm at the very beginning of digital art and I don't know how to "grab" the lineart (i don't even really know what it is) so could you please be able to help me? Thank you in advance

We all have to start somewhere, that’s what this blog is for: learning.

Line art (also used as one word as lineart) is usually the “inked” stage of cartoon-style art, ready to colour, similar to the stage of a colouring book for children (or adults).

Line art can hand-drawn and scanned in or can be created on the computer using a mouse or a graphics tablet (a mouse replacement consisting of a plastic plate and a plastic pen, both filled with electronics - instead of moving and dragging with the mouse, you “draw” with the pen and the input appears on the computer).

Line art created directly on the computer is usually already transparent between the lines, like drawing on a sheet of clear plastic or glass. Line art drawn with pen, pencil, or brush and then scanned has its own problems, as the paper is also scanned and must usually be made transparent - scanned line art could include a cleaned up ink drawing, or even a pencil sketch

In computer colouring, the colour is usually applied on layers beneath the line art, like having the outline on one sheet of clear plastic or glass, and colouring on other sheets underneath - this leaves the line art crisp and clear and there are various tricks you can use to keep your colouring inside the lines - it also makes it easier to add shading and textures and change colours. Alternatively, some artists paint above the line art, or on the same layer - using the line art as a sketch that they paint over, often ending with art that has little or no outline.

As well as drawing your own line art, there is a whole industry and community movement that provides line art (ready to colour) or line art “bases” (usually animal or human blank line art, like an artist’s or clothing store mannequin) to which you add your own hair, clothes, colours, and possibly features and expressions, before you colour.

“Grabbing” line art will mean different things in different contexts - I usually use it as “sloppy” English to mean either scanning or downloading your line art, or opening an existing line art image file in FireAlpaca  (using File menu, Open, or cut and paste), but it could also refer to using the Move tool to move the line art on the canvas or something else, in context.


MY Hoodoo Sun-Heating and Magic Working Method

Candle/Incense Burning Alternative for Rootwork

Writing this up for my friends on here, especially the ones who ain’t allowed to burn candles or incense in their houses, or burn anything PERIOD.

In the tradition of rootwork and hoodoo of the African Diaspora, one of many understandings for the flame of the candle or burning incense is that it is used to ‘heat up’ or provide mobility for a magic working, and the smoke is used to carry the request over to the spirits who can assist with the manifestation.

However, there are other ways to do it without the use of fire and smoke. There’s already a ton of posts floating around witchblr on using the power of the sun/moon/celestial bodies for magic working. 

Here is my particular method, in my particular style of conjure that I’d thought I’d share.

Items Needed:

  • A (written) copy of the spell’s objective or sigil representing the spell.
  • The seal/sign of the CONSENTING spirit involved in the working.
    If you hadn’t already, make sure to use a divination tool to assure that the entity whose symbol/picture you choose to use in combination with your magic working has given you an affirmative sign that they are willing to assist with your magical objective.
    In the tradition of conjure, the will of the spirit is always given the utmost attention.
    If you intend to combine Western European magical methods, you can also use the colored symbols of the planetary force you want to include in the working, or even pictures of Saints if you work with Catholic-based magic.
  • A clear container (ie. glass, plastic) that has been consecrated or cleansed and cleared (using holy water).
    Another method of cleansing is rinsing the container in a spring or natural body of CLEAN, running water (ie. waterfalls, NOT faucets).
    If you can’t find these things, holy water can be bought at a Cathedral, botannica, or even ordered online.
    Glass is usually preferred, but once the container has been ‘cleansed’, it should be okay for the spirit involved or the power of the working.
    You should use divination to see if it should be cleansed multiple times.
    It is possible that preparation can take hours or days until the container is suitable!
  • Time and patience!


  1. Put your written objective or sigil in your cleansed glass/plastic container.
  2. Add in any extras, such as symbol of the spiritual force you intend to work, or any additional herbs/magical concoctions.
  3. Place in a sunny area where the container will not be disturbed.
  4. Divine and speak to the magical work nightly, attending to any needs it may have. “Work with spirit every step of the way!”
  5. Watch your working successfully manifest. 

If you feel your magical objective is significantly important,
the effort put into exhaustive preparations should not be an issue
(especially if you want ideal results!)

It is good to keep a collection of pre-cleansed containers on hand in case of last-minute magic workings that cannot afford lengthy preparations.
The sooner you start preparing these, the better.

Most work is pre-emptive!

Praemonitus praemunitis - Forewarned is forearmed!