clear perspex

Alan spends the flight up with his heart in his throat and his hands shaking on the steering column. It hadn’t taken them long to work out there was something drastically, horrifically wrong going on on Thunderbird Five, and the youngest Tracy had been sent up in Three to go to the rescue. When they started all this, when they’d built the ‘birds and pledged to help wherever they could, Alan had never expected he’d be rescuing his brothers.

What Alan was also never expecting, was to look out his view screen on his approach to find John floating, untethered and still, outside his space station.

“John!” Alan is out of his pilots seat, grabbing his hover board and is through the air lock before he can even consider why John has left his ship and is hanging limply in open space.

Which is why Alan is not expecting it in the slightest when Thunderbird Five attacks him. The crane arm comes out of nowhere and the youngest Tracy is forced into a sudden, terrifying, loop-the-loop on his board; weaving in and out of the machine’s reach until he practically collides into John with a startled cry. Alan recovers just in time to pull them both out of the way of Five’s erratic flailing, as the machine tries to take their heads off.

“John!” Alan shouts again, into his radio this time; hoping for some kind of response. He clamps his hands down hard over his brothers shoulders and gives him a rough shake and little Alan’s eyes widen as John’s head lolls back and forth like a ragdoll. “John, wake up!” He stares through the clear perspex of his brothers helmet and finds that John’s eyelids are heavy and closed. His face is paler than Alan has ever seen it; tinged an awful, pallid shade of grey as his lips and eyelids rapidly take on a deep blueish hue.

Oxygen deprivation. Alan swallows thickly. At a glance the gauge on John’s suit suit is almost at nothing. He’s running out of time.

Terrified, with his heart hammering in his chest, Alan loops his arms under his big brother’s shoulders and drags him along under the propulsion of the firing jets on his  hover board, tugging them both through open space and slaloming around the crazed Five’s mechanical arm until they topple through Three’s airlock and into what Alan thinks is safety.

The illusion is shatter when a voice, a little girls voice, high and tinny in his ear, breaks suddenly through his radio silence in a burst of static.

You won’t be able to save him, Alan…” She whispers softly. “Are all humans as quaint as you two?

Too panicked to be startled, but not wholly dismissing the voice as his imagination, Alan only has time to double check the ‘lock has sealed behind them before he’s frantically wrenching off John’s helmet, his fingers ghosting over his brothers face; desperate to try and find out if their Spaceman is even still breathing…

So there was this (x) post and I am all super mega hyped for EOS tomorrow (hahah today it’s like 3am haha what is sleep) so I figured I’d expand on this (x) drawing to build a scene up… and so this happened…

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