clear opal


tumblr fucking KILLS the resolution, im so sorry

i felt very inspired this weekend and made two fusion designs. tanzanite is way past cool and loves to roll around at the speed of sound. dragon on the other hand lacks any chill. and, unlike tanzanite, doesn’t chuckle.

[do not repost my art. do not use my art without my permission, for monetary gain and without crediting me. DONT MAKE YOUTUBE VIDEOS WITH MY FAN FUSIONS. fanart of my designs is welcome! as long as you credit me + link to this post]

a few of my personal stones 😋✨💕

☾ Moon

Influences: Intuition, birth, motherhood, clairvoyance, psychic ability, dreams, emotions, astral travel, imagination, reincarnation, renewal
Crystals: Moonstone, petalite, clear quartz, selenite, opal, rose quartz, abalone 
Herbs: Willow, lotus, water lily, clary sage, jasmine, moonwort, mugwort, white sandalwood, morning glory, iris, evening primrose, honeysuckle, myrrh, lemon
Deities: Atlas, Khonsu, Sin, Hathor, Isis, Hecate Artemis, Ceridwen, Diana, Levanah, Lunah, Mari 
Animal: Owl, wolf
Element: Water 
Metal: Silver 
Day of the Week: Monday 
Number: 2
Color: Silver, pale blue, white
Astrological Sign: Cancer 
Tarot: High Priestess 
Anatomy: Breasts, stomach, womb, back
Musical tone: G sharp 
Lunar sigil courtesy of @xenon-exe

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*Please read the introduction post and important notes HERE  <—-

  • BLACK is good for getting out that dark negativity that sits inside of you. That depression, burning hatred and chaos. Black isn’t a bad colour, in fact it’s a very protective and powerful colour for the witch who uses it! Black is perfect for Karmic work. Basically, if you feel that you’re in trouble or have some negative energy following you around, black is the colour to use.Stones that pair well with this colour I’ve found are black agate, onyx, black tourmaline, obsidian and hematite.

  • CHARCOAL is similar to black in the sense that it is used as a form of protection, I use it to help battle any sad emotions or mundane negativity. This colour is best used if you wake up just in one of those moods that you can’t quite put your finger on, you know? It’s just a little boost of energy protection. Stones that pair well with this are cat’s eye opal and grey quartz.

  • SILVER is used when I need to receive guidance or insight from a spirit guide, communication and when I need help finding something I’ve lost or misplaced! Stones best paired with this colour are hematite, grey moonstone and grey quartz.

  • LIGHT GREY: Personally, I use light grey when working with water or storm magick but, I’ve read others use it for glamour type spells and even fear, so this colour goes all over the place. Whatever magickal energy you feel drawn to use it with/on, go for it. Stones that pair best with this colour are moonstone, russian agate and grey quartz.

  • OFF-WHITE is used to help clear a clouded mind/ judgment; when things feel fuzzy and off and like you’re suffering from a hangover. It’s that solid and opaque grounding colour. Stones that work best with this colour are calcite, howlite, citrine and white jasper.

  • WHITE represents purity, perfection, universal energy and the source/creator/gods/goddesses to me. Used before and after magick work, circle casting and calling for extra personal healing from your guides. Stones that pair best with this colour energy are diamonds, opal and clear quartz.
Cosmic Correspondences

Here is my list of cosmic correspondences other than the more well known ones such as the planetary and astrological etc.

Asteroid Belt

Influences: Cycles, change, obstacles, discipline
Crystals: Garnet, Sapphire, jet, tektite
Herbs: Patchouli, sage, hemp, witchhazel
Colors: Black, earth tones, grey
Planets: Saturn
Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous
Astrology: Capricorn
Tarot: Judgement, Justice

Black Holes

Influences: Banishing, hexes, curses, cleansing
Crystals: Hematite, obsidian, smokey quartz
Herbs: Dragon’s blood, anise, pennyroyal, black salt
Colors: Black, grey, silver, white
Planets: Pluto
Moon Phase: Third Quarter
Astrology: Scorpio, Aries
Tarot: The Tower, The Devil


Influences: Grounding, energy, introspection
Crystals: Clear quartz, blue goldstone, selenite, moon stone, opalite, fluorite
Herbs: Mugwort, camomile, ginger, ginkgo, elder leaf
Colors: Cosmic Latte
Planets: All or N/A
Moon Phase: Waning Gibbus
Astrology: All or N/A
Tarot: The World, The Star


Influences: Prosperity, communication, education
Crystals: Malachite, lapis lazuli, green aventurine, citrine, alexandrite
Colors: green, blue, purple
Planets: Jupiter, Mercury
Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent
Astrology: Sagittarius, Virgo
Tarot: The Chariot

Super Novae

Influences: Awakening, transcendence, transformation, surrender, renewal
Crystals: Clear quartz, labradorite, petalite, opal, abalone 
Herbs: Jasmine, lemon, white sandal wood, sage
Colors: White, gold
Planets: Moon, Pluto
Moon Phase: Waning Crescent
Astrology: Cancer, Libra
Tarot: High Priestess 

Star Clusters/Young stars

Influences: Birth, new beginnings, 
Crystals: Rose Quartz, moon stone, jade
Herbs: Frankincense & Myrrh, valerian, lotus, clarey sage
Colors: Blue, purple, white
Planets: Moon
Moon Phase: New
Astrology: Taurus
Tarot: The Fool, The Star

Shooting Stars/Meteors

Influences: Energy, momentum, chaos
Crystals: Tektite, bloodstone, carnelian, sardonyx
Herbs: Neroli, cinnamon, cardamom, dragon’s blood, ginger
Colors: Red, orange, green, blue, white
Planets: Mars
Moon Phase: First Quarter
Astrology: Aries
Tarot: The Tower


Influences: Clairvoyance, intuition, divination
Crystals: Quartz, smoky quartz, jet, hematite, onyx
Herbs: Mugwort, clover, black/void salt 
Colors: Black, ash, silver
Planets: Pluto, Uranus
Moon Phase: Waning Gibbus
Astrology: Pisces
Tarot: The Moon

Today I woke up thankful that I am who I am, and that I’m afforded all the beautiful things in life that I have.

 Keeping that mentality all day will be the hard part. Remembering you have more, when others have less, is always humbling even when you’re caught up in what you don’t have.



you know, literally the moment i finished this i got scared that what if this will happen again what if my gem design will be killed of by the canon reveal cause sunstone might as well work as pearl/garnet fusion… in case it turns out to be true I HAD A HUNCH, EVERYONE also to save my sense of pride i will design sunstone as pearl/garnet fusion soon, just to be safe (then if it turns out to be true i’ll laugh that i predicted it right, so win-win)

ok but anyway

i think a lot about opal lately and about how things can go down in the future, i also was thinking about fusions in general, that they are reflections of character’s relationships. this got me thinking about alexandrite too…. and how much of a mess she is. i think big explanation deserves it’s own post, so i’ll stop here and just say that i expect opal/garnet fusion to result in something else to alex and to happen far, far in the future, if at all

this is kinda part 1 out of 2 cause i also have a weapon ready for her as well as abilities so i’m gonna draw them out too later

no longer support this idea, but the design is still nice

anonymous asked:

Okay sorry to bother you but i was thinking of a thing like what if clear found a really pretty shiny rock while staying with mink and he brings it home to show mink. Turns out its really valuable like a diamond or sapphire or some shit like that and clear gets really excited when he finds out.

Clear collected rocks.

It was a fine habit at first, but since’s the androids tastes ran to pretty much anything shiny Mink had begun to grow somewhat annoyed with the pile of mica and dirty quartz taking over Clear’s bedside table. The native had to put his foot down and set some rules for his little petrologist.

“Only things you can wash clean in the spring…” that would prevent him from bringing home more crumbly silicate minerals

“And only things that are unique or you do not have an abundance of. We have limited space, Clear, you need to respect that.”

“Understood, Mink-san! Only things I can wash clean in the spring and only things that are unique or I do not have an abundance of! I promise I’ll take more care in my collecting!”

The response was an affectionate grunt and things continued on as normal for some time. Clear would occasionally come home with chunks of raw quartz and a few river stones, all carefully cleaned and ready for display. But one evening Clear rushes in more excited than normal, hands cupping a large amount of what at first sight looks like pale pebbles.

“Mink-san, Mink-san look! I found pieces of rainbows!” That baffles the taller of that two and broad palms are reaching over to take what Clear’s holding. Closer inspection stuns Mink momentarily as he fingers through the rough gemstones.

“Clear, you found raw opals - these are very rare and very precious.”

“Precious? What do you mean?”

“These are probably worth several hundred dollars at a minimum, probably more when polished.”

And Clear’s eyes go wide and he’s bouncing on his toes. His thought immediately go towards the pantry needing to be stocked for winter, the chicken coop the needs its roof patched, and the old truck that as Mink says ‘doesn’t sound right lately’.

“Mink-san can sell them then!”

“But Clear, they’re yours. You found them.”

“But I want Mink-san to have them! I don’t get to help much, but now I can! Please, please take them!”

“….fine, thank you Clear.” He gives the android a peck to the cheek, but has a secret plan for these precious stones.

He does indeed sell a good bit of Clear’s find, enough to take care of things around the house and prepare for winter. However the most beautiful pieces he keeps to himself. He wonders how he can size Clear’s ring finger without him noticing, and if the android would prefer silver or gold.

LoKG&M attempts to ship

I originally wrote a long-ass, rambling preface about how I don’t really feel like a “shipper,” and let’s talk about the metacontextual implications of “shipping culture” and what does that mean? And how do we navigate the awkward space of reading/viewing comprehension vs. interest?

Shut up, Kylie, no one cares.

You know what I’ve never done? Shipped for the hell of it. I’ve never taken two characters and been like, “huh, cool dynamic, now I want you to date.” Maybe it’s because I don’t particularly prioritize romantic relationships over others (actually…given my fascination with complicated familial dynamics, I think it’s fair to say I don’t prioritize them at all).

So I’m going to challenge myself to do this, because I truly want to understand the appeal, and maybe after this I’ll get it? Probably not, but what’s the worst that can happen? So hold onto your butts as I present you with four totally thought-out options!

1. Asami x Opal (Asopal)

^Relationship aesthetic: green-eyed women from power families who do not take shit from men

You know I have to be coming from a place of love when I’m breaking up my only two “ships” in the damn franchise. But I’m sorry Bolin and Korra…you guys will have to wallow over noodles together because MAKE WAY FOR THE PRISSY, BEAUTIFUL, ELEGANT, RICH GIRL POWER COUPLE.

Seriously, both these two grew up having shitloads of money, and not seeming to understand the importance of it. Watch Opal accidentally insult the poor when she talks about never having eaten a bad meal! Watch Asami uncomfortably throw money at her love interests! Watch them argue over which last name to make a reservation in, because they’re unsure which the restaurant would care about more!

But before you go thinking that they’re on a one-way magnet train to classistville, we need to consider the personalities at play. Sure, they may have both may feel more comfortable living in mansions, but there’s actually a lot to recommend an Asami/Opal romance too.

They’re both of an incredibly strong moral fiber, and unwavering in their commitments to justice. They both have experience with familial betrayals (Hiroshi and Baatar Jr.). They both deal with guilt. There’s that common ground to start with between them. They’re also both introverts, happy to withdraw into a book (or shop project), allowing the other her respective space to breathe.

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