clear opal


tumblr fucking KILLS the resolution, im so sorry

i felt very inspired this weekend and made two fusion designs. tanzanite is way past cool and loves to roll around at the speed of sound. dragon on the other hand lacks any chill. and, unlike tanzanite, doesn’t chuckle.

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a few of my personal stones 😋✨💕



*Please read the introduction post and important notes HERE  <—-

  • BLACK is good for getting out that dark negativity that sits inside of you. That depression, burning hatred and chaos. Black isn’t a bad colour, in fact it’s a very protective and powerful colour for the witch who uses it! Black is perfect for Karmic work. Basically, if you feel that you’re in trouble or have some negative energy following you around, black is the colour to use.Stones that pair well with this colour I’ve found are black agate, onyx, black tourmaline, obsidian and hematite.

  • CHARCOAL is similar to black in the sense that it is used as a form of protection, I use it to help battle any sad emotions or mundane negativity. This colour is best used if you wake up just in one of those moods that you can’t quite put your finger on, you know? It’s just a little boost of energy protection. Stones that pair well with this are cat’s eye opal and grey quartz.

  • SILVER is used when I need to receive guidance or insight from a spirit guide, communication and when I need help finding something I’ve lost or misplaced! Stones best paired with this colour are hematite, grey moonstone and grey quartz.

  • LIGHT GREY: Personally, I use light grey when working with water or storm magick but, I’ve read others use it for glamour type spells and even fear, so this colour goes all over the place. Whatever magickal energy you feel drawn to use it with/on, go for it. Stones that pair best with this colour are moonstone, russian agate and grey quartz.

  • OFF-WHITE is used to help clear a clouded mind/ judgment; when things feel fuzzy and off and like you’re suffering from a hangover. It’s that solid and opaque grounding colour. Stones that work best with this colour are calcite, howlite, citrine and white jasper.

  • WHITE represents purity, perfection, universal energy and the source/creator/gods/goddesses to me. Used before and after magick work, circle casting and calling for extra personal healing from your guides. Stones that pair best with this colour energy are diamonds, opal and clear quartz.
Gems for Ice, Grass, Light and Dark

Back by popular demand!

- Ice-
Ice Quartz
Ice Agate
Blizzard stone
Snowflake Obsidian
Frosted Agate
Aurora Opal
Arctic Jasper

Moss Agate
Rose Quartz
Lemon Quartz
Petrified Wood
Peach Agate

Clear Diamond
Cubic Zirconia
Luna Agate
Angel Aura Quartz

Spider Web Jasper
Black Tourmaline
Black Star Diopside

Part One:

The moon becomes my eye; in the sky floats a
black pupil, a stone fruit that shines no light and pulls no ocean.
And this pearl eye, cold like death in my skull;
blind, but so was that void that now lives in the
hungry empty, empty, empty.

And upon this pearl eye I pray; upon this pearl eye I
place all my future. Upon this pearl eye, with its misshapen top
lasered off, and replaced with a disk of clear opal;
upon this pearl eye I place all the dust that is the stuff of me;
rattling bag of bone and plum heart.

(Written and submitted by @tidewinds)