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Focus for Finals !! 🌟 Easy Spell Bottle 🌟

Hey starshines! I know a lot of us in uni are in the middle of or are shortly going into finals season 😱!! This is a little spell bottle I make whenever I’m having a hard time focusing on tasks (usually I get pretty overwhelmed ;;!!)


💫Rosemary - Helps improve memory!

💫Basil - Brings harmonic and peaceful energies

💫Lavender - Reduces anxiety and calms the mind (I’m using lavender leaves here because it’s what i have and I promise it works just as well as the flowers 💖  )

💫Mint - I always associate mint with feeling
cleansed & refreshed! I think it helps a lot to have a refreshed mind when sitting down to study!

💫A tiny bottle, jar, or sachet (you could even just wrap them in a bit of cloth and tie it up with a ribbon or bit of lace!)

💫Quartz chips (to amplify & ground the spell!)

💫Fluorite chips (an excellent crystal to keep on hand for focus & memory )


💫First ground & center yourself.

💫Take a small bit of each of these dried herbs and hold them and ask them to help keep you on task and take in the information you need easily and completely.

💫Ask the crystal chips to help stabilize and ground the energies of the herbs, and combine everything into your bottle.

💫Spend a moment visualizing or feeling helpful and calming energies surround and enter the bottle and mix with all the herbs and crystals.

Depending on the situation, I sometimes add other herbs and crystal chips (sometimes garnet because its my personal favorite grounding crystal! selenite dust to recharge & refresh the spell could be nice too!)

I like to keep it with me while I’m studying & also bring it to all my exams, presentations and critiques! If you ever feel distracted or overwhelmed, open the bottle and let the scents and energies in the bottle help you get back on track 👌🏽!!

Good luck with your studies! Hopefully this can help you out with feeling a little less overwhelmed and unable to take in information this finals season 📚📓📝👌🏽✨!!


A nice little pick me up for the day.

Good Day Tea. 

2 tsp of Rose to bring love.

½ tsp of Catnip to bring happiness and contentment. 

½ tsp Stevia (The dried leaf. Not the surge powder) to sweeten your day.

½ tsp of Mint to clear your mind of worry, and to call on the good things to come your way.

¼ tsp of Lemon Verbene to clear away the old and welcome the new. 

¼ tsp of Lavender to bring peace and calm.

A tea to help your day in a wonderful magical way. As you mix and add the parts and make you pot of tea, think of all the thing you love and hope to see today.

  Fantastic to have with friends and love ones. If you leave the tea lose in the pot you can read your tea leaves afterwords to look into how you day will go ;)

(Note: can be put under a candle or in a spell bag too.)


* WATER FALLS :: In the day, the weather is humid and hot. But in the night, the weather turns cold and starts to rain. The corals and barnacles stuck in the rocks make the place look like and ocean. The Sky Whales and diverse fishes roam the sky, using the water vapor to breath. The Sky Whale has a pellucid/clear, mint colored body with a belly which looks just like the night sky of the human world. They fly among the dense clouds, to catch mushroom spores floating in air.

** The clear umbrella is made with cell tissues of jellyfishes. Can be purchased at The Waterfalls for 40G. If you decide to accompany the Monster Kid with you and buy the umbrella, you can sit down for a moment and enjoy a magnificent view of The Sky Whales flying at the ceiling. The water vapors form an opaque cloud, making it a right spot for the whales to hide.

* Fury WAY :: The station building is mangled and torn away, possibly during Undyne’s fight. The broken wooden stool does not respond to the player’s actions, so it is hard to sit on.

bavarianqueen  asked:

i'd love a dictionary name aesthetic if you could!! my name is emily and my pronouns are she/her 🌹thank you so much!!


/em-il-y/ (noun)

i. clear laughter, mint chocolate chip ice cream, polka-dotted tea dresses, white mary jane shoes, loving smiles, low pigtails, looking at raindrops rolling down the car window.

ii. constant daydreaming, dancing the jig, daylong shower thoughts, using your body as a canvas, rosy cheeks, immersing yourself into romantic literature, spoken-word poetry.

iii. english classics, white roses, bohemian dresses, tiger lilies, bobbing your head along to a soft piano melody, getting lost in someone’s eyes, rose candles, orange macarons.

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get more in depth details on my YouTube channel.. This is kind of my everyday ting .. It takes me about 12 minutes start to finish in real time

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on sale now! a handful of decorative soaps. all soaps are hand made… but heres a look at some of them.

bat-bar. a bat inside clear or color glycerine available in clove and dragons blood scent

Skull N Bones (vanilla mint) - Vanilla shea butter skull and crossbones inserted in eucalyptus mint clear glycerine)

Vanilla vamp - traditional vampire fang set inside clear vanilla glycerine

Hallows Evil - Pumpkin pie scented shea butter soap in the shape of an evil jack o lantern

Brainwash - vanilla scented coconut/goats milk soap in the shape of a brain *this soap is not vegan however, we will have a coconut milk option soon*

Skull - mini and large 3D shea butter skull vanilla

boo bar - vanilla shea butter ghost

dexters trophy - red acrylic paint between a plastic slide/slide cover inserted in a eucalyptus mint clear glycerine base

fang - vanilla shea butter fang

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