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No Free Candy!

“No Free Candy! The money raised from the $0.25 per piece of candy sold goes to help us fund a charity that helps find missing/abducted children. Please, ‘NO’ FREE SAMPLES!”

Was typed on the bright colored sticker on the lucite clear box that had tabs on the very top to hold the charity organization’s card (rescuing missing/abducted kids, for ours), a lockable money hopper with a coin slot on top and “$0.25” on the lid with the slot (my boss even photocopied a quarter, cut out the image, and taped it next to the coin slot), and on the bottom was an open compartment stocked with Jolly Ranchers, Peppermint/Spearmint wheels, individually wrapped Starburst squares (taken from larger wrapper), individually wrapped Now & Laters, individually wrapped spherical candies that are either sour, very spicy hot, or change colors and shrink as you suck on them. We had Tootsie Rolls but nobody wanted those as much, so we quit stocking them.

I worked at a business and the candy box was up front, where I worked. I would politely remind anyone dipping into the candy for free that those cost $0.25 a piece, whenever I had the opportunity (i.e. not busy helping customers and other primary duties). My coworkers did the same thing, and so did my boss. Even a couple of customers called out these cheapskates, though they weren’t as polite about it, and made no bones about shaming these cheap thieving jerks.

But people still kept taking free candy from the honor box, without paying! How low can you get taking money away from an organization that helps kids!? My boss definitely gives the money from the sales to the organization (less the cost of candy). However, more and more people just took free candy or they underpaid by putting pennies, nickels, or dimes in there. One guy, God Bless him, put a $20 bill in there yet only took a couple of pieces of candy. But for every guy like him or even a person who put in $0.25 for a piece of candy, there were two dozen assholes who either took a freebie or simply underpaid.

The assholes who took freebies or underpaid drove really expensive cars, dressed really lavishly, didn’t spend much money in the business, were VERY rude and demanding, and yet take candy without paying from a charitable cause.

My boss had had enough and said “The 'Honors System’ doesn’t work when too many people have no honor!” So he paid, out of his own pocket, to replace the little “Honors System” candy box with a good quality gumball machine like, coin operated dispenser. He got it from a website from a company that has been making and selling these since the 1980s, in America.

The coin operated gumball machine is capable of being bolted down to the counter (my boss did that), it has barrel locking mechanisms on the top clear plexiglass compartment for the candy, a well designed hopper and dispense mechanism to effectively distribute one piece of candy per quarter (works brilliantly), and is set to take quarters only, and the money compartment is safely behind a locking metal door behind the coin drop and turn mechanism, easy to empty out. My boss taped the organization’s cars to the top part (square “globe” where the candy is filled), and the machine cannot be fooled by slugs, coins on strings, or lower denomination coins. You can’t even fool it with foreign currency (one jerk tried to use an Albanian coin to try to steal a piece of candy).

After that, the candy theft stopped, and my boss was able to properly raise the funds to aid this charity.

But seriously, fuck cheapskate customers who think it’s okay to take a piece of candy for free despite the fact it says you have to give $0.25 for each piece of candy in order to fund an organization meant to help kids (or anyone, for that matter), especially when they are driving high end cars and dressed to the nines. If you can afford fancy clothes and expensive cars you can spare $0.25 for a piece of candy.


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elegant rope necklace with transparent + chain details by atuko

the modern jewelry styles from lithuanian etsy shop atuko combine chunky neutral rope, delicate chains, and unique transparent lucite bars with inclusions that turn heads in the best way possible. some of these bold pieces even include faceting and feathers!

eleanor7lupus  asked:

Dadvert where the police chief decides the offices should be more homely so lets the policemen decorate their offices. Javert doesn't have anything to put in his but one day when Javert is out on patrol, all the Amis and parnasse and eponine and Cosette and gavroche break into his office and decorate it with drawings and poems and photos then sneak out again and when Javert comes back in he nearly cries

Yeah so everyone else’s desks are wonderful. They’ve got family photos and trinkets. There are neptunes cradles and mini Star Wars figurines and Davie actually stuck a fish tank on his desk.
But Javert looks at his own office and can’t think what to put there. He’s considered putting a picture of himself with Jean and Cosette, but he just can’t for some reason. And he’s a little mad at himself and a little jealous of those more socially skillful officers under him who were just able to do this kind of thing so easily.
Why couldn’t he just be happy? He wonders that a lot. But his brains always in the way.
Anyway, one day he comes back from a late night stakeout. He’s exhausted and he just wants to grab his bag and head home.
But he stops short.
There’s a bulletin board on his wall covered in photos of the kids and his cats and the dog. There’s a plant in the corner. A big leafy one. There are frames in his bookshelf and desk, showing his wedding, showing him on vacation with his family. Showing a selfie of all the kids.
There’s a throw blanket on the couch. It’s one of Jean’s monstrosities. There are pillows that he recognizes as Joly’s work.
One of his letters of commendation is framed on the wall, right beside a very official looking, but entirely fake adoption certificate listing all those stupid kids stupid names.
And in a clear lucite display case on his desk is the pocket knife he had confiscated from Montparnasse the first time he arrested that asshole
Javert opens the whatsapp messaging service app and sends “what have I told you about breaking into my office?” To the group chat. But he’s crying as the emojis and jokes come flying back in response
No one needs to know that though


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glass 8GB usb flash drive by mrphoto2014

when i first found this etsy find by mrphoto2014, i was doing a huge search for wedding accessories. i think that their modern, minimalist glass USB drives would be ideal for a destination wedding favor follow-up. a month after the wedding, you could mail this cool little (reusable!) gift containing a collection of the best wedding pics from your time away. love.