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A drawing for illustrate the very funny and totally crazy fanfiction The proper care of actors written by the quatuor Afrocurl/Clear-liqueur, Clocks and Etharei. In this story Charles and Erik are two actors. We can find in this fanfic delirious scenes where there mixing alcohol, paparazzi, disguised party, festivities with VIP, Pop music, improbable rehearsals…

…And this romantic and peacefull scene which takes place on a bateau-mouche in Paris. Lovely

Original Short: Kunihiko

-I was haunting Tumblr with my presence one day, and I came across this little post that basically said something along the lines about how the fandom gets extremely hyped for certain characters, and those that don’t happen to appreciate those same characters often feel a tad left out-
-I don’t know if you will find this (didn’t want to tag you cause that might be awks). I don’t know if you will read it. But this is for you. I hope you feel a little better-
-I tried to write something for you. It’s not much, but I tried-

Based on Kunihiko’s section of this one:

You had driven out to pick Kunihiko up from the airport. He was driving now, luggage thrown in the back trunk. He grinned merrily as he handled the wheel, and you admire him as he drives.
“How was the trip?”
“It was just a business trip.” Kunihiko answered. “Pretty normal, meetings and discussions and lots of men’s drinking.” He chuckled. “Why, worried that the ladies were all over me?”
“Jealous?” He grinned wider and you pout.
“Don’t worry, ____________.” He glances at you when the car comes to a stop at the red light. “You’re the only one for me.”
The soft look on his face was warm and sweet, chasing away the loneliness that you had felt in his two week absence. It was so great to have him back.
“You’re totally jealous. You have that silly smile on your face.” Kunihiko chuckles as he turns back to the road.
“You’ve always been so easy to read, ever since when you were a kid.”
“No I’m not!” You blush and press your hands to your cheeks quickly.
“Sure, sure.” He replies with a casual air, one you loved and missed so dearly, and the two of you drive home.
“It’s so good to be home.”
He throws open the door and drags in the suitcase.
“I’m so worn out from that business stuff. I think I need a month long break and some sashimi hand rolls a la __________.” He smiles at you. “Don’t you agree?”
“I’ll get them out of the fridge.” The contagious, pleasant expression appears upon your face too as you start for the kitchen. “I thought you might want them when you get back. I’ll make some tea too.”
“Oh, you’re my favourite!” He pats your head lovingly, touching a light kiss to your forehead. “Always so thoughtful!”
You blushed a little.
“It’s nothing. It’s my job to be thoughtful.”
Kunihiko follows you into the kitchen, sitting down happily on a barstool at the counter, propping his chin on his hands and gazing at you.
“Why are you staring?” You ask quietly, slightly shy at the way he was watching you.
“Don’t mind me.” He chuckled.
Kunihiko just smiled.
You turn to the fridge and take out the sashimi you had already sliced up. Then you gathered the seaweed from the cabinet and the rice from the cooker, getting ready to make them fresh for your fiancé.
“I missed you.”
You almost dropped the rice at his words. Heat rushed up to your cheeks.
Kunihiko gave another blissful sigh.
“I missed you, __________.” His violet eyes met yours sincerely, lovingly, boring into your heart. “It’s nice to be back.”
“I missed you too.” Your cheeks felt even warmer as you reply, a giggly feeling bubbling in your chest. So you weren’t the only one who was lonely!
You lay out the food and start wrapping it up, handing the first one to him. Your fingers brush against his for a moment and your heart leaps at the contact that you hadn’t felt for a while. He didn’t seem to react any differently though, and thanked you, taking the sushi.
“It’s delicious, as always.” Kunihiko lays on the praise, and you snap out of the little moment of dreamy thought. “__________? Are you thinking of something?”
“Oh, yes! I mean… No! Um… Could you um…”
“Could I…?”
He swallowed the bite of sushi and looked at you curiously.
“Could you teach me to make that- that cocktail today?” You quickly say, trying desperately to hide your flustered expression. “The one I emailed you about?”
“Oh, your colour blind drink incident?” Kunihiko laughed. “Of course. You just gotta say so!” He takes a large bite of the sushi in his hand and chews quickly. “When?”
“There’s no rush!” You hurriedly add. “Chew carefully!”
Kunihiko smiled at you with a mouthful of food.
“Mmm know, Mmm know.”
An array of liqueurs were set up on the countertop, along with silver shakers and cocktail glasses. A jar of red cherries in syrup sat beside the glass, along with a plump lemon. Kunihiko takes the silver shaker and casually adds an amount from the bottle of clear alcohol.
“What’s the matter?” He asks patiently.
“How much did you add?” You shake your head helplessly. “I didn’t quite catch that.”
“Oh sorry.” He scratches the back of his head with his spare hand with a laugh and a shabby smile. “Right right, it’s kinda hard for a newbie. Just pour, I’ll tell you to stop.”
You manage to pour some of the clear liqueur into your shaker, and wait for his next step with bright eyes.
“Ok, now it’s the light blue one.”
Kunihiko pours another amount - carelessly, as if it took no effort at all measuring in his mind - and closes the shaker.
“Pour, _________…. Yup that’s about right!”
You close your shaker, and turn your gaze back to him.
“Hey, __________, take a look at this.” Kunihiko suddenly flashes you a grin, and starts shaking the drink up with some fluid, mesmerizing motion that you couldn’t help but stare at. He suddenly threw the container up, and it twirled thrice in the air before landing in his hand, and he chuckled at your faint gasp.
“Okay, okay, you’re not going to do it like that. You’re just going to shake it normally.” Kunihiko tried to demonstrate, and you struggle to try and mirror his motions. “No, not like that! You’ll make a mess like last time.” He skirts around the counter and goes up behind you, moving your hands to specific spots on the shaker. He puts his hands over yours and start moving slowly, shaking up the liquid inside. “Like that.”
You didn’t quite know if he could pick up on the acceleration of your heartbeat, or the warmth that was rising rapidly inside your body. He was just so close! The familiar scent of his body made you feel a little dizzy, and you find yourself leaning deeper against him.
“Are you tired?” Kunihiko asked gently, easing the shaker out of your hands. You snap to your senses and grab onto the container tightly.
“You’re leaning into me.” His lavender eyes darken as they pierce into your face. “Are you that drunk already?”
“Well, I might be.” The tender smile neared, and you felt it press against your lips lightly.
“I missed you, ____________.”
“I missed you too.” You whisper as the shaker was placed onto the counter and your arms slowly wrapped around his neck. Soft kisses fluttered against your face, trailing to your jaw and neck.
“I could get intoxicated by you any day.” Kunihiko murmured against your skin. “You are so perfect for me it’s addicting to be around you.”
Your fingers teased at his hair, tugging the hair tie loose and letting the ponytail down into the wavy purple locks of your fiancé. Your fiancé, not the CEO. His smile widened and you were clutched tighter in the strong arms, cuddled closer to the firm chest that constructed your personal castle. His face nuzzled against your neck. 
“I love you.” His voice was soft and gentle, sweet upon your ear as a summer breeze. “Thank you for everything.”
“I didn’t do anything for you though.” You blink up at him. “You always take care of me.”
“You keep me motivated,” He kissed your forehead. “sane,” His lips touched the tip of your nose. “and calm.” The kiss went to your cheek this time, and Kunihiko smiled adoringly down at you. “I can never thank you enough.” He pressed his lips to yours. “I can never love you enough.”


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I was trundled off half-asleep to a beach somewhere out there yesterday (because it was warm!) with cellular signal enough to just Tweet. 

Anyway, one of the few random little kids along the shore comes up to me and goes, “Why you makin’ a dead guy?” like the potential swaggy little buster he will become. But he was adorable so I said, “He’s not dead, I’m just not done." 

I think it’s a mark of the Zombie Generation (Z Gen), when the little dude’s eyes pop wide as saucers, and he kicked up some sand running helter-skelter up the beach. yeah you better scram, corpse run’s up

fandom-related context, because there are cray people alive ahem and ahem: