clear lends

AU where the water tribe is really underwater. Or, my Little Mermaid AU.

Today’s crystal grid.. It’s really been a stressful, difficult few days and my emotions are all over the place. I decided to make a grid that would help me regain some balance! I chose Fluorite octahedrons (balancing), Amethyst (calming, cooling), and clear Quartz (to lend some love and amplify). I think next time I’ll add a few grounding crystals as well.

Summer Lovin’

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (kinda)

Words: 1.3k (y tho)

Warning: nada de nada, some shitty writing

A/N: Since I can’t seem to be able to stop joining writing challenges, here’s another one. This is my entry for @nataliarxmanxva Season’s Change Writing Challenge. I hope this doesn’t suck as much as I think.

Prompt: “You look amazing”

Summer was almost upon you. The flowers began to blossom and temperatures were getting higher everyday. Summer had always being one of your favorite seasons; going to the beach with friends, harvesting strawberries and going stargazing at nights. Unfortunately, you hand’t been able to enjoy it the way you wanted to since you joined the Avengers. Of course you missed the peace and quiet of a mundane life but you wouldn’t change your superhero life for anything in the world.

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Fact-Checking Maki

Now that we know Maki’s primary motive in tri., it’s easy to lean one way or another as far as her trustworthiness. But why go off a gut reaction or what other characters are saying about either her or the statements she’s made to the Chosen? Let’s go back to movie 3 and do some fact-checking!

We’re going to focus on Confession because this is the first time she fully conveys information to the Chosen and their partners. Prior to that, the only ones she can potentially deceive are Daigo and the bureau (we don’t hear her conversations with Meiko). Those may become important, but she says so little in movie 1 and isn’t specific enough in movie 2 to warrant a deeper analysis. Yet.

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Spell To Protect a Sleeping Mind - A magic spell for protecting dreams

Sleep is the time of dreams and visits. The following incantation repeated aloud at one’s bedtime will aid in the discouraging of unwanted visitors in the dreaming mind.

Before retiring for the night, repeat the following incantation aloud:

Spirits of the night, I beseech thee,
Find favor with mine call and plea:
Draw close and circle round
Mine mind I clear and lend to sleep
That sleep will use to rest the weary world
Let not the world and those unfavorable things within it
Visit upon mine mind unheralded
Uninvited visitors be sent away
Turned back
Turned back to the dark depths
Turned back to the sender whose name is never spoken
That thus he may gain strength
Gain strength and threaten those unable
Unable or unknowing
Unknowing or innocent
Innocents in the world
Sleeping as I sleep
Spirits of the night, I beseech thee,
Find favor with mine call and plea
Find favor and protect mine mind
Find favor and protect the innocents.

This is best repeated nightly so as to protect one’s mind and allow peaceful sleep and promote quiet dreams.

I'll Try Anything Once

-So this started as just a standalone oneshot for a Slow Dancing prompt. I see so many boyfriend BillDips and I really, really want all the buildup to that point (because seriously think of all the great awkward, cute, tense moments that would lead up to them finally dating), so I decided to write a pre-relationship oneshot and now I want to start writing oneshots for a pre-relationship AU. So this most likely will become a part of something larger or a collection of oneshots taking place within the pre-relationship AU that I’m eventually post on Ao3.

So consider this fic here an early version that will eventually be reworked and re-edited and I apologize if it at any point it feels unfinished–I didn’t want to make it any longer than it already was just yet so a decent amount got cut. Let me know what you think! :D


Older!Dipper/Human!Bill; Slow Dancing prompt; song

I’ll Try Anything Once

“I thought I’d find you up here, Pine Tree.”

Dipper pulled his face from his knees where he had been resting his chin for the last twenty minutes and craned his body to peer behind him. Leaning leisurely against the slant of the roof was Bill. Dipper hadn’t expected him to come up here. The welcome back party that was underway for him and Mabel was still going strong, both inside and outside of the Mystery Shack. Bill had seemed to have been delighting in watching the way people interacted with each other in such a scenario when Dipper slipped away from the party to sit up on the roof.

Dipper turned back to gazing out towards the forest, a slight frown now lurking in the corners of his mouth. Bill had also seemed to enjoy the attention directed at him by some of the more flirtatious guests.

“Hello, Bill,” Dipper said curtly.

“Jeez, don’t sound so happy to see me.” Dipper heard the soft click of Bill’s dress shoes on creaking wood move closer. “Clockin’ out early at your own party?”

Dipper still wasn’t looking at him. “I don’t really like dancing at parties, and I pretty much got to see everyone and Mabel’s busy so…”

“So you thought you’d come up here and sulk about your two left feet.” Bill ribbed.

“Hey!” Dipper protested, whipping his gaze around to meet Bill’s, “I just don’t like dancing in front of other people! I do not have two left feet.”

“Really?” A look flashed in Bill’s eye that Dipper wasn’t sure he liked. “Then prove it!”

“Prove it? Wha-”

“Dance with me!” Bill challenged, suddenly beside him and bending close to his face. Dipper, taken aback by both the demand and the unexpected close proximity, struggled to form a response and managed to only sputter and stutter stupidly as his face began to rapidly heat up. And while he was twenty years old and well out of puberty, Dipper could feel an uncomfortable amount of nervous sweat begin to collect at his brow and down his back.

“Yeesh, kid, are you just an awkward human or a busted boiler?” Bill snickered and reached for Dipper’s hand, pulling him unceremoniously up.

Dipper, managing not to trip over his own feet, regained his composure and snatched his hand back. “W-why would I do that? I just said I don’t like dancing in front of other people!”

“Who said anything about in front of other people?”

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