clear honey

I know many people have pointed out the dilated pupil thing at this point but I really can’t get over it. I noticed it in earlier episodes but the close up we got in the finale really made it clear. Like, Kit… honey…

It’s okay, we think Emilia is pretty too.


My “Everything but the Kitchen Sink” Face Mask

My face hates the winter. I’m one of those odd people that actually break out more when its cold.So, every so often I try different masks to pull out any toxins and hydrate my skin. Also, If you click on each photo you can see the steps/ what I was adding at that time. 

To make my wicked concoction I used the following products:

- Aztec Healing Clay (2 Tbl Sp)

-Apple Cider Vinegar

-Yogurt (6 Tbl Sp)

-Honey (2 Tbl Sp)

-EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 1 Tbl Sp)

-Coffee (4 Tbl Sp)

The above “measurements” are super rough. I honestly threw everything into a bowl until it reached a creamy consistency and looked a lot like melted cookies n cream ice cream. 


-Aztec Healing Clay is an all natural calcium bentonite powder that creates a polarized charge on your face, lifting toxins out of the skin and replacing them with healing minerals. It works against pimples, acne scars, large pores… and that’s just for your face. This clay is $11 for 1lb on amazon :)

-Apple Cider Vinegar is a cure all for acne. According to google it removes dirt, oil, makeup, dead skin; contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C and E- AND MUCH MORE. 

-Yogurt works as a hydrant in this mask. The healing clay by itself (with water) is very drying and flakes a lot. So, yogurt was used to give the mask a smoother texture. Also, yogurt naturally hydrates the skin and has anti-bacterial properties that will work to destroy pimples. I used some old yogurt that I found in the back of the fridge.

-Honey & EVOO have the same basic properties of yogurt. Honey locks in moisture and has anti-bacterial properties. While EVOO is a super moisturizer. 

-Coffee reduces under eye inflammation and redness. It’s also an excellent exfoliating agent and brightens up your complexion!


-Apply this mask before you get in the shower so you will be able to soften the mask enough to gently massage it off with your fingertips. DO NOT use a face rag or your face will be sad and red like a tomato. Learn from my mistakes :)

-Test the product on your hand before applying, just in case you’re allergic to any of the ingredients!

Link for clay!

***Someone (Elizabuns) pointed out that I should have used a plastic spoon to make this face mask, great point! Thanks Elizabuns!!***

The Glow of Inspiriting

Word Count: 4.4k+ holy mother of
Warnings: Severe anxiety, angst, fluff
Song: “Touch” by Daughter THIS FITS !!! SO PERFECTLY !!!
A/N: I am absolutely terrified at what this piece has become. It’s rough at first, but hoLD OUT FOR THE FLUFF. CAUSE IT GETS REAL FLUFFY. HAPPY AND FLUFFY :)) I’m just gonna put this here and go to bed asdjhfafd I’m so scared

This was based on little bits of three separate requests.

All anxiety symptoms are solely based on personal experience; I’m not trying to push a certain idea of attacks or disrespect anyone.


The walls were closing, your breaths were breaking, your chest was pounding. Pounding, shaking, pressing. Crushing.

You shuddered on the ground, broken bones of your back fighting against the hard wall, sending aches up your neck, down your arms. Everything hurt, smearing your insides with insecurities, anxiety, and overwhelming urges to disappear. Just float away, escape from yourself, your ribs, your shaky fingertips, your ill-fitting lungs. Escape.

You were small in the grand scheme of your thoughts, underwhelmingly small, pointless, worthless, drowning in the crushing waves. No room for air, for positive thoughts, for clear eyes, steady hands, or mended bones. No room. And so you stayed on the ground, broken bones pressing against the wall, caught in the corner.

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Midsummer Queen - Thor x Reader

@audreythetealovingcat, There was indeed a few request for the batboys, but surprisingly enough, Thor was also up there…So here, I’m giving you some Thor dude, hope you guys’ll like it (mehmehmeh) : 

Summary : Reader is in an established relationship with Thor, and he decides to finally take her to Asgard. She’s not sure she likes the idea…

(My masterlist blog here :


You almost threw up. 

You weren’t really expecting the travel from Earth to Asgard to be this…special. Your entire reality warped, extended, everything went so fast and was so bright and oh my god why so many different colors…and then all of a sudden, it stopped, leaving you wanting to vomit your guts everywhere. 

You didn’t though. Thank God (or Gods ?). You held a bit tighter Thor’s hand though, and wished really hard that the world would stop spinning. He misinterpreted your clinginess with excitement, and wrapped an arm around your shoulder. Great, more support. You let your body slumped on his side, glad that sometimes, your boyfriend was so oblivious to things. If he knew you felt ill, he would have freaked out and you’d have been ridiculous in front of the little audience that was there…

A few people were waiting. You didn’t know most of them but you recognize Thor’s friends, Volstagg, Fandral, Hogun and…Sif. Damn, she was beautiful. Thor told you about her when you asked about previous girlfriends, apparently, they had a thing, but it never really worked out…She was staring at you coldly. Great. A new friend already…

-Welcome to my home, my love. This is Heimdall, the gate keeper. Good friend of mine. You already know those four, and that’s my mother, Frigga, and my father, Odin. Everyone, may I present to you Lady Y/N, my woman.

You couldn’t help but smile at how he called you. “My woman”. On Earth, most people would think it was a bit rude to call one’s girlfriend like that. But Asgard wasn’t Earth, and obviously, it was totally normal. But as soon as you realized you were actually in front of Thor’s parents, you started to get extremely nervous again. You knew it was a bad idea to come here…

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Joseph Kallinger (b. December 11th 1935, Philadelphia, PA - d. March 26th 1996, State Correctional Institution - Cresson, PA), born Joseph Lee Brenner III, was an American serial killer and arsonist who went on a crime spree with his son, Michael, spanning Philadelphia, Baltimore and New Jersey.

After his father left his mother, Kallinger was put into foster care at the end of 1937. On October 15th 1938, he was adopted by Austrian immigrants Stephen and Anna Kallinger. His adoptive parents put him through such severe abuse that at age six he developed a hernia inflicted by his adoptive father. The punishments he endured included kneeling on rocks, being starved, getting locked in closets, being froced to commit self-injury, eating excrement and being burned with irons. At the age of nine he was sexually assaulted by neighbourhood boys.

He had a passion for theatre and through that he met 15 year old Hilda Bergman, whom he married, despite his parents’ disapproval. Kallinger went on to have two children with her, but after enduring domestic violence at his hands she left him. After his divorce, he was hospitalised for severe headaches and appetite loss, in part due to stress surrounding it. He remarried on April 20th 1958 and had 5 kids with his second wife, whom he abused frequently and often subjected his kids to the same abuse he endured from his adoptive parents.

In 1972, Kallinger was arrested and imprisoned after his children reported him to the police. He was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic and scored an 82 on an IQ test while in jail. The children later dropped their allegations and he was released. Two years later, one of his sons, Joseph Jr, was found dead in the rubble of an old building. Two weeks later, Kallinger took out an insurance policy on his sons, but the company suspected foul play so they refused to pay.

Starting in July 1974, Kallinger, along with his 15 year old son Michael, went on a crime spree. Over a span of six weeks they robbed, assaulted and sexually abused four families and murdered three people. Their last crime was on January 8th, 1975. They took residents of a home hostage and killed Maria Fasching. A hostage managed to run outside and cry for help. Neighbors called the police but Kallinger and his son fled the scene immediately and disposed of evidence along the way.

Police investigated and soon found out about Kallinger’s history of domestic abuse, Joseph Jr.’s unsolved death and a series of arsons targeted at buildings he owned. Him and his son were arrested on charges of kidnapping and rape, but then later changed to three counts of murder. Kallinger plead insanity, though he was found sane and then sentenced to life in prison on October 14th 1976. Michael Kallinger was judged to be under his father’s control and sentenced to a reformatory. After being released at 21 he moved out of state and changed his name.

While in prison, Kallinger made several suicide attempts. Due to his violent and suicidal behaviour he was transferred to a mental hospital in Trenton, NJ. On May 18th 1978 he was transferred to a mental hospital in Philadelphia.

Joseph Kallinger died at age 60 of heart failure on March 26th, 1996. He spent the last 11 years of his life on suicide watch.

Interruptions (Kenny Omega Imagine)

Kenny Omega x Reader
Warning: SMUT.
A/N:  Proud of this in many ways. So fun to write and I hope you guys enjoy! Second part featuring the winner’s chosen reward will follow (soonish)
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~3100 words

The game of interruptions: Anywhere, anytime, your partner can choose to stimulate you in the fashion of their choosing. If you stop what you’re doing or acknowledge it at all, you lose.

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Creepypasta #1081: In My Line Of Work, You'll Learn That Cheaters Never Prosper

Length: Super long

I’ve always found it funny that people like to call prostitution “the world’s oldest profession.” It doesn’t speak all that highly of the human race’s priorities, does it?

Paint on cave walls. Discover fire. Pay someone to fuck you senseless.

Get that in Latin, and we could engrave it at the base of every statue the world over - or better yet, build new statues, all shaped like giant brass cocks at full salute. That’s the human mission statement in a nutshell right there: here, we have two types of animal, the ones with the dicks, and the ones getting fucked by them. And we will always - I repeat, always - be the ones with the dicks.

Yes indeed, the world’s oldest profession. I can think of an older one, but we’ll get to that later.

It’s outside of a motel called Restin’ Easy that we lay our scene. Picture this: a gorgeous woman stands up against a sand-blasted brick wall, dressed to the nines in designer silks and a leather jacket. She’s taking a long, sincere drag off a slender cigarette, and leaving blood-red lipstick rings on the unburnt white paper of the shaft. She’s got the good looks of a 1960s movie star - a regular Audrey Hepburn in the making. Her black hair falls just above her shoulders, and sways gently in the night’s breeze.

That’s me.

The balding middle-aged man in the tan jacket with a face like a slapped ass, that’s Dave. Yeah, Dave with the greasy skin that tosses back the neon rays of the glowing “VACANCY” sign above us. Dave the big spender, flashing the wad of hundreds in his faux-leather wallet.

Dave the asshole. Dave the John.

“Crystal recommended you to me,” He says in an unbearably cocky tone, like I’m a new brand of aftershave he’s been meaning to try out for a while, “She said you do things no other girl will do. That right?”

“More or less.” I say, feigning a provocative grin.

When you’ve been in the business for as long as I have, you get pretty good at sizing up your customers with a glance. Sometimes, it’s necessary to survival - you look the wrong way in this line of work and you’ve got a seven-inch stiletto buried between the links in your spine. Sex does weird shit to people’s heads.

Dave, for all his faults, is easy to read. He wears a look of contempt, like he’s too good for the situation he’s putting himself in. He’s wealthy, and entitled. He doesn’t know why he’s paying for sex - a man of his stature should be beating the ladies off with a stick, surely.

He probably sells used cars for a living, I think, suppressing a smirk.

“What can I do for you that Crystal can’t, sugar?” I ask with an innocent flutter of eyelashes.

He grunts, one side of his mouth curling into a sneer.

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the lego movie sentence meme.

sentences taken from the 2014 film, this may contain spoilers !!

  • “I only work in black and sometimes very, very dark grey.”
  • “ If this relationship is going to work out between us I need to feel free to party with a bunch of strangers whenever I feel like it. “
  • “Yeah, but it’s gonna look really cool.“
  • “You don’t have to be the bad guy. You are the most talented, most interesting, and most extraordinary person in the universe.”
  • “And you are capable of amazing things. Because you are the Special.”
  • “Right now, it’s about you. And you… still… can change everything.“
  • “Darn, darn, darn, darny-darn!“
  • “ Look, um… I watch a lot of cop shows on TV… isn’t there supposed to be a-… Isn’t there supposed to be a good cop?“
  • “Hi, buddy! I’m your friendly neighborhood police officer! Would you like a glass of water?“
  • “Oh, my gosh, my hands are stuck. My legs are stuck as well.“
  • “I super hate you.”
  • “All I’m asking for is total perfection.“
  • “Don’t think he’s ever had an original thought… in his life.“
  • “That’s literally the dumbest thing I ever heard.”
  • “That’s real music, _____. It’s dark and brooding.”
  • “Hey, I can be dark and brooding too - Guys, look, a rainbow!“
  • “I’m here to see… your butt.“
  • “Hey, uh, listen. Do you think you can explain to me why I’m dressed like this?“
  • “Blah, blah, blah. Proper name. Place name. Backstory stuff… “
  • “I’m so pretty. I like you. But I’m angry with you for some reason.”
  • “Great. I think I got it. But just in case… tell me the whole thing again, I wasn’t listening.”
  • “ Then I guess we’ll just have to wing it.“
  • “You know the rules, this isn’t a toy!”
  • “We did, but the way I’m using it makes it an adult thing. “
  • “I’m just gonna come right out, I have no idea what’s going on or what this place is at all.”
  • “You just said the word “no” like a thousand times.”
  • “I hate this place”
  • “ Any idea is a good idea except the non-happy ones. Those we push down deep inside where you’ll never, ever, ever, EVER find them!“
  • “Come with me if you want to not die.”
  • “I have no experience fighting, leading or making plans. It’s going to be really hard.”
  • “Ah, we gotta write all that down ‘cause I’m not gonna remember any of it.”
  • “He’s coming, cover your butts.”
  • “Ideas so dumb and bad that no one would ever think they could possibly be useful.”
  • “The only thing anyone needs to be special is to believe that you can be. I know that sounds like a cat poster but it’s true.”
  • “But how could I just decide to believe that I’m special when I’m not?”
  • “ Y'all ready for this?”
  • “Oh no, they were ready for that!”
  • “Your mind is already so prodigiously empty that there is nothing in it to clear away.”
  • “Honey? Where are my paaaaaaaants?”
  • “Oh my G-O-S-H!”
  • “_____? Uh… who’s that? Sounds like a cool guy.”
  • “If ____ can’t see that then he’s just , well, he’s just as blind as a guy whose eyes stopped working.”
  • “What’re you losers talking about? Thought I’d help you guys out. Left the weird cat thing to stall.”
  • “Hey, not so special anymore, huh? Well guess what? No one ever told me I was special!”
  • “But as unspecial as I am, you are a thousand-billion times more unspecial than me!”
  • “You need to be more friendly!”