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not to start any drama but once you realize that you do not need men to be happy/complete/sexually satisfied & that their roles in the lives of women have been greatly exaggerated, you open your life up to a quiet and peaceful independence. i appreciate that you can want men and love them, but you don’t need them for a single solitary thing, not even to become a mother, and once i understood that i added 548 years to my life expectancy

discussions about trans men and how to draw them is so… non-nuanced here, i get sick of it. like obviously super fetishy art of big hip big boob skinny waist trans dudes is just nasty and many well meaning cis folks miss the mark too but… it’s evolved into ‘if u dont draw trans men with cis guy proportions ur bad’ and… many of us trans men just don’t look like that! many of us have big hips! and are curvy! even more of us do have boobs! it’s so ridiculous WE are being called out for drawing ourselves in characters as if we are cis people fetichising… ourselves? i hate it. it even gives me MORE pressure on how u should look and that i ought to present cis passing… dont like it

I think it is very rare for a human being to be totally unsalvageable but I think it is very clear to me that many men lack, and will lack until the day they die, the basic understanding of women as human beings just like them with individual desires and fears and personalities, which would be required for men to ever be suitable for interactions with women. Many literally cannot get it in their heads that women have personhood in the exact same sense they do.

Because let’s be very clear: strong men - strong men, men who are truly role models, don’t need to put down women to make themselves feel powerful. People who are truly strong lift others up.
—  Michelle Obama
Weeb Cult

Context: We were running the Lost Mines of Phandelver map (with 5e Homebrew characters), and have encountered the Cult of the Dragon’s hideout. This was also my first time DMing. 

DM(me): You enter, and it becomes clear that these hooded men are definitely up to no good. They wear horned dragon masks, black robes and- oh god. 

Storyteller(ooc): I can see where this is going. 

Me: They’re also wearing leather-made dragon wings…? 

Storyteller(ooc): Called it! 

Dragon Knight: OH GOD, THEY’RE WEEBS! 

Me: *buries face in hands* I wish I was joking but that’s what it says here… 

Druid (ooc): It’s like the design people thought up some really cool designs but all I can imagine now are people in crappy dragon mascot costumes. 

Dragon Knight: Can I join the cult? I have a mini dragon! 

Everyone: No. 

One Campaign later, we decided to run Rise of Tiamet. This was how I decided to propose the module: 

Me: Guys do you remember the weeb cult from our first game? 

Knight(ooc): Yeppers 

Me: (Storyteller) and I found this: (Insert picture of Rise of Tiamet book cover) 

Knight: Oh my god. OH MY GOD 

Storyteller: The weeb cult is stepping up their game. 

Knight: I’M IN! 

Druid: This is absolutely not going to be a serious game, is it. 

Me & Storyteller: We’ve literally never had a serious game, (Knight) spent the next week after we encountered the dragon cult giggling every time we referenced them. 


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I really, truly hate when people conflate the terms GNC and ‘Nonbinary’ (or just don’t know what GNC means at all), so here you go:

GNC (Gender Non-Conforming): Not identifying with/actively practicing the societal gender roles assigned to your sex
Ex. Males who wear makeup and skirts (still men), females who don’t shave and cut their hair short (still women).

‘Nonbinary’: Identifying out of the “gender binary”
I.E. Trying to claim that they are neither men or women.

They. Do. Not. Mean. The. Same. Thing.