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Headcanon that Holtzmann have a lot of fun toying with dress codes to mess with snobbish people at formal events. 


Nalu Week Day 7 : The End [is a New Beginning]

Extremely late Nalu week submission. 

Don’t ask me what Lucy is wearing. Can we just agree that it’s a star dress of sorts??


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art history meme • [1/9] paintings: francesco hayez - il bacio (the kiss)

In 1859, while the Second Italian War of Independence was being fought, Hayez painted Il Bacio. Surely his most famous creation, the painting enjoyed a wide and earned popularity right from the beginning. The sweet and furtive kiss that the two youngsters in medieval clothes share was immediately interpreted as the goodbye of a plotter, or a war volunteer, to his lover. 

This interpretation was supported by the fact that the young man’s face is almost completely hidden, that his left foot is on one of the steps- as if he were about to run away-, that his knife is pushing on the girl’s hip, and that it seems like someone is watching them (their shadow has been projected against the wall on the left).

The two lovers stand out against the plain background of squared rocks. The young girl is completely immersed in the hug. Her lithe figure seems to be cut between the man’s red tights and his brown mantle, and it is enhanced by the shimmering effects of her pale blue dress.

jungkook: oh, the smell’s nice. it’s soap fragrance.

taehyung: yeah, i like those things. those that smell good.

jungkook: it’s my style. thanks hyung. imma use it well.

taehyung: yeah. i told you i’m gonna give something meaningful.

How To Attract Zodiac Signs

ARIES: Give them a chance to chase you and capture you. Assuming they already have some interest for you, playing hard to get can make things more interesting and rewarding for them when they get you. But at the same time, give them a chance to catch you by being available to their requests or their needs.

TAURUS: Do something thoughtful for them. Pay attention to their emotional or instrumental needs, empathize with them or help them out. Once they receive your kindness, they will pay more attention to you and reciprocate. They will also begin to see you in a different light because of how thoughtful you were.

GEMINI: Dress nice or sharp to impress. Our physical appearance says a lot about the person we are and it affects the image of the person we’re with. Looks also capture the attention so dress appropriately but also comfortably.

CANCER: Smile. When they look at you or when you look at them, a genuine smile is very heart warming. It conveys that you’re comfortable in your own shoes and that you’re approachable. If you’re comfortable and approachable, they will feel less defensive around you (since we are around strangers) and will very likely open up to you in the future or reciprocate the smile.

LEO: Say their name loud and clear. People really like to hear their name called or mentioned especially when it’s by a person they adore. It shows that you are paying attention to them and that they are not just some random no-body. So the next time you talk them, say their name once or twice at the beginning or near the end of a conversation or when some interesting emotions come up.

VIRGO: Flirt with them. You can make things fun or interesting for them through your conversations or non-verbals. You can say things that put a smile on their face or do things that make them laugh. At the same time, to give yourself some value, pull back and make them curious about you.

LIBRA: Be spontaneous. Plan for activities where things can change at the drop of a hat. This will keep them guessing and hungry for more. For example, when talking to them ask if they want to go somewhere or do something right after. Don’t plan it for like next day or next week making it seem less spontaneous.

SCORPIO: Prove your feelings. If you really care about this person, pay attention to what they say, their intention, their motivations and react to that. For example, if they hint to you that they too are interested in you, don’t be afraid to reciprocate.

SAGITTARIUS: Share your passion with them. Let them know what you do, your hobbies, your goals dreams, fantasies or accomplishments and hope that they will want to be a part that too. Also, ask them about theirs and really show support and interest in what they do. For example, if they say they like a certain movie, encourage them to talk more about it and do something for them related to their interest.

CAPRICORN: Mirror their body language or attitude. We feel more comfortable around people who are like us. Dress like them (wear matching clothing)  or copy the way they talk or their non-verbals to capture their attention. But do this moderately and subtly and ensure that it creating a positive vibe.

AQUARIUS: Be simple and open-minded. If they don’t expect big things, do little things for them that show that you care. Talk to them when you have free time. Ask them about their day. Plan activities with them like going out to eat or shopping. Give them a hug or say hello when you see them.

PISCES: Buy them something or make something meaningful to them. For example, if you know they like a particular accessory like a phone case or watch, get it for them. Get them something they can use for a long time that will remind you of them. Or write them a heart felt letter, make or get them food, or even holding the door for them.

  • When they’re working in the living room and you walk by in your underwear and in one of their shirts, just to tease them.

All these are meant to be for fun and are plainly from my imaginations so if you don’t like them, then please don’t read :)

[NONE of the gifs are mine and belong rightfully to their owners!]

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Look buddy, I don’t think Finn cares about gender roles so let him wear the dress if he wants. Besides, he deserves to feel pretty after being stuck as the Beast for so long.

@maeglinthebold was very clear that the dress was the most important part of this so i hope you’re satisfied XD

and @animalasaysrauer i held a funeral for the sharpie it was a very emotional moment and I cried

You Get One

Fandom: Supergirl (TV 2015)

Relationships: Alex Danvers/Maggie Sawyerformer Kate Kane/Maggie Sawyer

Characters: Alex DanversMaggie SawyerKate Kane

Additional Tags: minor depictions of violenceChild Abuseit’s in the beginning and brief but it is thereCanon-Typical ViolenceAlternate CanonMaggie gets a backstory and it’s painful I’m sorrynot really sorry but

Dedicating this to: @sanjunipero1987, @murdershegoat, @the-laughing-wolf and @themaggiesawyer because y’all deserve it for putting up with me.

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Maggie Sawyer was five years old the first time she remembered it happening. If she really thought about it, the memory became crystal clear. A dirty dress, a cuff to the head heavier than to be just reprimanding. Her mother slipping in after her father had left the room, whispering soft words in Spanish. Apologies that, in the end, held no weight. Instead she learned to bear it, to take the blows when they came, – never too often, never enough for her to think to call it abuse. Not till much later. – to accept the empty apologies as a barely soothing balm. The smallest possibility that her mother might stand up for her next time. Or the next time. Or the next. At least he never touched her younger siblings. Maybe that was enough. Or maybe she just deserved them. But even so, there were reasons she only stayed in contact with her mother and brother. Reasons she rarely went back to Blue Springs.

Her home life wasn’t the only one.

She’s thirteen and it isn’t the first time she’s heard the slur. A few parents of kids she’d played with at the park had hissed it as they tugged their children away, never to play with her again. One time someone had shouted it at her father as she went with him to pick up groceries, though asking him what it meant had only resulted in another, if slightly gentler cuff and mutter to never use the word again. Her mother had later explained that it was a bad word, one that ignorant people used for them. Because of their heritage, because they’re different. Yes, she’s heard it more times than she could count on both hands. But this is the first time one of her classmates felt full of himself enough to spit it directly at her. To sneer at her and call her a fucking wetback. Maggie remembers the anger she’d felt, righteous and heated. An anger that made her lunge forward and sink her fist into the older kid’s cheek. It hurt like hell, she hadn’t learned how to punch properly yet, but felt all too satisfying.

That is, until she got hauled to the principal’s office. Until she told the man what happened and still ended up being the one suspended, while the kid who’d hurled the slur at her got an ice pack and not even a smack on the wrist for his actions. Until she got home and was yelled at for over an hour, followed by her mother telling her to ‘be the better person, mija.’ After that, she mostly learned to hold it in. And when she came out, Maggie learned to hold it in against those slurs as well. She’d hoped one day ‘being the better person’ might actually make her actually feel better. It never did.

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Imagine: Fred and George falling in love with you at the same time

“Oh, Merlin, she’s pretty,” Fred whispered to George, both their eyes on you as you were escorted down the aisle between the tables. You were still dressed in your dress from the Yule Ball and were explaining to Madama Pomfrey why you were left outside in the freezing cold all night.

“She is, but she looks a bit cold,” George said, nudging Fred’s shoulder playfully.

Fred shoved him. “Shut it and look at her, she’s got the eyes of a fairy.”

George nodded. “Yeah…”

You gave an embarrassed smile to Dumbledore and turned to see the twins staring at you, eyes widening when you realized they were talking about you. You fixed your dress quickly, clearing your throat, and hurried out of the Great Hall, they’re smiles still burned into your eyes like the sun when you stare at it too long. 

“Think she fancies us?” Fred asked George.

George smirked and stood. “Only one way to find out.”

Missing Time

#50 Reader disappears every few weeks for a couple of days, and Dean goes after her.

For @curliesallovertheplace  Curlies Celebration Challenge

This is my first Supernatural fanfic, I’m new to the fandom. Please be kind!

The first time it happened, I woke up in a clearing, dressed in a flowing white dress, a flower crown on top of my head. I had no idea where I was or, how I even got here. 

I remembered going to bed the night before, then I was here. I stumbled out of the clearing to the car. I found the doors unlocked, climbing inside, I found the keys and my phone.

I had several missed calls from Dean and Sam, looking at the date, I was shocked to see it was two days later, from when I went to bed. I turned the GPS on my phone, to find out where in the hell I was.

I was forty minutes from home, closing my eyes I laid my head on the steering wheel. As if on cue, my phone started to ring, seeing it was Dean, I let out a sigh,


“Where the hell have you been? Don’t you know we’ve been worried sick?”

“I just needed to clear my mind for a couple of day, I’m sorry. I’m on my way back.” Looking in the backseat I found a bag of clothes, I quickly changed, hiding the gown in the trunk.

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