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Headcanon: Lance doesn't want kids

He could really go either way. Sure, he likes kids and loves his big family, but growing up he saw how he and his siblings drove his parents nuts and thought a couple of times “Is that something I really need in my life?”

Then he joined voltron and just accepted that kids were not happening for him, no family of his own. He’d fight his life away in space and if he ever made it back home then it would probably be too late for him. He’d just recede into his own family and become crazy uncle Lance with the war stories and he’s not super ok with that but it doesn’t tear him up inside.

And then, he found out Keith wanted kids. Keith was alone for a large portion of his life and while he would never admit it outloud to anyone, Lance can see it in the way he stares and smiles at the children they save. In the way he looks longingly at the families they reunite. In the way Keith asks him about his huge family back home with tons of kids running around and his eyes soften at the stories. It’s dark in the room they now share, wrapped up in eachothers arms and Lance asks the question he already knows the answer to.

“Do you want kids?”

Keith blushes and sputters and avoids eye contact but somewhere in the middle of all that nonsense he mutters an “I guess” and he’s so embarrassed by it he turns away from Lance and he spoons him, resting his head in between Keith’s neck and shoulder. And then he hears a small, terrified whisper in the dark.

“Do you?”

Lance answers with no hesititation.

“More than anything.”


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Headcanon that Holtzmann have a lot of fun toying with dress codes to mess with snobbish people at formal events. 


Nalu Week Day 7 : The End [is a New Beginning]

Extremely late Nalu week submission. 

Don’t ask me what Lucy is wearing. Can we just agree that it’s a star dress of sorts??

Zodiac Aesthetics based on my friends
  • Aries: Laughing loudly, talking loud, great times with friends, memes, a wicked sense of humor, getting everywhere by foot, short wild hair, minimalist jewelry, having a great music taste
  • Taurus: Eating until you can't anymore, good laughs, bad jokes, being passionate, living far but getting everywhere first, using the bus/metro, t-shirts and jeans, sneakers not boaters
  • Geminis: Drawing, sarcasm and irony, weird aesthetics and music, black clothes, bold clothes, reading fanfics, photos of the sunset, weird comments on facebook
  • Cancer: Kpop, being obsessed with tv shows, eclectic music taste, changing interests fast, loving your pets more than yourself, baking, laughing and joking with your cousins/siblings, having more clothes than anyone
  • Leo: Kpop, pop, doramas, not giving a fuck about what others think, being an ass sometimes but still a great person, nice clothes, having fun with friends, encouraging words, saying weird things out of the blue sometimes
  • Virgo: Quiet places, quiet people, classic books and classic music, jokingly threatening friends (with serious faces), ridiculous yet good logic, delicate things, white blouses and t-shirts with jeans
  • Libra: Books (reading), art, messy (and varied) playlists, messy spaces, being overly defensive, loud music, not liking yelling (but usually yelling a lot without noticing), good arguments, dirty jokes, not knowing how to flirt (but trying anyway, even if scared)
  • Scorpio: Sarcasm, the truth even when it hurts, combat boots, dark clothihg, witty comments and comebacks, comedy tv shows and scifi movies, holding a grudge forever, but caring deeply
  • Sagittarius: Luck, plaid shirts, black dresses, changing your hair color, keeping it in a bun, weird sense of humor, cats, selling your soul to tv shows, judging people with your friends
  • Aquarius: Fighting for what it's good, caring about animals, animals, colorful clothes, gold watches, messy thick hair, giving zero fucks, TiredTM
  • Piscis: Smol (or tol, no in between), dressing lovely, clear laugh, theater and arts, fighting for your dreams, anime, having long conversations with friends in empty classrooms, flirting, casual relationships, believing in true love tho
  • Capricorn: Lady Gaga's music, pop, great clothes, big earrings, not being afraid of letting your hate show, photogenic as fuck, trying and trying and trying /again/, not giving up (even if sometimes it doesn't get you anywhere at the end)

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My perfect day.

How To Attract Zodiac Signs

ARIES: Give them a chance to chase you and capture you. Assuming they already have some interest for you, playing hard to get can make things more interesting and rewarding for them when they get you. But at the same time, give them a chance to catch you by being available to their requests or their needs.

TAURUS: Do something thoughtful for them. Pay attention to their emotional or instrumental needs, empathize with them or help them out. Once they receive your kindness, they will pay more attention to you and reciprocate. They will also begin to see you in a different light because of how thoughtful you were.

GEMINI: Dress nice or sharp to impress. Our physical appearance says a lot about the person we are and it affects the image of the person we’re with. Looks also capture the attention so dress appropriately but also comfortably.

CANCER: Smile. When they look at you or when you look at them, a genuine smile is very heart warming. It conveys that you’re comfortable in your own shoes and that you’re approachable. If you’re comfortable and approachable, they will feel less defensive around you (since we are around strangers) and will very likely open up to you in the future or reciprocate the smile.

LEO: Say their name loud and clear. People really like to hear their name called or mentioned especially when it’s by a person they adore. It shows that you are paying attention to them and that they are not just some random no-body. So the next time you talk them, say their name once or twice at the beginning or near the end of a conversation or when some interesting emotions come up.

VIRGO: Flirt with them. You can make things fun or interesting for them through your conversations or non-verbals. You can say things that put a smile on their face or do things that make them laugh. At the same time, to give yourself some value, pull back and make them curious about you.

LIBRA: Be spontaneous. Plan for activities where things can change at the drop of a hat. This will keep them guessing and hungry for more. For example, when talking to them ask if they want to go somewhere or do something right after. Don’t plan it for like next day or next week making it seem less spontaneous.

SCORPIO: Prove your feelings. If you really care about this person, pay attention to what they say, their intention, their motivations and react to that. For example, if they hint to you that they too are interested in you, don’t be afraid to reciprocate.

SAGITTARIUS: Share your passion with them. Let them know what you do, your hobbies, your goals dreams, fantasies or accomplishments and hope that they will want to be a part that too. Also, ask them about theirs and really show support and interest in what they do. For example, if they say they like a certain movie, encourage them to talk more about it and do something for them related to their interest.

CAPRICORN: Mirror their body language or attitude. We feel more comfortable around people who are like us. Dress like them (wear matching clothing)  or copy the way they talk or their non-verbals to capture their attention. But do this moderately and subtly and ensure that it creating a positive vibe.

AQUARIUS: Be simple and open-minded. If they don’t expect big things, do little things for them that show that you care. Talk to them when you have free time. Ask them about their day. Plan activities with them like going out to eat or shopping. Give them a hug or say hello when you see them.

PISCES: Buy them something or make something meaningful to them. For example, if you know they like a particular accessory like a phone case or watch, get it for them. Get them something they can use for a long time that will remind you of them. Or write them a heart felt letter, make or get them food, or even holding the door for them.

art history meme • [1/9] paintings: francesco hayez - il bacio (the kiss)

In 1859, while the Second Italian War of Independence was being fought, Hayez painted Il Bacio. Surely his most famous creation, the painting enjoyed a wide and earned popularity right from the beginning. The sweet and furtive kiss that the two youngsters in medieval clothes share was immediately interpreted as the goodbye of a plotter, or a war volunteer, to his lover. 

This interpretation was supported by the fact that the young man’s face is almost completely hidden, that his left foot is on one of the steps- as if he were about to run away-, that his knife is pushing on the girl’s hip, and that it seems like someone is watching them (their shadow has been projected against the wall on the left).

The two lovers stand out against the plain background of squared rocks. The young girl is completely immersed in the hug. Her lithe figure seems to be cut between the man’s red tights and his brown mantle, and it is enhanced by the shimmering effects of her pale blue dress.

she was just taking some time out for herself and for some no attachment fun

She seems oddly nervous, having stayed in the same hotel for the past few days while being in the city for work I had seen her around on the same floor or in the bar at key times in the morning and slightly later in the evening. Always alone but looking around like she was either waiting for someone or was already there with someone but was trying not to show it, dressed up a little showing some spectacular cleavage which was distracting and the reason I’d first seen her. Wearing a different flattering dress each night and always in heels so you could always hear where she was as each night she decided to move between seats in the bar and lounge as if she was almost getting ready to pounce and wanted to be in the best seat.

It was my last night there before an early morning flight and after working later than anticipated rushing to get everything done I decided to go down to the restaurant for a meal better than what would be served by room service. I had to walk through the bar and lounge area to get to the restaurant when I had seen here there again, she looked up and grinned a little but then as I turned and looked at her she quickly looked away again a little embarrassed she was caught.

After finishing a nice meal with a couple drinks in the restaurant where I was able to almost all evening watch her from a distance while she was in the lounge having a couple drinks I decided to do the same and ordered a drink at the bar and went to sit a little further down in the lounge on a nice big couch, it seemed like she was ready to pounce and had slinked over and decided to sit on the same couch side on facing me.
Fueled with some liquid courage she said hi and started a bit of conversation, mostly small talk before turning it around and asking about why I’m here, how long for etc. She seemed a little more at ease by that point until we stumbled in to an awkward silence which seemed to rattle her confidence a little, more so after I moved around and changed position where she spotted a ring on my left hand. She then looked a little guilty for just talking to me, all of the questions had been asked by her so far and she was trying to keep the conversation going. Noticing this I decided to ask her a few things about herself, mostly harmless stuff similar to what she had asked me, but her answers seemed a little rehearsed and not like it was the truth but she was trying to be convincing.
She then expanded on that she was just taking some time out for herself and for some no attachment fun, instantly she seemed relieved she had got that out but still nervous like she was doing something she shouldn’t do. She hinted that she had been here all week and not seen anything she “wanted to have fun” with as she put it.

It wasn’t long after where she decided to lay all her cards out much like her cleavage and turned a little more towards me, pulled her elbows together emphasizing her bust and leaned in to ask if she could take me somewhere to have the fun she wanted all week.

Now she seemed really nervous having put it out there made it seem real to her and it showed on her face, I said sure lets head up and see what happens. She quickly finished the remainder of her drink and we headed to the lift and I selected my floor. She then said no, lets go to my room and selected a slightly lower floor, which was odd as I had seen her on my floor before.
I just went with it and then decided to pull her in closer and lean in to kiss her, she seemed to enjoy it and then went in for another then we were interrupted by the lift doors opening and she pulled away, grabbing my hand and leading the way all the way down to the end of the hall almost skipping away in her heels.

We get to the door and start kissing again before she fumbles around for her room key and opens the door, she slides the key in the switch but the lights don’t turn on, I reach up for the switch and turn the lights on, she quickly turns and pulls my hand off the switch turning the lights off in the process telling me that she wants only the lights from the city below and moon above then pulls me along with her to the windows that are floor to ceiling and pulls the curtains apart letting in the light, enough for us to see enough of each other as we then start kissing again and I push her up against the windows, she keeps trying to keep me side on and not looking back towards the door or what I presume is the bathroom and a wardrobe.
There is music on in the background playing from the iPod on the bedside table

Not being to bothered by the already playing music and how she keeps me to one side we continue, slowly but surely we get to the point of disrobing, now she gets nervous again but seems eager, I ask if something is wrong, she pauses and glances away for a second then quickly looks back at me and smiles.

She says nothing for a moment then like she was drawing upon all of her seduction skills bites her lip and looks up in to my eyes and tells me to take her and use her body in any way that I want, she waits another moment as my eyes widen at the gift that has been offered to me she then reconfirms what I thought she said saying “Use my body ways I’d never let my boyfriend” for a moment realizing she had let the cat out of the bag saying she had a boyfriend she started to pull at my pants and then like a stripper squatted down so quickly where she remained as she pulled my pants around my ankles, she then wrapped one hand around my cock and started to size it up as i tried to step out of my pants on the floor, at that moment she takes the head of my cock in her mouth gently sucking on it and licking around the head, I let out a moan and she then looks back up at me and grins as she then tries to fit the entire shaft in her mouth, you can see she is trying hard as she squints as she nears the base.
I give her a helping hand and pull her in the last inch or so where she makes little gagging noises so I hold her head there a little longer before releasing my hand from the back of her head.
She withdraws and smiles at me knowing I’m doing exactly what she told me to do, use her body. She then continues to suck my cock trying to deep throat it like it was a skill she must master at all costs.

As I get a moment to take in the views from outside of a city late in the evening I glance around the room and find that one door to the bathroom is wide open and the wardrobe is just ajar, oddly ajar, not like it just wasn’t closed properly and is an inch off, but several inches, laughing to myself that if I were OCD that it would concern me greatly but then she gets my attention again almost like she knew where I was looking and wanted me to focus on her again.

After some time I reach down and guide her head off my cock and then ask her to come up here, she springs back up and she licks her lips, we again kiss as I run my hands all over her body feeling her curves, she is curvy in all the right places with an extra helping of curves on her chest.
I run my hands back up to her shoulders and slip the straps to her dress off them and then reach around find a zip, which I pull down as far as I can.
I spin her around and pull her close at the waist, I take off my shirt and throw it on the floor. I then push her forward a little and then hold her waist with one hand and then push her back making her bend over the end of the bed, I unzip the rest of her dress and then pull her back up to me as she pushes her ass back and grinds against me. I run my hands over the top of her shoulders pushing the dress straps apart and down her arms, running my hand down the front of her chest over her breasts and bra, once her dress clears her rack it drops to the floor as that is the biggest part of her, she then grinds against me again and I notice she has no underwear on and just a bra and heels.
I start kissing her neck and holding her body with one hand as the other hand unclips her bra and then tell her to set them free. She slips both straps off and takes the bra and throws it in to a corner, shortly after there is another noise coming from near the wardrobe. As I have her back against my body and I’m touching her body I glance over and see a reflection.
A reflection of light seems to move in the wardrobe and its circular like a camera lens being caught in the light coming in from the windows. It moves and then it’s gone.
This happens a couple more times when I start to work out what’s happening, She also has a rather big bag near the doorway that would have enough room for more than one person and more than enough room for the slinky little dresses she has been wearing since I had seen her.

She is here with her boyfriend and he is in there taking photos or video of what she is about to have done to her, the nervousness, the being around the last few days but never with anyone, the side on and never facing where he is hiding and the music trying to supress any of the noises he might make as he watches and makes his own record of it.

The idea of this turns me on even more than she has so far.

I grab her waist and turn her around, getting a great look at her large breasts as I cup them in my hands and squeeze them firmly and then walk her back towards the bed where she sits down, one hand grabbing my cock she gives it one more deep throat before I push her back on the bed and tell her to turn around, she does and I pull her back a little so that her head hangs off the edge of the bed.
I lean down a little so the tip of my cock is at her lips, she licks her lips and I slide my cock in to her mouth thrusting deep down in to her throat. I can see the bulge of the head of my cock in her throat as I slide it in and out, she starts gagging and pushes me away for a moment to gather her breath and then I thrust my cock back in to her mouth, stuffing her throat full of dick. I lean forward and grab her breasts as I fuck her throat quicker and quicker thrusting so she has the her lips around the base of my shaft and then pulling it back out so the tip is on her lips before doing it again.

I slow down and pull my cock out of her mouth giving her a chance to breath, she starts to lick and suck my balls as I lean over her further and then she parts her legs. I lick down her chest down her stomach and then stop at her waxed smooth pussy. I run my fingers down the join of her two lips that are sticky with anticipation for what is to come, I part them and she lets slip a small moan and I slip a finger inside her. It slides right in as she is so wet almost dripping wanting to be penetrated.

I stop and then grab her ankles and pull her around so she is sitting on the edge of the bed, I slide my hand down between her legs and they part open again willingly for me, I lean in to her and we kiss again as I slide two fingers inside her starting to rub the inside of her making her wetter and wetter, occasionally twirling my fingers around and rubbing her cervix then back to the inner wall of her vagina rubbing back and forth flicking my fingers driving her crazy, she is moaning and panting getting exciting and starting to head for climax. I pull my fingers out and she looks at me mad knowing I have stopped her while she was close. She grabs my hand tells me to finish it.
First I stick my two fingers in her mouth and tell her to suck them and taste herself first, she does obediently and then I shove them back inside her rubbing all the right parts until she starts to moan louder and louder then at the peak of climax squeezes my fingers and then starts to shudder and closes her legs tightly while she closes her eyes and enjoys her orgasm.
As she cant seem to handle all of the pleasure I continue to flick my fingers around inside her while she is so sensitive making her look like she wants to cry as its all too much for her to handle, like she hasn’t been given a good orgasm in a long time.

Before she gets time to recover I pull my fingers out, put them back in her mouth and then grab my cock and put it in her mouth, thrusting it to the back of her throat. I then push her back up on the bed, she scuttles back up a little and I get on the bed, she goes to reach down and take her heels off, I demand she keep them on.
I reach over and grab both of her ankles, pushing them apart and move closer in towards her, she slips her hand down and parts her lips open revealing the bright pink inside which is a strong contrast to her pale skin. Holding her legs up around my head I maneuver my cock to her pink wet opening spread her legs apart while gripping her ankles and thrust my cock deep in to her. She lets out a short scream and then a moan of pleasure as she is filled with cock.

By this stage she has completely forgotten about her boyfriend who is still taking photos of her from the wardrobe. She is getting right in to being penetrated by what is basically a complete stranger to her, someone she knows nothing about and will never see again. She is enjoying every moment of the attention she is getting.
She is getting the fucking of a lifetime and she loves it, I let go of her legs and fall down on top of her, putting my arms around and under her to hold on to her tightly as we start to kiss again and I thrust deep inside her as she wraps her legs around me. Suddenly she realizes that she has taken me without protection which prompts her to tell me not to cum in her but on her tits or in her mouth, I tell her we will worry about that when we get there, she again says no please don’t I’m not on birth control. I keep fucking her harder and she starts to moan distracting her from the topic I hope.

I quickly pull out of her and roll on to my back next to her, I tell her to get on top and ride me. She does so obediently again and in no time is rocking her way back and forth on my shaft heading towards climax. With both hands I reach up and grab her large breasts and hold on to them and squeeze her nipples which sets her off even more, her face and curves of her body are lit up by the light coming in from the windows, the rest of her is in a slight shadow but I run my hands down her body to feel every part of her as she again climaxes and starts to shudder as she orgasms clenching my cock tightly again and then dropping down on to my chest.
She takes a moment to recover and I roll her back to the end of the bed, imagining the view of what I think her boyfriend can see from the wardrobe. I slide my fingers back inside her and then out and wipe her juices around her anus, I do this a few times to ensure there is some natural lubricant ready for me to enter her. I start to push the head of my cock in to her tight anus, she leans forward and says she has never done anal before, I just repeat what she told me about using her body. She reluctantly pushes back and slowly I work the tip of my cock inside her, she keeps telling me how much it’s hurting so I tell her to distract herself by fingering herself. She says she has a better idea and asks me to pull out for a moment promising that I will have full access to her anus shortly.
She runs in to the bathroom and comes back with a vibrator and some lube.
Back on all fours on the bed I use the smallest amount of lube on her anus just to keep her happy and try to insert myself back in to her again. She still winces and tells me she can feel her anus being stretched and the odd sensation of me entering her. I push deeper and deeper as she breaths heavily as it hurts more and more until I am balls deep inside her. Sliding back in and out of her she seems to loosen up and enjoy the feeling a little more and asks for me to insert the vibrator in to her.

It takes us some time to be able to get the whole thing in and both holes feel stretched and tight, I continue to fuck her anus applying a little more lube when I start seeing some blood on my shaft from stretching out and tearing some of her anal lining. She likes the feeling of two things inside her and then reaches down to start the vibrator, turning it on to half setting straight away she collapses down on the bed only her ass in the air with my hands grabbing both cheeks as I get rougher and rougher fucking her, she starts to squeeze her anus and I tell her to stop that lest I unload inside her right now. I get told I can if I wish or on her tits, face or in her mouth. I just ask her to stop squeezing and continue to fuck her stretching her and making sure she will feel this in the morning and maybe for the next couple of days seeing that she had never allowed anyone to do this to her before.

Being so close I pull out of her and then pull the vibrator out of her, tell her to get on her back and then spread her legs again, slowly inserting the vibrator back inside her anus this time and get close to her.
Pushing the head of my cock inside her vagina I then pull her legs up around my head holding her by her ankles still with heels on I hold them up high and start to fuck her violently, she is moaning with pleasure having a cock inside her and her vibrator in her arse making it even tighter now she is on her back, I can feel the vibrator buzzing away inside her and my cock rubs up against it every time I thrust in to her pushing me closer and closer to the edge, she is getting off on this so much I can see it on her face, I get down on her chest playing and licking her huge tits, telling her I’m so close to shooting my huge load inside her, I tell her I want to spill my seed inside her and impregnate her. She keeps moaning and then out of nowhere seems to be so aroused by the idea she wraps her legs tightly around me and tells me to cum inside her, that she wants me to give her a child.

Amazed by this change of heart I fuck her harder and harder telling her that I have a few weeks worth of cum ready to shoot deep in to her and that I’m going to fill her up and get her pregnant, that she is not on birth control and that she is going to have my child from this encounter with a stranger, I asked how she was going to explain this to her boyfriend but she was too caught up in the moment to answer, she just kept telling me to impregnate her and cum inside her.

Moments later as we both head for climax she wraps her legs even tighter and starts to clench her vagina and orgasm as I force my cock deep in to her tight pussy still vibrating with the vibrator in her ass I push deep inside her and push my cock up against her cervix as I ejaculate stream after stream of hot sticky cum inside her, she feels it and moans out loud in almost a scream like fashion, I moan and hold her body tight telling her she is going to be conceiving a child very shortly from the load of cum I’ve put inside her, she is shaking all over from the orgasm and then the realization of what she has asked for and what has happened, she knows its too late to stop it, its like she can feel my sperm penetrating her fertile eggs.

Moments later I pull out of her, grab a pillow and put it under her ass telling her to keep it up to stop it from spilling out as it belongs inside her, feeling a little more left in me I masturbate the last few squirts on and between her huge tits. She tilts her head towards me and I slip my cock in her mouth for her to clean me up. I kiss her on the forehead and grab my clothes. I write down an email address on the notepad on the side of the bed and then tell her I hope he sends me some of the photos and that I’d love to use her body again some time especially while she is pregnant with my child.

I head to the door, she whispers thank-you as I open the door and leave, I wait outside the door for just long enough to hear the sliding door of the wardrobe roll open.

I walk away leaving her with a part of me.

a salty teens au (1/?)

Wherein Jon and Sansa misunderstand one another from the very beginning.

“You don’t like her.”

Jon didn’t bother denying it. Aegon was right, to a certain extent, and if storming out of the gardens hadn’t told the story of his feelings, then his face – set in a “rictus of displeasure,” as his brother had likened it – surely did. “It doesn’t matter if I do or don’t,” he replied. “Father’s will is that I am to be married. To her.”

His brother rolled his eyes. “And since when do you bend to Father’s will?”

“He is the king, you know.”

“And you’re his son. If you’ve found your betrothed so… unfit… I’m sure even his royal highness could be swayed to spare you the burden. ”

Jon curled his fingers into a fist, trying to verbalize the impossible. It wasn’t entirely true that he disliked Sansa Stark. In all respects and by every measure, she was everything he could have asked for in a bride. More than. He was a lucky man. He could recognize that.

But there, in perfection, lied Jon’s problem.

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what the sun + moon combinations remind me of


fire sun, fire moon: the colour red, sneaking out at night, a red glow, fire, running outside, empty streets in the middle of nowhere, hot summer days, driving around the city, sunlight, a golden yellow colour, bravery and boldness

fire sun, earth moon: a brown-red colour, empty roads, driving around in cars, writing in journals, the smell of a bonfire, a deep purple, cosy fire, wooden flooring, open windows, summer days in the morning, leaves falling off of trees during autumn

fire sun, air moon: the colour pink, the petals that bloom on the first few days of spring, innocence, a warm fire, running through a field, strawberries, peaches, petals flying through the wind, bubblegum, a candle, the movement of fire

fire sun, water moon: sneaking into someone’s window at 3AM to go on an adventure, passion, a crimson red, rebellion, sitting outside at night and counting stars, strong feelings, sudden feelings, leather jackets, combat boots


earth sun, fire moon: an orange-red colour, waking up early in the morning and feeling good, early morning walks during autumn, a warm cup of tea on a cold day, a soft bonfire, candles, cosy sweaters, warm days

earth sun, earth moon: the colour green, fresh plants, open windows in wooden homes, the colour brown, forests, dark forests, trees with dark green leaves, expensive but simple looking jewellery, caramel, waking up late, house plants

earth sun, air moon: staying inside on a rainy day, the colour caramel, the colour white, white pearls, light but cosy sweaters, wide and clear desks, flowing white dresses, reading books, grabbing coffee at a coffee place

earth sun, water moon: staying up until late at night to read or watch a tv show, a fresh green colour, simple but chic clothing, small green cactuses, getting cosy under warm sheets on a cold day, tidy bedrooms, white beds


air sun, fire moon: quick movements, a peach colour, light pink, old records, cherries and red fruits, glow-sticks, trainers, writing, small towns, pink flowers that have newly bloomed, headphones, running on the streets, laughing and feeling free

air sun, earth moon: a light brown colour, a caramel colour, baking, getting up early in the morning, living in a modern city, calm and white cloudy days, latte art, expensive watches, writing things down, nice handwriting, white walls

air sun, air moon: the colour blue, light blue, swift movements, fresh air, white angle wings, birds flying across the sky, painting on a clear canvas, fancy pens, a blue sky with a few, fluffy white clouds, white wooden flooring, small windows in white attics looking at the sea

air sun, water moon: a pale, baby blue colour, the stars coming out at night, lying on the rooftop at 3AM, painting a galaxy of many stars, wondering things about the world, a dark, navy blue, paintbrushes, white desks, old castles, cloudy days


water sun, fire moon: a strong burning fire, a bright red colour, sneaking out the window at 3AM to go who knows where, passionate kisses, strong and sudden emotions, long letters, old diaries and journals, laughter and freedom, a dark blue-black colour

water sun, earth moon: getting up late during weekends, having a calm day with your friends, walking through an old town or city you’ve been to before, feeling sentimental, a dark green colour, a beige colour, newly laid sheets, a lake in the middle of a forest

water sun, air moon: the feeling of inspiration, sudden ideas, beautiful words, listening to stories that you love, laughing with your closest friends, the colour white, talking about positive emotions with people, white walls, a very pale pink colour

water sun, water moon: sitting by the seaside, a clear blue sky that is still very calm, pastel colours, white walls with white wooden floors, light blue curtains that flow in the wind, hugging someone you care about, writing down your feelings, late night talks, happy dreams

anonymous asked:

#23 and also "I got a fistful of your hair But you don't look like you're scared You just smile and tell me, "Daddy, it's yours." from bruno mars gorilla with either Kylo Ren or Newt? smutty smut and hopefully a lil longer? ;*

#23: “she’s gonna be an angel, just you wait and see - when it turns out she’s a devil in between the sheets” + “I got a fistful of your hair But you don’t look like you’re scared You just smile and tell me, “Daddy, it’s yours.”

Newt had started off his night in a suit, his date to the ball wearing an angelic white gown. You had been the definition of lovely and polite, making light conversation with him during the date, dancing properly and giggling gently when he accidentally stepped on your feet. Everything had been like a dream, the car he had bought running smoothly as he drove you to your door. You were proper and contained, wanting to leave him wanting more. But that all changed the moment he put the car into park.

“Tonight was… amazing.” He smiled, his handsome face illuminated by the dull streetlamps. “Thank you. I’d love to do it again sometime.”

“You’re a busy man Newt. I doubt we’ll get to do something like this soon.” You fussed, loosening his tie for him. The way you bent over to tend to him made the view of your breasts look great in that low cut dress. 

Newt cleared his throat, trying to avoid staring as it was not what a gentleman would do. “I’m willing to hold out for someone like you.” He uttered huskily. “I mean it. You’re special to me (Y/n).”

You sighed. “I hate how formal we have to be to each other. I hate that this is our first date.”

Newt frowned. “You didn’t enjoy it?”

“No, I loved it!” You said. “It’s just… People like us don’t have the time to develop things. You’ll probably forget about me after a month of chasing down rare dragons to write about.”

Newt considered your words, his hand lingering at your jawline now. “I’ll always make time for you. I see… I see us going somewhere.”

“Really?” You perked up hopefully, grabbing a hold of his scarred hands. You adored their roughness. 

“Yes. And since people like us don’t have time to develop things,” he smirked, leaning in closer, “why not speed up the process?” His lips were hovering over yours now, their softness gazing yours teasingly. “Let’s not waste time on formalities. I want you.” He pressed his lips to yours, impatient and desperate in his touches. You were excited, but the moment was being slightly ruined by the handbrake digging into your stomach. Newt parted, his lips a little swollen from the intensity of the kiss. “Backseat?” He suggested.

“Backseat.” You nodded, both hopping out and hastily climbing into the leather cushioned seats. Newt pushed you into the cold material, his hair already dishevelled and his pupils blown with lust. He took no time in peppering kisses down your neck and breasts, his hands exploring you excitedly. All the while you tugged on his hair, your fingers getting lost in the soft tendrils. 

“Yes Newt. Right there.” You moaned as he began sucking on a sweet spot on your neck, right above your hammering pulse. He dipped his clothed hard-on into your core, eliciting a whimper from the two of you. 

You had received enough teasing, and decided to push Newt off you, responding to his perplexed look by taking a seat in his lap. His head fell back onto the now foggy window of the door as you ground into him, his hands pulling at your dress. As he zipped it off, you smeared red lipstick stains all over his jaw and neck, nipping hard to mark him as he had you. 

“Fuck, love.” He groaned, running his hands down your now bare skin. In the meantime you had managed to rid him of his shirt and tie, unbuttoning his trousers now. He pulled your panties to the side as you pulled his length out, wasting no time in lining yourself up. 

Your thighs trembled as Newt wrapped his arms around your middle, grunting as you immediately started riding him. His fingers clawed at your shoulders as he pushed you down, his strokes sloppy and needy. You kissed him with force, biting at his bottom lip as he kneaded your ass, relishing the sounds you were making just for him. He let out a low moan as you bit on his earlobe, before arching your back to provide him with a deeper angle.

“You like that daddy?” You purred, feeling his cock twitch violently inside of you. His mouth hung open, unable to push out a reply while his vocal cords were stringing together a succession of groans and whimpers. 

“Y-yes.” He uttered, his mouth finding your nipples. “Baby girl.” He tested, smiling against your breasts as you shuddered. “Cum for daddy, won’t you? Be a good girl.” 

You screamed onto his lips as he captured yours, his hips jerking up into yours harshly to lead you to your orgasm. The stifling air in the car had left you both sweaty, your bodies so dirty but pure as you both came to your highs. You had no strength after you had come down, your head resting against Newt’s heaving chest.

“That was… greatly unexpected.” Newt chuckled, his face flustered. “I didn’t take you for one who liked to do things fast.”

“Speak for yourself Mr. Magizooloist.” You retorted, flicking his nose. 

Newt couldn’t believe how events had taken such a turn, but he knew that when he had met someone so easy to connect with, sometimes it wasn’t right to take it slow. 

“So… shall we go again?” He suggested with a dark smirk. 

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